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135. SARAH AND THE SILVER MASTER 8135. SARAH AND THE SILVER MASTER 8Well as usual although a lot later than I expected an e mail arrived Dear Silver Master I know it’s been four weeks since we last saw each other and please accept my apologies but this is the first opportunity I have felt well enough to communicate with you. I know you have been in contact with the clinic to enquire about my recovery and I’m aware you have spoken to Tom, so thank you for that.As you can imagine, I was in a pretty bad way when your club brought me in to the clinic and for the first few days I was heavily sedated whilst my wounds started to recover. The punishment I received at the hands of your club members has left both a few mental scars and a few physical ones as I’m sure you are intimately aware. The worst areas being the bruises and lacerations to my back, my legs and thighs and of course my ass. My breasts which were quite badly bruised are starting to heal and recover and my nipples are beginning to look more normal again now the needle punctures are starting to heal over. The doctor did some minor repair work on my torn labia lips and I’m told I should heal well but my “treatment” will leave some scars on my body to remind me of the choices I made. I have been receiving daily pain killing injections and realize the beneficial effect your hypnosis had on me during my ordeal. Whilst my battered and abused body will heal in time, I’m left with the undeniable shame of knowing I subjected my very being voluntarily to a group of highly sexed sadistic individuals who although they were older men, didn’t hesitate in violating my body in the most vile and deviant ways possible as I knew they would. This realize that this harsh treatment was no more than I deserved or wished for and now as I recover it gives me time to reflect on the whole humiliating life changing experience in a more positive way.When your members started fucking me on the table I can tell you I felt everything with intensity, I felt so humiliated and will never forget what you did for me and perhaps one day may find a way of repaying youI need to tell you how grateful I am to you and your men for helping me to meet my true needs and expectations. Despite my shameful and insulting behavior towards your club members at the start of my degrading humiliation, I was determined to extend my physical and mental boundaries to previously unknown heights and would almost have accepted my fate if I had been flogged and whipped to death which I always during that day had thought would be a real possibility. Master, to be whipped and lashed on my back like a distant errant slave girl was unbelievably humiliating but in a strange way it was very liberating as well, I really thought I might be close to death but extending this harsh whipping treatment to my breasts and stomach and my legs was almost inhuman. I still bear the wounds in my labia where I was “pinned” down to the timber horse and I can only imagine the fun you had with my near comatose body at that point I look forward to reliving it when Tom shows me what he refers to as “a fantastic video!”. Yours in love and eternal gratitudeSarah xA stark realization that she would soon be back for more; crossed my mind and I was glad she had “enjoyed it as much as we all had. I mailed back keeping it simple and saying; to get well soon and I was glad she achieved her dream with us.I received the next mail a fortnight later, it read;Dear Silver Master, Further to my earlier message sir, I have now left the clinic and returned home to continue my recovery. My doctors, who I’m sure had seen your handiwork before, have told me I’m healing well after my ordeal. The lacerations and whip stripes on my back, legs and my ass are starting to heal and my breasts are starting to look almost normal again for the first time now the bruising has subsided. My nipples and areola however are still showing needle marks and these are likely to be with me for quite some time and they say the breast ducts and some nerve areas have been damaged, though not wanting k**s it makes little difference though they say they will be even more receptive to pain now….what a frightening thought!My vaginal canal was still very sore following the brutal gang fuck in your dungeon the ride really was extra painful but satisfied my inner demons (though I was nearly comatose by the end and don’t remember the final seconds but I`ve now watched it on video, and it was fantastic) That area is slowly starting to make a recovery after some minor surgery to repair the damage`s fortunately only bruising my clitoris.Tom and I are going to take a short holiday now to help my recover and lying in a clinic bed for all these weeks has given me time to think about how I want to continue. I would like to ask if you would allow me to visit you and your club members to talk through my side of the experiences I’m sure my personal take on it all would offer assistance and encouragement to your members as they develop more ingenious and interesting ways to offer their services and perhaps discuss a way I could continue by being part of your group. Perhaps I could offer my services on ’sport`s days’ as you and they punish either men or women.Of course on my return I do hope I hear from you my MasterLove and expectationSarah xFrom that I knew then she would soon be available once more and being a member would be amazing in the history of our “club” I suddenly realized that I could also kill two birds with one stone if I linked the delightful Sarah with the likes of the characters I had been sent occasionally by the health board. I had received the papers of one such individual only this week, a 42 year old man with a possible split personality disorder. He however didn’t show the usual traits, the snap over from one personality to another with this man was odd in that he could bilecik escort be both at once according to his wife. He had a tendency to want to love a woman and to hate them and abuse them at the same which was certainly an interesting observation!If his aggression was as his wife had said then we needed to sort his butterfly mind and to do it he needed either someone to love or to hate and abuse. In Sarah I had someone who wouldn’t mind if she was hurt physically and needed to be loved as well. Perfect I thought…All I needed to do would be to ask…I hoped!I took a gamble and rang her, something I don’t usually do, but I needed to hear her vocal tones, which you can`t in an E mail! I mean on a screen ‘yes’ could be crisp and authoritive or reluctant, or it could be hesitant and questioning, but you can hear the inflections in a phone call, hence I may have needed to explain. Anyway I need not have worried she was up for being the patsy for this guy saying she had suffered mentally over the years herself, and knew how debilitating it was, so if she could help she would. So a mutual date and time was set, this time, for a change, midweek, she was to stay over both Tuesday and Wednesday night saying she would square it with Tom who would be in France for a conference anyway.Sarah arrived on the Tuesday just at dinnertime, it was a lovely crisp autumn day, and we took the dogs out on the beach to pass away the afternoon and walk off Mrs Bridges idea of a snack. It gave me a chance to explain to her about this new “case” a 42 year old man called Ian and fill her in on some of his background of instability. She was a perfect companion, the deserted mi-week beach quiet and beautiful, the dogs glad to be out splashing in the small waves and galloping after their ball. We discussed the case and I explained that according to the wife he had a latent desire to whip her to death and she wanted him sectioned and sent away, he was a bit clumsy with words and when interviewed had said that yes he probably did desire to do just that to her now and then and that like all men he had desires, fantasies and wishes that would probably never ever be allowed to surface. Unfortunately that was too much for the local police who had taken it literally and hauled him off to the duty shrink who had taken the easy way out passing him up to the main hospital.I contacted our no7 member; Ned, asking him to do a bit of work round the yard that day not so much for the odd jobs though they were important pre winter jobs, more to have another man on site in case our “subject”, being 6ft 3 and a fit 18 stone lad was in a rabid mood, than after all I had both Sarah and Mrs Bridges safety to think of. By the time he was seen he was very nervy and resident psychoanalyst at the main district hospital said he was logical but disjointed and left things a bit in the balance. My learned colleague had said that he felt this man`s need to punish women perhaps to death as reported by the wife was a ruse, a fabrication for some reason yet to be disclosed and if faced with a real submissive woman it would prove to be a total fake. We were to prove things one way or another. It was all in the balance for the chap, and tomorrow would be the acid test, will it be the authorities or the mental hospital about to re-home him and it was all down to us and my report. Sarah asked how we should go about the test, suggesting perhaps she should be secured and vulnerable, an interesting idea because he was only expecting a consultation and certainly not a test! I said that perhaps it would be better after the hypnotic induction [that would take away his inhabitations] if she was introduced to him as my nymphomaniac wife then that I left called away and she attempted to induce him to play with her, as a I would watch from the CCTV system from my study. I reminded her that Mrs bridges did not know of the hobby room and so it would have to be in the consulting rooms.This then was the agreed course of action. With a big grin she said “could we perhaps use the hobby room after they had gone tomorrow night for a personal session?” I refused it being the monthly club night and she may be asked questions etc, but after perhaps….we agreed on that, not that I needed much persuading.We got to the end of the beach then turned back, arm in arm like lovers we wandered along her occasionally throwing the ball for the dogs and laughing at their antics, that silver laugh of hers like wine to my ears. Leads clipped on we crossed the railway and started up the worn chalk path the dogs pulling and eager as we followed them up to my old estate car left at the roadside. We were soon at the farm. Mrs bridges hubby, Old Joe, was working in the garden, he was cutting back the last of the roses at the side of the house, I bade him cut some for his wife, and discussed the garden his eyes never leaving the shapely Sarah, and I didn’t blame him. The meal over it was time to do a little touching of my own, I took Sarah in my arms and we kissed tenderly, we both knew that there would be no pain this night that would be tomorrow, but sex yes, there would be sex. We had been close all day touching, wanting, needing even, but denied, inhibited by the presence of others. Not so now, I switched out the harsh light and we slumped to our knees in mutual embrace, then to the floor on the pile of soft rugs. Firelight danced on the walls of the room, all cozy warmth and soft light, her lips on mine we rolled on our sides, hands exploring clothes, buttons loosening, zips opening. Black underclothes, lacy and brief, soon discarded, silky smooth stockings rubbing on my now bare legs. In the firelight, I let my eyes wander over her still tender body, and as she arched her body and rocked backwards on her legs I reached out with my fingertips to trace the delicate bolu escort damaged nipples feeling the raised needle marks still evident on her beautiful pink areolas, slowly letting my fingers gently hold and grope her inviting natural breasts as I felt her nipples start to harden against my palms. Our lips touched briefly and I gently d****d my arm around her womanly naked curvy body and held her close to me, caressing and stroking the skin on her exposed back, feeling the raised contours of the healing lacerations… a reminder of her “punishment” She firmly reached out with her hand on my erect penis, groans of ecstatic joy, whispers of sweet nothings, more kisses, and then that moment of first contact. Her wetness on fingers, her clitoris erect, groans of lust, roll up onto her body, kissing her neck, chewing at her ear lobes, feeling for the target. Suddenly my hard penis was against her tender labia, I knew this was going to be painful for her as I longed to be guided into her chosen place, and as I penetrated her wet soft flesh, her cunt muscles were expanding to accommodate my blood filled girth, she was caressing the invader, warm wet strong vaginal canal muscles massaging the rigid tool, a gentle start, both of us knowing things would soon be a dance of a different style. I could feel how different she felt inside after her “punishment” session, she was not as “tight” after being violated by so many but so satisfying, slowly the pace increased….soon we would be as one. This angel encouraging me, begging me to go deeper, arms clasping my body teeth nipping at my throat, my shoulders, my neck, we became so infatuated, so; as one, nothing else had meaning, it was us, just us, not her, nor me, just the complete and conjoined, us. We were swept away by the emotions of the moment. Speed had increased as had the force of the stroke, her hips rising to meet every thrust, the pace ever quickening, we were on auto pilot now, the final furlong. Who knows what we did, the fierce thrusting of hips the savage coming together of pubic bones, the depth of thrust, together we hit the top note, her breathing now in gasps, pants, and groans her eyes rolling, no doubt mine doing the same, hearts thumping, the final push over and she stayed hips up off the floor as the seed sprayed from me linking us as only seed ever can, deep and filling deep into her greedy cervix… sucking open to force my rampant hot semen deep into her womanly tubes on its perilous journey.Slowly we sagged to the soft rug, welded as one but collapsed, exhausted by the massive effort.We lay sated for the moment firelight showing her face a soft glow of joy, as I rolled away to relieve the aching knees, and shoulders so long ignored.An hour passed the fire needed logs it wasn’t going to get. We rose and sat drinks in hand, in that; after the fact, that loving feel for of your fellow human, those glow`s of lust and love.We knew the night would be a long one, and as the fire died we wandered off hand in hand to our bed. The night saw many repeat`s, we awoke and arose hearing Mrs Bridges downstairs, 8 am!We were more tired than when we had bedded down, but oh what a night, fantastic sex and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything in the world. She breakfasted in the white fluffy gown we had come to know so well, Mrs B served it to us without comment, her beady eye taking in everything every detail at a glance, and saying it all without a word, we both felt transparent!Ned appeared as I walked the dogs I gave him the list of jobs, and then explained that I might have a slight problem with the patient I was expecting. He promised if I blew the whistle he would come running.The “subject” arrived at about 11, courtesy of the health services car service, he seemed nervy and subdued and over coffee he explained he was being shunned by the neighbors since his wife had ‘poisoned his well’ with what he called “her lies and rumors’”. She had taken the k**s and gone to live elsewhere, he suspected with her new lover, but he couldn’t find her and the authorities were keeping her location secret due to the her accusations.On the face of it he was a sane, sober man, but I had seen the effect of people with bi-polar problems before. The trick would be to tempt the subject secretly and see if he changed from Jeckle to Hide. I had warned Mrs Bridges to keep a low profile, introducing him to ‘my wife’ who left us to ‘brew coffee’ and the session began with an hour of chat over the coffee, Sarah being nosey and watching via the screen in the study. This was followed by hypnotherapy, then Sarah rang me and I pretended to need to rush away, asking if he would mind my wife sitting in and chatting and that I would be back asp. He seemed keen so off I went, calling Sarah loudly and asking if “she would like to chat to Ian as I was urgently needed elsewhere and would be back later”After I had ‘gone out’ she chatted to him for a while asking about his life, his c***dhood, his youth and his work life, making notes on a pad. Slowly he began to unwind, her soft voice and gentle attitude helping enormously, she then broached the subject of his sex life, by now he was very forthcoming.He had lost his cherry to a friend`s mother at 16, then as a fit and man he had s**ttered the usual wild oats, till at 25 he met his wife to be marrying her after a year.Their sex life was the usual pattern, starting with a rush and a try anything approach, tapering a bit after the birth of the first, and then second c***d after a couple of years, the k**s were now 14 and 12 respectively. He was broken hearted at them having been taken from him. His wife had humored him sexually, she had had trysts with women, three in a bed, and later cuckold, all of which he was fully in favor of and it was for mutual enjoyment. Things went wrong when ‘May,’ his wife, found aydın escort a new love with a rich and larger black guy, and after a few meetings she suddenly had accused him of all sorts and left taking his family.Never a particularly articulate man he had had when interviewed made a statement and it had gone wrong from there.Regardless of the situation he was still a horny male, he had been denied sex for about a year now, with the cuck thing and her leaving 5 months ago, here he was sitting with my ‘wife’! Sarah is a very sexual being to say the least; today she was dressed provocatively with a low slung top, very short dress, and just a hint of lacy black. The dammed woman exudes sex at every pore, so it would be a temptation to a monk and it was just that to poor Ian. However if he was the mad r****t he was supposed to be he didn’t show it here and was a gentleman to the hilt. He sat up took her hand and gazed deep into her eyes, said she was a beauty, then without do kissed her passionately on the lips. She pushed him gently away saying she was married and even though she thanked him for his compliment and despite her fancying him she felt that it was wrong. She was deliberately unconvincing! He was effectively in a remote farmhouse, he believed alone, with a very sexy woman who if he had been a maniac he could and would have overcome in a blink of an eye.However his chat line increased not decreased, she was a challenge and he was now keen to prove his prowess as a stud. He stroked her hair pulled her gently to him, and smothered her protesting lips with his. He was strong willed, he was decisive, he was authoritive, but there was no sign of any aggression, as he quickly and efficiently maneuvered her into another kiss. There was from her token resistance and if he had been a real aggressor this was the point of make or break, but there was not a single sign of aggression or a power trip, true he was persistent but I must say with her and that situation I would have been just as he was. By now I had the evidence I needed, and I rang my own number, Sarah answered, and I quietly said that I had what I needed, but would leave her to deal with Ian as she saw fit as I couldn’t get back to her yet. She laughed, said she understood, and then rang off. It was Ian`s lucky day he kissed her again, and this time it was different, more passionate and she responded, and in a low voice said “my husband won`t be back for a while” which gave Ian every opportunity to show who he truly was!Together they began a wonderful moment or two, Sarah stretched across my desk, Ian deep in her body in seconds and the earth moving within a quick ten minutes of very energetic sex! At no point was there any aggression, just simple and energetic sex.After a suitable time I reappeared asked if ‘my wife’ had looked after him? He like a gentleman saying that she had been the perfect and beautiful hostess! She thanked him demurely, and then wandered away to leave us alone.I asked a few more questions, basically to cover the subterfuge, and then rang the transport coordinator, who sent up a car which arrived in a matter of 15 minutes, I explained “he would be sent the results in due course,” and in a few more minutes we watched him driven away.I told Sarah that she had done well and that if she wanted too, we should work together like that again. Her grin said it all!Later in private, the members of the club started to arrive and the last to appear was Lawrence. We adjourned to the dining room and all sat round my long Victorian table, I at the head, Harry as secretary to my right.Sarah was left in the sitting room, and first we had the secretary`s report, then the minutes’ of the last meeting, finally we came to the election of a new member. Sarah was sent for and she stood superbly dressed in a business suit at the other end of the long table. Every eye was fixed on the shapely but still bruised form as she introduced herself. She gave her name first, and as instructed with each individual fact she told about herself, she was to undo or remove an item of clothing. She eventually came to the fact that she was a wife of a high flyer and where she lived and what she enjoyed. By now she was standing in front of the exited club members in beautifully lacy “virginal white” lingerie. By the time she was explain her love of pain and BDSM, all she was wearing was her white stockings and the suspender belt…it was a joy to watch. She then said “I was keen to receive the respect of the members of the club but “using” me at the end of my joining the club won`t be happening folks. I want to be a respected new member of the club as number 15 and I don’t want to be seen or depicted as an easy whore…it was never like that for me that`s not what it is about, it is about my transmission I suppose and my journey of excitement. I’m sure a woman like me can offer a whole new dimension to your dungeon club sessions! Fred stood and asked if “she was hoping to be masochist or sadist?” it was the only sensible suggestion or question that the whole evening produced. She said “she wanted them to train her to be sadistic, but occasionally she would allow them privileges that no one else would ever enjoy again.”At that point I asked for votes, the bag being passed round and each man secretly placing either a white or black ball in the bag. I received 11 balls every one white. She was in.I gave her the usual welcome handshake, told her she was in the club and was to be known as number 15, for reasons we won`t go into numbers 13 and 14 had been shall we say mistakes. (They having left the club to elope to Australia together, dumping their respective families!)Thus the next available number 15 was hers, our first woman member. She addressed the lads, saying “she was honored to have joined such a single minded club,” she again thanked the members “who had ‘attended to her wishes so well’ on the last ‘play day’, and welcomed the ones who she had not as yet had the honor of being used by and she would be pleased to attend or be attended to by each man sooner rather than later and that she would be a dutiful member and worthy of her membership”.

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