484 handing over the wife


484 handing over the wife484 handing over the wifeOver the next two weeks things became jumbled, Mya found herself in a flat above the clubhouse, well appointed, tidy but nothing like her own barn conversion, however there were some items not readily available at home, a St Andrews cross in the spare room being one, and its companion rack being another. Neither were used in the first week, Alex being quite satisfied with using her in his bed in every possible position in the karma sutra, at first he was a loving and considerate lover, each climax of his being balanced by one of hers, neither sleeping a whole night until well after the first weekend! She loved the attention, though she missed Marc. It was on the Sunday she later said that she made the mistake of telling him of my existence, explain my role as scribe, and showing him on his laptop my stories of Autumn island, it was to open a real can of worms! I seems he had a BDSM streak, and it awoke his perversity with a vengeance. She then compounded the error by unwittingly showing him the silver master stories, which she said he loved! [I am flattered] she explained that it was based on her, Marc and myself, which he loved, asked her if she really liked to be used, and the daft mare said she had a need to atone now and then! After she explained it all, he had her very energetically over the coffee table in the lounge while reading of our exploits! She liked that, though she would not admit it, and scouting about amongst my stories he came across Atonement! Now for you that don’t know Mya, she feels she needs to atone for something hidden in her past that so far even I don’t really know about, either way it`s a mental thing, she can`t get over it and she feels the need now and again, to allow her body to be used… to be scourged, much as nuns in certain orders do. To an extent I could see where she`s coming from with that, but being a devout chicken myself, it`s not for me. however not only does she pay to “enjoy” istanbul escort it, she used to travel to a master for it to happen, and after, to be admitted to a private clinic to be healed from the marks, and the scars both internal and outside that he had caused.Anyway, if you approve or not, it matters to me not one jot, she felt she needed it, I enjoyed both writing it and re reading it (on numerous occasions if you must know) and that’s what happened, make of it what you will and I got it from this lovely thorough-bread`s mouth so to speak and I have written it up as short stories, which once our Alex had read, sent him off to re-enact a few of the games! Life for the next few days got a bit more raunchy for our Mya, she spent half a day on that crucifix he coming and playing as and when he felt inclined, he put pegs on her labia, on her nipples, under her armpits, even on her tongue! He loved it and if he could have cooked worth a dam, he would have left her there all week I think at least overnight anyway, but he needed to keep up his strength…so he had to have her prepare his meals, and you can`t do that while hung!Her memories as she sent them me were a bit sketchy, about that second week that especially was particularly jumbled. However, on the Friday it was club night, and it was her night to decide who was to be her Maids, it was also her first chance to see anyone other than Alex! However, he had decided she was to be seen to have had a strong hand exercised on her, so after dinner, he had secured her (probably at her bidding) and taken his belt to her backside to leave a few marks and welts as a visible demonstration of his masterly control!But what of Marc, well Marc and ‘Nina’ were doing pretty well thank you, they had come to an understanding, they slept together each night, and screwed only when they felt like it like some old married couple, oh and she cooked for him, did laundry that avcılar escort sort of thing, but for our ‘Nina’ her fun came when he took her to one of his outhouses that he had had cleaned up, and fitted with a bed, and unbeknown to her a camera, (he and Mya made films their occasionally,) it was perfect now, each of the folk he normally did business with each day, he gave free reign too with a secured ‘Nina’. It was a win, win, situation, the buyers all got a fantastic half day of fun as a tip, he got a film, and ‘Nina’ got the fun she so desired. It was brilliant! And for Marc as a voyeur it was beyond great as the camera had a monitor in his office!On that Friday evening Marc and ‘Nina’ set out in his sports car, which soon had them at the manor. After a snack and a drink, ‘Nina’ scuttling away to join the ladies perhaps hoping to be picked by Mya as a maid. As for Marc, he found himself watching a very shapely lass getting her arse taken by one of the comdom wearers, it was brutal, and it reminded him of his own wife being taken by Alex and himself, just two weeks ago. 14 days had gone in a flash it seemed, the next might take longer, ‘Nina’ was a good shag, there was no doubt about that, but Mya, she was, well, she was more on his wavelength, she was …well just different…she was perfect and she was his wife!Behind the bar a multiscreen video kept everyone in touch with each and every room, and in the fifth screen he could see half a dozen women writhing about on the floor, one in the thick of the pile had purple-red welts all over her arse, he looked again, realising with a shock it was his Mya. (If it had been me and my wife I wonder what I would have thought, even back when we were younger, I suspect jealousy would have reared its ugly head!) but not our Marc, he just watched his wife being pleasured by the other women and got a hard on that he said afterwards, was “awesome!”…in fact it was to him so erotic that he slashed one şirinevler escort into his trousers, as we used to say, without so much as a touch on the todger!…awesome was the right word. He said when I asked later, “that I thought, well I had handed her over, for better or worse and it was what she had wanted!” Alex was striking home hard into a little brunette on screen two, and there was much going on. On two or three of the other screens men had women some in shackles, some in bed all in extasy…, on the left hand bottom screen a woman with a long whip was giving a chap stripes, so our man feeling a bit tired, it fitted his mood perfectly, to sit and watch it all happening on screen with minimum energy and a long cool drink, which he stretched out, as like me he hates drink drivers!The Whip appeared at his side, whisky in hand, “Between you and I your Mya`s chosen My Bessy, and your ‘Nina’ as maids for the Wedding,” he grinned “‘Nina’ because Mya says to tell you she thinks the poor woman can`t have got a lot this month!” Marc smiled, typical Mya always a joker! The Whip went on, “and she wants my old Bessy as she thinks she can absorb a lot of man power…!” Marc had seen Bessy in action, and he did not doubt it for one minute, the woman looked like Hatty Jaques and Bessy Braddock all in one! He told me after he though, it was probably that it was Mya`s little stroke of revenge against Alex, and the Guardsman who she hoped by long odds they would not be in the mix as her suitors at ‘the wedding,’ they being 19th and 20th on the list of 20 donor candidates, a list of which was now on the notice board!When ‘Nina’ re-appeared, he knew the night was over, and together they had a last drink, as he watched his wife being collected by her master and ushered away, before pulling ‘Nina’ into a quiet corner and signing her buttock for the security, she having forgotten to get herself signed off as…yes you’ve got it…you can`t get out if you haven’t had a member of the opposite sex…! Laughing they booked out, the security man chuckling as he examined her signed backside. They drove home, mixed feelings running through his head as they passed by Mya`s favourite spot, Marc thinking, only another fortnight!The car away in its outhouse garage, arm in arm they went indoors, they were soon bedded down.

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