51 Avis makes joe a sissy boy [reissue]

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51 Avis makes joe a sissy boy [reissue]51 Avis makes joe a sissy boy [reissue]Joe had promised that we would reverse role playing and I decided to take him up on his offer. “We’re gonna play reverse roles today” I announced one day and after a bit, Joe agreed. “What would you like to do?’ he asked me. Looking straight into his eyes, “You’re going to be my sissy while I make love to my old boyfriend” I replied. I knew he would have to agree after promising, so he looked at me, “I did promise” he answered back and so the stage was set. I had run into Corky a few months before and behind Joe’s back I had sucked his cock off and let him fuck me on one occasion. Now I had the chance to have him openly and to humiliate Joe all in one day. I called Corky up and told him of my plan and he readily agreed to play along. On the day agreed, I put on a black chemise, black hose and my ankle strapped, open toed stiletto’s while I made Joe wear a sheer lace black baby-doll with straps holding up black stockings, black high heels and a collar. When I heard the door-bell I rushed over and opened it to greet Corky with a nice long, passionate kiss. “Hello lover” I said to him as I backed off a bit. Looking me over up and down, “You look fuckin’ hot baby” he said. Smiling, “I look fuckin’ hot for you” I replied and led him into the living room. Joe was standing there as we moved in and when Corky saw him he laughed a bit, “What’s with the sissy outfit?” he asked. I walked up to Joe and slapped his face hard, “He’s my little sissy boy for the day” then added, “He’s gonna do whatever I tell him to do”. Then I looked at Joe, “Isn’t that right sissy boy” I said as I slapped his face again. “Yes mistress” he replied. Several more slaps to his face followed, “Is that how you answer me sissy boy?” I said. “No mistress” he started. “Your sissy boy will do as you wish mistress” he then added. Looking at him, “On your knees” I ordered him and went back to Corky. “Now lover” I said and began to kiss Corky. We kissed for a few minutes, our hands rubbing each other, our embraces firm and full of passion until Corky moved his hands down and began to caress my tits. Looking into my eyes, “Oh fuck baby” he said, “I love these tits” as he squeezed them. “Suck on them then my love” I responded, “Suck on my tits” I added as Corky pulled the straps off my shoulders and pulled down on the fabric until my tits were exposed. “Fuck baby” he maltepe escort said and bent down a bit and began to suck on my tits while still caressing them. I moved my hand down and now began to caress his crotch, feeling his hard cock under his pants. After a few minutes he raised up and we parted. “Go ahead baby” I said, “Get comfortable”. I then went back over to where Joe was still on his knees, pulled my panties to one side, “Suck my cunt sissy boy” I ordered, and Joe moved up and putting his face into my cunt, began to lick and suck on my cunt lips while Corky got undressed. As soon as he finished he came over behind me and reaching around me, cupped my tits and as he kissed my neck area caressed my tits in a loving fashion. “Stop sissy boy” I ordered and went over to the table, picked up a chain and going back to Joe. leaned down and hooked it to his collar, then gave the chain to Corky. “Take the sissy boy into the bedroom” I told. Looking at Joe, “Get up sissy boy” I demanded and with Corky leading Joe, we headed for the bedroom. Corky knew where to go as he had been there once before to fuck me while Joe was out of town. As we entered the bedroom I looked at Joe, “On your knees sissy boy” I ordered and as soon as he was down, I moved over. took hold of Corkys now hard cock and pulled him over to Joe. “Suck his cock sissy boy” I ordered, and Joe hesitantly moved up a bit towards Corky. A hard slap to his face followed, “Get up there and suck his fuckin’ cock sissy boy” I demanded, and Joe reached up, took hold of Corky’s cock and into his mouth it went. As he sucked on Corky’s cock I moved up next to him and after a few minutes, grabbed hold of his hair, “You like sucking on that cock sissy boy?” I asked. “Yes mistress, sissy boy likes sucking on his cock” “Put it back in your mouth and suck it good then” I demanded. As Joe went back to sucking on corky, I embraced Corky and began to kiss him passionately. “Oh lover” I said softly, “I missed you so” as I continued to kiss his lips, neck and nipples, gently biting on them. “Kiss me love” I said, and we kissed even more. As we parted a bit, “Is sissy boy sucking you good?” I asked him. Looking down at Joe sucking his cock, “He’s okay” Corky answered back. I then grabbed hold of Joe’s hair and pulled his head back, “Fuckin’ sissy boy” I said as I slapped his face several times. “Suck his cock better, you fuckin’ shit” I said and rammed escort maltepe his mouth back onto Corky’s cock. After a few more minutes, “That’s fuckin’ better” I said. “Take that cock deep in your fuckin’ throat” I added as I watched Joe suck real hard and fast on Corky’s cock. “You like sucking cock don’t you, sissy boy?” I asked. “Uh huh” was all he could mumble. “You’re a good cock sucking sissy, aren’t you?” I then asked. Yet another “Uh huh” came forth. Raising up to Corky, “I want to fuck this shitty whore” I told him and with that Corky pulled Joe off his cock, “Get on the bed” he ordered Joe and I watched as Joe climbed up on the bed.I had gone over to the dresser and removed a strap on nine-inch dildo and put them on while Joe got on his hands and knees on the edge of the bed. Corky moved on the bed in front of joe and laid down so that his cock would be under Joe’s head. As I rubbed some lotion over my fingers I approached Joe from behind and parting his ass, rubbed the lotion around his asshole and onto the dildo. Taking hold of it, I slowly rubbed it up and down Joe’s asshole until I was ready and then shoved it hard into his hole. I could hear him cry out a little in pain as the dildo plunged into him and then heard, “Suck my cock sissy boy” come from Corky. I smiled and now began to fuck Joe’s asshole as he resumed sucking on Corky’s cock. For the next few minutes I pounded away at Joe, slapping at his ass cheeks, driving the dildo as deep as I could into his hole while Corky had grabbed hold of his hair and was helping Joe suck his cock hard and fast. A few more minutes passed when I finally pulled out, moved over and up on the bed next to Joe’s head, looked at Corky, “let him suck my cock” I said firmly. Corky pulled Joe off his cock, “Suck that cock” he ordered Joe and he turned his head towards me and taking hold of the dildo, put it in his mouth and began to suck on it hard. I let him suck on my dildo for some time until I decided it was my turn to enjoy Corky. I pulled away and shoved Joe off of Corky, who had been jerking his cock watching Joe suck my dildo, “I want that beautiful cock” I said to him and bent down, took hold of Corky’s cock and into my mouth it went. I sucked on Corky for what seemed an eternity, savouring the taste of his cock, the hardness as he fucked at my cheeks before I rose up, “Fuck me baby” I said sternly, “Fuck my fuckin’ cunt” I added as I maltepe escort bayan moved over and straddled his cock. Taking hold of it I slowly lowered myself down and gently put his cock into my cunt. “Oh, fuck baby” I said, “I love your cock so fuckin’ much” not caring if Joe heard me or not. As I rode up and down his cock he reached up and squeezed and yanked on my tits and nipples, sending waves of ecstasy through me. After a few minutes or more I looked over at Joe, “Get behand me sissy and lick his cock” I ordered and watched as Joe climbed off the bed, went behind me and kneeled down and soon I felt his head against my ass as he started to lick at Corky’s cock while he continued to fuck me. This went on for a while as I relished in the pleasure of that hard cock fucking me.After a bit, “I want you to fuck me baby” I told Corky and ordered Joe to back off. I climbed off Corky and laid down next to him, “Come on lover” I said, Fuck-me,’ Fuck me hard” I added. With that Corky raised up my legs, moved in between them and after placing them on his shoulders, took hold of his cock and shoved it deep into my wet cunt. “OH FUCK” I cried out as he now began to fuck me hard and fast. “That’s it baby” I cried, “Fuck me” “Fuck me hard” “Fuck my fuckin’ cunt” I added as Corky banged away at me causing my cunt to ache and ripples of pain and pleasure to course through my body. Corky now bent over and began to kiss me as he pumped away with his cock. “I love you Carmen” he said softly to me, “I love fucking you so much” “Fucking your fuckin’ cunt” he added. I knew Joe could hear him, but I didn’t care. I had been told by other men who fucked me that they too loved me, “I love you fucking me too” I answered back. After a bit, “Lick his cock sissy boy” I shouted and once again Joe put his head next to Corky’s cock and began to lick his cock as he fucked me. “OH FUCK” Corky cried out loud, “I’m coming” and soon a load of hot cum went pouring into my cunt as Corky exploded deep within me. After a few minutes of catching our breaths, Corky pulled out of me and moved over to one side. I looked down at Joe, “Clean his cock off sissy boy” I ordered, and Joe rose up and began to lick and suck Corky’s cock clean of his and mine juices. After a minute or two he stopped and Corky moved up to me, leaned down and kissed me long and passionately again. When we broke, OH Corky” I said, “You’re so fuckin’ good”. “I love you cock so fuckin’ much. We rested for a while as I made Joe suck on my feet and toes over my heels, then suck on the heel. Looking at Corky, “Good fuckin’ sissy boy, isn’t he?” I asked. Laughing a bit, “That he is” he replied, “That he is”.

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