A big side effect (Sissy Story) by YKN4949 Part 1

A big side effect (Sissy Story) by YKN4949 Part 1Chapter 1: A Terrifying DiscoveryI woke feeling the same as I had every morning for months, ecstatic. There is no other way to describe the way I feel when I wake up in the morning. I popped up off of my pillow, slapped off the alarm and was out of bed in a matter of seconds. I wanted nothing more than to get to school, go to class, see my friends, go to cheerleading practice, and just do everything an 18 year girl was supposed to do. I mean, I don’t like to brag or anything but I had the perfect life. I was popular (but with real, deeply held friendships) and had a cute boyfriend who liked me a lot. Further, I was very pretty. I don’t mean to say this like I am awesome or anything, I just mean that about a year ago I, Mina Hayes, didn’t quite look the way I did that morning. No one would have thought at that time that I would be able to grow to my full size 5’2 95lbs with full, round 32-C breasts. No one would have thought I’d be able to grow my very long dirty blonde hair that or that my green, almond-shaped eyes would have a youthful glow. No one would imagine that my straight, white chompers with slightly rotated eye-teeth would be in a constant smile. Further no one would believe that I would fill out into a slim, long-legged young woman with a vaguely hour-glass shaped body and slim, but healthy tummy. No a year ago, I looked like I was on about to die. Shortly before I turned 17 I had been diagnosed with a very rare and deadly form of ovarian cancer. At the time the doctors gave me no chance of survival. It was so rare that very little money was invested in curing it and no treatment had ever been proven to be more than minimally effective. I had stopped going to school, I had lost most of my weight and had remained looking like a little girl even while my friends blossomed. I thought I would die like that. Then, a year into my disease, when the doctors were saying I had mere weeks to live, a guardian angel came to me.Her name was Dr. Marta Morales and she had lost a sister to the same disease when she was very young. She came to me when I was in the hospital and my mother was deciding whether or not to sign a document allowing the doctors to pull the plug on me if I were to slip into a c***. Dr. Marta, as she like me to call her, was an oncologist and she explained to me that she worked in my hospital and had learned about my disease. She said she had connections at the FDA and a small pharmaceutical company in Philadelphia that had accidentally stumbled onto a something that might work as a treatment for my disease. She explained that she might be able to get me into an experimental test for the d**g. She didn’t know if it would work at all and further they had no idea if it would make me worse or have horrible side effects. But I was dying and my mother quickly signed the consent form. It was a shot in the dark.There were two other girls in my trial, two twin sisters who were two years older than me who hadn’t yet reached the point where they were on death’s door. But we all started taking the d**gs immediately. At first we noticed nothing, but then again I didn’t die. But it in a few weeks, I started to feel better. In two months I was out of the bed and then, 6 months after starting the medicine, I was discharged from the hospital. The cancer was in remission and there was no evidence of it in my body. I stayed on the medicine for a few more weeks and then, all of the sudden I was a teenage girl again. The other two girls in my trial bounced back as well. It was clearly a miracle d**g. When I woke up that morning, I had been back at school for months, I was on the JV cheerleading squad and everything seemed perfect.That brings me back to the morning in question. I had been wearing a tank-top and a pair of my brother’s boxer shorts to bed and I looked at myself in the mirror as I headed towards the bathroom to get a shower. My brother was in college and my mother went to work very early so when I got up in the morning I was always home alone. I looked good in the mirror and smiled to myself. I walked into the bathroom, rubbed the sleep from my eyes. I pulled down my boxers and sat down on the toilet and started to pee. Suddenly, my breasts were covered in hot liquid. I shook my head and looked down. There, between my legs…was a small 3 and a half inch penis looking up at me from between my legs. It was pissing all over my breasts! I stopped peeing immediately and stood up. The penis fell limply between my legs but stayed attached to me! I was in a state of complete shock. What was this this and why was it stuck to me? I reached down to pull it off but I could feel my hand against it and it hurt when I tried to tug it off. I quickly threw on my boxers and rushed into my room. I could feel is slapping against my leg inside of my boxers.I didn’t know why and I still don’t really know, but I called Dr. Marta. It wasn’t as though I knew then…Well you’ll find out. It’s just, I had to talk to someone and I really trusted Dr. Marta. She had saved my life. Plus this was obviously something medical and she would sit me down, calm me, and let me know that there was nothing to be worried about and that she could take care of it completely. I had her cellphone number so I knew I would get her. After a couple of rings, she picked up.”Hey Mina. What’s up?” She said casually. We talked a lot and she wouldn’t be worried about me calling.”I…” I started and I could hear the tears in my own voice. This was so confusing.”What is it? Are you feeling sick again?” she asked, sensing immediately that something was very, very wrong.”No it isn’t the cancer. It’s…something else. I can’t really explain. I don’t know,” I said and then I was balling.”Honey, honey, honey,” the doctor said soothingly into the phone. She sounded relieved that it wasn’t the cancer but I could tell she was still very concerned.”I woke up this morning and went into the bathroom to get a shower and I noticed something. I mean, how could I not notice? This is absolutely insane,” I said, trying to remain calm. But with each passing second I felt myself breathing heavier and I knew that I was going to start crying again. I was curled up in a ball on my bed, hating the feeling of that thing against the insides of my thighs.”Listen,” Dr. Marta said, suddenly getting stern, “You have to tell me what is up. You know enough about doctors to know how this works. You tell me what is wrong and I make it better. I can’t do my job before you do yours.” That was enough for me, I got control of myself.”Well I was on the toilet and I noticed,” I said and it got caught in my throat. How could I tell someone. But I picked Dr. Marta, sitting patiently in her office and I knew I could trust her, “I…grew a penis. I know that is impossible. I know you think am either totally gross or totally crazy but that is what happened.” I actually felt better having said it. There was silence on the other end. I started to get nervous, “Doctor…””I was hoping it wouldn’t happen with you,” She said, cutting me off. She sounded somber.”What?””Listen honey,” she said in an apologetic way, “We started your cancer trial with five hundred girls across the country. It seems that, after taking the medicine for about a year about 95% of the girls have grown penises. We have absolutely no idea what is going on. It doesn’t seem to be possible. The gender doesn’t really change in the sense that hormones remain the same and the ovaries remain intact but the penis just sort grow out of the clitoris. Worse, when girls stopped taking the medicine the penis did not go away and some of them suffered relapses in their cancer.”I don’t understand,” I said.”Honey, I don’t understand either. Listen, I am going to speak with some of the people I know at the d**g company right now. I want you to come by my office this afternoon and we will talk about it,” she said.”I…” I started.”I am at the security desk there now sweetheart. I have to go. I want you to know that I am really sorry about this and I am going to do everything in my power to fix this. I promise I am going to give it everything that I have,” she said and then the line went dead. There I was. Sitting on my bed. With a penis.I felt sort of hazy. I wanted to call my mother and tell her I wasn’t feeling well. But I have never been a very good liar. She would know it was something else and she would badger me until I told her the truth and I couldn’t imagine that. I wasn’t really thinking straight, but I decided that the best course of action would be just to go to school and pretend like everything was normal.I couldn’t imagine going into the shower and cleaning myself. All of myself. I had just showered the last afternoon after cheer practice so I decided I would just get dressed quickly and leave. I put on a white tank top, something tight where you could see my pink bra through it. That way it would keep people’s eyes on my chest and away from my…penis. I also found a knee length, pleated pink skirt so that there was no chance of anyone seeing anything that could be taken as a bulge. I looked at myself in the mirror and felt okay. But not really.Chapter 2: Keeping Things Under WrapsI got to school about twenty minutes later and I definitely felt strange. It seemed like no matter how I moved I could feel it touching me. Worse, I felt like everyone who looked at me could tell that there was something wrong with me. Of course that was crazy. People came up and said hello to me just like illegal bahis siteleri normal and no one stared at me in any way that was out of the ordinary.When you get to my school, they don’t let you just walk over to your first class, especially for people like me who get there like twenty minutes before class. Instead, they let you go to your locker and then you have to go to the cafeteria and sit with your friends while you wait for them to open up the doors to the rest of the school so you can go to class. I walked really, really slowly to my locker. I didn’t even know if I would be able to talk to my friends. I just didn’t feel like I was me right then.I put my backpack in the locker and then looked at the clock. There were still ten minutes to go. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and saw Lucy Turner. She was the captain of the cheerleading squad and the most beautiful girl that I had ever met. We were friendly with one another, mostly because we had been on the squad together for years (She was also a senior and like me she was 18). She was so elegant and effortless cool. We were friendly with one another, but in my heart I really wanted us to be close friends.Like I said, she was gorgeous. She was a little bit taller than me at 5’6 and she was thin at 115lbs. She had this amazing, long, dark red hair with blondish highlights. Her skin was flawlessly white (not a single freckle, which is odd of a natural redhead). She had gorgeous, huge round blue eyes and a severe, sexy face. Her body was slim and she had small, 32-B breasts and a flat stomach. She had a super models build with slightly flared hips and a long legs. In short, she was the prettiest girl in school.”Hey Mina, what’s up? Why aren’t you at the table? I never beat you there,” she said smiling a thousand watt smile. For a second my mind went completely blank and I could tell my mouth was open. She giggled, “Everything cool?” I felt like such a doofus.”Oh jeez. Sorry I was just sort of in my own world there,” I said, trying too hard to match her giggled, “No. Umm. I was just running a little late today,” I explained.”That’s an acceptable excuse,” she said, indicating towards the cafeteria, “Shall we walk?””Ok,” I said. Trying to sound calm.”So the school year is winding down,” she said, her hands crossed in front of her chest, clutching a binder and walking. She was wearing a tight black t-shirt and a skin tight pair of cloth shorts that accentuated her stunning ass.”I guess so,” I said. I kept trying to think of more things to say, to seem natural but my entire game was off today. I just felt like she knew that there was something wrong with me.”Well,” she said, not noticing my twitchiness, “We are going to need a new captain when I graduate this year. It is a tradition for the old captain to pick a new captain,” she explained. I was barely listening.”Uh-huh,” I said.”There is a lot of pressure on me to pick a junior. Usually we pick rising seniors. But I think it is more important to pick the right person. You know? Like, I am not just going to pick Julie because she is popular. She doesn’t even show up everyday,” She explained.”No,” I said. We were in the cafeteria now.”So I want to pick Beth. But I know that no on else is going to support me. I need you to have my back on this. I would really appreciate it. If you can help me with that, I still have to pick an assistant captain for this year, and I have been thinking about you” she explained and suddenly it hit me. What she was saying. I had imagined this happening a thousand times in my mind and now it was happening and I was too worried about my…dick to enjoy it, “Would you like to do it?””Umm…” I said, unable to speak. What an unbelievably strange day.”If you don’t want to…””NO!” I said, getting it together, “I definitely want to. I have wanted to do this forever. I just find the words. I am so happy. I want it. Please let me have it. I will back you up on anything you need” I said. I was a little too strong, but she took it in stride.”Okay, I am going to make the announcement this afternoon,” she said and put her arm around me and gave me a little hug. We were standing at our table now. All of the other cheerleaders and their boyfriends were sitting at the table talking.”Hey guys,” I said, and then sat down quietly.”Why are you late babe? Everything okay,” Chad asked. He was my new boyfriend. We had just starting dating about a month ago. Things were going really well. He was sweet and kind and handsome. He was perfect. But looking at him now, I could sense how disgusted he would be by me if he knew about my problem. I knew he wouldn’t understand. I gave the revulsion he would have for me if he knew right back at him.”Chad,” I said angrily, “Don’t worry about it okay?””Hey I told you, I would pick you up but I can’t. You live on the other side of the county. We’d both be late everyday,” he said. Good, he thought I was angry again about a fight we’d had two weeks ago.”Listen I don’t want to fight,” I said, then I turned and started talking to one of the other girls. He rolled his eyes and went back to his friends. I tried to just talk to them, but mostly I just listened to everyone talking and zoned out. Finally, the bell rang and it was time for first class.The entire first period was just a blur. I sat in my normal seat. Second row from the back, right next to the window. I just found myself staring out the window, looking at a tree and trying to ignore the world. I think my teacher called on me once and I vaguely remember speaking. She didn’t seem offended by the answer, so it must have been good. By the end of the period, I found that I was starting to think more and more about the thing between my legs. I was trying to remember exactly what it looked like. I was trying to remember if it was huge or not. I could feel it there, vaguely. But I was too nervous about it to touch it. I went to second class, but the thoughts just started getting more and more persistent. Soon the wall I had been trying to build all morning collapsed and it was absolutely all I could think about.”Ms. Hayes,” Mr. Johnson said, “In what year was the Magna Carta signed?””1215,” I said, then quickly followed it with, “May I please go to the bathroom?””Good answer. Of course you can go,” he said. I was up like a shot and out of the room. I tried not to go too fast, I didn’t want anyone to think anything was wrong. I made it to the bathroom and quickly climbed into one of the stalls and sat down on the toilet. I didn’t really have any idea what I wanted to do and for a moment I just sat there, looking at my feet. Finally, I decided I would take off my skirt and panties and hang them on the door. I needed to have a look at this thing.I slid my skirt off quietly, I wasn’t sure if there was anyone else in the bathroom, I had rushed in so quickly. I hung it on the peg. I looked at my black, boy shorts underwear and I could see the little bulge in them. I quickly slid them down my legs and hung them up as well. I pushed my knees together and the dick sat up between my legs, the balls resting on my thighs.I had had expected my legs and crotch to spontaneously grow thick, manly hair or something my legs but my pubes were still waxed completely bare from the night before. It was very small for a dick I suppose. I had only ever seen one in my life, it belonged to my boyfriend. He had taken it out one night and I had giggled and told him that I didn’t want to give him a hand job. I was very uncomfortable about touching it the, but I had been curious. His penis was probably 6 inches long. I had talked to other girls and it seemed that was relatively normal. On the other hand there was my dick. It was only about 3.5″ long and was pretty thin actually, only about an inch or so in diameter. My testicles were actually bigger than my boyfriend’s had been. They appeared to each almost be the size of a golf ball. The skin on the shaft and balls looked just like the rest of my skin, light and white. I put my hands on the shaft and pulled the skin down and saw the tip, it was a bright pink color and was surprisingly feminine. It was actually the same color as my clit, I realized. I had always had a somewhat large clit and it seemed like this thing had grown out of it. The penis itself was spongy and heavier than I had expected. When I lifted my balls up I was really surprised by the weight. I saw that my vagina had closed up entirely.Suddenly, all of this touching was making something strange happen. I could feel the spongy cock getting harder in my hands and I realized I was starting to get an erection. All of the thinking about my clit had me thinking about orgasms and masturbating and the touching hadn’t made anything any better. I couldn’t believe it, but my tiny dick was getting hard. It didn’t take long. In a few seconds it was hard as a rock. It didn’t get much bigger, but it sort of bulged a little bit. It got even more sensitive to the touch. I felt my cheeks getting hot even though there was no one else to see it. I also felt a little light headed; which I guess made sense because my body wasn’t designed to have blood diverted from my brain. Suddenly I had an uncontrollable urge. I wanted to feel what an orgasm would feel like from a cock. I was still intensely embarrassed, but this new feeling sort of covered it. It’s hard to explain. It was like the cock was controlling my mind somehow.I had never given a hand job before, but I had to admit I had seen a boy masturbating before. Okay, mobilbahis güvenilir mi it was on the internet. I was just sort of curious as to how they did it and I went on a website. It’s not like I am some giant pervert or anything. I don’t look at porn all the time, but I did it once, and so I knew how it worked.I put my hand around the shaft of my penis and felt its hard warmth against my soft palm. I squeezed it, but I squeezed a little too tight and I loosened my grip. I started to rock my hand back and forth across my dick. I could feel the thick vein that ran across the bottom. It was an amazing feeling. The best part was when my fingers drifted up and over the tip and then back down again. I found myself squirming on the toilet and biting my lip to avoid making noise. I can’t even describe how it felt. It was different than when I masturbated before. Not better or worse just different.It didn’t take me very long. All the sudden I felt a seizing feeling in my balls. I couldn’t help it, I opened my mouth and let out a croaking sound. I was suddenly filled with a warm feeling that emanated from my penis all over my body and my vision went blank for a second. Suddenly a thick, hot warm liquid squirted between my fingers. I looked down and another hot spurt shot right into my mouth, leaving a little bit on my lips. More kept coming. The taste was salty and sticky but delicious. I couldn’t believe how much I like it. I was completely surprised. I swished it around in my mouth and drank it down. A few more spurts and I looked down again. My thighs and hands were covered in thick, white cum. It looked like liquid pearl. I splayed my fingers and looked at it glisten on my fingers. Without thinking I sucked the cum off my fingers. I scooped more off of my thighs and shoved it into my mouth. Finally, I got the last few drips off the tip of my dick and put it in my mouth. There had been a ton of it. Probably 6 ounces. Far more than the boy had produced in the video I had seen on the internet.Suddenly my mind cleared and I realized what had happened. I couldn’t believe what I had done. I could still taste the cum on my lips and tongue and I was disgusted with myself for wanting more. Something more was wrong with me than just this thing. I got up quickly and threw on my clothes. I had to stop this. I ran back to class, hoping no one would smell the sex on my breath.Chapter 3: A Friend Can TellI managed to make it through the rest of the school day. The worst part was lunch. Sitting with my friends and trying to act normal. I did a lot better than I had in the morning and I started to feel a little better. I was starting to come to terms with what was going on. While I was far from comfortable with the situation, there really wasn’t anything else to do but accept it until Dr. Marta could help me out. I participated some in class near the end of the day when it became pretty clear that I was going to make it to the doctor’s office before anyone noticed what was going on.It was the end of the day before I realized something. I was supposed to go to cheer practice. Not only that, I was supposed to be named assistant captain at cheer practice. This was going to be a really tough decision. I really, really wanted to go. It was my dream to be captain, but I would settle for the next position down, and I wanted to be at practice. But when I thought about going into the locker-room I realized that I really didn’t have an option.I got my stuff out of my locker slowly and then headed towards the door. I knew that if I drove quickly I could be at the doctor’s office before 3:00. I headed for the door, but just before I got there I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around quickly and saw Lucy standing behind me smiling.”Where are you going? We have practice…” she said, she looked concerned.”Oh…yeah. I don’t know I just don’t feel well,” I said unconvincingly.”I knew that you didn’t want to support me on the next captain when I told you this morning. Look I understand if you don’t want to or if you can’t for some reason. I can always pick someone else…””No it isn’t that. I do want to help you,” I said, rubbing my elbows self-consciously.”Well then what is wrong. And don’t say you feel sick. I can tell when you’re lying,” she said. I looked into her big eyes and realized she was sincerely concerned about me. I hung my head and tried to keep from crying.”I’m sorry,” I said.”What? Why are you sorry,” she said, putting her hand on my shoulder. I looked back up at her. She was biting her lip and furrowing her brow and somehow it made her look both gorgeous and honest. I grabbed her hand and starting pulling her. She followed behind me without saying anything. I don’t know now why I didn’t just say I was experiencing side effects from my medication and I had to go to the doctor. When people know you have cancer they don’t really ask questions. I don’t know, I guess I just needed to confide in someone. I guess I thought Lucy might understand. I guess I wanted to find out if she was really my friend.I pulled her towards the school theater. I found the back door and pulled her into the green room. It was near the end of the school year, so there was no one around practicing or anything. The green room was just a dank, cinderblock room with a dirty old couch. She sat down and looked up at me expectantly. For a second I froze. The I figured out what needed to be said first.”Listen, I need you to swear to absolute secrecy about this,” I said and she leaned forward and bit her lower lip. She looked so sexy and I was concerned as I could tell I was about to get an erection. This was absolutely crazy. Was I sexually attracted to women now?”Sure,” she said.”This isn’t like the normal sort of ‘don’t tell anyone’ where I sort of hope or expect you will tell someone I mean this has to go to your grave or I will probably end up killing myself. And that isn’t a joke,” I explained in the most serious tone I could muster. She nodded her head solemnly.”I swear to God, Mina. Whatever happens here in the green room will be between us until the day I die,” she said with equal gravity. I looked into her eyes and I could see she was telling the truth. She wasn’t taking this lightly. “Okay. Please don’t like…laugh or scream or run out of the room or anything okay?””Jesus Mina, there aren’t a lot of things that can make someone do all of those things. Are you sick again?” She said, patting the couch next to her for me to sit down. I shook my head and stayed standing.”Okay,” I said and then quickly outlined for her my cancer story. I told her about the near death experiences and the final, miraculous medicine that saved my life and brought it up to that morning to, when I woke up in the morning feeling great and knowing that all that was behind me.”Right,” she said, smiling sweetly at me, “I mean I knew all that. That is so awesome. I mean I don’t even know the words I could use to explain how great that is. But that doesn’t explain why you’re running out on practice and why you have me hiding in this dank hole of a room,” she said, fairly.”Well. Like I said, there were never any side effects for the medicine,” I said, “Until this morning.” Then I couldn’t talk anymore. My mouth got dry and I heard my throat click.”Well what side effect do you have now. Sounds like dry mouth,” she said and giggled. I was still frozen. I wanted to say the words. I just couldn’t get them out for some reason. “Damn it Mina, stop being so mysterious and just tell me what is going on!””I grew a dick!” I said, more loudly than I had intended. I squeezed my eyes shut as I said it. The room was silent now and I felt like my entire body was vibrating. My heart was beating in my throat.”Like…” she said finally, I opened my eyes and she was still there. Her mouth was slightly agape and she seemed as though she weren’t comprehending what I was saying.”Like a dick. A penis,” I said in a more controlled fashion now.”How?””I don’t know. I am getting ready to go to my doctor’s office. She says that there may be something she can do but that I can’t stop taking the medicine and that it won’t go away on its own,” I explained to her and I felt tears welling up in my eyes. In half a second Lucy was up off of the couch and she had her arms around me, holding me closely in a hug. I wrapped my arms around her back and started to sob. I couldn’t control myself. I felt weak in the knees and soon Lucy was the only thing keeping me from hitting the ground.”Shhh…Shhhhh….Shhhhh,” she hushed into my ear, squeezing me close and stroking my hair, “It’s okay Mina. You didn’t do anything wrong. It isn’t a punishment it isn’t anything bad. Your doctor is going to fix you up and it will just be a story me and you tell when we are hanging out alone. Okay?” She said. I felt a weight come off of my shoulders. Of course, I had been thinking those things. But I was just so relieved that she wasn’t running out of the room. She didn’t think any less of me. Maybe everything would be okay.”Better?” she asked as I opened my eyes and looked up at her. She brushed my hair out of my eyes and wiped my tears off of my cheeks. She was smiling at me and I was filled with an undeniable feeling of love, “Don’t worry about crying. I think you are entitled. But you’ve had things so much worse. This is nothing.”‘I know,” I said, my voice choked and teary sounding, “It is just so weird.””I know,” she said, stroking my hair. She was still holding me around the waist, looking at mobilbahis giriş me closely. Her breasts were on top of my breasts and I could feel the friction between our shirts. I could almost sense that she was noticing it to. I definitely noticed that she never let me go. I started to notice something very unnerving. I noticed that my cock was slowly filling. I could tell that there was an erection coming on. I didn’t know what to do. If I pulled away from her she would sense something was wrong. If I stayed here, she would definitely know something was up. I was still struggling to figure out what to do what she put an end to it.”Well Hello! Is that a spontaneous penis in your pants or are you just happy to see me?” she said and I blushed hard.”I…I…” I said.”Don’t sweat it,” she said smiling, “You aren’t the first person to rub your dick on my leg.””No…I,” I tried again.”Mina. I am joking. I know you can’t control this thing. I was just trying to make you not feel bad about it. We have a special bond now. I want you to be comfortable,” she said and then finally let go of her hug and stepped back. My little dick was poking out now against my skirt.”I’m sorry,” I said.”The whole point of what I said was so you wouldn’t have to be sorry Mina,” she said, crossing her arms across her chest and giving me a crooked grin.”Sorry I didn’t get it,” I said and then smiled back at her and she laughed. We stood there, awkwardly for a minute and then we giggled again. We didn’t know what else to do. I noticed her eyeing me now, in a nonchalant way, like she didn’t want me to notice what she was doing.”Can I…see it?” she said, twisting her upper body back and forth c***dishly, trying to make her little question seem innocent.”No!” I said. I wanted as few people as possible to know what it looked like.”Come on!” she said, flopping back down on the couch, “Tell me if we were flipped and I had just told you what you told me that you wouldn’t want to check it out.” She made a compelling point.”I know but…” I said, wavering and she could tell. I was sort of excited too. I was horny and my head was a little light and I was completely overwhelmed by how beautiful and sweet Lucy was.”I mean I can always offer the assistant captaincy to someone else…” she said, raising her eyebrows at me.”Fine…” I said, sighing deeply, but actually quite excited. She leaned forward on the couch while I quickly slipped my skirt down around my ankles and kicked it off. I was wearing a little lime green pair of boy shorts and my cock was straining out against it and there was a small spot of pre-cum where the tip was pressing against the cotton. Lucy’s eyes were on it and she licked her lips without noticing what she was doing. She was turned on too!I was a little bit nervous, but like earlier in the bathroom I was past the point where my fears and concerns were in control. I was just going to act and I might regret it later but it really wasn’t a choice. I slowly slipped down my underwear, revealing my small, hard, shaved cock for Lucy to see. She let out a little gasp and leaned back a little in the couch. I felt my cheeks getting hot. Now that she could see it, maybe she didn’t think it was okay anymore. Maybe she realized it was gross.”It’s so strange,” she said thoughtfully.”I know, its disgusting…””No, let me finish,” she said cutting me off quickly, “I was going to say, it’s strange that it looks so feminine. I mean I have seen…four? Yeah four penises in my life. They looked like that but not like that. I mean that is totally a dick, but it is a girl dick. I know that sounds strange,” she said, looking at it with her head cocked to the side.”Thanks, I think,” I said feeling awkward standing there in my tank top with my dick hanging there. I wondered if anyone was milling around in the theater. I was a little nervous.”Can I…touch it?” she asked, getting up from the couch and walking towards me. I took a little step back.”I don’t think that is a good idea,” I said, but I wanted her to touch it.”I won’t hurt you,” she said and her voice had changed now. It was sort of husky and when she walked towards me she sort of slinked. She had a little grin on her face and her big, beautiful eyes were shining. She stopped me dead in my tracks and kept moving towards me. Soon she was standing a few inches from me. “Promise?” I asked coyly.”Cross my heart,” she said and took one more half-step in. She leaned forward and kissed me lightly, just a whisper of her lips against my own. At the same instant the palm of her hand found the tip of my penis. She sort of swirling her palm around the tip gently, not causing any painful friction, but instead just giving me the slightest bit of a sensation. I moaned into her mouth.”Oh shit!” I said and my knees buckled a bit. Lucy snaked her other arm under my arm, across my back, and grabbed the back of my neck with her hand. She held me up and at the same time, pushed her lips deeper into my own. Her thick, pink lips parted and her tongue slipped gently into my mouth, tasting the spit out of my mouth, tickling my tongue. While she was doing this, she slowly started to stroked my cock with her hand. I felt her long fingernail tickle it gently and she move her hands down and gently mashed my balls in her hand, tugging on them gently.I slipped one of my hands around her back and squeezed her athletic butt in my hand and she gave a little jump and bit down on my tongue. With my other hand I gently started to rub the side of her breast, feeling its weight and she moaned. She started to push her tongue in farther. I opened my mouth wider and flattened my tongue, letting her gently snake her thick, long tongue down my throat. I was pushing my hips against her hands now and moaning around tongue. Our teeth clattered together, her tongue was so deep inside of me. My entire body felt rigid. I just wanted to stay like this forever.But suddenly, she pulled her tongue out of my mouth, licking the spit from her lips. She gave me a quick kiss and then started to squat down in front of me. Her arm slithered down my back, wrapping around my ass and holding me tight. Her other hand was still working my dick, but I looked down at her red hair and saw her mouth open in front of my dick, jacking it into her mouth. She looked up at me for a few seconds. Then she dipped her head forward and engulfed the tip of my dick in her mouth.For a second she held it just there, swirling her tongue slowly around the tip, sucking down the pre-cum and making little noises. I felt weak but she kept holding me up. It was a crazy feeling. A little like when I used to rub my clit, but different. I played in her thick, red hair, running my fingers through it and focusing on that so I wouldn’t cum right away, the waiting was delicious agony. Slowly, she began to move her head back and forth. Each time she moved forward she took a little bit more of my cock into her mouth than the time before. Her tongue still swirled around the tip and she was rubbing my balls gently with one of her hands. In a few moments all three and a half inches of my dick was inside of her mouth, getting rubbed and bathed with her tongue. Occasionally she’d dart her tongue out, licking my balls. I was moaning loudly now and leaning over her slightly, my stomach rubbing against the top of her head. I was rubbing my tits with one of my hands.Suddenly, I felt an orgasm welling up inside of me. I could tell even before it happened that it was going to be more intense that the one that morning. I dropped my hands to her head, holding it gently but firmly in my hands, pushing her head into my cock until her chin was pushing in my balls and her nose was pushing into my stomach. I let out a low moan and then it happened. I first felt my balls constrict and then I felt an intense sensation all over my body. I felt my asshole tighten up and then I felt the hot, thick ropes of cum splash out of my dick in huge spurts. I heard Lucy make a strange gurgling sound. The feeling was so amazing I lost my balance. Lucy kept my cock in her mouth as she gently helped my down onto the floor, laying my down on the ground. Even while she was doing this, more and more cum was shooting into her mouth from my dick. Her cheeks were bulging with sperm and it was coursing out of her lips and down onto her chin even as she was swallowing it. Finally, the last few drops spilled into her mouth and I leaned back hard against the floor. Panting.I was laying there and suddenly her weight was on top of me, sitting on my chest. Her cheeks were still bulging and my cum was dripping off her chin onto my shirt. She leaned forward and grabbed my tank top and bra with her hand and pulled me up. She leaned forward and kissed me deeply, opening her mouth and letting my cum flow into my mouth. It was hot and salty and tasted a little bit like her spit. We both swallowed down half the remaining cum, but kept kissing. She leaned down so that she was lying completely against me, my flaccid dick on her stomach. We kissed leisurely, our arms tied in pretzels and her hair forming a halo around our faces.Finally, she spoke, “Sorry. I couldn’t help it.””I am not complaining,” I said and kissed her nose. She scrunched it up and smiled.”Should you be going to the doctor?” she asked and I realized where I was and what time it was. But I really didn’t want to go.”I guess I probably should. You are way late for practice,” I said and she looked up at the clock and smiled.”Yeah I guess so,” she said, then she put her hands on either side of my body and pulled herself. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and then licked her hand clean, “You taste so much better than boys.””Thanks,” I said.”Now go. I will see you tomorrow,” she said and the way her eyes scanned my body I could tell that she wanted to see all of me.

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