2037: A SPH Cuckold Journey Pt. 02


New York, Monday June 29th, 2037, 11:54 AM

Adam stood outside a three storey building in the middle of a New York street.

He had spent the whole subway journey contemplating his future. He had been surprised by the outcome of the tests, yet he felt that they had provided him with a chance to explore some of his inner desires. He knew that he was a follower and not a leader, and the chance for him to retire at 45 with a house and car was ideal as he knew he would never be able to do that if he had become a refuse collector or something like that.

Adam glanced at his watch. It read 11:55 and so he began climbing the 5 steps that led to the large wooden door that stood between him and his new life. He tentatively pushed the heavy door open and was met by a very modern looking reception area. White was clearly the only request that had been instructed to the designer when renovating this building. On his left were 4 plastic seats on a metal bar. On his right were a flight of stairs that made a sharp 90 degree left turn halfway up; he couldn’t see where they led to. Infront of him was a wide desk with “reception” written across the white panel. A young lady sat at the desk and was engrossed in a telephone call. Adam approached her and waited for her to put the phone down.

“Hello, I’m here to see trainer Grace? I’ve been sent by Lindsey.” He announced as he handed her the piece of paper that Lindsey had given him in the test centre.

“Ok, I will let her know you are here. Please take a seat.” she accepted the paper from his hand before pointing at the 4 seats behind him. Adam sat down and waited. The young lady waited a moment before picking up the telephone on the desk and telling the person on the other end of the line that someone was waiting in reception for them. She hung up and went back to typing at her computer.

A few minutes passed before Adam heard the thumping of boots coming down the stairs. He turned his head and was surprised to see a beautiful woman descending the staircase.

Trainer Grace was 5″4. She was wearing black army boots with black leather leggings that gripped her legs ferociously. She wore a black and white chequered bra and a green camo bomber jacked on the upper half of her body. She had small perky tits and her makeup was kept very minimal. Her blonde hair flowed naturally and her blue eyes pierced Adam as she stared at him while descending the staircase.

“You must be Adam” she said as she climbed down the final two steps.

“Yes” he replied, “Lindsey from the testing centre sent me. She said I should report to you for client 12?” he asked.

She ignored him and went straight to the receptionist who handed her a notepad with some papers on it. She then turned back to Adam.

“Follow me” she instructed.

She began climbing the stairs and Adam followed suit. He was able to get a great view of her ass from back here and he was loving every second of the climb up. They soon reached the top of the stairs. To his right was a door. To the left there was a corridor with 2 doors and another staircase at the end. Grace opened the door to the right and ushered him in. The room was very cramped and only contained a wooden desk surrounded by 3 chairs. Grace sat down in one of the chairs and Adam picked the one closest to the door.

“Right Adam. Lindsey has sent you to me to be trained because you’re a complete beta male. Is that correct?” She asked.

While before he felt humiliated by being called a beta male, Adam now felt like he had nothing to lose.

“Yes, I take it you are Grace then?” he responded.

Again she ignored his response like she had done before.

“You’ve accepted your place in society which is good. Now we just need you to sign these forms before we can proceed with your training.” She said.

She handed him the notepad and a pen. He scanned the documents.

The first document stated that he was to comply with every instruction that any member of staff at the training facility told him. It also stated that he would be punished for any breach of rules which were highlighted below. The document stated that if he were to be punished he would be told why he was being punished before receiving some form of physical discipline. He nervously signed the document.

The second document stated that once he had completed his 2 week training programme, he was to become the servant of client 12. He would submit to every request that she had and would be punished if he didn’t comply. He signed the second document.

The final document stated that on his 45th birthday his contract with client 12 would be over. It also stated that he would receive a 2 bedroom apartment up to the value of $750,000 and a car up to the value of $75,000. This excited him and he signed this very quickly.

He handed all three papers back to Grace who had so far been frosty with him. She checked that he had signed all three before placing them to one side. escort ankara She checked a document on her notepad which Adam couldn’t see from where he was sitting.

“You have signed all three documents now, which means you are to submit to every command that I or any of the other trainers here give you or you will be punished. Do you understand?” She asked.

“Yes” Adam replied simply.

Adam grew slightly scared that she had reminded him of this.

“Take off all of your clothes now please.” She commanded.

Adam was shocked at having to strip in front of the second person he had met today. He hesitated at first, but the glare that Grace gave him was enough to convince him to comply. He quickly removed his jacket and t-shirt followed by his shoes, socks and trousers. Lastly he removed his boxer briefs and set them all on the third, unused chair. He stood and waited.

Grace grinned from ear to ear.

“Lindsey told me that you had a small penis but my god that thing is tiny. I wouldn’t even call it a cock” she laughed at her own words. Adam began to get turned on by this. Luckily, he didn’t grow erect. She reached into a drawer in her desk and pulled out a strange metal looking object. Adam guessed that it was a chastity cage. He had only seen a couple of these cages in some of the porn that he had watched.

“This is a chastity cage. It stops your penis getting erect and stops you masturbating. Lindsey said that you jerked off 5 times a week which is completely unacceptable. Please put this cage on and then we’ll proceed.” She said.

Adam spent a good five minutes navigating the device, trying to find which ring was best suited for his penis. He finally settled on a ring that was the second smallest of five. He then placed the small cage over his penis. It crammed his cock in and he felt like the cage was going to explode with the pressure. He couldn’t see his penis anymore when he looked down, only a metal device.

“Great!” exclaimed Grace. In one swift motion she rounded the table, grabbed the cage and placed a padlock into the small hole that was there. She didn’t lock it however.

“You could have been a bin cleaner or street sweeper, yet you chose to come here. You are about to begin your journey into servitude, and I want you to plunge yourself into it. When you are ready, close the lock.” She said.

Adam detected a hint of sympathy in her words and he began to wonder what he was about to embark upon. He knew that he couldn’t back out now. He had signed the contract and even if they let him go he would end up homeless. His family was the other side of the country and it would be nearly impossible to get to them without any contact. With one small final sigh, he clicked the lock shut.

“Fantastic!” Chimed Grace, “Now I’m going to go over some ground rules for your time here. Our client has requested a servant to be trained in 2 weeks which means the programme here is going to be very intense. Any resistance will result in severe punishment as we cannot afford to waste any time. Clear so far?” she checked in with Adam.

“Yes Grace.” He replied.

“Good, now while I may be one of the trainers here, you do not get to call me that. You are a complete beta male, bottom of the pile. From now on you will address me as ‘mistress Grace’ or simply ‘mistress’. Do you understand?” she clarified.

“Yes Gra-mi-mistress.” Adam stammered. He had never had to call anyone mistress.

“Good, as for your name… I know that you are called Adam but in all honesty your future mistress isn’t going to call you by your name so neither will we here. You’ll be called whatever we like. It could be ‘beta bitch’, ‘slave’, ‘piggy’, “sub” or anything else that we want to call you. You will only respond to us if we ask you a question otherwise you will stay silent. Got it bitch boy?” she asked.

“Yes mistress.” Adam replied.

“Good. Now I’m going to go over the training plan that will cover all aspects of servitude that need to be covered before you go and live with your new mistress.” She glanced at Adam.

Adam remained silent.

Mistress Grace reached across the desk and grabbed the notepad. She looked down at the notepad before speaking.

“You are going to be trained in housekeeping, chauffeuring and cooking to start with. How do you get along with animals bitch?” she asked.

“Good mistress Grace, my family used to have a dog”. He replied.

“Even better, our client has a dog so you will also be placed on dog walking duties when you are placed into her home. That’s the basics out of the way. Now I’m going to tell you about the sexual desires and training that your mistress would like you to undertake.” She smiled as she scanned lower down the page.

It was as if it were a cliché, but Adam gulped as he saw her smile, wondering what sadistic things he would be required to do.

“First and foremost, you will not have an orgasm while you are here. Your mistress escort mersin does not believe that you need to cum. She thinks her slave will perform better when he is constantly horny.” Adam was shaken at this, he didn’t realise that the premature load he had spurted out earlier would be his last for at least two weeks.

“Next we are going to focus on worshipping a woman. From foot worship, and face sitting all the way to bringing a woman to climax in the most sensual way possible. Your mistress is also quite cruel, and she takes pleasure in the humiliation of beta males. Your training will also include tease and denial, small penis humiliation and elements of alpha/beta dynamics. Now your future mistress hasn’t requested it, but we may also introduce you to cuckolding and sissy lifestyles if we have the time. This will really impress your mistress in the future.” She finished.

Adam was shocked. He had not expected such extreme fetishes and yet as he heard mistress Grace reciting this, he couldn’t help but become aroused in his little cage.

“I am in charge of the beta male humiliation training here and we will get underway with some light training shortly. You will also meet mistress Alice later, who is our in house female worship specialist. She will train you in how to please a woman. We also have mistress Veronica who is a punishment specialist. All three of us women however, can administer punishment where necessary. Now let me show you to your room.” She stood up and beckoned for Adam to follow.

Adam stood up and made to pick up his clothes that were sat on the third chair. His action was immediately interrupted.

“Did I tell you to fucking touch those clothes you idiot?” Shouted mistress Grace.

“No mistress, sorry mistress.” Mumbled Adam. He stood there frozen, not knowing what to do.

“Kneel you maggot.” She instructed.

Adam got down onto his knees immediately, not wanting to enrage his new mistress further. Out of nowhere, she slapped him across the face, hard.

“Thank me for that you bitch!” she demanded.

“Thank you for slapping me mistress Grace” he replied, defeated.

She slapped him 9 more times, each time harder than the previous. She waited each time for him to thank her before she struck him again. After the tenth strike she told him to stand up. She got as close to him as she could, he could smell her perfume from where he was.

“You are a beta male. You are nothing. The next time you disobey my orders it will be 50 slaps. Got it prick?” she asked.

“Yes mistress.” He responded, completely defeated, his eyes fixed on the ground.

“I’m glad you understand that. Now follow me.” She instructed.

Adam left his clothes this time, terrified of another 50 slaps to his already red face. He followed her out of the room. They headed down the corridor and up the flight of stairs at the end of the corridor, to the highest floor of the building. On the top floor there was a door to the right and a door at the end of a corridor to the left. Grace walked down the corridor to the door on the left and Adam followed suit. She opened the door to reveal what would be his bedroom for the next two weeks.

The room wasn’t too big, roughly 4×4 metres and it was a very simple layout. On the opposite wall to the door was a fairly large window that overlooked a small garden area. In the left corner, under the window, was a simple mattress that looked slightly stained. Next to that was a cage that looked like it would be better suited for a dog. There was a single light bulb that floated above the centre of the room, a round clock on the otherwise blank left wall and one small cabinet on the right hand side of the room near the entrance and a small table next to it. The only other thing in the room was a dog bowl, next to the cage, filled with water. The name on the dog bowl simply read ‘bitch’. There was a door on the right hand side of the room. Grace entered the small ensuite bathroom. It was very cramped with both of them in there. There was a sink with a few basic toiletries, a toilet with a compact bidet attached as well as a small square shower unit.

“It’s half past 12 now. I’ll give you some time to get settled in before lunch.” Said Grace. “You will drink water on your hands and knees. You will lap it up like the bitch dog you are if you ever want some. Now, spend half an hour shaving what little body hair you have. There is also a pair of underwear for you in the wardrobe if you want to wear them, it’s completely optional. At 1 o’clock I expect you to be downstairs at reception and we will have lunch. Today it will be prepared for you but from tomorrow you will be cooking all of the meals, not just for yourself but all three trainers and receptionist. Understood?” she asked.

“Yes mistress Grace.” Adam replied. Having lived with his parents for most of his life he had never really learnt how to cook until he moved across the country to New York, and even izle then, he mostly ordered takeaways. He was nervous at the thought of having to cook for 5 people.

“Good, there is a camera in here that will monitor you so don’t try and do anything you shouldn’t be doing. See you downstairs at 1 o’clock sharp beta bitch.” She stated before swiftly leaving the bathroom and then bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Adam stood naked in the bathroom apart from the new device that locked his penis away from sight. He decided that there was no point wasting any time and moved closer to the sink. He saw three disposable razors as well as a small can of shaving gel. He opened the can and squirted a small amount of gel into his right hand. He applied it to his underarms and crotch region as well as some on his upper legs. He took one of the razors and began slowly scraping away the hairs from his skin. Adam was fortunate that he wasn’t very hairy and within 15 minutes he was complete. He stepped into the shower and spent 5 minutes rinsing his body in lukewarm water. He dried off with a towel that was hanging over the shower door. Figuring he needed to be downstairs in 10 minutes, Adam decided to check out the room. He stepped out of the bathroom and nearly tripped over the water bowl. Luckily, it didn’t fall, but as he saw it, he was reminded of how thirsty he was; he hadn’t drunk all day. Remembering what mistress Grace had told him about the bowl, he quickly knelt down and then placed his hands on the ground as well. The carpet was slightly rough and a little uncomfortable but not completely unbearable. Adam stooped his head low, and his lips met the cool water in the bowl. It was very hard to slurp up the water like this, and Adam was glad that no one was around to watch him drinking. He sat up on his knees and glanced at the clock. It read 12:54. He stood up and was about to leave his room before he remembered that there was some underwear in the wardrobe for him. He was glad about this and opened the door to the wardrobe. Inside he was met with an empty cupboard, expect for a pair of bright frilly pink panties at the bottom of the drawer. He was shocked at this and he didn’t know if he wanted to wear these, he had expected some boxer briefs or at least some male underwear. He decided against wearing these humiliating panties, closed the cupboard door and left his room. Adam descended the stairs quickly and arrived at the reception area, only this time he was completely naked bar the chastity cage that had since been put on. He felt extremely vulnerable standing in front of the reception desk completely naked. He was able to see behind the desk however and could see a small corridor which split left and right. He was also able to scrutinise the receptionist, whose nametag made out to be “Emma”. Before he could gawk at her any further however, he was interrupted by mistress Grace coming out of the right turn in the small corridor behind the receptionists desk. She looked slightly disappointed.

“I see you chose not to wear any underwear for lunch.” She said.

“No mistress. I thought they would be more… masculine?” Adam questioned back.

“Did I fucking tell you to speak worm? I didn’t ask you anything, so you keep that mouth shut.” She replied aggressively.

Adam was taken aback and slightly scared.

“The underwear were a test, to see if you would voluntarily submit. You failed the test. In the future, your mistress might not say anything but will expect you to understand her needs. You will be punished in some way, but you’ll find out about that later. Now follow me, it’s time for lunch.” She finished her sentence before turning around and walking back down the short corridor. Adam followed suit, rounding the receptionists desk before turning right at the T-junction in the corridor. He followed mistress Grace into a medium sized room. In the middle was an indoor picnic table, set for two, with two plates covered with silver dome tray covers. Adam waited further instructions, not wanting to disobey any commands. Mistress Grace sat down at the table, in front of her was one of the domed coverings. Adam stood resolutely.

“Come here and remove the covering for me then bitch.” Mistress Grace demanded impatiently.

Adam moved over and lifted the covering. His senses were immediately activated, as he smelt an Indian curry. He looked down at the plate and saw it was filled with rice, a potato curry, naan bread and a small side salad. It looked and smelt delicious.

“Now remove the covering on your plate please.” She commanded.

Adam complied by moving around the table and lifted off the cover over his plate. On his plate was a simple sandwich, that had a cheese and ham filling. Adam was devastated as his hunger had grown ever since he saw mistress Grace’s lunch.

“Now, I told you that you failed the underwear test, and I did say that you would face a small punishment didn’t I slave?” mistress Grace asked.

“Yes mistress.” Adam replied.

“Bring your plate around and place it on the floor here, next to me.” She instructed. Adam complied, carrying his plain looking meal around the table, before placing the plate on the floor.

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