A Beautiful Beast for Christmas

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***I’ve had elements of lesbian romance in my works here & there before (see http://www..com/s/a-wild-thing-in-the-darkness-ch-01 on my page), but I’ve never done a piece just in that genre until now and listed it as such.

This is a part of another tale of mine, “Chameleon in Chrome” which is running in the Non-Human category. I wrote it ages ago, but I’ve been posting it lately to cover a gap in my regular writing. I just polish it a touch and go.

But as I was doing that for the next chapter, I sat back and looked it over. I’ve always had a thing for reading a touch of lesbian love which is set at Christmas.

Ok, I’m blushing a little here, I just enjoy those ones a lot, ok? They uh, … they just get to me somehow.

In this, I suddenly realized that I’d written that sort of story without even meaning to, so I wiped the dust off my screen and brought it to term.

Since it’s the December 23nd this evening, I know this will be way late for Christmas. I just hope that it’s enjoyed.

It takes place about 300 years in the future on a low-rent trading post and spaceport called Nanworth Colony someplace way out there. Inside, it’s warm and as crooked as hell on about every administrative level.

Outside, it pure holy howling frigid Hell where the blizzards seldom stop and the cold just sucks the life from you – so hardly anyone ever goes there, unless they’re being paid really, really well for it.

The first part doesn’t fit the genre at all – but it sets the stage for the rest in a big way, so if you’re a purist, just try to get through the first page or so.

Meet Debbie La Croix – an unhappy woman with a past. 🙂

Oh, and Merry Christmas.




The Anubian sat on a small bench with his arms restrained straight out on either side of him. The tranquilizer that he’d been hit with was finally wearing off, though slowly, since they’d kept the dose topped up and he found himself trying to work his consciousness through the fog of it.

He’d been drugged, though he’d never fully lost consciousness. He wanted to snort in derision.

Humans and their stupidity.

It even went as far as what they thought that they knew about his kind.

He did hear the door to the cell being unlocked very quietly, though, and he waited with his eyes closed; his head not hanging down quite so much anymore.

He felt the bonds around his wrists which held him there, but he also felt that his bracers hadn’t been removed. He guessed that they’d either been overlooked somehow or that more likely, his captors hadn’t thought them to be important.

He activated the cameras in the left one with a curling motion of one finger. The tendon in his forearm stood out and he heard the barely-audible click. He had a feeling that he’d want a record of this.

The female pound guard crept into the cell, barely moving — barely daring to draw a breath as she came. She knew that what she’d been trying to fight off in her mind was unconscionable and very likely highly illegal as well, given her position.

She didn’t want to harm him in any way, though the thought in her mind of what she wanted to do would still constitute abuse in the strict legal sense once she was living her little fantasy.

But she couldn’t help herself anymore. He’d been here under sedation for the maximum allowable time. She felt drawn here, and it was going to have to be now or never.

She hadn’t been pulled here by any conscious thought of desire from ‘him’. This was all something inside of her and she’d finally lost her ability to fight off her desires any longer.

It happened to her fairly often. It was one of the reasons that she was working here, after all.

She looked at him, sitting there with his eyes closed. Her own eyes ran over his lean and muscled body. Side to side and top to bottom, he was the single most wickedly attractive male that she’d ever seen and, …

God, she thought; he must stand well over six feet tall.

Well, when he was on two feet anyway.

As she crept closer, she barely felt her tongue as it slipped out of her mouth to lick her own lips, though she noticed after a moment and gently bit her lower lip as she edged nearer. It was as hard as anything to do, but she brought her face as close to his muscled body as she could and inhaled his scent a little slowly.

What she smelled was a little foreign to her, but that didn’t matter.

His scent screamed ‘MALE’ to her. Pure, heavy-balled musk hit her brain and it told her a lot about him if you were a female with eyes to see his power and beauty as well.

He was the kind who could bang you until you threw your head back into the pillow so hard that you could hear your own vertebrae grind, as well as the way that your jaw threatened to snap its ligaments as you screamed for him.

And if by some magic miracle, you managed to retain enough control to lunge up and bite one of those nipples in your joy, well, he’d just roar at you and fuck you even harder.

He tunceli escort was the kind who’d laugh softly as he watched you get up on aching and trembling hips to stumble uncertainly to the can for a piss – if he didn’t change his mind and fuck you all over again right then on the floor. It would come to you then that it wasn’t out of cruelty or anything stupid – he actually cared and it would amaze him that you’d have put it off for that long when you didn’t need to at all.

He was just amazed that you did.

Hell, he’d CARRY you there if he thought that you couldn’t make it.

To one very lonely female guard who worked alone far too often at the animal impound, that was love if it stayed with you.

She knew the kind. She’d had one once upon a time; an incredible male who could make her grab her pillow and hold on in a white-knuckled grip so that at least she had something to lay her head on while he held her up on failing knees and caressed her everywhere that he could reach so softly and well while he STILL fucked her brains out and chuckled over the staccato slapping of his hips on her ass.

But she’d lost him one night as he’d worked overtime on the outside and an avalanche took him from her forever.

She’d never been the same since, though she tried never to let it get to her too much.

When it did, there was always the ones that the cops brought here, wasn’t there? Most of those ones couldn’t hold a candle to her Robby’s memory – though this one might, she guessed.

It was just too bad that he was likely an animal. Why if he could even speak to her a little, she’d do anything in her power to free him…

Just as long as he fucked her like Robby used to and he stayed around and never went to the outside.

But she guessed that he wasn’t like that; he was just a fuck in an animal impound to her, just passing through on the way to wherever they threw these things after the quick hearing. She lowered her nose and inhaled again.

She wanted to groan, but she didn’t; being so careful to not even exhale against him in order to draw another breath of him into her nostrils. Her knees felt a little weak for it all the same and she sank onto them onto the floor there between his legs and looked up at his face.

He was something, she thought. With those pointed ears standing straight up the way that they were, and, his coal black fur …

And she could just make out the tip of one tooth at each corner of his long, narrow mouth as they extended barely past his sweet-looking lips.

To her at the moment; he was sooo sexually attractive to her. She actually felt a little lost. She was already wet.

She’d always had thoughts of fucking with one of these dog-men things.

She wanted to touch the very short fur which covered those long muscles. She almost ached to do it, too.

She stopped as she consciously forced herself to remember that she had turned off the surveillance cam in this cell. Just to make certain, she looked up and she saw that the tiny LED was out.

It was a moment of pure coincidence, but as she turned her head back to look at him again, she didn’t see it as the tiny LED winked back on.

She sighed inaudibly. She’d done this before to other males — just not one like him and she wondered if she might ever get the chance to even meet one of these ones for herself one day, though she supposed not. She saw them only very rarely, most often in the company of their females, and there was no ignoring the looks of disdain with which they regarded humans. She shook the thought out of her mind.

Even the females looked so good to her, and from the very little that she’d heard at all of their kind, they were all known – once you got their fuses lit properly – to be such incredible sex beasts.

She guessed that the best that she could manage here was to fuck him while he was still out of it and satisfy herself with that.

She knew what she’d do after that, of course; though waiting for her shift to end would feel like forever passing. She’d run out and scour the vidshops in the commerce sector, looking almost frantically until she found her favorite seller in the corners, knowing that he probably wouldn’t let her down.

But she was confident that at some point later today, she’d go home and shove the wolfish-looking dildo that she planned to buy into her as she watched the illegal porno that she’d hopefully find. The worm in the little shops was good to her, knowing that she was a little bent and he always kept odd things in stock just for her — since she kept coming back.

What she didn’t know in her ignorance of his kind was that no such video existed. No Anubian would have ever consented to be a part of such a thing, even if he or she was starving and needed the money.

There was nothing illegal about inter-species relationships out this far, but pornography of it was illegal to make, sell, purchase, or own. Humans were still humans, and their lawmakers knew that if they didn’t at least try to keep tunceli escort bayan some sort of lid on things, sooner or later, somebody somewhere would start screwing potted plants or other things which couldn’t say no.

She’d done this before to male prisoners of various species that the cops brought here sometimes if they didn’t know what to do with them, though she’d never had a shot at one like this one ever.

She was actually beginning to hope that they’d forgotten about this one. With a little luck, this might work out and she could maybe make it a regular thing to help her get through her long shifts.

You had to time things right, that was all, she told herself. At the right time, they’d still be under, pretty much and she’d suck to get them hard. It usually didn’t take long at all, thanks to the particular sedative that was used here.

Once that had happened and she could see what they had, she’d climb up and ease herself down on them for a hopefully fine fuck until she was happy. The contraceptive foam in her pussy would deal with the spermatozoa and with a quick wipe of a towelette, no one would be the wiser. Best of all, they’d never really be sure of what had happened.

She opened her mouth and her tongue slipped out to lick the end of his sheath. Now that it had begun, she felt a little emboldened and she began to try to get her tongue into the end of it.

She felt the tip and the heat which was beginning there and in only moments, she felt it as the end of it grew to emerge for her. With a sigh that she couldn’t contain, she began to fellate him.

She gave in to her want and her hand reached out to caress and hold his scrotum. The balls in there felt so large and heavy to her and when she felt that he’d reached what had to be his full size, she started licking it up and down over it’s long and darkly pink length.

A good thing that she was already on her knees, she thought, the taste and the heat of it would probably have driven her there anyway.

She reminded herself that time was against her, so she quickly stood up and pulled off her trousers to prepare herself for the final sweet part. With her hands on him in such private places, she doubted that he’d notice her weight as she sat on that fine long prick of his.

But she landed on the floor, jumping off just in time as he’d opened his eyes and snarled. The way that his teeth had snapped shut almost over her nose had been a hell of a fright and a very near thing.

She heard the hallway door open behind her and she jumped up to get her pants on as quickly as she could.

It didn’t help that the prisoner was almost barking the place down in his rage at her.

“What were you doing?” the shift super asked as she came to the open door with three others, one of them a human male.

“N-nothing,” the pound worker said.

“Oh fuck off,” the older woman groaned, rolling her eyes, “Nothing, huh?

Think you can come up with a good lie here for the public about how your belt is hanging undone and your shirt is outside of your pants?”

She pointed to the camera on the wall above them, “Try hard, Debbie. I need to hear a really good fairy-tale after what I was looking at in the monitor back there a few seconds ago.

I just happened to look at the panel on my way by and I found just one cam switch in the off position. I turned it on just for the hell of it and guess what I was looking at.”

Debbie stuttered and mumbled for a moment, and the super told her to unlock the restraints.

She looked up, her mouth falling open, “But, … but, .. he, …”

“Just unlock him,” her superior said, “As usual, the Security types can’t tell something intelligent from a rock and they brought him here by mistake — since their own IQ is a lot closer to the rock.”

She turned to the others, “It happens here now and then. If I hadn’t been out on my lunch at the time that your friend was brought in, I’d have set them straight.”

The supervisor turned to the quiet, though still angry individual on the bench, “I’m very sorry about all of this, Sir.”

His ankles were free as Debbie worked with trembling fingers. He didn’t move a hair, though he glared at her, waiting. When both of his wrists had been freed, he moved faster than anyone would have believed possible, grabbing Debbie by the throat, lifting her clean off the floor to growl in accented, yet startlingly clear English.

“Do not ever dare to try to stand in my sight again.”

He threw her against the single barred wall next to the door as though it was nothing. Her head slammed against the bars and she fell into a heap on the floor.

The large male might have been an Anubian, but his relieved little wife was a different species entirely and she was against him the next instant, holding on for all that she was worth.

It softened things for him in a heartbeat as he looked down at her for a moment as he held her, and then he looked up.

“I have video of the whole incident,” he said coldly, escort tunceli “and now I will go to swear out a complaint against this one, you, and this whole place,” he said quietly, “There is an Anubian embassy here — as you call us — and I will seek what aid that I can there.”

With that, they left the impound.


Back in the depths of the facility, Debbie had regained consciousness and she began to sputter about calling the cops herself to have the creature charged with assault as she tried to hold her head.

“Just shut up and have one of these headache pills, sweetie,” the supervisor said quietly as she sat on the floor with her arm around Debbie, “With a little luck, nothing will come of it since the cops here are such fools. The only problem will be the record of you trying to fuck yourself on him.”

“I don’t know what I was thinking,” Debbie sobbed, “I’ll lose my job if anybody ever sees that.”

The other woman nodded, “Listen, you’re not the first one who’s done that. I’ve been doing it forever. I just don’t get as many chances for it these days, that’s all.

Hey,” she paused, thinking things over, “have you ever, … you know, … uh, with another girl? Maybe we could get together later after I wipe that video. I’ve got the key, you know.”


Weeks later, Debbie made her way slowly through the edges of the commerce sector to a type of establishment which still existed in many settlements and on many worlds. Anywhere that man (and more importantly, woman) traveled and somehow set up in commerce, it wasn’t long before there were coffee shops or cafes.

Debbie had a few reasons to be at least a little cautious. The day that she’d tried to have her way with the Anubian prisoner at the impound, her supervisor had suggested a way out in a sense. It took Debbie only a few minutes to discover that whatever had been recorded by the surveillance camera in the Anubian’s holding cell was not likely ever going to be erased by her supervisor, no matter what she might have agreed to.

It was worth far more if it could be used as leverage for extortion.

She’d started to agree in principle, but she tried to specify that what had been recorded be erased first.

“Well I can’t do that honey,” the woman had smiled, “I might be ordered to provide it, but if I don’t hear anything by this time tomorrow, then, …”

Debbie had guessed how things might go and she’d left then. She’d already heard about the way that these things went through others, and she also knew that no matter what she did, …

And so, after hours of her crying over things in her regretful guilt, Debbie had come to a series of decisions.

Robby hadn’t exactly left her independently wealthy, so she had to work at something in the long term, but he had done his best to see that she’d be as well looked-after as he could manage things.

She gave her notice the next day and when the woman made a few threats in a roundabout way unless she cooperated, Debbie quit on the spot and walked away.

She went down to the Nanworth equivalent of the trailer park of long ago and she checked out her old vacation home, as it were, to see if it was still liveable.

This was the old and slow travel hauler that they’d bought together and fixed up a little and then used on a few vacation trips here and there throughout the same system. Debbie wiped her tears and thanked Robby’s memory once again. She could live here and sell off their other assets — namely the condo where they’d lived.

With a little luck, that might get her enough to buy a new fuel cell and then she could leave, though it might take her half a year to get it all done. She had a notion to move to a larger rock where they’d liked to go fishing. Maybe she could set up a business there, who knew? She just knew that she didn’t want to go on living on Nanworth, for damn sure.

As she liquidated everything and scraped her money together, she found that she had in the neighborhood of enough for a fuel cell, but not enough to really give her much of a grubstake to get started with if she subtracted what she’d need to live on until then.

So there was her problem.

She thought about it for a few days and decided that she could take in a roommate to help out with the costs and if she was as careful saving as she’d been up to this point, well then it might work.

It took her a month or so to get up her nerve and then she put out an ad on a local buy & sell site that she knew was well-situated in the Arrivals terminal at the port on the large monitors there.

She spent a week or so just tossing responses for one reason or another and then she’d read a reply which grabbed her somehow, sent as it had been by a new arrival who needed a place to stay while looking for someone in her family.

The text discussions had gone fairly well to that point, so Debbie suggested a meeting in a safe place — which was why she was working her way to the coffee shop right then.

She went in and bought a small cup of coffee and then sat down outside in the mall to wait, watching the people who came and went. The ones inside were either definitely not the one that she was looking for or they were right out as far as she was concerned, though a glance at the time told her that she was still a bit early.

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