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He used to come into the store where I worked as a counter girl, selling cigarettes and lottery tickets to the lower class masses. Each weekday, he would come in and do the pop run, every day drinks for the crew, a freezie and cigarettes for himself. His name was Greg, so the name on his coverall’s told me. He work in a body shop up the road, and each day he would come in, wearing the same coveralls, unzipped to just below his collar bone, and I could see a smattering of dark chest hair peeking out from underneath. I would drive myself to distraction, imagining what lay beneath those dark, grey-blue coveralls with the embroidered name tag. Greg greg greg. He was slightly built but toned, his forearms muscled beneath the rolled-up sleeves of the coveralls. He had short, neatly brushed hair, piercing blue eyes and a dimpled smile. A gorgeous specimen, but to see his demeanor, one would have to wonder if he was aware of the intense sensuality that emanated from him every time he walked through the door of the convenience store.

I married young, and my husband and I had been virgins when we met. I had no complaints concerning our sex life, but in all fairness, I had nothing to compare it to. Although I remained faithful in the flesh, my afternoons spent scanning magazines and stocking inventory were haunted by the image of Greg’s dimpled grin, twinkling eyes and firm ass beneath the blue coveralls. My heart would race each day at 3:15 when he would walk in, and I could feel myself dampen as I watched him walk towards the big red cooler at the back of the store, with just the slightest suggestion of a swagger. I’d struggle to make small talk as he paid for his purchases, but would stumble on my words when faced with those piercing eyes and disarming smile. I would spend a great portion of my afternoon contemplating my suspicions that beneath the blue coveralls that showcased his slight but muscular build so well, was indeed nothing more than the skin he was born in.

The time came that my husband left me. Although I had remained faithful (in body, at any rate) he had kept no such promise, and went seeking greener pastures. I was devastated. However in the months that followed, I found myself possessing a renewed vigor as I picked up the pieces of my broken life. My libido, which had waned greatly as I turned inward and mourned my marriage as well as my faith in mankind, one day reappeared with a vengeance. It had been the day I signed my final divorce papers. I was still working at the store but had made plans to attend University in the fall. Feeling bold and empowered from surviving such an ordeal as I illegal bahis had, when I heard the bell above the door jingle at 3:15 that day, and I once again felt the familiar tingle in my stomach, I knew what I had to do.

It was late August, so I didn’t expect the usual rush of high school students that were a regular occurrence during the rest of the year. During the day, my boss demanded that the vertical blinds be drawn so the store would stay cool and the chocolate bars unmelted. I grabbed a pitcher used for watering the many plants in the little store, and began watering the plants near the door. Concealed in my hand was a post-it, with the words “Back in 20 Minutes” hastily scrawled across in black marker. Casually I kicked the doorstop away and let the glass door swing shut, turning the lock so it bolted with a subtle ‘thwick’, and affixed my little sign to the door.

I sauntered towards the big red cooler with the flickering coke banner across the top. He was bent slightly, reaching towards the back of the freshly-stocked fridge for the bottles that had already had time to cooler. I approached him from behind and when he stood up, my reflection stared intently at him, with wet lips and heavy-lidded eyes. He must have figure out my intention, because I saw a slow smile creep across his face reflected in the cold, misty glass.

Turning towards me, bottles of pop in hand, he raised an eyebrow and nodded his head towards the locked door and drawn blinds. I felt I should say something at that moment.

“Hi, ” I said, in a whisper, taking the bottles from his hand and placing them haphazardly on a nearby shelving unit. My voice bore the slightest quiver, as I was still unsure whether my advances would be welcomed. Stepping closer, I traced a finger down his collarbone, to where the teeth of the shiny silver zipper intertwined. I saw his Adam’s apple bob once and his stiff posture told me that he too was unsure, but he did not move away. He glanced around nervously, then his gaze met mine. Staring deep into the crystal blue of his eyes, I cocked my head slightly as if to say ‘Well?’ He seemed to relax, ever so slightly, and rising on my feet, I grazed my lips against his face, just barely touching the corner of his mouth. The scratch of his five o-clock shadow felt delicious, like relieving an itch that couldn’t be reached. Holding my position, lips hovering millimeters from his skin, he finally turned his head, and running his hands into my hair, he kissed me with such force that my knees began to buckle beneath me. Returning the kiss, my tongue searched aggressively for his. I ran my arms illegal bahis siteleri up around his neck as we turned around and he pinned me against the cooler door. As I tasted his warm breath, I breathed in the scent of Axe intermingled with the slightest odor of motor oil.

Running his lips down my neck, He reached under my ass and hoisted me up for better leverage. Pressed against the cooler, it was at this time that I felt my shirt become untucked from my pants, and ride up my back. The chill of the condensation against my heated flesh sent chills down my spine, and I shivered, enjoying the sensation.

The delicious chill of the door on my skin was not to last however. Before I knew it, I was being carried into the dark stock room near the back of the store. We pushed through the door marked “Employees Only” and there in the dark, he hoisted me up onto the dusty shelf, between cases of warm Pepsi, and stacks of candy boxes. It was pitch dark in the little room, just a sliver of light coming from the crack of the door that had swung shut, but not quite, behind us. My eyes adjusted to the dim, and I could hear my own labored breathing, and the faintest sound of skin on denim, as he ran his hands up and down my thighs, pulling my knees away from each other. His thumb ran a trail up the seam of my pants, from where my ass met the dusty wood, up over my crotch to where the zipper of my jeans began. The flesh beneath his touch throbbed, and I could feel the dampness run into the fabric of my underpants.

Tentatively reaching out in the darkness, I saw the glint of the zipper of the coveralls. Tugging at the zipper, I pulled it down, my fingers brushing the soft hair that ran down his chest to the hollow of his stomach. My daily suspicions were confirmed when he shrugged and let the coveralls fall away. I ran my hands down, down, down, over his shoulders, across the lean but muscular chest, and finally grasping the ass I had spent countless afternoons admiring and fantasizing over, which was now naked before me, although I could not see, only feel. Taking my wrists, he brought them around to the front and guided my hand to his cock, fully erect, and hot to the touch. I gasped in shock when I wrapped my fingers around his shaft, to find my thumb barely overlapping the tips of my fingers.

I let go, and grasping the back of his head, fingers entangled as much as possible in such short hair, I pulled him down on top of me and kissed him again, with all the intensity that had built itself up there in the darkness of the storage room. His hands fumbled for my zipper, and a hand slid inside canlı bahis siteleri my underwear. My clit, screaming for attention, throbbed as he played with it and when he touched me, I thought I would come then and there. I lifted my bottom slightly off the wooden shelf, and his fingers scraped my thighs as he yanked my jeans and panties down to my knees… I kicked off my sandals and the pants followed shortly. Feverishly I had unbuttoned the drab blue work shirt, and he pulled it down off my shoulders revealing my lacy black bra. With a snap and a flourish he undid the front clasp of my bra and took my breasts into each hand, bringing them together before placing his face into my cleavage.

When he began to suck and nibble at my nipples, first one, then the other the throbbing intensified and a brought my hand down and began stroking myself. My fingers were slick with juice, and he took my hand and sucked each finger clean, one by one. I kissed him again, wanting to taste myself on his lips and tongue. Reaching down, I ran my hand over his rock hard shaft, and sensing that some time had already passed, I pulled away and lay back on the shelf. He hoisted himself up until he was on top of me, and in one swift move, he was inside of me. The shock reverberated through my body and I gasped.

With slow, even movements, he was inside of me, his cock sliding and throbbing, the pace increasing with each thrust. My vaginal muscles tightening, I gripped him, and wrapping my legs around his waist, I invited him to go as deep as he could. I could feel the fullness in my abdomen as my body took his entire length and his movements became more frenzied. I was oblivious to the dust and the hard wood beneath me, feeling only the cock inside me, his hot mouth on my neck and breasts, his fingers exploring, one hand tweaking and caressing my left nipple, the other stroking my already swollen clitoris. And rumbling below all this, I felt the orgasm building up from my thighs up through to my stomach and with a muffled cry, I bit into his shoulder as my body convulsed with each wave of passion that tore through me.

He groaned in release and collapsed on top of me. Knowing that well over 10 minutes had passed, I whispered for him to get up, as I had to re-open the store. Pulling my panties up over my cum-soaked pussy, I knew for the rest of the day I’d feel him in me. Replacing my bra and work shirt, I fumbled in the dark for my jeans that lay discarded in the corner. In the dim light, he quickly pulled the overalls back on. No longer would I wonder about the mysteries held within.

Unlocking the door I was relieve to see no one waiting. I rang up Greg’s purchases, and with that, he was gone. I sat back behind the counter, and sighed. With a satisfied smile on my face, I reached down and hit eject on the security camera VCR, thinking I may need this for later.

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