A Bet Between Brothers

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It was Susan’s wedding that brought it all back to him; the seven of them all together for the first time for many years. They had all gone their separate ways and been successful in their different ways. They were not really that close but, as he looked on as they gathered in front of the photographer, there was something indefinable that bound them together. Born within a month of each other, in different countries and cultures, they had all flown into London for the wedding. They mixed freely among the other guests and it was only for that moment when the pictures were being taken that they were all together.

Sebastian smiled and walked out on to the balcony overlooking the river with his elder brother, Tom. It seemed such a long time ago…

It had been a stupid, drunken wager. Sebastian and Tom had just sold the publishing business they had built up together during the previous ten years or so. The offer had been too good to refuse; they were both unmarried and in their thirties. The deal had completed in the early hours and the cash was now safely in the bank. The champagne flowed and they made the bet. Whoever won would pass half of his share of their fortune to the other. They were sober enough to realise that they would both never have to work again, even if they lost the bet.

They booked a well-known country house hotel for their exclusive use over a long summer weekend. Sebastian and his team made all the arrangements; every thing had to be perfect. He had the bridal suite and a personal servant for four nights. He spent the first night and the following day sleeping and resting; he had gone through the last month without sex, alcohol or undue exertion. He was as ready as he could be!

At midnight on the Saturday night, he had shaven, bathed, dried himself and was lying naked on the silk sheets in the four poster bed. It was a warm summer’s evening with a gentle breeze from the open window. Sebastian heard a knock on the door.

“Come in,” he said noticing how he hardened immediately.

She was a stunningly beautiful woman of medium height with short light brown hair, startling green eyes and high Eurasian, almost Mongolian cheekbones. She wore a simple blue gown; as she walked toward the bed, she allowed it to fall to the ground revealing her naked below. Sebastian gasped at the whiteness of her skin, contrasting with the full dark bush between her legs and the large pink nipples at canlı bahis the centre of her superb uplifted breasts.

She said nothing but smiled enigmatically as she lay on the bed beside him. All she did was get into position on her back and opened her legs. He had planned to take it more slowly but found himself acting as a wild animal might. He got himself above her and shoved in, finding her surprisingly moist and ready for him. The delight of feeling cunt lips around him after so long was too much; he drove all the way in, then moved faster and faster. She wrapped her legs around him and fucked him back.

It was all over so quickly; Sebastian felt it coming and made no attempt to control the orgasm. He pushed hard as he came inside her and he seemed to feel her pussy muscles squeezing harder as if to pull all the spunk into her. He relaxed and eased himself out of her.

“I’m so sorry. It’s been a while; you know how it is!”

She smiled again, remaining silent, gave him a light kiss on the lips and rose from the bed. She picked up her gown and, still naked, walked elegantly and aloofly from the room. The last glimpse of her shapely body was her perfect bottom wiggling provocatively as she opened the door and left.

Sebastian felt a lot better now; he went to the bathroom to clean himself up. As he returned, the lights went off. In pitch black until his eyes adjusted to the moonlight, he tried to find the bed, stumbling against a hard chair.

“Fuck it!” He cried.

“Over here, honey, for that!”

At least this one talks, he thought! The sound of an American accent reminded Sebastian of various lovers from the USA over the years, all highly sexed and demanding women. They expected the best and usually made sure they got it.

As his eyes adjusted, he could just recognise the outline of her body in the middle of the bed; he could smell her subtle perfume and hear her soft expectant breathing. He wanted to have total darkness so pulled the curtains round the four-poster, before moving inside on to the bed. He reached out and touched her warm body.

“Ow – cold hands.” She whispered.

But he persisted, allowing both hands to explore, establishing that she was lying on her back, up over her flat stomach and then gently around the shape of her hips and up her slender waist. Then up to her soft breasts; she gasped as his hands caressed them tenderly and then more roughly causing bahis siteleri the nipples to harden ready for his tongue and lips. Instead he moved his body up over her body, his hairy chest tickling her breasts. His hands explored the shape of her face so that his lips could find hers with small soft kisses. She responded, kissing him back and wrapping her arms around him. They rolled together on the bed forcing their bodies as close together as they could.

His dick was hard and ready and he wanted to get it in her, but as his fingers explored down there, her hands moved to the top of his head and pushed down hard.

“Down, English boy – you have to earn this sweet American cunt!”

She felt amazing as his mouth went down again over her tits, nipples now as hard as they could be, over her belly button and down to the soft downy well-trimmed triangle of hair which he pulled on it gently with his teeth. She shifted her body so that her legs opened enough for him to smell that distinctive aroma of a wet, eager woman’s pussy taking over from her perfume and from the first signs of sweat appearing on both their bodies.

“No” he thought “I’ll tease her – two can play at that game.”

He kissed the outside of her lips and ran his tongue along them parting them enough for him to taste the juices and for her to shiver with anticipation. A second light kiss and then he moved lower; her hands quickly went to the back of his head to try to keep it in position but too late. Her hands fell between her legs and had little choice but to test the wetness there.

Then she felt him take her right foot in his hands and begin to suck on each of her toes one by one, from the smallest along to her big toe. His teeth bit her hard enough for her to forget momentarily the warm sensation of excitement between her legs, as a shiver of pleasure ran up her ankles, to her knees and inner thighs. As she started to rub her clitoris with the middle finger of one hand and her left nipple with the other hand, she could feel him doing the same as before with her left foot. No one had done it like that to her before; now the sensations from her feet upward met those from the middle of her body. Her legs began to shake; her stomach and buttocks clenched.

Small tingling orgasms between her legs were followed by the realisation that he had removed her hand from between her legs and replaced it with his head, his lips and his long, bahis şirketleri strong, rhythmic tongue. He tasted her properly for the first time and lapped up her juices until they ran down his chin and down her arse crack on to the sheet below. He could sense that she was now in her own little world, concentrating on the pleasure racking through her whole body.

The scream of ecstasy could be heard throughout the hotel. Tom smiled to himself as he sipped his brandy in the restaurant below; he knew that he would get his chance with the American later. As it was, he was more than happy with the Russian girl kneeling between his legs with her mouth full of hard throbbing dick!

Sebastian was oblivious to anything but the taste and texture of prime pussy; his finger eased in, found her g-spot and pushed against the wall until he felt it tighten around him. She felt that his finger was the size of three or four fingers as she exploded again and again; Sebastian’s mouth got the benefit as she squirted out her fluid. It was time to move out from between her legs; he moved up, kissed her passionately. Her mouth enjoyed the taste of herself and her pussy enjoyed the knowledge that his hard tip was nuzzling against her hard clitoris ready to thrust in.

“I want it from behind, now!” She yelled. “Fuck your bitch, now!!”

As she rolled over on to her front, he got behind her and, by feel and touch, located her lower hole. She was so wet and ready that he slipped out the first time; he used the loose sheet to dry some of it off and then thrust in again. She was still experiencing small orgasms but he concentrated on the pleasure of the friction between his dick and her tight cunt walls. Hands gripping her hips hard, he drove in harder and faster, enjoying the groans of pleasure below him.

She had one enormous orgasm left and they came together. He felt it all the way up from his balls, up each inch of his dick; he grabbed the insides of her thighs and forced himself all the way in at the moment the first spurt rushed into her and kept the position until all was spent inside her. As he softened, he removed his dick covered in her juices and lay beside her, exhausted and covered in sweat.

They kissed tenderly. “That was wonderful. Can I see you now?”

“Not until morning. Sleep now, my English stud. I will still be here for you when it gets light.”

As Sebastian lay on his front in the middle of the bed and quickly fell into a contented sleep with his lover on his right, he was blissfully unaware of another warm, naked body slipping under the sheet on the other side. He would need all the sleep he could get tonight!

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