A BEAUTIFUL President’s Day FUCK in black nyl

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A BEAUTIFUL President’s Day FUCK in black nylHere, I was, sitting in my apartment, AGAIN prowling XHamster (and playing with my cock) when I got a call from the beautiful, sexy Ronnie who I had spent last Valentine’s Day fucking and sucking. Turns out, she was having another bash for Presidents Day at her house. She informed me that a bra, panties and black nylons was a dress requirement. She also informed me that since I was bald, it would be cool if I wore a wig. She knew I owned none of these and purred that she would dress me when I got to her house.I arrived early enough with few gurls there already. Ronnie Greeted me, wearing black shorts a black halter top, stockings and spike heels. She also carried a small whip with a little hand at the tip. She whisked me upstairs to her bedroom and demanded I strip, giving me a few light pats with the whippy thingy. She informed me that for today, I was to address her as “Mistress Ronnie,” and I was to obey her every command! SO! It was off with the shorts, tee shirt and undies. I stood before Ronnie, naked. She then tapped on the bedpost with the whip and pointed to the complete outfit I was to wear.I first put on the black panties and DAMN, they were exciting. My cock and balls felt tingly. Sensational. Ronnie liked it too and gave my cock a couple more taps with the whippy thingy. Next came the halter top. It Felt exciting to my nipples and then a long, blonde wig. Ronnie stood back and admired her handiwork. She was pleased and FINALLY the thigh high black stockings. I looked in the mirror and it was an INSTANT HARD ON! Ronnie let out some gleeful noises, spanked my ass and cock with the whippy thingy, rubbed my cock with her hand and whispered in my ear, “You are gonna get fucked a lot today, dear.” We hit the bong and I was 420 ready. Downstairs more people had arrived and were already enjoying each other. I followed Ronnie to the kitchen for some wine and it was back illegal bahis to the main room. I immediately locked eyes with this blonde gurl as I knew as Sammy, from the cabaret. There was a nice bulge in her panties. She was a little chunky but with a very nice shape and a very kissable mouth. I sat down beside her, introduced myself and she began feeling my nipples under the halter top. I pulled her face to mine and we exchanged some long, deep kissing. Her inner thighs were hot to my touch. I caressed her thigh gently. Her legs spread and I eased my way to her swollen balls, caressing them with my fingers and as I stroked her rock hard cock under her panties, I felt her precum flowing from her cock head. I began tugging at her panties. She lifted her ass and I got the panties below her knees, exposing her beautiful shaved cock and balls. She let out a whimper as I spread her legs apart and as I knelt before her I saw her beautifully formed, perfectly manicured feet. I lifted one leg and tongued the bottom of one foot, massaged her sole and took her toes in my mouth. She brought up her other leg and began to massage my cheek with her foot. I raised her legs to her shoulders with my hands under her knees and began to tongue her balls and cock. She began pushing my head lower, raising her legs behind her shoulders. She reached with both hands and spread the cheeks of her ass, exposing her pink, puckered anus.I had to back off and take a couple breaths. The view was astonishing. Looking at this beautiful pink rectum, the swollen balls, the legs and her beautiful, hard, thick cock. Her legs pulled my head back in to her where I began to tongue her hole as she moaned in pleasure. I could not take any more. I pulled down my panties, raised her legs in the air and placed my cock head hard against her rectum. I pressed. I entered her slowly, feeling her muscles tighten around my cock. I pressed, feeling her heat, all illegal bahis siteleri the way against her hole. Sammy began to rock back and forth and I began to bang hard against her cheeks while I held her legs in the air. Sammy began to gasp, then she cried out in ecstasy. I looked down and she was shooting a huge load of cum all over her tummy. I fell on top of her and grabbed her head in my hands, deep kissing her. I began to release my load in her ass and she cried out in pleasure as I kept cumming and cumming and cumming…. When it was over and I had spent my load, I did not want to pull out of her. I was loving kissing her mouth, feeling her warm cum between our bellies and the muscles in her ass squeezing and releasing my cock. Reluctantly Sammy went to clean up as did I. Shortly thereafter I was back downstairs, walking around some group sex. People were paired off in various numbers from two to six, groaning in pleasure and crying out as they experienced new sensations, feelings and orgasms I got to the kitchen and there was Ronnie with a couple guys. One was kneeling before her, sucking her toes while she spanked his body with her fierce whip. The other guy, leaning against the counter was tallish, very thin, wearing a long black wig and a pair of black nylons held by clasps on a black belt. He had a very long skinny dick that I wanted in my mouth and down my throat.. Ronnie saw me, ordered me to come over to her and spanked my cock with her whippy thingy. She rose to her feet and ordered me, and the other two guys in to what was now the fuck room. Ronnie gave me a long kiss before laying on the floor as we followed, I noticed Ronnie had lost the nylons and was naked from the waist down. She sat on the floor next to another foursome, spanked my thighs lightly and ordered me to kneel before her. As an afterthought, she spanked the ass of one of the fuckees next to us and ordered him to fuck harder. canlı bahis siteleri She also ordered the guy who had been sucking her toes to resume the sucking. She spanked my ass., lay on her back, pointed the whip at her cock and balls and smiled. I had run my tongue up her thigh, to her beautiful, already puffy nut sack, along her beautiful cock with the mushroom head. As I took that head between my lips, I heard her say who followed us from the kitchen, “Go ahead, what are you waiting for? Fuck him in the ass.”Seconds went by. I felt the cheeks of my ass being spread and then I felt a tongue tickling my hole. I pressed Ronnie’s cock further. Her hands pushed my head. My ass hole tingled with the licking, followed by a finger and I managed to once again get Ronnie’s mushroom head past my tonsils and in to my throat. The finger massaged my prostate. Ronnie had both of her hands against my throat feeling it bulge and contract as her cock moved in and out. She began to groan in pleasure…….Now, I felt this cock sliding up and down between the cheeks of my ass, his hanging balls rubbing my hole.. I felt his dick head pressing me as he held my hips, pressing his cock in to me, first the head went past my prostate and I took Ronnie all the way in to my throat. The cock filled my ass, sliding slowly back and forth, in and out. I was trying to keep the rhythm of what was happening in my ass to how I moved Ronni’s cock in and out of my throat, coming up only for an occasional breath. I had my legs spread as far as they would go and suddenly Ronni cried out as she released her load in my throat and then in my mouth. I fondled her nut sack, trying to get every drop of her cum. I felt my ass being filled with hot cum, my cheeks slapped hard and rythmatically. It seemed the three of us were spent but Ronnie and her whip recovered quickly. She began smacking the head of the guy still sucking her toes. “His ass,” she cried. “Lick the cum out of his ass, obedient slave.”As it turned out – what an end to the fuck session. I SAT on this guys face, feeling the tongue cleaning my holes as the cum drained out of me. Ronnie handed me a cigarette. I was a beautiful day………

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