Subject: 3 a.m. ———————————————————————- 3 a.m. ———————————————————————- “It’s hot.” “It’s so hot.” “Why is it so hot?” Linda could think of nothing else. The humidity hung in the air and clung to her flesh. Sweat. Perspiration. Sheets sticking to moist skin. “Too hot to sleep.” She looked at the clock. 3 a.m. Normally, the baby would probably need a feeding, but David, sensing that Linda needed some time alone, packed up the kids and took them to his folks for a few days. It was sweet of him. At 5, 3 and 6 months, they were a handful. Plus, the fact that she stayed at home with them meant she didn’t get a whole lot of outside interaction. David, somehow, managed to comprehend this and always show his appreciation. Linda knew that if she’d made more money, he’d stay home. But she liked being a “mommy”. so she appreciated the little things like when he’d put the kids to bed, how he’d always defer to her authority when the kids wanted something (“I’m not stupid. They come to me because they think I’ll say ‘yes’ when you’ve already said ‘no’.”). Giving her the occasional weekend off was new, but given that Dave was always worn out afterwards, Linda wasn’t sure how long it’d last. So, she had to take advantage while she could. She’d invited Ann to stay over for her time off. Friends from a playground, they’d gotten to know each other over the past few years. Ann was sweet and always concerned about her friends. She was also without a husband. He took off with a woman from his karate class and had since remarried. So, she often found herself in a tight spot. This, however, was a time when the kids were with their father and his new wife. Ann was alone. She appreciated and heartily accepted the invite. But, the heat! Linda didn’t know what to do. Never quite conscious enough to actually get up, she just tossed and turned. The more she turned, the more her clothes stuck to her. The more they stuck, the more uncomfortable she became. “Fuck it.” And, although she wasn’t able to get up and turn on the air conditioning, she was able to sit up and pull off her t-shirt and remove her shorts. Lying back, she thought, “Ahhhhhh, much better.” Her naked body rested on the partially soaked sheets, but Linda didn’t care. She’d live. But, her relief was only temporary. The swollen, uncomfortable feeling in her breasts was familiar. Even if the baby wasn’t here to feed, her body was ready to provide. “Maybe I won’t have to pump ’til morning.” So, now she was hot and uncomfortable and was still no closer to actually doing something about it. So, she tossed and turned some more. After a while, the thought struck her that if David were there, she’d try to wake him for sex. At least that would take her mind off how miserable she felt. plus she wouldn’t have to go far. But, he’d been kind of strange since the baby’d been born. Maybe he’d been like this when the other kids were born, but she’d just never noticed. Who knows? When it came to sex, he seemed scared of her breasts. No touching. No fondling. No sucking. kocaeli escort Yes, she got plenty of that from the baby, but it, of course, wasn’t the same. She loved the sensations that came from her breasts during sex. The electricity that coursed through her body and lit her up was an aphrodisiac beyond compare. In months, the closest she’d gotten to it from David was feeling her nipples rub against the sheets while she took her from behind. Not quite the same as a hot, wet adult mouth. Ann figured it was the baby. When Linda complained, Ann suggested that lactation might have scared him off. “It didn’t scare him off before,” I replied. Ann looked at her and said, “Listen, I was so preoccupied with my kids for the first few months that my husband could’ve come home just for supper and gone straight to bed and I wouldn’t have noticed. You’ve got this ‘juggling the kids’ thing down now so you’re noticing that you’re not getting what you really want.” Her hands slowly traced their way up her body. Linda felt her nails, short with a thin coat of polish, barely touch the downy hairs of her belly. It was still a little thick, but she was amazed at how well she’d been able to bounce back after the baby. The hairs on the flesh of her breasts seemed extra sensitive from lack of stimulation. Her nipples sprang to attention and cried for love. Smiling, Linda teased them. Circling around the large areola, she was saving the long, thick nipples. That’s when the fun would really start. The warmth in her belly told Linda she was doing the right thing. More. Give me more. So, while the one hand caressed the oft-neglected breasts, the other visited their selfish and needy sister, her sex. Wet and soft, it worked in concert with the breasts. Each one got the other attention. That’s how it works. That’s how she loved sex. The long, slow buildup. The excruciating torture. The satisfaction when she broke under their ministrations. But now, as she began her journey, the heat was nothing. The heat was not noticeable. Well, actually, it was. But it came from her and intensified as she wet her middle fingers to slowly circle her nipples. Those wonderful nipples that had grown fat with excitement and long with breastfeeding. Like pinpoint sex organs for the world to notice. And Linda felt the lips. The soft, wet lips she needed. Encircling her nipples. Lightly kissing them. Lightly sucking them. She felt the fingertips graze her belly on the way to her pubis. Lightly touching her pussy. Enough to entice. Enough to torture. “God, it’s never been this real.” She knew why. The only lips, besides the baby’s, she’d had on these breasts were her own in a vain attempt to satisfy herself. These weren’t them. Opening her eyes, Linda knew what she’d see. She also knew that she was so grateful that she didn’t care what it implied. Ann’s angelic face pressed against the swollen, fat breast told her that all was well and she’d be taken care of. Her feathery fingers brushing against the swollen lips of her pussy said the same thing. Warmth. Electricity. It all hummed within Linda and held her still. for izmit escort fear of breaking the spell. But, Ann did that when she parted her lips and spoke. “I’m sorry.” Her hand left Linda’s pussy. Anxious about what was to come from the advance. However, Linda reached for that hand… fingers wet with her… and pulled in back down. Gently, she returned it to its place between her legs and even encouraged Ann by pressing on the fingers between her vaginal lips. Ann, acting on instinct, curled those fingers inside the wet flesh. Linda looked into Ann’s eyes, smiled, and then reached up to pull Ann back to her breast. “Don’t be sorry, sweetie. I want this too.” They both surrendered. Swimming in the passion of flesh, every move held meaning and sway over inhibition. Ann gave. Linda received. Although Ann’s fingers expertly parted the flesh of Linda’s sex, Linda’s breasts were the focus of sex tonight. Initially, Linda lay on her back, but Ann soon had her on the side. Easier to suckle. And suckle she did. Caressing and massaging. Kneading and milking. Previously, she’d made jokes about feeling like a cow. Expressing milk so often and in such great quantities could do that to a girl. But this. Ann’s gentle sucking action drained away the swollen, uncomfortable feeling and made way for the passionate flood that would remain. The pulsating muscles from Ann’s swallowing left no doubt that she was consuming whatever came from Linda’s nipple. There were no frowns. No faces. Actually, there was a face. Contentment. Peace. With that peace came a new passion. Passion from them both. Soon, they ere both naked and Ann was on her back and her legs were intertwined with Linda’s. Thighs pressed firmly against each other’s sex. Linda raised her torso just enough so Ann could reach under to suckle some more. A big, hungry baby needing more of Mother’s milk, Ann was no slouch when it came to breasts. Still firm and well endowed. Linda eyed the hard, excited nipples as they swayed up and down from the thrusting. Before this was over, she’d return the favor. Even though she thought Ann was particularly aggressive coming in and just clamping down on a nipple, Linda was literally and figuratively the top. She was atop Ann. She was also the one thrusting against her pussy. Grinding her own pussy against Ann’s thigh, Linda was insane with passion upon feeling Ann’s copious excitement. Before long, she knew she’d have to taste Ann, but, for now, pussy to pussy. Woman to woman. The smells. The softness. They were all different. They were all wonderful. Linda drew her breath knowing that Ann was going deep into her as few others had been allowed. Her fragrance. Her sex was going deep into Linda’s lungs and would be forever cataloged. Available whenever Linda needed a surge. A reason for excitement. Instantly, this moment would be drawn and relived endlessly. And the taste. The taste of Ann’s sweet tongue inside Linda’s mouth. Linda couldn’t hold on any more. She needed it. Even more than the attention to her breast. She needed the kisses. The soft, wet lips sliding against hers. darıca escort The feel of another person sucking on her tongue as though it gave motion to the infirm and life to the dead. Tongue to tongue. Mouth to mouth. Breast to breast. Thigh to pussy. The hands gave her away. Ann’s hands pushed and grabbed Linda’s ass. Holding them hard. Kneading them. More and more. Harder and harder. Linda knew. Ann knew. They were both the same. The were close to coming and wanted desperately to orgasm together. Push. Pull. Thrust. Bite. Lick. Suck. At was all a shower of emotion and action. Reflex and passion. Build. Build. Embers to flames. Flames to inferno. Passion embodied by coiled tongues and unified sex. Until. .Linda drew her final breath and held it. Upon exhaling she knew it would mean the end of her world and the beginning of another. Everything dear reborn into this new life. Different, yet the same. But, she couldn’t hold on. She didn’t want it to change, but it was too late. It already had, and this world no longer needed her. Linda exhaled. ———————————————————————- She eventually came down to Earth and held her lover tight. So wonderful. So real. So satisfying. All she wanted was to hold them. Let them know how much she loved them. The arms. The legs. The belly. The penis. Linda opened her eyes. It was 3 a.m. David was in bed with her. He and the kids wouldn’t leave until morning… and Ann was down the hallway. So, Linda slid out of bed to feed the baby. They were both ready. While the little angel suckled for its sustenance, Linda thought about the dream. “Does one dream make me a lesbian?” “Should I tell Ann?” “Should I tell David?” “Will this change my life?” Before she knew it, the baby was done. These questions occupied her mind as she padded back to the bedroom to sleep the rest of the night with her husband. But, as she passed Ann’s room, she felt the need to check in. The need to see her. Ann was as radiant as she’d been in the dream. The face of an angel. Of course, the dream did her figure no justice. See, Ann did the same thing as Linda. Too hot. No clothes. Linda just stood at the door watching. as her friend’s hand moved. up and down, up and down… between her legs. Mesmerized, Linda just watched until Ann released a contented sigh. Smile. “I was wondering if she got off,” thought Linda. Ann, too, smiled. She rolled to her side so she ‘d face the door and pointed to that door and then patted the place next to her on the bed. Linda, shocked, considered it. She thought she was hidden in the darkness. She thought Ann was asleep or only conscious enough to masturbate. But no, this naked woman masturbated while she watched and was now inviting her into her bed while Linda’s husband slept in the next room. It wasn’t until she revealed herself and stepped through the doorway that Linda realized the answers to her questions. “Should I tell David?” No. “Does one dream make me a lesbian?” No. “Should I tell Ann?” No. Why tell when you can show? “Will this change my life?” Yes. Very much so… at least until David and the kids get back. ———————————————————————- Comments and questions are welcome at hoo ———————————————————————-

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