33 day education

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33 day educationI was just happy with graduating high school back in the Summer of ’89. I hated it! I was an easy target back then. I was 5’10” weighing just 105 lbs, pale, long hair down to the middle of my back, and had terrible acne. I only had two good friends who both left for boot camp right after graduation. My only plans were to work and play Nintendo. I worked at Pizza Hut, but back in my small town it was known as Pizza Slut (because of the girls who worked there had a reputation of getting around). What made it worse was that I wasn’t getting anything from them. I had a massive crush on our 35 yr old assistant manager, Sheila. Shelia was super hot, she had this amazing slender body with a great tan. Her curly sandy blonde hair hung just over her shoulders. She was divorced with a small k**. I can’t recall how many times I masturbated thinking of her. Even though we worked together for some, she never noticed me. My manager was Melody, the biggest bitch in the world. She and I were always butting heads on how to do things. I’ll admit, I was extremely cocky back then and thought I knew it all….even though I was still a virgin. There were many occasions I would be on the cusp of being fired. The only problem for Melody would be finding a reliable worker to replace canlı bahis me. The other girls at work were nothing outstanding….Still, if I was given the opportunity I’d fuck any one of them. Melody had the most voluptuous body I had ever seen close up. She wasn’t tall but her enormous breasts filled her work shirt to almost bursting out through her buttons. Her ass was big compared to the other girls who worked there. Even with her cheeks stuffed into those tight black pants, you could get lost looking at her rounded backside. Melody had married a drunk jerk of a man who couldn’t hold a job down. With all the heated arguments we had, I found her very desirable. Honestly, when I was 18 and even now, I could find any woman attractive. As the summer started, Melody hired a few new people. She even asked me who I should hire ….Making sure not to hire anyone I didn’t like. One of the new girls was Tina. She had recently moved to town. She was 18 like me, cute and quiet. I wasn’t the only one who found her attractive. My friend Mike was really interested. He immediately came onto her. The other girls had warned Tina about Mike. One evening Mike asked me to ask Tina out for him since nothing else was working. He hugged me until I agreed. I waited to ask her when she went out bahis siteleri back to smoke. I took the trash out and followed her. On my way back, I asked Tina if she was interested in Mike. Surprisingly, she seemed oblivious to Mike’s charming ways and then asked if I was interested in her. I had never had a girl ask me that. I paused for a moment and said of course. I went back inside and gave Mike the bad news. He got over it quickly and moved onto the next new girl.I started picking up Tina on my way to work. Melody began scheduling us together to close. Usually for close there was a manager or assistant manager, a cook and a waitress. On a Tuesday night closing, things got interesting. Shelia was doing the receipts, Tina was cleaning the front and I was in back washing pans. Sheila had just started seeing a new guy, lucky bastard, and was in a hurry to get out of there. Usually after everything was cleaned and counted, I would drive Sheila to the bank night deposit (she had lost her license). But that night her new boyfriend came and picked her up. Sheila gave me the bag of money and asked for me to drop it off after Tina and I got done cleaning. She gave me the key to lock up and then bolted out the door. Tina was vacuuming when she left.Tina immediately stopped after bahis şirketleri seeing Sheila leave. The look in her eyes was insane. Her pupils were enlarged as she came straight up to me and kissed me. I sprouted wood instantly. She lifted my apron and stuffed her hand down into my pants. My fantasy was reality. I didn’t even try to stop her. I grabbed her ass with both hands as we made out. I heard my zipper being pulled down. I tried to keep up and began unbuttoning her shirt. My pants and underwear were around my ankles, I had just undone the last button on Tina’s shirt. She took it off and stepped back. She took off her pants and stood in front of me in just her underwear. I took my shirt off and stood naked in front of her. Tina took off her bra and panties. She got up on the stainless steel table, I moved in between her legs. We kissed hard and Tina started rubbing herself and me. I still couldn’t believe my luck! She took my hardened cock and guided me into her. It was warm, wet and I easily went inside her. The thought of me being inside Tina was blowing my mind. I pounded her relentlessly over and over. I felt myself getting close and was trying hard not to cum inside her. Tina sensed my slower pace and roared out loud “Cum inside me!” I exploded, I lost control of my own body…It shook and jerked as I injected Tina’s pussy with every ounce of cum I could muster. I didn’t want it to stop. My heart was pounding in my ears so loud…….That I didn’t hear the back door unlocking….

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