A Bet with Rachel

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I was on a business trip, staying in a hotel, and I went the bar for a drink. I was sipping my beer when my eyes met those of an attractive woman my age, late twenties. She was dressed in heels, stockings, blouse, and a pin striped business jacket and skirt. I smiled and to my surprise and delight she immediately got up and came over to sit next to me. I had already had the feeling that I recognised her from somewhere. She sat down and said

“You’re James, aren’t you? James Robinson who went to === School?”

“Yes…” I felt I ought to have recognised her, but it had been 12 years since I had left at the age of 14.

“… Rachel?”

“Yes, you remembered!”

“So what’s happened to you in the last 12 years? You were a skinny thing in those days! And now…” My voice tailed off in admiration.

“And now?” Rachel enquired, with a smile, inviting me to complete my sentence.

“And now you have a gorgeous figure.”

“And you look pretty fit yourself.” Rachel replied. There was a pause. And then we said simultaneously:

“And are you single?”

We both giggled, paused and said “Yes” at the same time. I think we both knew then how the evening was going to end up. Rachel suggested we move to an alcove table – “more private than sitting at the bar”.

We talked about what we’d been doing in the intervening years – stuff about university and careers and ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends. We were joking and flirting with each other, but at one point it seemed we both went quiet. Then Rachel said:

“What are you thinking about?”

“Would you believe me if I said ‘World Peace’?”

“No, I wouldn’t believe you! Tell me what it really was.”

“I was wondering what you taste like.”

Rachel replied by leaning over the table and kissing me on the lips. “How did that taste?”

“It tasted very good, but it wasn’t what I had in mind…”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, really, but a little lower…?”

“Good, I was hoping you’d say that! So now we have established what both of us are thinking about – so you like it?”

“Love it. Do you?”

“Every girl likes it, and some really like it. Some of us even prefer it to anything else – and that’s me. What kind of man are you?”

“Well there are some men who don’t ever, some who will do it if they think they ought to and some who quite like it. And then there are some like me who can’t think of anything they’d rather do.”

“This is working out better than I thought! Are you any good at it?”

“Well, I don’t get as much practice as I would like… But I’m told I’m pretty good.”

“Good enough to make me come?”

“I bet I could make you come 10 times!”, I boasted, in jest.

Rachel’s eyes shone with excitement. She paused, smiling, then said, slowly:

“I would be delighted to take you up on your bet.”

“What? My bet?”

“Why, yes! ‘I bet I could make you come 10 times’, you said. Surely you’re not going to welsh on your bet?”

“Oh. I hadn’t thought of it like that – but, wow, I’m going to enjoy this bet. Err, what happens if I win? Or you win?”

“Let’s talk about that later – I’m sure we can work something out. I want your tongue now!”

With that she stood up, grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the table. I didn’t have time to finish my drink, but followed Rachel upstairs as fast as I could.

“My place”, Rachel stated. “Room 343.”

She kissed me passionately in the lift, using her tongue and giving my buttocks a good squeeze. We were there very soon; she pulled me along the corridor and dragged me into her room. She shut the door and turned to face me.

“So! Why don’t you have your way with me? I know what you want to do, and I’m yours to enjoy.”

I don’t think have ever been so aroused, so excited, so much anticipation of what was about to happen. I knelt down in front of Rachel, and stroked her shapely buttocks. I slowly unzipped the zip on her skirt and let it fall to to the floor. What a sight met my eyes! The full length of her lovely legs was revealed with her stockings held up by an elegant garter belt, and a delightfully skimpy pair of black panties. I pushed her onto her back on the bed, leaving her skirt on the floor, raised her legs and rolled her panties up her legs and off. This revealed the most beautiful, enticing, clean shaven pussy I had ever seen.

“Do you like what you see? Is it to your taste?” Rachel smiled as I gazed at her mouthwatering pussy.

I knelt down before her ready to worship and adore her irresistible pussylips. I pushed her legs a little wider and in response she put her feet over my shoulder and pulled me closer. I gave a long, slow lick finishing with a flick of my tongue on her clit.

“Mmm, more.” she murmured.

I gave her two more licks, and then I had to stop teasing her. I needed to touch her constantly; I wanted to suck all her juices out. I used my thumbs to spread her labia and started licking her slowly, my tongue never breaking contact with illegal bahis her pussy. Rachel’s gasps grew louder and more frequent and she started running her hands through my hair as my pussylicking became more rapid. It became more and more intense until finally the dam burst and Rachel’s orgasm broke free. She breathed a grateful thank you and said “Mmm, that was fantastic, I hope you’re not tired?”

I wiped her juices and my saliva off my chin with the back of my hand, smiled at her and, without saying a word, went back to eating her pussy some more. I clamped my tongue to her pussy and went slowly up and down, with broad strokes of my tongue. Very quickly Rachel was gasping again and putting her hands on the back of my head to keep me where she wanted me. By now, she was really aroused and her clit had become more swollen. I licked it at first but soon wanted more taking the tip of her clit in my mouth and sucking at it. I started slowly at first but built up speed until I was sucking as fast as I could. Rachel’s gasps caught up with the intensity of my sucking and became louder and louder, overtaking me to tremendous moan.

“God, that was good, that’s twice already!”

I pulled back to meet Rachel’s happy gaze.

“So how do you want me now? Same again or somewhere different?”

I took her by the hand and led her to the armchair on the other side of the room. Understanding immediately what I wanted she sat back and spread herself wide with a leg over each arm of the chair. Her delicious pussy was so inviting – and I knelt once more before her to feast on her tasty juices. This time I really wanted to get my tongue inside her. I spread her lips, opened my mouth and ate as much of her pussy as I could manage in one mouthful. I sucked away for some time before pushing my tongue right inside her, as far as I could manage. She had enjoyed my mouth on her pussy, but my tongue as well was enough to get her well on the way to her third orgasm. I raised the pace of my tongue-fucking, and her climax was approaching fast. As she came she almost convulsed in her chair, her legs came off the arms of the chair and almost crushed my ears. Finally her convulsions subsided and she sighed deeply with satisfaction.

“Stand up” Rachel requested. When I did so she started unbuttoning my shirt and began talking to me in a very sexy voice. “Now you have been very good to me already and it is about time I did something for you. ” She had removed my shirt by now and was starting to unbuckle my belt and remove my trousers. “I want to see that cock of yours. You must be pretty stiff by now and I want it in my hand. There! That’s quite something isn’t it!”

At last she had me naked, erect and my cock was just at the right level for her. She reached underneath and started lightly massaging my balls with one hand. With the other hand she very gently moved up and down the shaft – not very far, but enough to keep my foreskin clearly below the head of my cock. Lastly she started licking – just little licks as if she was painting it with her saliva. She carried on talking dirty to me in between licks.

“I love your cock, it tastes really good. I like a nice cock, especially if the guy is good with his tongue. Do you like this? Do you like the way I lick your cock?”

Of course I was loving it. She was so tender and delicate – it felt so good. Really I wanted her to give me a few hard sucks and make me come but that was because I was so turned on. I had been stiff for so long and my balls were bursting. But what Rachel was doing was far better, slower and I was going to explode when she eventually let me. I did have something else in mind though.

“I love what you’re doing but there is something more…”


I took her hand and led her back the bed. I got a pillow and lay down on the bed, saying to Rachel:

“Why don’t you carry on licking my cock and sit on my face at the same time?”

“I didn’t know you liked facesitting as well but I should have guessed”, Rachel laughed.

“I love your pussy in my face! I want you take hours over playing with cock while I see how many times I can make you come.”

“Sounds good to me. I think may be a long time before I let you come!”

I don’t how long we stayed like that, but it was the most wonderful sex I’ve ever had. Rachel did so many amazing things with my cock, she licked the head for so long, all the while juggling my balls in her hand. Then she started kissing it. Just butterfly kisses at first but then longer and deeper kisses, flicking the very tip of my cock with her tongue when it was in her mouth. After a little longer, the kisses became very long slow sucks. She took just the head into my mouth, and rocked very gently back and forward only moving her wet lips a tiny amount. It was deliciously, marvelously frustrating and I knew she wasn’t going to let me come any time soon.

Meanwhile at the other end, I had been vigorously sucking on her pussy. It was such an erotic sight to have Rachel’s illegal bahis siteleri beautiful buttocks above my face, spread out, her delicious clean-shaven pussy and her stocking-clad legs either side of my head. At first I just licked her up and down at a steady pace, but I so wanted her to come and come again that I went faster and faster, trying desperately to get her to another orgasm. To be honest I could have stayed like that all night, Rachel licking my cock and me making her come over and over.

From time to time one of us would stop licking to gasp with pleasure before resuming our labours of love and adoration. I managed to make her come quite quickly at first but after that I was licking her for a delightfully long time before she came again. After that I just carried on licking, although Rachel had to take my cock out of her mouth to breath deeply from time to time.

I licked her for ages after that, steadily working over her delicious clit and keeping her on the edge, gasping every so often, but getting no closer to orgasm. I took one of her pussy lips in my mouth and gently nibbled it. Rachel loved it. I held it there in my teeth and licked along the edge taking my tongue from side to side. She was disappointed when let go, but happy when I started again nibbling on the other side; her moans were becoming more intense. Then I left off her lips and went up to her clit – even more swollen now with her being so aroused. Before I had just sucked on her clit but now I chewed gently and licked as well and very soon her gasps built up until she was coming all over again.

After a little recovery time she went back to licking my cock again, and rocked back and forward on top of me. I started licking her again, but this time I wanted to play with her too. I managed to wriggle one arm free so that I could use my fingers as well as my tongue. All the women I had ever slept with enjoyed being licked but once wet they wanted stiff cock and were desperate for nothing else. Pussy licking was the starter not the main course. With Rachel, pussy licking really was what she wanted. All the same, I wanted to have a play. Sometimes I just want to play with a woman’s pussy, not even using my tongue, just rubbing, squeezing and stroking; taking my time. Right now I wanted to finger fuck her and lick her at the same time. I moved my arm around and managed to slip a finger into her incredibly wet cunt. This time her gasp was strong.

“God, yes, that’s good. Is that your only finger?”

I willingly put in a second finger, all the while keeping up my steady licking rhythm. Rachel was struggling to concentrate on my cock now – she held on to it with one hand, but her mouth was nowhere near.

“Fuck yes, don’t stop licking, please! Give me more fingers and don’t stop licking!”

She was certainly close now and I got in a third finger whilst licking her all the time.

“More!” she shouted.

I didn’t know if she meant more fingers or more licking, but she got both. I was amazed to squeeeze in a fourth finger and by rolling her over slightly with my other arm I got her at just the right angle to finish her off with four fingers and a tongue at full speed.

“Yes, yes, fuck, yes!”, Rachel screamed out, as her seventh orgasm of the evening. She rolled off me and lay on her back just getting her breath back. After a while she said:

“Now it’s your turn. I’m going to make you come all over the place – after all you’ve done an amazing job on my pussy! I have never been licked so much and so well in my life. What do you like best? I’ll do anything you want. Do you want me to swallow? Do you want to come on my tits? Do you want to come on your belly and have me to lick it up?”

“There is something, yes. Get a towel and some shampoo from the bathroom.”

“Okay, I’m intrigued!” She was back very quickly. I spread the towel on the bed and lay on top of it as if it had been wrapped around my waist and was now undone.

“Now make a ring with your thumb and first finger. Pour some shampoo on top and just slowly play with the head of my cock. Oh, and talk dirty to me while you do it!”

“Okay! I’ve never done this to a man before! Talk dirty you say? Sure! Mm, I like playing with your cock, it feels really good. I love to pleasure a man, really slowly. Your cock feels really good with all this lubrication. Not too tasty, but lovely to play with. I love the way the shampoo oozes down your cock. I’m going to pour on some more, I love this! Ooh, your balls are getting covered – shall I play with them too? I wonder if you should be allowed to come yet? Hmm, not yet – I’m enjoying this too much. Is that how you like it? Not too tight, not too loose? I love doing this to the head of your cock – so smooth and easy. I think I am going to make you come soon – I want to see that come shoot out of your cock. I’m going to point that cock in the air and see how high you can reach.”

All the while Rachel had been speeding up and using her other hand on the shaft. It was canlı bahis siteleri too much for me, and I spurted out my orgasm with a great groan of pleasure. My come shot into the air, some landing on me, some on Rachel, some on my towel and the rest on the sheets. I had never previously made love to anyone for so long without an orgasm. I had been turned on and stiff for what seemed like hours, and that felt so good to come at last.

“That was impressive! Amazing amount of come you had in your balls! So, how about cleaning you up?” Rachel asked. She stood up and removed her stockings, garter belt and bra. Now naked, she wrapped the towel around my crotch and without saying another word, beckoned me with her finger towards the bathroom. I followed her wiggling arse, wondering what was next. She started the shower, took off my towel and pulled me into the shower cubicle.

Rachel proceeded to give me a wonderful all over wash, rubbing my back and shoulders very firmly, washing my buttocks enthusiastically and down the back of my legs. Next she faced me and washed my chest and arms. But when she knelt down in front of me and started washing my balls, my cock started to stiffen up again.

“What have we here?”, Rachel said, with mock surprise. “This is going to take a lot more washing than I thought! It could take a while…”

She gave my cock the very best treatment using plenty of soap, both hands and a gentle slow style. It was so good to feel that shower pounding my shoulders whilst Rachel was being so thorough. She made sure I was very clean. I was a long way from coming, and when Rachel paused, I knew she wanted some more tongue.

“Is there anywhere that needs washing for you?” I enquired.

“Just one place. And use your tongue!” She stood up and pushed gently down on my shoulders until I was sitting down in the shower. She moved towards me until her pussy was perfectly positioned for me to lick her. I stuck my tongue out and she slowly rubbed her clit up and down against it. She was completely carried away with what she was doing, almost forgetting I was there. Her head was back, her eyes closed and her moans were getting louder and faster. Very soon she reached her orgasm with a final gasp of satisfaction.

“God, I’m a lucky girl! That was fantastic. Is your tongue tired out yet or could manage some more?”

“So you’re still not satisfied?”

“I want you to make me come twice more, so you win your bet!”

“Is this a bet you are happy to lose?”, I replied.

“Sure! We haven’t even talked about your prize, have we? I do have something in mind… But first you have some more licking to do.”

She lay back on the bed and spread her legs very wide. Her intentions and desires were obvious, and I knelt at the edge of the bed for some more delightful pussy licking.

“Just lick me!” Rachel asked. “Nothing fancy.”

I did just that, licking her up and down at a steady pace, nice broad tongue strokes, keeping in contact the whole time. Amazingly, she was soon gasping and coming again. I pulled back, but she reached down and pushed my head back between her legs, asking me just to carry on some more. She had reached a plateau of intensity and wanted to stay there, enjoying the pleasure. So I just carried on, enjoying the taste and Rachel’s juices on my chin. This one took a little longer, but as I built up the speed of my licking, the intensity of her movements and moans, and the pressure of her hands on the back of my head all told me how close she was getting. I took the tip of her clit between my teeth and held it there whilst I flicked it with my tongue. Finally when I finger fucked her at the same time with two stiff fingers, she gave a deep, animal moan, then a sigh and then rolled over onto her side, motioning me to get behind her. She pulled my arm around her waist and we lay there contentedly for a while.

“You’ve won your bet – congratulations! You know you’ve made me come ten times, but you’ve only come once and you haven’t fucked me at all!”

She pushed me onto my back, and played with my cock to get me stiff. She rolled a condom slowly and sensually onto my cock and then got astride me.

“Mmm, nice! I like having your cock inside me.”

At first Rachel just sat on my cock, squeezing me with her pussy muscles.Then she started fucking me a little bit, but very slowly.

“I’m going to tell you about your prize. I know every man fantasises about two women at once, but what about three? I have two friends who would be only too pleased to help me pay off my debts! You provide the venue, tell me when, and I’ll provide the company.”

I could barely speak I was so excited. But I managed to say:

“Sure – I have a suitable place, a little cottage in the country. What about the weekend after next? What about a long weekend – say Thursday night until Sunday?”

“Sounds great. But now I want to be fucked hard, I want to be fucked in lots of different positions, all your favourites.”

I gave her exactly what she wanted – I rolled her onto her back and fucked her missionary, then sideways, then a bit of doggy. Then I wanted her standing up. I led her over to the hotel room’s desk, sat her on the edge, and really fucked her hard, banging into her.

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