3-wat part 4


3-wat part 43-way part 4 me and CharleneSo, we tie Jake to the chair and gag him over in the corner so that he can watch everything.I tell Charlene she is going to pay for earlier in the day. She says yes mistress Sami. I told her to get the strap-on and strap it to the chair. She does then I tell her to suck it. She kneels and starts to suck the strap-on. I grab the paddle and start to spank Charlene make her ass red. After it is nice and red I tell her to get up and ride the strap-on. She sits on it and I tell her to go slow and then faster then all the way down and grind down on it. Then slowly back up and then down hard on it. I hand her the vibrator and tell her to use it on her cock and balls. And still slid up and down. I tell her to slide all the way off and then back down all the way hard. I tell her to keep bouncing and use the vibrator as I put nipple clamps on her nipples. Then I take the vibrator and lay on the bed and start rubbing my clit and using the vibrator in my pussy. After a few minutes I take the vibrator and start to lick and suck it clean. canlı bahis I do this a few times as Charlene continues to ride the strap-on as I tell her to. I tell Charlene to stop and come over and clean my pussy. She says yes mistress. She comes over and crawls between my legs and I tell her to clean me and make me cum. Charlene starts licking my thighs clean and then when she finds my clit I jump as she sucks it and nibbles on it. I look over at Jake who is trying to get loose and his cock is dripping pre-cum. I tell him to sit and watch. I grab Charlene’s head and hold it against my pussy until I cum harder than I had all day. (I always want someone to lick and suck cum from my pussy.) I could take any more so I pushed Charlene away. Charlene had been good all day and I told her she could choose up to 5 last things she wants to see or do before we all leave. Charlene said first I want to pound your ass, second for me to do you doggie style, third have you suck my cock and share me cum with Jake, fourth Charlene said she want her and I to suck my boobs together, bahis siteleri fifth Charlene said she didn’t have anything special. I said how about Jake sucking you cock after you get dressed in your regular clothes. Charlene said yes mistress. So, I got on my back and Charlene pulled me to the edge of the bed so that Jake could get a good look. She just slid all the way in and pounded me had and fast. She reached up and grabbed my nipples as my boobs swayed under them. Then she had me on my hands and knees facing Jake and told me to watch Jake’s face as I f***** her she just slammed into me making my boobs sway and bounce against each other. Charlene pulls out after a few minutes and walks in front of me and places her cock on my lips. (I don’t like tasting me cum,) so Charlene grabs my head and pushes her cock in my mouth. After I start to suck it Charlene lets go of my head. Soon I feel her cock growing bigger I my mouth and Charlene grabs my head again and starts to face f*** me making me gag then she stops and I feel the first hot blast of cum hit the bahis şirketleri roof of my mouth I suck the last drops out and get up remove Jakes gag and tell him to open up and I kiss him sharing the fresh load with him. Then Charlene grabs my boobs and starts sucking a nipple as I lick her lips and my boob then we move to the other one and then we each take a nipple and suck then as Charlene reaches down and rubs my clit making me moan and then she pushes me on the bed and goes to change clothes. I ask Jake if he is willing to suck Charlene’s cock if I untie him and he says yes. I untie Jake as Chuck comes out carrying the things he was wearing. Without being told Jakes on his knees and unzips Chuck’s pants pulls out is cock and starts to suck it. Soon Chuck is telling Jake how good it feels and grabs his head on mouth f**** Jake and then Chuck tells Jake he is going to cum and Jake swallows it all. Chuck wipes the last few drips on Jakes face then zips up his pants collects all of his stuff and leaves. What a day.Would you like to hear what Jake and I did and talked about? Unfortunately, that was the only day we got to do this as Jake and I ended up going to prison because of something Jake had done. He is still in prison. But Charlene/chuck and I still do things over the phone.

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