51 Penny and rick pt B,


51 Penny and rick pt B,51 Penny and rick pt B, We move on a week, Penny each night had been allowing her son what anywhere but in this house would have thought of as liberties.She had allowed him to use his hand to stimulate her under her dress and in return she had used her experienced lips to control his urges. He did not complain as she promised him unless she was “working” he could have a single treat every weekend, also that if he wished he could be present on her next visitor`s play-time if the client didn`t object. Ricky had been as always patient, a trick he had developed as a poacher, he knew his mother would not let him down, she had never failed to do something she had promised him, either something good or a thick ear if she promised him she had never ever failed him, it was her way, she was just that reliable.From Penny`s point of view she was happy with the way he had never pestered, that first night when they had returned to the house he having lost his virginity, they had sat talking for half the remaining night. They had had a deep heart to heart about her body, its needs, its cycles, and her sexual desires, filling in its blanks, what he could expect in his sexual life, her pride in him and his achievements, her attitude to him finding a girlfriend, and that the ensuring these happenings could not be shared even up to the day he left to marry. In short they were happy.It was Friday evening, his schooling over for the week, homework completed, his tea over he had run his snares, and as he returned to the little home he had for his mother a brace of fine rabbits. The shadows were lengthening as he stood in the little yard stripping and gutting the a****ls on the wall of the old well. It had not been used since piped water had arrived, though he knew that even that had been because the squire`s a****ls had required a trough in the meadow behind the cottage and the water had been piped for humans at the dwelling very much as an after-thought.His mother appeared beside him having fed and shut up the few fowl that supplied them with eggs, each night the local fox was about now the evenings were becoming cooler and the leaves were turning. They both loved this time of the year but life was always harder in the winter. He threw the offal to his dog, a small black and white mongrel which he had shut in its home the little run by the back door. Penny took the carcases from him and together they went into the kitchen, he to wash up, and her to place tomorrow’s meal in the meat safe.She handed him a towel and as she poured the tea then she said without changing her tone of voice that “she had a client coming in a week, who had agreed to him being present at her next adventure.” He was surprised at her use of the term ‘adventure’, and he smiled at the quiet and matter of fact way she had told him of what to him would be a traumatic mixture of sexual excitement, entwined with the emotional turmoil of watching his beloved mother and newfound lover, suffering at someone else`s hand even if it was her income and her joy.He acknowledged her statement with a grunt, aydın escort his mind a jumble of mixed emotions. She immediately intuitively knew his very thoughts, as together they moved to the tiny living room.Knowing in her heart exactly the situation she asked what was wrong, while she had intuitively understood she wanted him to tell her himself. Haltingly he said “it would be a real tussle for him, he had always wanted to know exactly what went on in the outhouse, at ‘a game’,” she knew that of course that he wanted to know what had made her scream; perhaps to find out for himself what it was all about, but now he was saying he was not so sure! She realised now that he loved her not as a mother but more as a partner, he now felt protective towards her. He was now aware as well of her deep need to receive the regular scourging of her very soul, the pain, and the welts all over her body that she both despised and desired in equal measure, but god help him; he did so much want to watch. Those few strokes of the whip a week ago had taught him he was of the need to dominate, he was now enamoured of striking flesh, of the power and in his heart she knew he would not really rest until he had enjoyed the scenario for himself.She kissed him, gently explaining again about the money, how important it was but that it was not the real reason, had he not understood it was what she needed, it was her d**g her desire, her need, her essential to her very life. He said he was worried, not that she would be hurt, that was inevitable, but that he would not be able to stand to watch, to break down and well, that he would intervene.Penny thoughtfully said that “it would be up to him, no need to make a decision yet the ‘adventure’ was not for another week.” It had always been on Sundays or weekdays as he was at school on the next day and she could rest and recover without him seeing much of her pain. She went on that “Tonight I have promised you a treat, so off you go and shower”, he wandered away his mind still disturbed and he knew it would get worse before that ‘adventure.’ However now was now and he was to receive a treat. The shower over he returned to the living room in a dressing-gown, where his mother took his hand and silently lead him to her bedroom, again she softly kissed him then allowed him to remove her working clothing, he needed no telling, the old dress, blue check and well past its best, slid from her shoulder`s the slip patched and somewhat tatty followed it to the floor, revealing her unfettered breasts, and a pair of old white cotton knickers, which slid from her body like oiled silk.She stood before him naked, her skin better now than the last time he had gazed at it, the weekday trysts having been clothed he had not seen the welts and bruises retreat.He took his time, his gaze slithering over every crevice, every crease, every scar and every slight blemish, his mind like a camera committing this vision to his brain forever. She gently revolved herself for him, allowing his eager eyes to drink in her body in a way even her users did not take afyon escort the time to enjoy. Most, she knew just wanted to use her skin as a target for the hate they had for perhaps the wife at home, or perhaps the mistress of whom they didn’t dare harm, fearing the lady would leave, which the now bound body before them had no chance of doing.Ricky began to slide his rough hands over the alabaster skin of his mother, for a large lad he had a tender way that sent shivers through her, so gentle was his touch, she stood allowing him the privilege of handling her breasts, the nipples pointing more southwards nowadays but so greatly loved by her users, the tender pearly skin taking each stroke of the whip with little work on the part of the user decorating the white surface with livid red welts while transmitting delicious pain to their willing victim.Her mind returned to her son his hands running over her stomach, the container from which he had arrived, slightly plump nowadays, she would have loved to have lost perhaps an inch or two, he was kissing her navel his hands running over her hips, then her buttocks, pulling her to him pressing his face into the plump belly, she fondled his head running her fingers through his hair, stroking his ears, sucking air into her lungs in a long breath. As his face lowered itself to her mons, the tongue slithering over the smooth skin shaved yet again this very morn.His long tongue slathered at her sex now, eager to find the hidden button of her clitorise that tender nerve centre hidden in its protective hood and tucked away so delicately. She moaned as his prehensile tongue curled itself around the little bud, the sensation beyond anything so far with this her son, he who had come from this very body, the moment frozen in her mind forever as that tongue wobbled the little nerve centre and she began to flood his lower jaw with her wetness, her body quivering with the fantastic sensation of her first climax of the night, her legs like jelly now her body supported by his strong hands under her seat, his thumbs pressing into each cheek of her backside as the weight collapsed into his ready palms and she pulled his head closer to her pelvis in a sturdy grip.He eased her backwards onto her bed; the old, gold coloured bedspread enveloped her body in its clutches as she flopped back into its folds, opening her legs wide to allow him deeper into her body, his tongue slipping deep into her birth canal filling her, slipping smoothly into her like some thin inquisitive phallus, as he swirled it around the slippery cavity. Her second climax hit her like some tidal wave, huge, crashing and washing through her body, in a way she had not experienced except through pain since the owner of that tongues conception all those years before.He moved up her body before the climax had subsided, slipping his eager tool into her with ease, like an old hand, she began to move under him unable to stop the gyrations that her body automatically began, their tempo rising like some demented orchestra, getting faster and louder with sakarya escort every thrust, till like the cannon in the 1812 overture, they reached the great crescendo, as his seed flooded her body, loud, ear popping, gut wrenching and oh so deep within her very core, as Napoleon was defeated yet again and they began their decent to a quieter world of love and recovery.They lay like exhausted whales, both mother and her son; his arm d****d over her body his drained tool limp against his leg, his seed oozing from her sex wetting the soft gold cover as they slipped into a deep sleep. When he awoke the sun was beginning its journey through the great larch trees that surrounded the home, crows chattered, and cawed it was another day, he was on top of the world, He kissed her awake saying nothing but slipping his fingers into her sex, as they kissed like Romeo and Juliet, or Adam and Eve, she shuddered, then told him to wait as she needed to relive herself. Slipping from the bed and sliding her feet into her slippers, he too rose; before she reached the door, took her hand and silently led her to the bathroom. “I am a big girl” she told him “I have been peeing by myself since long before you were born!” he didn’t answer, just took a seat on the toilet and swung her round so that she was facing away from him then pulled her onto his stiff pole before she could protest, kissing her neck and fondling her breasts as her weight settled onto his lap, she understood and desperate for relief she began her run, the water, her water, running hot over his balls and pouring noisily into the bowl below as she began to laugh at the novelty of the feeling, a silver tinkling laugh that echoed round the small bathroom, he concentrated hard then over-coming the usual stiffness restricting problem to begin his own run, a dribble at first becoming a stream then a torrent as the flow increased. She stopped her laughing as the hot flood filled her; scalding, washing into her guts, a sensation she had never before enjoyed as she filled, then began to lose his water down beside his semi stiff shaft, she began to moan a low deep sound, he knew it was a sign she was unable to speak her excitement overcoming her.Having drained the last drops they rose and entered the shower, the water cleansing and refreshing, he hands roaming over his body and his soaping her breasts, they were soon in a highly charged state, the pair scampering to the bed again, damp and un-towelled.They made love, not the urgent fucking of yesterday, this though urgent was meaningful, it was more loving, gentler, more slowly built, and they had all day. The climax when it came was a huge, a mountainous cool rolling wave breaking on the hot sands of a waiting tropical beach. The day passed like a roller coaster, slow passionate build ups followed by the helter-skelter of climax time and again like newly-weds they came together, stopping only for sleep and food, it was too soon Monday.Penny had made the ruling that his schooling was not to suffer or things would just stop, on weekdays she told him there would be no playing, light petting perhaps but only at weekends would they really come together. That week passed oh so slowly for him, after the overload of the last and with the bitter sweet thought of the weekend to come and the decision he needed to make hanging over him the whole time.

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