322 stephanies bucker list 2


322 stephanies bucker list 2PART 2 The E mail when it arrived started with (to my relief it must be said) the wordsWow, thank you, it was painful but oh so exciting and it fulfilled my hopes and dreams.Now that to me was music in my ears, as we had arranged pre the meet she started at the beginning and each day, or part of a day in some case`s was to be a separate e mail. Thus, this one was a preamble, a nonspecific mail that generalised and was brief. The next arrived an hour or so later.It read; day1 the flight was tedious, I slept as much as I could knowing what was to come might well be tiring, I was not wrong!I arrived at Manchester airport at an early hour, the chap who was meeting me didn’t recognise me at first, luckily, I did know him from his picture, I wondered if I was what he expected, though he had a couple of picks of me in his private porn collection! We were soon on the road, to Me being jet lagged and half asleep till finding to my horror we were on the wrong side of the highway! He found that hilarious, but it did wake me fully. We chatted, and drove for fully an hour, me jabbering away, my nerves having me in their grip, we pulled into a truck-stop, that he called a services, and while I went to pee, he phoned the master. I had only dollars, so he paid for coffees, his eyes hardly leaving my cleavage at any time! It was a great compliment, but my nerves as I awaited the master were not letting me appreciate it fully.The master arrived, spotting us at the table immediately, he was a short and stocky pack of muscular energy, with a tiny neck, and a crew cut hairstyle, who shook hands with my driver/scribe and to my surprise kissed my hand in a very gentlemanly fashion. Easing my fears, just a little. He fetched a round of coffees, and we sat as if to talk like old friends in the near deserted dining room.I gave him a copy of my list of do`s and don’ts thinking it would help, it was a mistake of the first magnitude. He laughed and said he was master, not me, I was thousands of miles from home and he gave the orders!He picked one of my pet hates, humiliation, handing me cuffs and a collar in black leather, saying that “till I went home this was to be my only clothing, though till his transport he would stretch a point and allow me shoes and my dress! The dress I had chosen I realised was a low cut sleeveless thin affair, perfect for the summer, but without the jacket it exposed rather too much for this situation! I must have looked shocked as he the said I was to “go and change now!”I somewhat amazed, went to protest, his look said it all, though he added I canlı bahis was “to leave my jacket and go!I took my purse just in case, as it had what money I had my passport tickets and the like in it, and no way as yet did I trust either of these men fully when I still didn’t know their real names!I found the John again, and used the facilities, removing my hose which I put in my small traveling purse, then it was off with the dress, then my favourite leather bra, and lastly my knickers, replacing the dress and emerging from the cubicle to appraise myself in a mirror.Realising the order included make up I thought ‘well I suppose he meant remove everything’, so off came the make-up, neckless, the ear-rings and all but my wedding ring. Tucking the jewellery into the purse, and clasping it and the knickers in my hand, I again looked at myself in the mirror, what was I doing here I asked myself, looking like this for a man I didn’t know in a foreign country, just to tick off one more item on my bucket list. To the amazement of the few women in the place I strapped the cuffs in place then the thick collarI shook my head then set off rather determinedly back to my seat. By now a few early-bird travellers, were about, mostly men who looked at my big loose tits wobbling under my dress and my very prominent collar and cuff leatherwear and either grinned or uttered a comment as I passed, most of the few women looking at me with I suspect contempt!As I entered the eatery a bunch of workmen made comments and the staff nudged one another as I went to my seat. I`m sure I was red as a turkey cock, but master said I had passed my test with flying colours, which I took as a compliment, he then rising, turning and telling me to follow him, Alibodge, fetching my overnight bag from his auto, and like a gentleman, helping me into the back of the big empty truck, his hands everywhere on me as he did, his only sexual perk I suspect, so I kissed him.Now that I was in the privacy of the van body, Master had me remove the dress, much to Alibodge`s joy, then and my shoes taking everything from me including dignity and closing the big metal doors on me, it was dark and symbolic, I heard them say their goodbyes, and the big engine start, it was the last I saw of my scribe and I must say I was bloody scared.The mail ended abruptly, and it was a full day till I heard againThe next mail I found awaiting me next morning no doubt due to the 5or 6hour difference in time, these colonials use, either way it started by apologising saying the memories had taken a bit of coping with yesterday. The journey according bahis siteleri to her, had been fairly short, and had been no great joy, though time when your bumping around in pitch darkness and naked, tends to be relative The journey stopped, and the engine quit. the cab door opened, and again closed, a crunching of footfalls on gravel. Then silence reigned, again time meant nothing. I panicked! Had this supposed master dumped me and the van, stealing my credit cards, passport and the like and leaving me to die in this stuffy old van? Time passed, then the footfalls on the gravel once more keys rattled, doors opened, light and fresh air hit me, a voice barked at me to “get out” and the gravel under my bare feet became a trial as he checked I hadn’t soiled his precious van!He attached a lead to my collarI blinked at the light but looked around, it was a big old-fashioned house, red brick, large, it shouted money and lots of it, with a huge lawn to my left and the whole lot surrounded by big old trees, the drive winding away into them hiding the house from the distant road. Up to the house, the drive continued, all made of sharp gravel chips it led to the front door. We were deliberately parked some 50yards away from that door, so I instinctively knew I would have to walk this path to gain admittance. My feet soft from years of soft living, the master took pity on me,, carrying my shoes and case, leaving me with just my purse, the jacket and my underclothes, he produced a two-point prong with which he proceeded to, in his words “help me to his lovely home,” which he did by prodding my rump and triggering a not inconsiderable jolt of power every time I slowed down or stopped. The pain was indescribable, tears fell, and by the time the cold marble of the front step was under my feet I was oh so very grateful.By now I was getting really exhausted, as he led me into a guest room and told me to “settle in, you look tired, a meal will be provided, just press the bell and a maid will come and take your order, and a nights rest will set you up for tomorrow, as its going to be a long day for you missy!”His words struck a lance of ice into me.Just as I did, he knew I was here for a long session of Bdsm but put into a single threatening sentence brought it home in one rush and I shivered. I lay for a while after he left musing what demons had got me to place myself in this situation, I dozed for a I thought just a moment, then I pressed the bell and a woman appeared, she was in her early 30`s I guess, tall, thin, her dark hair in a pony tail and wearing, as I was just collar and cuffs. bahis şirketleri She knelt beside my bed, saying “she was Nella and she was here as I was, and to serve, she would order food for me, and fetch it, and would bathe my feet if they were still hurting, as hers had, on that awful gravel!” I thanked her and she went on to say that she was only allowed to touch my areas of damage, as they were presented, which sounded ominous, and only then to sooth or give aid, she was not allowed to touch me sexually at all, unless instructed too, though she was here to be used by me if I so wished, but she was forbidden to climax, (which I took to mean orgasm,) except at the masters personal bidding!I ordered coffee, fry`s and an egg, over easy and she nodded and silently left.Tired with jet lag I knew I would doze off again if I lay on the luxurious bed, an old English four poster, so to keep awake I explored my apartment. There was a small but pleasant and immaculately clean, fully tiled bathroom, with a loo, which I soon used, a bidet, as well as a shower, and a big bath, I supposed to soak away any stiffness, a supply of shampoo, bath soaks, soap and some deodorant, and a number of fluffy towels, my toothbrush and personal bits all neatly laid out, which I knew I had not done. In the bedroom an armchair, a side locker and a small wardrobe the only furniture, the wardrobe held my dress, and its jacket, my untouched purse, shoes, my small case, my leather bra, and my beautifully washed and folded nickers and none of which had I either seen placed there or remember unpacking! I knew I definitely had not washed anything. So that was all very strange. There was no clock in the whole place so when Nella returned with a tray of lovely fry`s, a perfect egg, dainty bread and butter and a pot of very welcome American style coffee, I asked her to explain and to sit with me while I ate and talked! She said she would bathe my feet while I sat in the armchair.This she did, while saying that she had hung everything and washed both dress and underclothing herself, while I had slept so soundly! I asked the time and her reply that “only master knows the time here, we work to his clock.” Had me intrigued, but she wouldn’t elaborate evading further questions while drying my feet then fitting ankle cuffs, which I accepted without question, realising in this bizarre house anything may happen and everything here has some purpose!I had not realised I was so hungry, and had soon emptied the plates, which Nella dutifully cleared away, pouring me more coffee, then tucking me in and turning out the light as she left. I noticed moonlight lighting the room, it was late August, and not dark till late, but there was moonlight? God alone knew what had happened to time since dawn and that gravel path, but tomorrow was another day!

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