5 day Plan to Sex-Up her Sister Sam Pt. 02

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A totally fictional story, all characters are 18 or over. This is a follow up to, 5 day Plan to Sex-Up her Sister Sam, and could be considered the third part of New Home Comes with a View! A key point of information is that, Joan and Mark live in homes with facing bay windows only 10 ft (3.05 m) from each other.


Sam’s P.O.V.

I am Samantha, Joan’s big sister, I am living with her, and her husband John for a while until my divorce is to a point of at least a legal separation. As Joan probably filled you in, I was in a verbally abusive relationship. My husband Luke used religion as a way to control me. Yes, I was very naive sexually, and did not know what I was missing in life, in the true definition of the term.

Joan had been really kind, and patient getting me out of my shell. Some things she has me doing as far as showing off my body, and using it sexually really surprises me. Like getting naked in the great room as her neighbor Mark watched us, we even masturbated for him eventually. Mark and I later slept together, and he was really patient with me as a new lover, and so very sweet to me. I admit that after 4 days, and eventually making love with him, I was convinced we were in love with each other. I have to forgive myself for that, as I did not know how a normal man, one that had respect for a woman treated her, and how much he enjoys pleasuring her. I guess that made it easy for me to mistake the kindness, and respect he showed me as love.


Saturday early afternoon, almost a week since I came here, and the day after I fucked my sisters husband John. She had showed me some real sisterly love, encouraging the two of us to fuck to prove to me that sex was just sex, and not always part of being in love. I hope I don’t have the same problem with him that I had with Mark. With him it is a different situation, I have known him for years, and had always loved John as a brother-in-law, he was the brother I never had. I hope we all three can avoid any bad consequences that could occur from the two of us becoming intimate, it is not a normal thing to do with your brother-in-law, the fact that my sister set it up, and was OK with it made it even more strange.

Joan and I planned on a day of shopping, but we hadn’t plan on fucking all night, and sleeping so late. I still had my credit card if my husband had not canceled it yet, and I plan on buying some sexy clothes. I also want to get my first smartphone, so I can use UBER as transportation, and claim some more independence. I do not have a driver’s license, my husband said I was a housewife, and did not need one. Eventually I hope to get a car, John already promised to help me learn to drive, he said he knew some country roads with very little traffic on them he could take me to practice.

John and I were sitting out on the patio having coffee after we had brunch. I was a little embarrassed when I first came out and joined him, he noticed I was a bit uncomfortable right away, and gave me a big loving hug. I was surprised at what I felt in his shorts when he did, but I might as well face it, we seem to turn each other on. I guess this was all understandable, after all last night was the first time we made love, or even seen each other naked. Too many of Joan’s Long Island Iced Teas got me a little drunk, and I was all over him. Joan let him carry me to bed, and then he made love to me, and we ended up fucking into the early morning hours. John is a good brother-in-law, and a good lover, the best I ever had, I hope it was not just a one time thing.

I had to try to not make too much eye contact with him, he is so hot I was getting a tingle down below, remembering how his big penis felt in me, it filled me. I had no idea what that would feel like until then. John’s penis seemed like it was just made for my vagina, my husbands did not even come close, and even Mark’s did not fill me like his. Joan soon joined us, we did not talk about the night before, we mostly focused on what I wanted clothing wise, and what kind of phone I should get. John convinced me to start with a basic android that would come free with the plan, learn it, and what I need before I get a higher priced phone.

I was a little worried then about me and Joan picking one out, and was not sure if John would be willing to go along, and get stuck clothes shopping with us. Joan is so smart, she suggested to John that he should take me to get the phone, and that he could take me to a store or two for clothes. She pointed out, when John goes with her to help her decide what to buy, she ends up with fewer things to take back. She told me about a lingerie store they always go to, they let men go into the changing booths with their wives or girlfriends. John has good taste, he must have, or he would not had married my sweet sister. They are both so good to me.

John and I got up to go get ready, after Joan told us we did not have to hurry back as she was going to be busy making a meatloaf. She said she was using our late moms recipe that illegal bahis we all loved. I had tried making it but it never tasted quite as good, it probably is a psychological thing. I miss her so much, it’s a shame she was stricken at such a young age.

Let me tell you a little about our mother, and a couple of stories I can remember about her and how we were raised, then I will get back to the story, and John and I’s, quite eventful shopping trip.


Mom, Dad, John and our Family Life.

Mom was just so beautiful and sexy, and she seemed so healthy. She was strong for her small size always full of energy, a little spitfire, and life of the party. Mom liked to wrestle with our boyfriends, she was good too, my grandpa was a state finalist in High School and taught her how to handle a man, she told us. She would sit on them, and grab their arms below their shoulders pressing them against the floor. Some of them must had been embarrassed if she pinned them, because they did not come back!

Our mother had a special kind of love for John, there was a look you could see in her eyes when he was around. John spent a lot of time at our house, I don’t think his mom gave him the kind of love, and especially all the attention that ours did. He was like a member of the family from the start, and had free run of the house, and called my parents mom and dad.

Unlike my husband Luke, my dad did not care if she showed her breast, and she did not have any hangups about being topless around the house at times, never bothering to see who was there. If she showered and didn’t have a clean top, or shorts in her room, she would just walk down to the laundry to get one, sometimes in nothing but panties. Joan and her often took their tops off around the pool to get more tan, even if John and my dad were there. Not me, I could never be topless in front of my dad.

Dad often bought mom sexy stuff to wear when they went away, they belonged to some kind of club, and since I was the older sister, I would be in charge, when they did. It was usually overnight, and on a weekend. I don’t know what the activities were, but they sure looked forward to the weekends. I would help mom paint her finger and toenails, she wanted to look extra sexy when they went. Joan when she got older told me she thought they were swingers, but I did not want to believe that. They say you marry someone like your father, Joan did, unfortunately I did not. But then her personality is a lot more like moms.

Once after I was married, I stopped by the house to borrow the waffle iron one day. When I walked in she was on top of John, they appeared to be wrestling, and they were the only ones home. They were so embarrassed, they were afraid I thought they were doing something bad. It was a hot day, and they had little on, John just in a pair of thin nylon shorts, mom in only cotton shorts, short with baggy legs. Both Joan and I had told her before, that you could see up those type of shorts, and she should at least wear panties with them. She had been wearing one of her vintage halter tops as well, it was too small, we had also told her more than once that someone of her breast size shouldn’t wear that type of top, her breast were just too large. She needed to update her wardrobe, some of her shorts and tops were older than we were, she always told us in jest that giving birth to us two girls, made her “girls” get even bigger.

When I walked in, her top was not in play, all I seen was her big tits flopping around, and up the legs of her short shorts, way too much of her was in view. Her halter top had worked its way down to her waist. I think they were just wrestling though, I had seen her use that move before on our boyfriends, she was sitting on his groin, and trying to pin his shoulders down. It was just that her big tits were hanging over his face as she did, that was a bit of a shock for me.

When she saw me, she was startled and said, “It was just an accident,” and she repeated, “just an accident” as they both stood up. Then she struggled to get her top to cover her breast, and adjust her shorts. Then she explained that John had got his fingers stuck in her top, and that’s how it came off, and then said, “I should have called a time-out and fixed it, but it was not like he had not seen Joan and I topless, I figured this old girls tits were nothing new to him.” Then she told me, “you know how I like to pin down these young men, and show them us girls are not weaklings.”

John was the most embarrassed, he was the one caught with his topless girlfriends mom on top of him. Then he was unable to do much of anything to hide his hard-on, and the large wet spot he had on his shorts. He just stood there using his hands to try to hide it, like a person getting caught naked.

I promised not to tell Joan or anyone, mom said they might not understand.

It was obvious that my mom pouncing on top of him, and grinding on his cock caused him to ejaculate in his shorts, no wonder he was so red-faced. Now that I know how illegal bahis siteleri well endowed John is, I admit she probably enjoyed the feeling of his hard cock rubbing against her clitoris as they wrestled. I have to realize she was a woman, like Joan and I are now, and had all the urges and needs that we have. Maybe that was the secret to her success wrestling these strong young men, what horny young man is going to put up much of a fight with a hot big breasted MILF, who is grinding her pussy on their youthful hard cocks. But I still want to think it was mostly innocent on her part. I think she was just being playful with him, and got carried away.

Another time I stopped by the house, it was just me and him there, he had just showered and was in nothing but a towel that just barely wrapped around his waist, it was like a woman’s slitted skirt meant to show their beautiful legs. It was the first time I realized how well-built and sexy he was. It was hard not to look at him below the waist, to see if there might be even more of him showing. That was the first time since I was married that I had such sexual feelings about another man, and he was not just my sisters boyfriend, he had become more like a brother to me, being around so much. I was dressed pretty plain as I was already pretty involved with the church and it’s doctrine when it comes to women being modest.

John was definitely not looking me in my blue eyes when he told me that he was sure the breast I was always hiding, were just as beautiful as moms. I was flattered, my husband never gave me compliments. Then I was shocked to see the head of his penis pushing out of the overlap of his towel. He was getting a hard-on, he had to know it was poking out, and maybe seeing the hint of lust in my eyes decided to just let it become more exposed, to test my reaction.

He even moved closer to me as his towel continued to part, and I glanced down again to see that even more of his penis was out, and it made part of his nut sack visible, he has big balls. Now he had me cornered in the living room, a couple of more steps and his erect cock would have been pressed against me. I panicked, and I pushed by him to leave, causing his towel to come undone. I was uncomfortable with these new feelings I was having toward him, but at the same time it was all I could do not to look back to see him naked. It was not an appropriate way for us to be acting. I was a newly married woman, my husband would have been upset at me if he found out.


Samantha and Jonathan’s Excellent Shopping Adventure

John and I left to go shopping after we changed clothes, the closest good shopping area is about a half hour away. I got more comfortable with him after we talked and joked a while. We were lovers the night before, but then we were just two friends going shopping. I picked out an LG phone that came free with a calling plan, it would be my own plan, I wanted to start fresh with a new number in my new life.

The next stop was at the store Joan spoke of, where I could get some sexy nighties. He repeated what she had said about them letting husbands go into the changing booths with their wives to help them decide what to buy. Then he laughed a little. I had to ask why, and he said, “the first time they came to this store they cracked up reading the sign on the back of the door describing what activities were not allowed in there. The sign just gave us naughty ideas.”

John and I picked out some nighties that were sexy but not too naughty. We also picked out a couple naughty ones for special occasions. It was a little awkward, and John offered to turn his back, or wait outside the door as I tried them on, but I said why? “I didn’t drag you here to “not see” how I looked in the clothes we picked, and as far as seeing me naked, that ship had sailed.”

We picked out a few everyday teddies that did not show a lot of your private areas, but were still sexy. The sign said that you were supposed to try them on over your bra and panties, but how could you tell how they looked on you that way? John turned as I undressed, but that was pretty silly too, as the room was almost all mirrors. I stripped down all the way naked, but as I placed my panties on the seat I could feel they were already a little damp from just the thought of being naked in front of John. I did not want to stain the nighties, so I put them back on, but left my bra off to make sure they would fit OK with my big breasts unleashed.

Even though it was not the first time naked in front of John, I felt really naughty getting naked in a store dressing room with my sisters husband, and it was a good thing I put the panties back on, as I got even more wet as I modeled the nighties for him. The first one was a little tight in the bosom area, and I was having trouble pulling it up over them, so John helped me. He reached around from behind me, and my nipples got hard as his hands brushed against them, and he was hard again, I could feel his cock against my ass. The next one fit better, canlı bahis siteleri and we put it in the let’s-buy-it pile. We soon had two teddies picked out, and it was time to try on the sexier ones.

I tried the first one on, and it was like being topless the material was so sheer. I could see some excitement in John’s eyes and his pants. I thought without the panties under the bottoms, that I would appear to be totally nude, and it would be so sexy to wear in private with a lover. It was a keeper, and I moved on to the second one. The second ones bottoms were almost a g-string, just a small “V” in the front, there was no way we could see how I looked in them, so I took my panties off again, and ask John to get behind me, and to just hold them up to the front of me as I seen how it looked on me in the mirror. It looked hot, but we agreed that it was not as sexy as we thought the other one was going to be without panties underneath. I loved having his big strong arms around me, and feeling his cock with only his shorts between it and my naked ass. I had to hurry up, and put my clothes back on before we violated rules 3 thru 6 on the door. Now we had four nighties picked out, two of each type, and it was time to move on before one of us, or both lost control. The sexual tension in that dressing room was overwhelming.

We went to a traditional department store, and I picked out some micro shorts, a short sexy skirt John said I should wear without panties, and a couple of blouses, a lot lower cut then what I brought with me. I tried them on as John waited, then I got his approval, he is so sweet. He helped me pick out some sexy everyday panties too, mine were more like granny pants.

We had to be getting on the road, it takes a long time to shop and try on clothes. We spent well over an hour at the phone store to start with. I had a lot to learn just to make a call. It was almost 5 when we were loading the car. John hit the button to start the Tesla, and we heard the alarm go off warning that it needed a charge, and soon. He was a bit pissed at himself for not seeing the early warning lights on the dash on the way there, he said how could he pay attention to the dash with such a hot number in the car with him. He was more pissed at Joan as she had not bothered to plug it in at home, or we would have had a full charge. We were lucky the store had a Tesla quick charge area, and had plenty of spots open, so we pulled into one. He plugged in and then called Joan using the bluetooth to tell her what a dingbat she was for not plugging in the car, and told her when he thought we might be back. We had some time to kill, at least a half-an-hour to be sure we had enough power to get home safe.

We tried to talk about non-sexy things, but ended up talking about that one sexy nightie, and how we thought it would look on me without panties. It was a naughty thing to do, and we both were getting really turned on. I could see John’s cock getting hard in his shorts, and I was getting wet again thinking about how it feels when it’s in me.

I am not going to put all the blame on John for events that were about to happen, because I knew better. He told me I could try the nightie on that way in the backseat, we had time to kill anyway, and I could tell him when to look, he would be able to see it in the mirror. This was a bad idea in so many ways, but I climbed back there and got naked, it was so naughty, but exciting too. I could see him staring at me in the mirror before I even got the nightie out of the bag. I put it on, and I was right about it, it was pretty much see through, my pussy was totally visible in detail through it. John turned around to see it, he was almost drooling, if I had said the word he would have been over the seat in seconds. The windows were tinted, but we had the front ones open a bit, so we did not have to run the air, and have it take longer to charge. But it was getting hot, or at least we were.

John had to roll the windows up, and turned on the air. He said he wanted to come back there and see it close up, so he climbed into the back seat. That was the point of no return, he could not keep his hands off me, and I really didn’t want him to. I was really turned on. I pulled the top off, he wanted to kiss my nipples, I love when John or Mark would do that. I was afraid he was going to stretch or rip the bottoms trying to get his big fingers in me, so I took them off too and was totally naked again.

It was getting too hot back there, so he pulled his shirt and his shorts off. Then we were both naked in the back seat of my sisters Tesla, in broad daylight, in the middle of a busy department store parking lot. It was so daring, and John’s cock was so hard, I just can’t resist his cock, I wanted it at least in my mouth. I took his knob and shaft in my mouth and sucked it for a while, and should have stopped after we killed enough time to get a decent charge. We needed to stop, and get back on the road, but now we were kissing, and all over each other. John’s cock was pressing against my pussy lips. I looked out and did not see anyone that looked like they were watching, some seemed to be trying to see through the tint as they walked by. I had to have his cock in me, so I straddled him, and reached down to guide it in me.

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