A Bathroom Interlude

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The toilet cubicle door slammed shut, a lock snapped across, and he breathed a sigh of relief; alone, at least as alone as anyone could be at work in the Gents bathroom. One hand reached inside his trousers, loosened by the unfastened button and zip, boxers no impediment as fingers wrapped around the length already hard, primed by what he’d read a few minutes earlier. A light tapping noise and he tensed, listening closely, again, then a female voice whispering “Let me in before someone sees me.”

A quick flick of the latch and it was open and closed in no time allowing the woman to enter. Shorter than he, much rounder, making the space within the cubicle far too confined for any real exertions. She wasted no time, flipping the lid down and sitting while he stood. Eyes lifted, watching his expression, her mouth open wide, tongue curling, just visible past the glistening lips left that way from a swipe of her wet tongue. “fuck… my… throat…” she grinned, then re-opened her mouth ready for him.

Inhaling deeply, preparing for what was to come, she watched, the tip of his cock already slick with pre-cum. “Don’t make me wait.” her voice, soft, husky, kept canlı bahis low to avoid being overheard outside the cubicle. He moved forward, feeding the length into her open hole. An inhuman groan of satisfaction leaving him as he felt that warm wet cavern for the first time.

She braced hands either side of herself, the walls of the stall keeping her upright. The only sounds made were of breathing, nostrils flaring, tongue flattened, eyes raised so she could watch every single twitch in his expressions. The further back he pushed, the more she gagged, tears forming that slid down over her face. Did she care? No, it was all part of the allure, and with that thought she lunged forward, deliberately choking on the length for a moment before pulling back.

Again and again, she’d repeat the same motion, sucking, licking, moaning softly to keep the sounds low, aware of what was likely to be overheard. Aroused beyond words, the threat of being discovered adding to this she reached between her thighs, hiked up the long skirt to reveal creamy thighs only to plunge three fingers into her slick hole.

Pulling back enough that she could talk, a string of saliva bahis siteleri dangled from her chin before tenuously stretching then breaking “you have a choice of three holes, which is it to be? you pick, you fuck, you cum… which is it?”

The length of him, slick, so hard, bobbed up and down as he stood there, the fog of arousal making it difficult to think clearly, to truly understand what she was offering. As if to spur him on she stood, brushing up against his body, trapping his erection between them “Fuck me, bend me over, and fuck me ’til I can’t see straight.” She turned, hiked her skirt higher to reveal her rounded ass and the dark cleft then reached back to prise apart the cheeks “choose.”

He ran both hands over her wide hips, revelling in their glorious paleness, then slapped down, leaving matching handprints that would slowly fade if not embellished. She moaned, swaying her body side to side, not to thwart this impromptu spanking but to entice and encourage “more..” the moaned plea left her lips unbidden as he rained down slap after slap leaving the formerly pale flesh now mottled, scarlet in places. “Now… please… fuck me… don’t make bahis şirketleri me wait?”

One hand wrapped around his still slick cock lining it up with her sex, the saturated cleft glistened with her cream, and without warning he thrust forward, plunging into the dark hole that enveloped him to the hilt. Tight, wet, welcoming, squeezing around the girth that stretched her. “Oh god, yes… yes.” He exclaimed and she echoed the sentiment with cries of her own.

No longer caring who might hear, she gripped the back of the toilet and held on tightly as he began to pound into her. The slap, slap, slapping of flesh on flesh louder than anything else. Thrust after thrust until he felt that familiar tingle, the build-up right at the root, balls tightened then a guttural moan of pleasure as he came, hot jets of cum spurted, coating her inner walls then the crack of her generous ass when he pulled out, cock still pulsing, fingers wrapped around the wet length to ease out the last drops that would be smeared over one buttock then the other.

Out of breath, panting like a bitch in heat she grinned, face hidden from his view for the moment, then, without a word, she straightened, allowing the long skirt to fall over the evidence of their rutting and slipped out of the cubicle to depart, leaving him, cock in hand, wondering if what had just happened was real, or just an erotic fantasy.

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