180 Degrees Ch. 04 – About Face


Hello again!

Thank-you for taking the time to read chapter four! I highly suggest you read ‘180 Degrees’ parts 1, 2 & 3 before this or you’ll be lost. And while being lost isn’t altogether a bad thing, missing out on how these two ladies started out would indeed, be a bad thing, especially because their story is getting particularly good now!

Settle in, get to know them, then watch as they get to know each other.

As always, great thanks go out to my beta reader/editor for all her help with this final chapter. There is no way I could publish without the help!

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‘I think the universe is on my side. Heaven and Earth have finally aligned’

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My back was pressed into the stack pillows that had previously been artfully arranged on her bed. My head leaning up against the headboard, surveying her room. Her taste was simple. Everything was white washed or grey and rustic looking. There was little extra inside the room. It was certainly more about function than form. I could appreciate the understated look she had going on. I wondered if it was an intentional look or just a facet of who she was.

The walls held artwork done by her kids and grandkids. Six framed pieces of various sizes, each with a small name plates that included the date each was created. I could picture her selecting every piece and lovingly framing and hanging them. Each nightstand held a picture of her with some variation of her kids and grandkids. Neither had all seven of them in it. The one with all four of her kids seemed years old, Abby with shorter hair and the kids all younger. Her face was rounder, her smile less genuine than the one I knew.

My eyes landed on a pair of black boots next to her dresser. I flashed back to taking her to Sam’s soccer game and her wearing those. The first time I had heard her say ‘fuck me’. When that memory mixed with the memory of her naked body colliding with mine last night, a strong throbbing started between my legs. I bit my lip so hard I tasted blood.

I wanted her again. Right now. All she had to do was look at me a certain way and I would take her if she allowed. If her reactions last night were any indication of her willingness, she would allow me.

The water was running inside the bathroom that was just off her walk-in closet. I pictured her standing in the steam with the hot water cascading down her body. Wondered briefly if she used vanilla scented body wash as well as shampoo. My urge to join her was strong, but I let her be. I still held on to my belief one should be invited into someone’s bed, shower. While I had one invitation already, I didn’t yet have the other, so I spent the minutes she was in there, inside my head reliving the previous night.

It started so slow. A look. Our bodies coming into contact after dinner. Then she kissed me, throwing me off completely. Instinctively, I pulled away immediately. The look of vulnerability and fright that washed across her face twisted my heart. I knew the next thing I did would determine our path, at least for those next moments. She made the first move, but I made the next. My lips crushed hers. My tongue fought for her mouth. Her’s fought back. I wanted to put her on the counter and take her right there. We landed in her bed where we explored and familiarized ourselves with each other’s bodies for most of the night.

It had been like nothing I had ever experienced. The way her skin felt on mine, the way the electricity seemed to bounce between us with every touch. The warmth her skin radiated as we glided over each other. There was a connection with her I had never felt before. We moved in sync, seemingly knowing each other perfectly before even the first touch. From the moment our lips first met, she didn’t hesitate. She explored my body so thoroughly I could still feel her fingers and mouth on me. My body trembled with the memory.

On the nightstand next to me, her cell phone started ringing. I glanced over; her ex-husband’s name pop up. The kids were due home today and I wondered briefly what that meant for me. Was our time together going to end as quickly as it seemed to have started yesterday? I knew it was up to Abby to decide what came next if anything.

I could hear music inside her bathroom, and occasionally what I thought was Abby singing along. It never got loud enough for me to be certain though. It wasn’t hard to imagine her standing there with hot water careening down her soft skin, her hips moving to the rhythm of the music. The way they had moved when she straddled my thigh the night before. I bit my lower lip remembering the way her eyes burned into my soul in those moments.

The buzzing of the phone pulled me back. He must have left her a voicemail. The shower was still running. I ignored the phone and went back to my musings. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri My mind wandered from the way she felt, smelled, and tasted, to wondering if this was going to be a one-time thing. Was my job in jeopardy? Or did she feel the same connection I did?

I wasn’t in my worries long when the sounds of water ceased. A moment later she was standing outside the bathroom door wrapped in a towel, her messy, wet hair, down and clinging to her shoulders. My breath caught with the way she looked.

God, she was beautiful.

“Did I hear my phone?” She was slowly walking over to where it was, making a move to unlock it.

“Yeah.” My eyes refused to leave her as she pushed buttons on her phone. She sat on the edge of the bed and started speaking to Travis. A few words in her head turned and a smile formed. In that moment, a primal urge took over. My chest heaved. Our eyes locked and the same need and desire I felt, was in her eyes. That look granted me permission to explore her again.

I reached over and placed kisses on her scrumptious neck. She didn’t resist or make a move to stop me. Her conversation with Travis continued, something about the kids. The words were lost on me. Gently, I moved down her neck to her towel covered breasts. She let me untuck, open the towel and place more light kisses over her skin. Her eyes locked on mine as my intentions became clear.

In a swift movement, she was laying on her back, head on the pillows and I was between her thighs. I wanted to drag this out, take my time and bring her the utmost pleasure I could. The grin that slowly spread across her face as my tongue descended and began to lick and tease her folds was hypnotic.

I watched and listened as her body reacted to my swipes and swirls. As she tried not to let it affect her phone call. Her voice went lower, an effort to keep her building excitement from being noticed by the ex I supposed. It thrilled me to think he might hear and know what was going on.

I continued my slow explorations of her. Tracing over the same contours I had committed to memory the night before. First with my tongue, then with my fingertips. Working my way down her tantalizing body.

My arms hooked under her thighs, around her hips. I pulled her in closer so I could continue my teasing, careful not to get too greedy while she was still talking. The tone of her voice changed again, but I wasn’t sure if it was from what I was doing, or what he was saying. It didn’t really matter because it was low and sexy and fueled my desire for her further.

She was squirming. Her hips began a slow rocking, trying to guide me to where her need was the greatest. A quiet gasp filled the air when I finally gave her clit the attention it was begging for. I wondered if her ex noticed it or noticed any of the other changes I was acutely aware of. The change in her breathing. The way her back was arching ever so slightly as if she wanted to give herself over to me completely but couldn’t yet.

Her hips bucked and I held her in place. Our eyes locking once again. One hand reached to hold my head right where it was, as if I had any plans to leave. I didn’t. This was the perfect spot to be. I could die a happy woman right where I was. Drown in her completely and go out with no regrets.

A few more words of her phone call reached my ears. ‘Sam’ ‘Don’t be a jerk’ and finally a breathy ‘goodbye’. She was done trying to stifle the moans that I knew wanted out. On her face was the flustered look I found so adorable. This time it was mixed with wanton desire and lust as the sounds I had been wanting to hear finally began their forceful escape.

The phone was violently tossed to the other side of the bed as her other hand grabbed as much of the sheets as she could possible fit in her fingers. “God Tasha… fuck. Don’t stop.”

Yes, fuck for sure. She had nothing to fear. Stopping was the furthest thing from my mind. One then two fingers joined in the fun.

I felt her orgasm start deep within her core. Coaxed it to finally reach out and explode. Every muscle in her body locked up as I continued to lick her, tasting every-last-drop she was willingly giving to me.

I clung to her as she began to convulse and ride the waves of pleasure that were washing over her. As her body slowed, so did I. My fingers never wanted to leave her depths. Reluctantly, I removed them from her silky warm core.

There was a thin layer of sweat covering her body. I worked my way up to her mouth, tasting her salty flesh as I went. One deep kiss later she pulled away and looked me deep in the eyes. Her words were labored, her breathing not yet back to normal.

One hand raked down her face, the other tucked up behind her head as she looked at me. “Fuck me.”

I laughed. Usually when she said this I had to keep my thoughts to myself, but things had changed, at least for this very moment. “Again?” I would happily oblige her. As many times as she wanted.

“Geez Tasha. God.” güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri She giggled quietly. “That was…wow.” Both hands were now behind her head. The way her elbows opened up, almost making room for me, made me want to crawl up, nuzzle in and never leave her side.

I moved onto my side, propped up on one elbow, looking at her. My free hand moved to her chest; fingers tracing the curves of her breasts. My lips ached to feel them once again. Her flesh called out to me, to touch and taste it. Of their own volition my lips were soon placing light kisses along her breast. I hadn’t gotten far when she spoke.


Her voice was different. The need and desire that had coated it for the last three-quarters of a day, stripped from it. Was this the moment everything went back to how it had been? Or was this the moment the chance I took last night, and this morning, cost me my job?

My head lifted, lips instantly ached for her again as I reluctantly pulled myself to sitting, making a move to find my clothes. Eye contact wasn’t needed. She could end whatever this had been without me looking into those pools of perfection. Without the reminder of the way seeing her with her hair down made me feel.

“Tasha, wait.” Her hand was on my upper arm. Was this an attempt to keep me in place? Or an attempt to soften the blow I was sure was coming my way.

I paused, ready for the words I knew were coming. The apology for not being able to do this past this very moment. I had heard it before in my younger days. A few times. Straight girls who wanted to test the waters, find a little excitement, at least for a night. My body went rigid as I waited for her to say more.

Instead of speaking, I felt her lips graze mine, then kiss me harder. She pulled away just enough to place her forehead on mine and speak. “You don’t have to go.”



She moved so quickly from her feather light lips on my skin to sitting up, that I was nearly stunned. My hand reached for her arm instinctively. The need to stop her forward momentum was great. She paused, but I had a feeling she would start moving again if I didn’t do something. I asked her to wait, but it sounded more like pleading.

It was pleading.

The time we had just spent together was…amazing. She made me feel a way I had never felt before. In this moment there was no part of me willing to have this be a one-night thing. At least not without her knowing that wasn’t what I wanted.

I wanted more. Selfishly I wanted it all. From her. Only her. It felt desperate to make sure she knew this. Knew this wasn’t a passing thing for me.

Her body went rigid with my words, like she was bracing herself for a storm. She didn’t make eye contact. Was she worried, or scared? Of what? Me? A switch flipped in my brain and I leaned into her, brushing my lips on hers then kissed her. Deep. Her lips were the softest ones I had ever kissed in my life. They were the ones I wanted to keep kissing. Deliberately, I pulled away, but not too much. She needed to know I wasn’t going anywhere, and I didn’t want her to either. I placed my forehead to hers and told her she didn’t need to go.

Her body relaxed. She moved to push her hair behind her ears, it was futile. It had that bed-head-messy just-fucked look and was sexy as hell. I loved when her hair was all shaggy, had since the first time I had seen it that way. Knowing it looked the way it did because of our night together, made it even better.

My hand was still holding her arm. Her skin was as soft as her lips. Had been so soft under my own lips. Nothing in my life had prepared me for the last day with her. And now, knowing what it was like, nothing in my life would be the same as it had been ever again.

“Your kids.” Her eyes traveled to the bedside clock. It was 10am.

“What about them?” My fingers itched to run through her shaggy hair.

“They will be back soon.”


She let out a sigh so deep it resonated inside my own chest. “I don’t know what this was. Is. But I’m quite sure your kids shouldn’t find me naked in your bed.”

I grinned at her. “Fair enough.” My eyes wandered over her nakedness appreciating the view. She was absolutely stunning. “So. Go downstairs.” Her eyes shifted again. “And get dressed. Then come back up here and have lunch with us.”

Bewilderment washed over her. “You want me for lunch?”

I raised my eyebrows then moved and kissed her. “Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Snacks. Yes Tasha.” Something about her made me more brazen than I had been in a lifetime.


I cut off whatever words she planned to say next. “But what?”

She didn’t respond. The look that fell over her face told me everything. My finger went under her chin and moved her head to line our eyes up.

“Tasha, I like you. A lot.” My mouth twisted up. I was chewing on the inside of my lower lip trying to find the words I needed. “Last night. This morning were…amazing. güvenilir bahis şirketleri I don’t want this to be a one-night thing.” I prayed she could see the sincerity in my face. Hear it in my voice. That my anxiety was hidden.

She smiled. “I like you a lot too.”

“Good.” My thumb brushed along her jaw line then I kissed her again. “I know we need to figure out what this is. Until we do, there’s no reason you can’t have lunch with me and my kids. Is there?” I wouldn’t avert my eyes until she replied.

Maybe she didn’t want to. I hoped that wasn’t true.

“I guess not. They just…they aren’t used to seeing me inside your house with you.”

She wasn’t wrong. Part of me wondered if they would be surprised, or if Kris would just give me a knowing look and say nothing. Time would tell. Hopefully. If she agreed to come back.

The very deepest parts of me wanted her to agree to come back.

“You’re right, they aren’t. So, let’s get them used to it while we figure this out?”

It was a question more than a statement. She needed to agree. My eyes were still locked on hers. Still trying to get her to see how much I wanted her to say yes.


The simple reply gave me goosebumps and made me smile again. My eyes finally unlocked “Okay, then it’s settled. Go get showered and changed then come back and we will start working on figuring this out.” For a moment I worried I was being too bossy with her and stole another glance to check her reaction. She was moving again, out of the bed looking for her clothes. I had to close my eyes to gain any semblance of control over the way my body was reacting to her. Before I opened them again I felt the air move and then felt her in front of me.

Eyes opened, I smiled at her. “Hey.”

She didn’t reply, not with words at least. Her arms wrapped around me pulling me close. Lips claimed mine. I melted into her. As she pulled away she brushed her hand down my check. “I’ll see you in a bit.”

All I could manage was ‘uh huh’ because my brain was still fogged up from her kiss. I stood in a daze watching her walk out of my room. It was a few minutes before I managed to get myself dressed and finally brush my now just damp hair.

I went about cleaning up my room, removing any trace that she had been in my bed. I didn’t like that. At all.

One glance at the clock and I knew the kids would be back any minute. I had been hoping Tasha would be back upstairs before they got back but was realizing that wasn’t likely now. I finished up and went into the kitchen to make coffee. My hair was still too damp to pull up, so I kept it down for now.

I was in the hall when noises from the kitchen hit my ears. I didn’t usually miss the kids coming home. Walking faster towards the sounds, I paused when I realized it was Tasha in there, not the kids. Her French press was on the counter. My kettle was going for water along with the Keurig sputtering out a cup for me. She didn’t notice me yet. I watched her standing there, arms spread out and holding on to the counter. I ached to walk up behind her and wrap my own arms around her.

My head cocked to the side as I briefly pondered if that was an urge I could act upon. My mind flashed back to all the urges I acted upon last night and this morning and decided putting my arms around her waist would be the least risqué of any of them. Something about the act of taking her in my arms, in my kitchen, just seemed to take on a different meaning than the time she spent in my bed had. Was

I took three steps closer to her. Before my foot landed step four, the front door exploded open. Kris and Sam were laughing loudly as they entered the house. Sam dropped his bags nearly as soon as he spotted Tasha. He quickly made his way over to her. She had turned around with the noise of them arriving home.

Kris’ eyes went from me to Tasha and back. My still wet hair. I couldn’t focus on what Sam and Tasha were saying to each other because Kris was now staring at me, zero questions on her face. She knew. I forgot how to breath as we stood there in a dead-locked staring contest. Kris broke it when she stepped closer to me, gave me a hug without saying a word, then walked to her room.

I still hadn’t moved when it registered that Sam was calling to me. “Mom. Earth to Abigail.”

I turned and glared at him. “Yes Samuel?”

“Did you still wanna watch the new Avengers movie after lunch? I asked Tasha and she said sure.”

My eyes landed on her. A smile found my lips. She looked uncomfortable like she had when she first arrived at my birthday celebration yesterday. I tried to give her a reassuring smile. “Sounds great Sam.”

“I’m not watching some dumbass super hero movie.” Kris was back and walking towards the fridge. She eyed Tasha up and down quickly. “Hi Tasha.”

If Tasha faltered at all with Kris’ knowing greeting it didn’t show. “Hello Kris.”

“Staying for lunch?” She looked at Tasha straight on. Challenge and tension in her voice and on her face, as if she was telling Tasha she knew she had been here overnight and hadn’t just come upstairs moments before. I was certain that was exactly what Kris was doing.

“I am in fact.” Tasha stood postured nearly identical to Kris, daring her to say more. Her right eyebrow went up slightly.

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