A Baby – Family and His Brother Ch. 07


Is this story true or not, you tell me?

My 18 years with this family was the happiest time of my life. Sure there was a lot of sex, but we also did many things together as a family. Also, the gossip in this small town was malicious. Most of the gossip was about Nick, Jan and I, not the kids. Remember I shared my body with 8 members of this family if you include Nick’s brother Jack.

Please note this was not all at one time. In fact the only duel action was with Nick, Jan or with The Twins, also, I was with Nick, Jan, each of the twins separately many times, especially with Nick. Jan, Nick and I honor each other’s private time, one on one, or with each other.

Ill get on with the story of when I first met the twins.

The Twins first came into my life the first year I met Nick and Jan. They both were in college at U of C Berkeley, and came home for the Christmas Holidays 1982. We went to the Airport to pick them up. Everyone was excited, but me. I didn’t know what to expect, fearing that they would not like me. I didn’t know at the time, Jan already wrote them about me, sent a picture, and found out later, they were as excited to see me, as their family was to see them.

The kids spotted them first coming off the plane.

“There they are, there they are”.

Nick and Jan got so excited, it was almost a year since they seen them. Now I had seen some pictures of them, and seen the family resemblance when they were younger, but walking towards us seem like the duplicate twins of Nick and Jan. When they got closer I felt their eyes on me, but they ran to their family and all started to hug each other.

I really felt alone and out of place, standing back as they welcome them.

Then, to my surprise, Lisa said “Nicole come here.”

I didn’t even know that she knew my name. She then stated, “nice to meet you.”

I extended my hand, but she didn’t take it. Her arms raised and she started to hug me, and kissed me on the cheek.

John did the same, then he said, “Yes Mom has told us all about you, I feel I know you like a sister.”

They both really made me feel like I was part of their family too.

I looked at Jan, smiled and lipped with my mouth “Thank you.”

She walked up to me, grabbed me, said, “No Hun, thank you,” and then kissed me.

I blushed, Sue said, “Yep that’s our Mom.”

We all started to laugh.

That was the first year that I met every member of Nick’s family, they all came home for Christmas. I can truthfully say not one of them made me feel un-welcome. In all my life, I never met a family like this. They were so close, never fighting with each other, or ashamed of anything. They talked as equals with their parents, but showed the respect their parents deserved.

That first Christmas will always stick in my mind, cause that was the only year that they all came home. After that, one or two of the kids, brought someone with them, boyfriend, girlfriend, ankara bayan escortlar husband or wife. Which inhibited us alittle.

When it was just us, things were so freely done in the household. This family had no shame when it came to their bodies; I am not saying that nudity was prevalent at all times. Just when they were, no one thought anything of it.

That first Christmas I was hesitant when the family was together to be nude in front of them, but then slowly got use to it and when they seen me nothing was made of it.

Week before Christmas, everyone in the family went Christmas Shopping to Bronners in Frankenmuth, Michigan, which was about 180 miles from us. This place is the largest place in the world that is Christmas 362 days a year.

Three of us didn’t go; it was the twins and I. I had to work at the store for a while and the twins didn’t want to go.

When I got home from the store, as I headed to my bedroom to change cloths, I heard noises coming from the twins’ bedroom. Their door was open, and I heard them in their bathroom, Lisa was taking a shower, and John I think shaving.

I heard them talking, and they were talking about me. John was saying that he had wanted me since he seen me at the Airport. Lisa said well go ahead or do you want me to help you.

He answered, “Well yes, you know it has always been you who started things when we seduced someone.”

She said, “Ok, when do you want to do it”.

He answered “Today, with everyone gone until tomorrow. She should be home soon, so developed a plan ok.”

Lisa laughed, “Ok bro.”

Then I heard John say Ill be right back. When I heard that I rushed into my room and left the door crack and rushed into the bathroom.

Things were going through my mind; I was excited and intrigued by what I heard. Should I let them or not? Would Nick or Jan mine? Why the two of them? Where they going to bed with each other, if one were going to seduce me for the other?

Slowly I got undressed, turned the bath water on. When it filled up, I turned the Jacuzzi on; lying in the water and let the jets massage the back of my neck.

My eyes were close, when I let my hand roam down to my pussy and started to masturbate, thinking about what they wanted to do. Slowly I was moaning, as I built images of them making love to me, then I heard a noise.

Standing there was Lisa, nude and with her hand between her legs. Her body was just like her Mothers. She looked down at me, smiled and then got into the Jacuzzi with me. One of her legs was in between my legs, knee pressing against my pussy. Her mouth found mine, her tongue enters and we both were now moaning.

She said, “Turn Hun, Ill want to show you something.”

Turning she slowly guided my butt back towards one of the jets. The water rushed to my butt and the pressure work its way down my ass, between my legs going over my vagina, hitting my clit.

The ankara seksi escortlar sensation sent chills through my body. Moaning and trying to move my butt so the water would hit it just right, when she said, “Lets get in bed” I looked at her, with an innocent look, just nodded yes.

I wanted her, also at the time wondering where John was. She toweled me off, as I did her and we entered the bedroom.

Lying on the bed was John, stroking his hard cock he looked up and smiled. Lisa led me to him, slowly we got on the bed, and she guided my hand to his cock.

Whispering she said, “Help him Hun.”

I grabbed his cock and slowly started to stroke it up and down, letting my lips touch the tip and then circling my tongue over its head.

As I was doing this, Lisa was whispering to me, part of her body on my back. “Isn’t it beautiful”, I nodded.

She then moved her hand down my back and started to massage my clit from behind, slowly inserted her finger into my vagina. As she was stroking me, I began to start sucking on John’s Cock, with slow deliberate strokes, moving my tongue between his cock and my lips.

He started to moan, grabbing my head and started to move it to the motions he wanted. Lisa was now fucking me with her finger; my butt was meeting her strokes, when I heard her say,

“Oh yessssss, suck his cock”.

Lisa then lean over to John, face to face, she said, “You like Bro.”

He smiled and then started to kiss her. These two were inseparable, just like their Mother and Father.

I found out that later that they both had the same room when they grew up. Now you would think that because of this that they would have been having sex together. They both said to me that they never did, except kiss and masturbate in front of each other. They also admitted that they wanted to, but knew it was wrong, but felted kissing and masturbating in front of each other was ok.

Now on with our first time together.

Lisa turned and moved over to me and started to touch my body and moved her hand to my tits and would pinch my nipples, always whispering in my ear,

“Yes baby, suck his cock. Suck my brothers Cock. He wants you so bad. He wants to fuck you.”

All this time I was moaning, sucking on his cock, he was moaning very loudly, “Ohhhhhh yessssss Nicoleeee.”

John was now really getting loud, when he grabbed the back of my head and then just shoved his cock as far as it would go, held it there and started to cum,

jerking and screaming “Godddddddd Yessssssss, Dearrrrrrrr Godddd Yesssssss.”

I swallowed as fast as I could, but really couldn’t keep up with him cumming, a lot leak out onto his cock, but then I slowly withdrew and lick the sides of his cock until I had him cleaned up.

Lisa looked at him and said, “Is that what you wanted Bro.”

He smiled and said, “Oh yesssss Sis, you know me well.”

All three of us then lay on the bayan ankara escort bed, talking about what just happen. I asked them many questions, such as, if they went to bed with each other.

While this conversation was going on, Lisa was massaging my clit, kissing, licking my face and neck, and I continued to massage John’s cock.

Then John got up, moved in between my legs, his cock now hard again. He raised my ass, at which time Lisa moved on top of me kneeling, with her legs spread over my face. I knew what they both wanted and started to oblige them.

As John inserted his cock into my cunt, my face just naturally went to Lisa pussy and started to lick her slit. It looked just like her Mothers, could only see the tip of her clit and had to separate her lips to see her vagina.

John and Lisa were now facing each other, as Johns strokes started to move in and out of me, my mouth was now sucking and licking on Lisa clit, we were all really into it. I started to meet John’s strokes, moaning for him not to stop.

Lisa then leans over a little towards John and they both started to kiss.

He says, “She is the best Sis.”

Lisa stated “Oh yes Hun, she is the best.”

His strokes started to get faster and faster, breathing heavy, as Lisa started to gyrate her pussy into my face.

She screamed… “Ohhhhhh Nicole, please fuckkkkkkk me with your tongue”.

I obliged, inserting my tongue in her vagina and started to move it in and out just touching her clit on the outward motions. She started to meet my tongue action, slowly moving her ass up and down.

The image of Nick, Jan and I came before me, for we did this position many times with either one of us girls lying down and the other two facing each other.

My climax was close, but I tried to hold it off, wanting to make sure it happen when they came. When suddenly,

John said, “Nowwwwwwwww, Yesssssss Nowww.”

He started to jerk and spewing his cum into my cunt.

I jerked up to meet him, screamed “Yessssssss, ohhhhhhh yesssss”.

Lisa tightens up and pushes her pussy down on my tongue, moaning…jerking… squeezing my head in between her legs. “Yessssss, Yessssss, Yesssss”.

The sweat running off of our bodies, I grabbed Lisa’s ass and brought her pussy back down to my mouth and just continue to lick her juices, letting her know how much I appreciated her.

John cock went limbed, and then came out, Lisa leaned over and started to lick my pussy, licking what cum that came out. She got up and then kissed John, got off me, turned and kissed me, sharing his cum with me as our tongues meet.

Sex with the twin wasn’t that often over the years, but when it did happen, the excitement of the buildup between the times we were apart made it better each time. I still question to this day if they went to bed with each other over the years, but they both say that they haven’t and only enjoy each other company with another person involved. Both are married now, always wondered if they shared their spouses.

The only one you haven’t heard about is Victoria; she is the one I saved for last. She is also the one I had a very special relationship, over the years.

To be continued

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