277 i****t and the virgin round 1

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277 i****t and the virgin round 1277 i****t and the virgin round 1 “Hi, I am a member of the Wabbit family and we come from the Romney marshes here in Kent, my name is Rod, short for Rodney, Rodney Wabbit and yes I know before you say it it’s a naff name but I`ve been stuck with it these past 40 years!”At school it was dreadful, talk about the boy named sue, I ended up in more scraps than enough, by the 11 plus I was known as a tearaway, a scrapper, but strangely by the time I was at the next school, the bigger one in New Romney, my name made up for itself, a chance remark in a class [it was a biology class] caused my fame to spread through the school like wildfire.The remark made that penis`s to grow, in relation to the age of the male a****l, to which I said, “wow mine will be big then its 7” long now!” that caused him to stutter and say I was exaggerating and I offered to prove it, to be told that wasn’t necessary! From then onward my reputation with girls which who had then become aware quickly becoming a come and get me, more girls using me as a notch on their imaginary bedpost than I could ever imagined. The train to home, was the big thing it seemed, we rode on the light railway, in reality a miniature railway which was contracted to travel us between New-Romney and Botolph’s bridge a distance of I `spose about 6 miles The tiny coaches were two seats wide, and at maximum, 8 folks to each fully enclosed coach though our train was never that crowded, the train rattled along at about 25mph,and being so small , at a third full size, there being no corridor, once you were in, there was no interfering adults so plenty of time for a cosy fumble and a twang of the elastic! It seemed as if the girls all wanted a play with my tool, not that I understood why, and it never got further than a hand grope, me being just 12 and endowed with solid 7” which until that time I hadn’t realise was exceptional! but that might have had something to do with it. One young lady, her now being a police woman we had best call her Sally to save her blushes, allowed me to find out about fingering the damp bits, most of the rest it was a fumble in the bra job, that’s if there was much to fumble!Each day we would wander down to the station at the lines headquarters, a quarter of a mile from the school and take our seats in the waiting train, usually a bunch of older stock, the last coach a driving trailer for the guard, and the loco a diesel, one of two on the line, the steamer on the service trains during the summer would pass us as we waited in platform 3 though during the winter there was little else running ! We were soon off ,the `lucky’ young lady, whoever she was that day and who had I suspect drawn lots or tossed up or whatever to be with me would cram herself in alongside me while we waited its departure, my mate Harry would have the other end of the coach with his squeeze, Olivia, and by the time we passed the sheds at the platform end kisses would be being exchanged.We were always booked to stop at St Mary`s bay, so we would extracted the didget as we heard the wheels clatter over the Duke of York`s bridge making ourselves respectable in case authority was about, as soon as the few k**s for that area were out, (and here if I was unlucky my date of the day would leave,) the whistle would blow and on we went, but another interruption would be Dymchurch, again there was a chance of my girl of the day getting out but if not, after leaving the station, and clattering across the wide ditch (we call them drains hereabouts) and then the road, we began to really rattle along, this being `the Willop, the longest near straight on the line and a favourite galloping ground of engine men. It was here my straying finger got a brief feel of Sally one brilliant day in that spring! It was a red-letter day, a first for me, that in a strange way opened a big door in my life! The little train would then clatter into Botolph’s bridge platform and the fun was over for another day, oh what memories. On the day I fingered Sally I was lucky, normally it would have been my ever-suspicious mother who collected me from the gravel platform, that day it was my older sister, Rosalind (dad had a thing about R`s we were Rosalind who was 18, Rose at 15 Rebecca just turning 14, and as I said, me Rod at 12an a bit!) illegal bahis Anyway, Ros luckily had just passed her test and was keen to fetch me as an excuse to have a drive, in mum`s car. Young Sally had left her odour on my fingers and I sniffed it without thinking and the ever-nosey Ros, promptly caught my look of a ecstasy, pulled over and grabbed my hand sniffing my fingers like a demented bloodhound. She dropped my hand, slid her own hand up her skirt, then shoved her now damp hand under my nose saying, “very alike are they not, my randy little brother, if this had been mum you would be grounded for a month!”I sat beside her a little stunned that she had found me out so easily and demonstrated so crudely while I was muttering that I didn’t understand, or some such crap, to which she didn’t turn a hair though she started to grin!Saying “Look dipstick I`m not mad at you, though mum may be if she finds out, and I`ve seen you trying to get a glimpse of me, or the others, undressed, by climbing that tree beside our bedroom`s to play I spy!” red as a turkey cock now I spluttered about I was bird-watching which had her in peals of laughter, knowing it was far from the truth. “look why didn’t you just ask, I`m your sister, not some ogre, I have been through puberty, and though it`s not the same for a girl, I do understand your frustrations.”“I thought you would have been mad at me sis, and I was embarrassed, I don’t understand you girls much” I said, my mind racing ahead, and telling my mouth to be humble and act at least a bit dim as if the sex education class we had had had confused me!She said, “I was a goose”, and that we “have not enough time now, mum will be worrying!” (it being her first trip out on her own!) but, she said, “tomorrow, come and talk to me, and we could answer most of your questions together if you want!” she said she would be house sitting, mum and dad were out to dinner, and there would be just us, as the girls were at guides till they got home at 9.30 She dug in her bag, gave me a hand wipe, and said to” wash up as soon as I got home to make sure!” then we resumed the journey, me sitting mouth open and her grinning!Mum didn’t notice being on the phone, though she was relieved the car was back un-scratched and I still a bit stunned, but I washed my hands just as I had been told, so I wasn`t discovered! After a night of well shall we say tiring physical effort fantasising about Ros and her offer, next day, mum delivered me to the waiting train, as usual, and Sally and Harry`s girl Olivia spent the journey swapping notes about homework. Harry having an appointment with a physio having broken his leg last month, so he was missing, so it was a lonely journey! My mind on Ros the whole way. School dragged, my mind drifting to my older sister at every opportunity.Harry was delivered to school mid-morning and together we walked to the little train as usual as soon as the final bell rang, Sally being collected by her dad by car for some reason, doctor or dentist or shopping I guess. Mostly to keep my end of the exchange, I was accompanied by a tall skinny blond named Clare, a randy 3rd form cow, but one that was not letting me past a fumble at her non-existent tits, in exchange for a grip of my todger which was less than satisfying for both of us eclipsed by Sally, the night before and the gift that I desperately hoped was on offer that coming evening.Mum collected me as our now empty train clattered away over the ungated crossing towards Hythe and we were soon home, the next hour or so was a whirl of eating tea, girls getting dressed in guides uniforms and mum and dad getting into their glad rags. While, like a dutiful son I did my homework and kept a low profile.Within a few minutes of one another the guide leader collected the girls and a taxi took mum and dad away, the dinner party being a boozy one, neither wanting to be designated driver! The old house falling silent as I immediately trotted across to Ros`s room, tapping on the door timidly.To my disgust silence answered my knock, I knocked again louder this time… …nothing…silently I cursed, Ros was not in her room, then to my relief I heard the toilet flush and Ros appeared at the end of the corridor.With a wide grin she said “boy, your keen, let them get to the end of the lane!”I suspect illegal bahis siteleri I coloured up, the chiming clock striking seven as she opened her door and led me into her very tidy room, a total contrast to my own, a tiny box-room into which I had managed to cram my every possession`s, and untidily at that!The two girls shared a big room over the garage, at the far end of the corridor, mum and dad having the room next to my cupboard size box room separated from them by the bathroom and toilet Ros having the front bedroom overlooking the drive.The late evening sun lit the room through the big picture window, as she bade me sit on her vanity stool, while she took a seat on her bed end, opposite me and asking me about how my fingers got coated yesterday. Blushing furiously, I explained that a girl had let me explore for a moment on the train, saying I had begged her to let me touch her, as I knew so little about girls. Bloody liar but it was better than revealing that girls paid me with a grope to handle my dick!Now I must say my older sister Ros is a pretty lass, blond 5 ft 6” of nicely shaped femininity, that was popular at the tennis club, and till this I had thought way out of my range. Oh, don’t get me wrong she was a loving sister but just older and sexy and I had thought she would have not wanted to know about a younger brother!She explained that she too had been popular at school before we moved here, and had learnt at 14, in a similar fashion, losing her cherry at 16, so she knew how frustrating life was at that age. She told me to go change into PJ`s then if someone came home early I could say I was on the way to the toilet and there was less to hide up!I scuttled away to my room throwing my clothing off and dragging my Traditional blue and white jim-jams on in seconds.I returned to her room where she had moved further up her bed her back against the headboard, legs straight out in front of her, the wide brightly coloured skirt of that time spread on the bed-top like a fan, and the faun jumper tight across her breasts advertising her charms well, all obviously window dressing just for me.“Right” she said, “come closer”, so I stood at her bedside, the last rays of the sun behind me, as she leant out and undid my trouser string. The PJ`s fell round my ankles, and I must say my errection now fairly stiff caused her to gasp when she saw itexclaiming, “My, my, I`ve been taken out by lads of 19 with less than you have young Rod, no wonder your frustrated!”her hand caressed it, then grasped it, her eyes fixing on mine and her lips whispering, “well what do you not understand then young man?”The hand was oh so gently sliding up and down my shaft and the feeling was fantastic, but I made myself say I had little idea about girls, and though I had felt `that girl’ last night (well even I couldn’t give her name away could I) it had been a rapid feel and it had been my first ever.She smiled, then said “look if I show you will you promise not to ever breath a word to anyone about it?” I promised, boy did I promise…but just then the phone rang, downstairs, she jumped up and ran to it leaving a frustrated boy to sit on her vanity stool , near naked for a good 5 minutes his mind in a turmoil while she “yes mummed and no mummed” reassuring the caller she would call if the girls were late.After she rang off she returned, saying it had been mum, a nervous worrier at best, which I already had gathered! She stood beside me, flouncy skirt, nylons, a wide belt, and this figure hugging jumper, a picture of the times, and every boys dream. “Right little brother let me tell you now, if you ladder these nylons you will be paying for a new set out of your pocket money, so be warned, now, what is it your so anxious to look at?” “wow”, I blustered, red of face I stuttered that I had never yet managed to even glimpse a girl naked and had so long wanted to do so. She grinned broadly, then asked if “I wanted her to strip or would I like to do it for myself?” the judgement of Solomon! But I chose for her to undress herself, as I knew I tended to be rough and rapid, and I couldn’t afford new nylons! Though I didn`t say that just managed a gruff “you please!”My eyes fixed on her hands as she nodded and began with the belt, then that jumper, ooh, in a house of women I had seen bras canlı bahis siteleri before, but not revealed for me like this, milky white breasts in white lacy cups, and larger than anything I had as yet encountered. Magic… No doubt my eyes were now like saucers, as her hands released the skirt, which fell round her ankles, a matching white slip, followed and she stood in stockings and a set of silky white underclothing and a pair of tan stockings a picture for ever etched on my brain, a picture that just by shutting my eyes I will see I hope till the day I die!My face must have been a fixed stare, as she whispered, did I want more… your bloody right I wanted more! And she knew it …She rolled down each nylon slowly, the bloody tease, by now my dick was stiffer than it had ever been, but I dare not touch it or I might have spoilt the moment big time and there was no way I was going to risk that!She stepped out of the little belt thingy that had held up the nylons, smiling at me and asking if I would like to undo the bra clip, shaking fingers galloped to her aid, ignoring the fact that she must normally have undone it each night on her own, without aid, she unveiled the pert most tidy pair of breasts it has ever been my luck to see before, or in fact since, my god what perfection, soft pale orbs topped off with pink firm nipples that were erect and perky. Irresistible nubs that screamed eat me, and that the tiny underdeveloped nipples I had so far dealt with, were but bee-stings compared to these magnificent mounds.I was told I could touch, and touch I did, soft pliable and the ultimate in playdough these warm and tender breasts would ensure yet another fetish would plague me for the rest of my life!Laughing at my antics, my mauling and my lowered jaw, my sister took my hands and gently lowered them to the waistband of the last item of clothing left on her body, my fingers with her guidance slid the knickers from her hips and down my legs collapsing me to the floor at her feet till I was kneeling facing her pubic mound.That sweet aroma of warm wet pussy, intoxicating as always, filled the air, I will never forget it. I found myself staring at a very light patch of fluffy hair, and two dripping and swollen pink lips. It was all just too much. without a touch my dick began to spew forth seed in abundance onto her feet and the knickers now laid round her ankles, embarrassment was not in it, it was terrible that feeling of euphoria mixed with the horror of having covered this wonderful girl and her clothes with unmentionable fluid. Panic gripped me, spluttering my apologies, and desperately begging forgiveness, all at once, I rocked back on my heels. Ros bless her leant down and kissed me, with the kiss of an angel, whispering that “That she could effect-me, so was a compliment” and that “the clothing would wash, so not to worry, and that we would see if we could do it again soon if I still wanted to continue!”I spluttered yes please, and she took my hand leading me to her bed, and making herself comfortable on her back, pulling me after her and cuddling me close as if I was a baby.All by instinct I suckled on her breasts, kissed her suckled again, she had me kneel then slowly opened those long and delicious legs to reveal the ultimate in life adventures for us boys, that soft brownish red lipped cavity, taking my hand and allowing me to feel the wet slot, and the hooded clit with my inquiring forefinger.Never before even with Sally had I felt such incredibly soft flesh. Immediately I felt my tool begin again to rise, as my hand caressed the lips, explored the wet hole, and that tiny bud of a clit.I inhaled the aroma, then at her insistence I dabbed my tongue in the wet of her sex, flicked it on her clit, tasted her slime, kissed her and caressed her. till she began to shudder and gasp. She then lay back begging me to stop, please stop, enough is enough!We lay cuddling together on the bed top, dozing, basking in one another`s love occasionally kissing and caressing until the crunch of gravel told us the sisters were back. With a start Ros rose up, I grabbed my trousers and before you could say boo I was in my room and Ros dressed in her dressing gown and nighty went to greet the girls. Who, after hot chocolate and something to eat, called there good nights as they passed my door.Soon, Ros put her head round my door blew me a kiss and asked if I was all right, which I affirmed, I thanked her, and she whispered that “we might perhaps, manage round two sometime soon if you behave, “and with that she was gone.3350

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