20 Year High School Reunion

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20 Year High School ReunionI want to share a story that happened to me recently. My wife of 15 years Betsy and I planned to attend her 20-year high school reunion and were packing to leave for the trip. I had met Betsy in college and we hit it off right from the start. She was a cheerleader at the college, Blond hair, beautiful body and had been captain of the cheerleader squad at her high school. She is so hot that I still call her “Hot Stuff”. I did not know much about her past but was soon to find out more than I wanted to. As we were packing for the reunion, she came up to our bedroom with a puzzled look on her face. She asked me to come downstairs as she had to show me something before we left for the reunion.We went downstairs and on our big screen TV was a video that was paused that showed a white girl sitting on a table talking to a bunch of black guys. I stated in a funny way, “oh are we are going to watch a porn movie?” to which she quickly responded “No this is not funny, I was in this movie and I had no idea any more copies of this video were around. Someone sent it to me in the mail yesterday.”As she unpaused the video we saw Betsy talking to this big black guy, then take off her coat and start sucking the largest black cock that I had ever seen, it had to be nine inches. Betsy paused the video and told me that his name was Jerome canlı bahis and he was the captain of their high school football team, they dated for about two years in high school before he broke up with her. She told me that the team had just won the state championship, and this ended up being their celebration of sorts. Jerome had instructed Betsy to wear only a coat and shoes (no clothes, no panties, no nothing) to the event and indicated that he had planned a private celebration with the two of them for winning state. Betsy complied and they both drove to the private celebration…. Only it turned out not to be private. The entire football team was there, and she was the only girl in the room. Betsy asked Jerome what was up, and he stated, I promised these guys that if we won state that I would show them how to make love to a beautiful woman. They all needed pointers on what to do and how to do it… So, this was going to be an education session and Jerome promised that no one else would touch her. So okay, they had never made it in front of a group, but she was willing to do this for the team. She unpaused the video and the session stated out with slow lingering kisses followed by Jerome warming her up by eating her out, followed by a quick blowjob from Betsy, followed by sex on the table. We watched for a good 10-minutes as Jerome fucked bahis siteleri the living daylights out of her… He finally came in her pussy with a huge grunt lifting Betsy off the table. She was unaware that the session was being taped by the team’s video guy and noted that she was very sorry that this had happened as this caused her many problems until she left town for college. To make matters worse, Jerome had planned this event not only to celebrate the state championship but also to humiliate her by breaking up their relationship in public. After all, he now had a scholarship to a big college and he was heading to the big time, he had no time for Betsy, a small-town girl. As soon as Jerome finished, he pulled out of Betsy, grabbed his clothes, and walked out of the room yelling back…. “She’s all yours guys”. So here she was without the protection of a boyfriend in a room full of horny football players who just witnessed her in a live sex act. Betsy stated that the next two hours were both scary and wonderful. The team assistant captain organized the remainder of the evening by making a train of players based on dick size, smallest to largest with the center “Bubba” as the caboose of the train. Bubba looked to have a twelve-inch dick that was as thick as a coke can. Bubba and Betsy had trouble getting him inside, but Bubba made bahis şirketleri it…. Did he ever. Jerome had also set out the rules of engagement for this party including: no condoms were to be used, as soon as a player made their cum deposit into Betsy they had to immediately leave the building, and no one could give Betsy a ride anywhere. She was on her own now. I stood transfixed watching the screen with my then 19-year-old wife fucking about 20 horny football players. At one point, she had so much cum in her pussy that cum rushed out of her pussy when someone new penetrated her. After Bubba, the caboose of the train came, she was left alone in a vacant warehouse on the southside of town, the bad side of town. All she had was her coat, shoes and no money or way to get home. She left the building and started walking towards home. She said that she had cum dripping out of her pussy with every step she took. Luckily a guy from her home room drove by and was able to take her home. She was so embarrassed during the ride as she had been majorly humiliated and smelled like cum and raw sex.After the video was over, I sat back on the couch not knowing what to say or do. Betsy broke the silence by telling me that in addition to the video there was a note from Jerome that he was organizing a “we won state” reunion while she was in town. He was already organizing the event and had most of the team lined up to comeback into town for the formal reunion and the “we won state” He stated that the reunion was going to happen one way or another.Betsy asked me “What shall we do?”

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