A Bellhop’s Duties Ch. 01


Summary: Sometimes my job has definite perks.

Note: 1) Please remember that unprotected sex can be very dangerous. Only engage in it without protection if you know and trust your lover or if you like things like Russian Roulette. Remember this is a work of fantasy, not reality.

2) This story involves graphic sex between 2 men. If this kind of thing offends you, you’re in the wrong place to begin with.

* * * * *

Many of you are aware of bellhops as those characters in movies that respond when a bell is rung at the front desk of a major hotel. And that’s not too far off from the truth. But, beyond taking luggage up to a room or out to a cab, we have many other duties to perform. Some might even surprise you.

I work for a large downtown hotel. I’ve been a bellhop for several years since I was downsized out of my previous job. But, while the pay isn’t that great, the tips can be quite sizable. And the stress is far lower. For a young single guy, it’s just about the perfect job.

Even the uniform is kind of cool looking. Ours are dark blue tunics with white slacks. Gold buttons and white gloves. No hats too. (Those little pillboxes always irritated me in movies.) And my slightly long blonde hair contrasts with the uniform nicely.

Also, I’ve been told I fill out the uniform quite well too.

My hours are good. I work from 10 AM to 7 PM most of the time with two days off during the week. My meals are from the kitchen that serves the main dining room so I eat well but I get a lot of exercise both during and before work. (I get to use the hotel’s gym and sauna before it opens to the public.) And I can get discounts on travel from the agency in our lobby.

So, all in all, I may take home a bit less than I used to, I also get to eat better than before and I don’t have to pay fees to any gym.

And I owe it all to my old college roommate, Bob. He studied hotel management in school and is now the head concierge at the hotel. He knew I was having trouble landing a new job and suggested I try this for a while. That was over three years ago.

And I thank him just about every day.

One day, while I was in the process of thanking Bob for helping me out, he pulled my face off his cock to give me a tip. (Did I mention that he and I were lovers while we were roomies?) Seems the rich scion of one of America’s more prominent families was coming to stay and Bob thought I could help out.

“You’re the best worker I have. And you’re totally dedicated to any task at hand. Or mouth,” Bob said with a wink.

I smiled back, “Sounds great. Let me know where and when.” Then I took his hardness in my mouth again.

Bob isn’t too big, about average, but he has tremendous staying power. And, since I love a cock in my mouth more than just about anything else, that’s perfect for me.

Nibbling lightly on the spongy head, I sucked in just the mushroom cap. I stuck my tongue into the slit and tasted his salty precum. Then I licked down the smooth shaft until my nose was tickled by his pubic hair.

Tracing back up the other side, I ran my tongue along the underside of the head until I reached the slit again. Teasing that for a few more seconds, I decided to expand my coverage. I pulled his pants further down and went after his balls.

Bob has nicely furry nuts. They tickle my tongue when I lick them and fell like velvet in my mouth. I can easily get both of his balls in my mouth to suck and lick them.

This time, I took turns with each one. I licked his scrotum thoroughly then sucked in the left nut to tease the tight skin over it. Then I moved over and sucked in the right testicle. Naturally, after that, I took both in my mouth.

After taking off my gloves, I used the fingers of my left hand to play with Bob’s ass. I ran the tip of my finger around the tight hole then, taking a brief break from sucking his balls, I wet two of my fingers and slid one into him.

Bob’s groan told me he was close. I’d been playing with him for nearly a half hour, after all.

I moved my mouth back up and took him into me, sucking hard. As I tongued the shaft in my mouth and rubbed the head against the back of my throat, I shoved the second finger into him and touched his prostate.

His body arcing off the chair, Bob came and came. It seemed like gallons of his milky-white cum flowed down my throat. But being so used to his orgasms, I happily swallowed his load.

Finally, he collapsed back into his desk chair, sighed and pulled my up to sit on his lap. I could feel his still-hard cock pressing against my thigh through my uniform pants as he turned my face to kiss me.

Bob loved to taste himself but only on or in someone else. He always reamed me after fucking me and we always kiss after blowjobs. This was one of his special, tongue swabs of my entire mouth.

After he got all the traces of his cum he could find, we just sat there slowly kissing and relaxing.

Finally, I had to get up. As I stood, I saw a smear of cum on my pants leg. Bob saw illegal bahis it too and swooped down on it, licking and sucking the material. When he finished, there was a larger wet spot on my thigh. It’s a good thing I can get my uniforms dry-cleaned through the hotel.

Bob stood to fix his pants and said, “He’ll be here day after tomorrow. I’ll be sure to have you around then.”

Giving my ex-lover another quick kiss, I said, “Thank you.”

“My pleasure,” Bob said.

Then I left his private office to head for the small locker room. Fortunately no one saw me with a large stain on my pants leg.

I was looking forward to our upcoming guest. I had heard that he was quite generous when it came to gratuities.

And I have to admit that it would be something to brag about to friends later.


As it turned out, I had a longer wait than two days. Our guest decided it was time to visit old friends in Aspen or one of those western ski havens.

However, it was not a total loss, his personal assistant, Steve Cooper, came ahead to look things over. Bob acted as his host and told our guest if he needed anything to ask for Bob or myself and we would see to it.

Steve Cooper was a young man, about our age, so in his late 20s. He seemed, under the tailored suit, to have a pretty nice body. He had a pleasant smile, dark brown eyes and short, light brown hair. He seemed like a pretty likable guy.

A few hours after his arrival, Bob called me to the front desk. “Mike, I need you to go to Mr. Cooper’s room and make sure everything is okay. Just a pleasant little check. I’d go but I have to meet with the catering staff. If there’s any problem, page me.”

“Okay Bob.”

“If he needs anything, anything at all, I want you to take care of it. Okay?”

I headed up to the suite Mr Cooper was staying in. It had a front room with a view of the park, a bedroom to the left and a large bathroom to the right. There was a small wetbar and all the amenities you’d expect in such a hotel, including an entertainment center with a VCR, a DVD player and a large screen television.

And, by the way, it was a dump compared to the suite of rooms his boss would be occupying on his visit. If only I could live in such a ‘dump’.

I knocked lightly on the door and heard a muffled, “Just a minute…”

After over a minute, the door opened and I saw our guest in one of the hotel’s terrycloth robes. He looked like he’d taken a shower recently. And he smelled clean but I detected a trace of…

“Yes?” His question directed me back to the reason for my visit.

“I hope I’m not disturbing you. But Bob, Uh, Mr. Reynolds, asked me to see if everything is satisfactory. Can I get you anything? Or do anything for you?” I knew what I’d like to do for, and to him.

“Well, it’s kind of embarrassing, but could you take a look at the bedroom phone? Maybe I’m doing something wrong…”

I smiled and nodded. He showed me into the bedroom and I checked out the connections. I don’t know what the problem was but, when I lifted the receiver, the phone was dead.

“I’ll get housekeeping right on it,” I promised.

“No rush. The living room one should work.”

“Okay, but I will get it looked at. Can’t have telephone problems in the city’s premier hotel.” We walked out into the main room and I noticed the entertainment center was open and in use. From the blank TV screen, I could see that the VCR, or the DVD, was engaged but off.

I went ahead and lifted the receiver of the main room’s phone and it was dead too. ‘Seems like the line to the suite might be down,’ I thought. I didn’t voice this as it might be bad for the hotel’s image, especially to such an influential guest. Instead I blamed the phone company and said I’d get right on it. Then I turned to the door.

“If there’s anything else you need Mr. Cooper, please feel free to ask for me. My name’s Mike. Mike Bowman.”

“Please, call me Steve,” he said as he stuck out his hand. I grasped it, feeling a firm grip but gentle too. “You know, there is one thing. I’d like to order some room service but..” He gestured towards the useless phone.

“My pleasure. What would you like? I’ll bring it right up.”

He gave me a quick order for a club sandwich. I nodded and left with a quick “Be right back!”


As it turned out, my blaming the phone company was a lucky guess. The lines in Midtown were down due to some problem at a switching center.

I went directly to the kitchen and gave Gretchen, the day chef, our guest’s order and told her to let me know when it was ready. She understood the desire to give the white-glove treatment to certain guests.

Finally, nearly twenty minutes later, she brought a tray out to me in the lobby. Thanking her, I headed up in the elevator.

As I neared his door, I heard voices and saw the door was slightly ajar. I realized I hadn’t heard it click shut behind me when illegal bahis siteleri I left. I hoped he wouldn’t be too upset.

I listened to the voices, not wanting to interrupt anything important but trying not to eavesdrop at the same time. One thing I couldn’t ignore was the statement, “I want to suck your cock now!”

I was about to leave the tray outside the door, close it quietly and knock then leave. As I reached for the doorknob, I glanced into the suite. What I saw was not at all what I expected.

Steve was on the couch, and while I couldn’t be sure, I thought his robe was lying open. But, instead of seeing part of someone’s head, I saw his arm moving. Then I glanced up and saw the TV was on.

And boy, was it on! There on the oversized screen was a scene of a young blonde guy going to town on a large, throbbing cock!

Steve was watching porn. And not just any porn but gay porn!

Something inside of me urged me into the room. Quietly closing the door, I came up behind him and saw the robe was open and he was pumping his own dick slowly as he watched the boy sucking the man’s dick on the television.

There is often a sixth sense in a good bellhop that knows when and what a guest needs. This was one of those times. I placed my hands on Steve’s shoulders as I said, “Can I be of service?”

He jumped then scrambled out from under my hands. Pulling the robe around him quickly, he stood in front of the TV red-faced and trembling.

“I… It’s not… Please don’t say…”

I looked at Steve and smiled. “I meant what I said earlier about anything you need. And I do mean anything.”

I glanced down at his crotch. He was unsuccessful in covering his hardness when he whipped the robe on. And the man on the TV was really moaning as sucking sounds could also be heard.

Before he could say or do anything more, I stepped around the couch and led him back. “Please, just relax.”

I knelt between his legs as I pulled the robe open. He had a great body, lightly muscled and practically hairless. The skin was smooth and pink until my eyes got to his crotch. There was a nice little bush of pubic hair, slightly darker than the hair on his head. Standing proudly out from his nest of fur was a nicely hard cock.

His cock was lovely. It was seven or eight inches long and about four inches or so around. The shaft was lightly veined and smooth, the head was moist and absolutely lovely.

I wrapped a gloved hand around it and stroked it gently. With my other hand, also gloved, I stroked the flat skin of his stomach up to his muscled chest. Steve closed his eyes, obviously enjoying the sensation of a cottony touch. I know I do.

I bent over and took him in my mouth. I laved the head and tasted his precum as I licked his slit, one thing I love to do. Then I proceeded to move up and down his shaft, my tongue in constant contact with his heated flesh.

After bobbing on his dick for a few minutes, I moved on to his balls. They were shaved and smooth. What a delight! I suckled them for several minutes before moving back up to take his cock into my mouth again. Still wearing my cotton gloves, I cupped his balls gently in my hands, tickling and caressing them.

After bobbing up and down a couple of times, I started to lick it like a lollipop. I took long, slow swipes up from the base to the head then swabbed down the other side of his shaft.

One hand slipped to the back of my head caressingly, fingers running lightly through my blonde curls. It brought a wonderful frisson of pleasure to my body and made my already-hard dick even harder.

I felt Steve’s cock twitch and his ballsac tighten. He was about to go so I quickly took him back into my mouth.

He fired blast after blast of hot spunk into my throat. Somehow I managed to swallow it all. It was delicious.

After Steve came, I gently licked his dick clean then released it from my mouth. As I stood up, I said, “If I can be of service again…”

Steve stood and touched my cheek tenderly. His other hand rested on my flat stomach, I could feel his heat through my tunic. “Do you have to go?”

Before I could answer, he kissed me. It was a long, deep lover’s kiss that thrilled me to my toes.

My hands slid under his open robe to caress his back as our tongues danced together. His hands moved around me too. The hand that had touched my cheek now held the back of my head gently and his other rested in the small of my back.

He pulled back from the kiss, shrugged off the robe to stand there in his glorious nudity, and asked, “So do you? Or can I convince you to stay?”

I enjoyed his argument and, as I was about to regretfully tell him no, I remembered Bob telling me to take care of our guest. Smiling, I pulled Steve to me and resumed our kiss.

Several long minutes later, he sat me down on the couch. Straddling my lap, his dick now recovered and standing proudly again, he sat facing me and leaned in. He licked my ear then nibbled the love, his teeth clicking canlı bahis siteleri on the simple gold stud there. Then he whispered, “You have too many clothes on…”

He began to lick my lips and then the insides of my mouth as he worked at opening my tunic. Once the buttons were open, his strong, soft hands slid inside to caress my chest. (In the summer, I rarely wear anything under my jacket.)

Pulling back, he looked deep into my eyes and said, “I’m glad I convinced you to stick around.”

I wrapped my hand around his renewed erection and said, “Oh yeah, you really had to twist my arm…”

I took a moment to pull off my gloves. When Steve started to protest, I explained the difficulty of removing cum stains from the material. He laughed and slipped to the floor to help me off with my shoes and socks. Then he gently massaged my feet until they were like butter. After that he turned his attention to the waistband of my white pants.

Looking at the tightness in the crotch, he giggled, “Is that for me?”

I lifted my ass as he pulled my pants down my hips. Unlike my upper body, I was wearing briefs under my pants. But they were doing a bad job of containing the rage beast between my legs.

Steve tossed my pants aside and ran his hands up from my feet to my thighs. His touch was sensuous and exciting while still being gentle. He leaned down and kissed my hard-on through my cotton jockeys. It twitched in response. When he ran his tongue along the cloth-covered length of me, it throbbed.

“Oh, I think someone wants to come out and play,” Steve teased. Leaning up, he kissed me quickly before he resumed stripping me.

Normally I don’t care for cutesy playful talk during sex but with Steve it was different. It added something to our activities.

Once I was as naked as Steve, he wrapped his lips around my stiffness. His tongue played with the head of my cock then fluttered down the length of my shaft. His hand held me upright while the other played with my balls.

I groaned loudly as he played with and love my cock. Much more of this and I would’ve shot into his mouth then and there.

Which was exactly what Steve wanted. He pulled off for a moment and asked, “You’re close, aren’t you?”

When I nodded, he dove back down on me, practically swallowing my cock. That magic tongue of his went to work as he gently pulled on my scrotum. In seconds, I yelled, “SSSSTEEEEVVVVVEEEE!”

After that, the next thing I knew was Steve sitting next to me on the couch, holding me. When I opened my eyes, I smiled at him and kissed him.

“Thank you. You are incredible.”

“So are you,” he said. Then he kissed me, a long, wet, exciting kiss.

After the kiss, we sat there watching the porn still playing on the TV. Occasionally I would shoot a glance at his dick or Steve would eye mine to see if we were recovered yet.

Finally, Steve clicked off the TV, stood and held out his hand. “Join me in the shower?”

I merely nodded and let him help me to my feet. A task I rewarded by kissing him.

“Lead on, ” I said after untangling my tongue from Steve’s.

And what a lovely sight it was to see his tight ass in front of me as we headed through the bedroom into the bathroom. I glanced at the whirlpool tub, thinking of the fun we could have there as he went to the shower. My attention was caught by Steve again as I watched him stretch a bit to turn on the shower.

What a beautiful body!

Steve steeped under the water and beckoned me to join him. We embraced under the warm, streaming water; the feel of his hard body against mine was deliciously erotic. Our still recovering cocks brushed each other and hardened some more.

Kissing gently under the shower head, we caressed each other’s wet bodies for several minutes. Then it was time to lather up…

Taking the soap, I took my time rubbing every part of Steve I could as I built up a lathery foam on his torso. I paid particular attention to his groin and ass, which he seemed to appreciate, if his groans meant anything.

As I washed the suds off Steve, he took the soap and started to rub it all over me. Soon, it was my turn to moan as he gently cleaned my body, especially the aforementioned pleasure spots. When a finger slipped into me, my moan became a loud groan of pleasure.

“Looks like someone likes having their ass played with,” Steve joked. I kissed him by way of saying yes.

Now, I’m not a top or a bottom. I enjoy both giving and taking a hard cock in the ass. Bob was a bottom, except when it came to my blowjobs, and I was currently between anything like a steady lover so no one had really touched me there for a while. When Steve fingered me, it was (I hoped) a promise of bigger, and better, things to come.

When I asked him if he planned to fuck me, he smiled and asked, “You want me too?”

“Oh yes…”

“Well, we’ll see,” he teased. “But first, I think there’s something you need to take care of. After all, you want your guests happy, don’t you?”

Cupping his tight ass in both hands, I kneaded the firm cheeks as I replied, “I always believe in making the customer happy. How’s this?”

I poked a finger at his tight hole again and he yelped, “Oh yeah! Right there! I need you to fuck me…”

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