A Bargain Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Swap

MONDAY EVENING AFTER JENN LEFT Talk about clairvoyance! When I got back to my room, there was a note on my door from Dianne asking me to call her. The note said she had to check her research, but that she would be back by dinner time. She asked if I could stop by her (and Jenn’s) room around 9:00. Somehow I had missed her at dinner, but I called her number and caught her just as she was leaving her room to go take a shower. I agreed to meet her at her room later as she had asked.

I took my own shower, and I barely refrained from beating off. I had seen Dianne nude earlier in the day, and the thought of her luscious body covered with hot, soapy water made my pecker get stiff – and stay that way.

Then I came down to earth. Jenn and Dianne were best friends and lived together. There’s no way I could have sex with Dianne without Jenn finding out, and that would hurt her. Even though my relationship with Jenn was uncertain, I knew I didn’t want to cause her needless pain. She was probably going to fuck someone who was a stranger to me, but that wouldn’t be the same as Dianne doing it with me. Besides, Dianne wouldn’t want to hurt Jenn, either. So Dianne was off-limits, sexually speaking, but I could still talk to her. I even kidded myself that I might get to see her naked again.

I knocked on Dianne’s door right on time. She was fully dressed, so my silly hope of seeing her naked was immediately dashed. She giggled at my obvious disappointment – as if she could read my mind. Then she told me to sit down on her bed. She turned off all of the lights except one on her desk, leaving the room in shadows. Dianne sat down beside me. Her thigh felt warm against mine. I had no idea what she wanted to talk about, but she surprised me with her direct and candid approach. “I’ve got a problem I think you can help me with. Bur first I want to know a couple of things. What did Jenn say about her trip home? And about the two of you?”

As embarrassed and humiliated as I knew I would feel talking about these subjects, I decided to tell Dianne the truth. I hoped Dianne knew Jenn well enough to give me good advice. “She said she needed to be away from me so that she could figure out what was really going on between us. She said she would probably even have sex with her old boyfriend as part of . . . figuring everything out. Is that what she told you?”

Dianne nodded. “I wondered if she would tell you about him. She didn’t know how you would take it, and she didn’t want to lose you. We talked about it for a couple of hours last night.”

“So what the hell’s her problem, Dianne? We were getting . . . really close. Then she springs this . . . this . . . fucking with her old boyfriend on me!”

“Apparently in two days you switched her sex drive from Off to High! Now she’s trying to figure out how to adjust to being aroused whenever you’re around. Even if you didn’t fuck her – and I’m still not convinced that you didn’t – you sure fucked up her neat, little world! As you said, she’s even thinking about fucking her asshole highschool boyfriend. Well, he WAS her first.”

“You sure know a lot about my personal problems. And Jenn’s. So what should I do about it? Do you have any advice? Or are you just nosy?”

“I’ll get to that. Jenn also told me that she was going to tell you that you could have sex with other women, too. At least until she came back. That’s right, isn’t it? Did she tell you that?”

I stared at Dianne. She certainly knew damned near everything about my relationship with Jenn. Don’t women keep any of their personal problems secret? “So what? Isn’t that something for Jenn and me to work out?”

“Of course it is. But you can’t do anything about your relationship with her until she gets back, can you?”

“Not really. But that’s my problem, not yours? Look, Dianne. I really don’t like having you know so much about Jenn and me, but I can’t change that. But this is starting to piss me off. What’s the point of talking about this? As you said, I can’t do anything about it. I don’t like it, but that’s the way it is.”

“I didn’t mean to offend you, Don. But she told me that you and she weren’t an item – not yet, at least. I know she really likes you. Probably a lot more than that. And I really don’t want to get between you and Jenn.”

“How are you going to get between Jenn and me? Do you know something about her boyfriend? Or what’s really on her mind?”

“I really don’t know what’s going on in her pretty little head. But now can we get back to my problem? That’s why I asked you to come up here.”

Dianne was really starting to get me angry. She didn’t answer my question, and I didn’t like anyone knowing that the girl I thought I loved was probably going to fuck another guy. In fact, thinking about Jenn fucking somebody else completely clouded my thinking. It’s the only explanation I’ve been able to figure out for my having so little insight into what Dianne was really proposing.

“My ex was a real bastard, but he was an incredible stud in bed. Practically bahis firmaları overnight I went from near-virginity to perpetual sex. Now I sometimes get so turned on that masturbation doesn’t even take the edge off. Sometimes I just plain need a good, hard, long fuck,” she said in the same mater-of-fact tone people say, “I need to get gas for my car.” . I was still dense. “So, why are you telling me all this, Dianne?”

Dianne scowled at me. “My problem is finding a guy who will take care of my needs. I don’t want a romantic relationship with another man, but sometimes I just need to have real sex. I want to feel a man’s hard penis spitting his seed inside me. But it has to be without any permanent commitment. No romance. Just raw, hot, sex.”

Dianne smiled at the look on my face. “Haven’t you ever wangled a girl into your bed, then fucked her a couple of times before you dumped her? Just for the physical release? No emotional bond? Plain old recreational sex? Cures the blahs? Scratches the itch?”

I nodded. “Most of the time it’s been just a one-time thing. But sometimes I’ve gotten hurt, and sometimes the girl has. It’s not all that easy for me to fuck somebody I don’t care about. Not anymore. Not since I started to grow up, at least. And it’s hard for me not to care about somebody I’ve slept with.”

Dianne smiled again, and she handed me a sheet of paper. “Read this!”

I unfolded the paper and looked it over. It was a certification from the Student Health Center that Dianne was not infected with any sexually-transmitted diseases. It was dated about ten days earlier. I handed the paper back to Dianne. “Okay, so what’s this for, Dianne?”

“I haven’t had sex for more than a month, and I’m getting irritable. So sometime back I made an appointment to be checked, and here’s the result. I’m clean.”

After several seconds I asked, “So what do you have in mind, Dianne? Do you want me to locate another stud for you?”

Dianne looked amused. She placed her left hand on my right thigh. I felt the heat radiating from her fingers. “You really are dense, Don! I’ve already found the ideal man. His girlfriend’s gone for two weeks, probably fucking somebody else, and she’s told him to enjoy himself with other women.”

“ME? Dianne, this is NUTS!” I tried to stand up, but Dianne’s hand on my thigh held me firmly against her bed. “I want to fuck you while Jenn’s away. As long as you aren’t committed to her or to someone else. I just proved to you that I don’t have any dread diseases. I’d really like to find out what you did to get Jenn so eager to have sex!”

“This is crazy, Dianne! You’re Jenn’s roommate and best friend! I admit I’m really attracted to you, and your body turns me on, but how could I . . . “

“Let me repeat! I don’t want anything permanent. And unless you tell me differently, I’m not poaching on Jenn’s territory, am I? At least not until she gets back?”

“Dianne, it’s too much like cheating! Almost like incest! You’re close friends!”

“She told you to go ahead and have sex if you wanted to, didn’t she?”

“Y-y-yes, she did. But I don’t think she’d forgive either you or me if we did it.”

“So we’ll make sure she doesn’t ever find out! The dorm is only a quarter full for the next couple of weeks. Most people are gone, so we can be careful. Jenn won’t ever find out. We both could use some uncomplicated, physical sex. So why the fuck not?”

I was caught off-guard, but I asked what I thought was the right question. It seemed to be on my mind a lot lately. “What if you get pregnant?”

“Hell, that’s no problem!” she declared. “I’m on the pill, and if I get pregnant I’ll get an abortion. The last thing I need right now is a kid.” Dianne stared at me for a few seconds, then grinned. “You were afraid of getting Jenn pregnant? Is that the reason you didn’t actually fuck her – or so you claim?”

My head was spinning, and I was glad to change the subject, even if it was incredibly personal. “Yes, that’s part of it. I’m still surprised we didn’t do it. We did almost everything else.”

Dianne laughed. “I think I’m finally starting to think you and Jenn haven’t had sex yet. But you must have done some other really sexy things. How many orgasms did Jenn have? I mean, her face REALLY had that just-fucked glow!”

This time I smiled. “A lot. I didn’t really count them. I just tried to keep Jenn constantly aroused for the two days we were at . . . away.”

Dianne stared at me for a moment, then said. “I won’t ask what you were doing to her! I’d rather have you show me! But Jenn must have been begging for it after all that. How did you keep from doing it?”

“It wasn’t easy, and I don’t think I could do it again!”

Dianne appraised me carefully. “You know I’m clean. How about you?”

“I can’t believe we’re talking about this! Like it’s even possible!”

“But it IS possible. Well?” Dianne began moving her hand slowly up and down the top of my thigh. I was already erect, and her touch was causing me to seriously consider her offer.

“I’ve kaçak iddaa used condoms since my last medical. Well, I did some pretty intimate stuff with Jenn, but I doubt I caught anything from her!”

Dianne laughed. “Jenn’s practically a nun! As in N-O-N-E! Unless you got her knocked up, sex with her would be pretty safe!”

Rather than continue to protest that I hadn’t fucked Jenn, I just stared at Dianne. “You’re serious, aren’t you? You think the two of us could get away with it. And Jenn would never know.”

Looking back on this moment, I still cannot decide why I didn’t just walk away. I should have. Perhaps when something is prohibited it generates the appeal that spawns incest and that lures people to have affairs with their best friends’ spouses. Perhaps it was the anger and jealousy I felt because Jenn was planning to fuck somebody else. Perhaps it was the lust I felt for Dianne. Most likely it was all of these – and more. I can’t remember everything that raced through my brain as I sat motionless on the bed.

Dianne had been looking into my eyes, and she knew she had won. She laughed with a thick sound that was somewhere between demonic and joyous. She moved her hand from my thigh to the back of my neck, and with her right hand she started slowly rubbing my knob through my clothes. As she turned toward me I could feel her breasts as they rubbed against my arm. Her face was close to mine and she pulled my head toward hers. We kissed, and in the sexually-charged room it was immediately passionate.

Dianne continued stroking my penis through my shorts. I wasn’t used to being passive, and I turned so that I could fondle her breasts through her top. She made a triumphant sound somewhere between a laugh and a groan as she sucked on my tongue. “Make love to me, Don. We both need it.”

She stood up, pulled me to my feet, and pulled down the sheet and blanket. It was getting dark outside, but I could see the sheets were fresh and clean, obviously freshly washed. She tossed two small towels onto the bed.

I made my final, feeble attempt to resist. “You know I want to, Dianne. But even though Jenn gave me the green light, I don’t think that you and I should . . . “

“I’m not going to try to steal you from Jenn.” Diane said in a thick, throaty voice. “But we both need to fuck so I’m going to borrow you for a few days. Just until Jenn gets back. No longer than that. No emotional bonds. Just plain, raw, physical sex. Completely uninhibited fucking. Anything and everything. Pure lust.”

Dianne removed her shoes and placed them carefully against the wall. She unzipped her skirt, pulled it down, stepped out of it, and hung it over her desk lamp, shading the light and making the room darker. She was wearing red bikini panties and was not wearing hose. I could see a few stray, dark pubic hairs peeking out.

Dianne watched my reactions to every move she made. My emotional ties to Jenn were not strong enough to resist Dianne, and she knew it. Very deliberately she unbuttoned her blouse. She slowly removed it, and she hung it over her chair. She was wearing a low-cut, bright-red bra that barely contained her breasts and exposed portions of both areolae. She reached up and undid her chestnut-brown hair, allowing it to fall halfway down her back. Then she slowly turned around, allowing me to see all of her body.

Barely covered, her body was even sexier than it had been nude. Jenn had been absolutely clear that it was okay for me to get laid, and Dianne knew it. I didn’t have a chance. “That’s why you flashed me! You knew that Jenn was going to tell me to get laid while she was away, and you wanted me to be thinking about you!”

Dianne gave me a terrific smile. “And it worked, didn’t it? I could see your magic wand poking out as soon as you walked in. So, are you upset about it? Are you going to just leave me like this? Can you just walk out of the room?”

I slowly shook my head. “No, I really want to fuck you. I can’t possibly leave now, even if I have to practically rape you.”

“Let me undress you and then you can finish undressing me.” Dianne said in a soft, deep voice. She moved against me and I wrapped my arms around her, but she slid herself down me, stooped down, then removed my sandals one by one. She stood up and slowly pulled my shirt up and over my head. I stared at her erect nipples that were pressing against her bra so that they were clearly visible from above. She unfastened my belt, unzipped me with agonizing deliberation, then knelt down and slid my shorts and underpants slowly down my legs.

My erection sprang free and pointed up at an angle. As I stepped out of my shorts, Dianne stayed on her knees, and she reached up, took hold of my shaft, and gently began to kiss and suck on the crown. Then she slowly stood up, ran her tongue around her lips, and said, “I’ve had a quick taste and I like it! Now finish getting me undressed and fuck my brains out!”

Dianne’s bra fastened in the front, so I undid it and bent down. I used my tongue to push the cups kaçak bahis aside, and I sucked on each nipple as I exposed it. They were already firm, but my sucking caused them to turn darker and to stick straight out. They were the longest I had ever seen! As I rolled my lips and tongue around them, I could feel them getting harder and harder. Dianne began to grunt, deep in her chest. I reached up and cupped each breast in one of my hands, and they were a nice handful! C-Cup, perhaps larger! Dianne wiggled her shoulders and flexed her arms, and her bra fell off down her back.

I kissed her, and her tongue immediately pushed into my mouth. Her breasts crushed against my chest, and her nipples felt hot against me. Her grunting was getting louder and faster. I moved my hands down to her waist, then back to her breasts, then back down, then back up. Finally I was caressing her hips and ass cheeks through her panties. I slid my fingers down the front of her panties between us, and rubbed gently against her pubic hair. I felt dampness, and Dianne’s grunts became more like loud, throaty gasps.

I squatted on my heels and pushed her panties slowly down over her hips. I leaned in to smell them. They were soaked, and they fell heavily to the floor as soon as I pulled them halfway down her thighs. Dianne stepped out of them, grabbed me, and pulled us both back toward her bed. I pushed her onto her back. I gently pulled her hair out from under her back and spread it across her pillow. Dianne put her arms over her head and spread her legs wide apart. She was pure woman, presenting herself to a man in order to mate. Her breathing was fast and loud.

I had managed to control myself when Jenn had opened herself this way, but there was no possible way for me to resist Dianne. She was rocking her hips forward and back, drawing me ever closer to her glistening, slightly open vagina. She had done this before, and she knew precisely how to move her body.

I climbed onto the bed between Dianne’s legs, and, using the backs of my fingernails, I began to gently run my fingers down the insides of her legs. As I got closer and closer to her pussy, she began to grunt again. I rubbed her pussy lips with my thumbs, and wet as she was, she soon became even more slippery. I gently opened her outer lips and began rubbing a couple of fingers slowly up and down her slit. Her grunts changed to cries of “Oh! Oh!”

I moved my hands to Dianne’s breasts, and I smeared pussy juice on her nipples and rubbed them for several minutes until they dried. She made little mewing sounds like a kitten. Then I leaned down and kissed her mouth, with my prick bumping into her navel. She pushed my penis down to her crotch and told me to put it in. Instead I kissed her breasts, and worked my mouth down almost to her pussy, then back up again.

I moved a little way down the bed so that my prick wasn’t in contact with her, and then resumed kissing her from her mouth to the top of her pubic thatch. Dianne was starting to get really desperate and she was trying to pull me against her with her arms. Instead I kept kissing and licking her body. I was going to fuck her, but even though she had set it up, I didn’t want her to feel she was in complete control.

I kept this up as long as I thought we both could stand it. Then I moved lower and began to kiss and lick the insides of her thighs. Dianne raised her knees and spread herself even more open. I heard a wet pop from her vagina as she moved. She was now crying, “Ah! Ah! Ah!” over and over and her head was thrashing from side to side. She had begun to rub her breasts – hard.

All at once I buried my face in Dianne’s pussy, and I tongued and sucked where I knew her clitoris had to be. I pushed three fingers into her vagina and one into her ass. As I moved these fingers in and out, her clitoris popped out and I rubbed it hard with my tongue. She let out a shriek, wrapped her legs around my head, and pressed her knees against the sides of my head. I moved my tongue and fingers faster and faster and she began to yell, then moan several times, then yell again. I slowed the pace and she grabbed a couple of quick breaths. I picked up the pace again and she went, “Oh God! Oh God! YAAAAAAAH!”

Suddenly Dianne’s legs released my head, and she began to pound both her arms against the bed. Her head was back, her mouth was open, and she was gasping for breath. I moved up her body, slid my prick into position, and rammed myself into her. She yelled again. I began to fuck her as fast as I could, and I could feel her opening up even more, until finally I could barely feel myself hitting bottom no matter how hard I thrust. Her breathing was now just a series of short “Huh!” sounds, and I could feel rhythmic tremors of orgasm rippling through her. I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer, so I pushed myself as hard as I could into her, and began to twist left and right against her clitoris.

Dianne dug her fingers into my back, let out a long yell, and I ejaculated into her several times. I could feel her vagina clamping and releasing my penis, so I wiggled against her, and her vaginal squeezing began again, followed by another scream. We were covered in sweat, my arms were starting to tremble, and I couldn’t hold myself up any longer.

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