a birthday 3some

a birthday 3someSo it was 1982 I was fifteen and Julie was also fifteen she was petite with short black hair, small 32b breasts and no ass to speak of, and I was in love with her, partly because I was fifteen but mainly because she let me fuck her. She was an only c***d and lived with her divorced mother who had a Saturday night job as a singer at a local club so we always had the Saturday evenings to ourselves, we tried everything from oral to anal to dressing up (both in her mother’s lingerie, but that’s a difference story) to a little light spanking (which neither of us liked). Well Julie had a best friend called Elizabeth but everybody called her Beth, the complete difference to Julie you couldn’t get a year younger at f******n but about 6 inches taller, 3 stone (about 20 kg) heavier and with huge tits (38dd), being fifteen and tall, on the heavy (what we would call a BBW) side and ginger she didn’t have much luck with boys well I found out from Julie that she had told Beth everything we did and I mean EVERYTHING and she was sure Beth had been using our fucking as a mental picture while using her hairbrush to get off. So it was coming up to Beth’s birthday and Julie had an idea to really make her day, she suggested we let her join us one Saturday and I could fuck her as a present from Julie. And with me being fifteen I very quickly agreed and she said she would let me know when, about 2 weeks later Julie said she had set up for the coming Saturday, I could barely sleep (nor keep my hard on away) in anticipation, well Saturday came and I arrived at Julies just before her mother left (she always looked sexy and was my MILF fantasy for a long time) Julie kaçak iddaa was in blue jeans and a t shirt she gave me a hug and we said goodbye to her mother after she was gone Julie said she is going to get changed and if Beth arrived wish her a happy birthday and give her something to drink.10 minutes later Beth arrived dressed in a black skirt and white blouse she looked very nice so I wished her a happy birthday and gave her a drink a few minutes later Julie came in she had changed in to a short RA RA skirt red top and sandals, she hugged Beth and they chit chatted while I put a the TV on Julie switched off the light and her and I settled on the couch and Beth in the chair, pretty soon Julie and I were kissing and feeling each other up then Julie starts rubbing the bulge in my pants, my cock was so hard it was hurting Julie unzipped my flies and put her hand inside to rub my cock, I looked at Beth who was watching us rather than the TV, suddenly Julie looked at Beth and said do you want to see something really cool Beth nodded and Julie proceeded to unfasten my pants and pulled them down then pulling my underpants out she released my now rock hard cock and judging by the look on Beth’s face it was the first one she had ever seen. Julie looked at her and smiled and asked what she thought Beth was gobsmacked but muttered something about how it looked wonder full “want to feel it? “Julie asked and Beth nodded, she came over and sat on the other side of me with Julie’s encouragement Beth reached out and gripping my cock slowly moved her hand up and down, Julie looked at me smiled and kissed me. Julie then smiled at Beth and said watch she leant perabet güvenilir mi forward and kissed then end of my cock and licked up the precum that was there, I could feel Beth stiffen slightly but she was looking at Julie with awe. Julie said do you want to try? Beth just nodded and grabbing my cock again she leaned down and kissed my bell end, with Julie’s encouragement she started to lick all around my cock head before taking it in her mouth and sucking down.Julie then asked Beth if she would like me to lick her pussy and Beth just nodded so |Julie stood and told Beth to do the same, Julie then took her shirt off and wearing no bra she exposed her pert little breasts she then grabbed Beth’s shirt and lifted it over her head exposing these massive tits in a plain white bra the standing behind Beth she unclipped her bra and let her tits free, they were the biggest I had ever seen with really dark nipples that were rock hard I stood and slipping out of my pants I reached out and grabbed her tits then Julie said go on Jake why not suck them so leaning forward I took one nipple in my mouth while squeezing the other one, I moved back to see Julie taking her skirt and panties off then telling Beth to do the same while I removed my shirt. All 3 of us stood looking at each other Julie short hair small breasts and neat black bush, me a little fuzz on my chest, curly dark pubic hair and all 7.5in standing up in anticipation and Beth large tits out and a chubby belly above a mass of ginger pubes. I almost shot my load there and then but Julie gently pushed bath back down on to the couch and told her to open her legs I knelt perabet giriş down and started kissing down her inner thigh until I got to her pussy before running my tongue along the lips I felt Beth shudder a little, and I started to lick and kiss her pussy before slipping a finger in to her already wet pussy, as I came up for air I saw Julie next to Beth with 2 fingers in her own pussy going hell for leather so while still finger fucking Beth I reached over and replaced Julies fingers with mine and stated finger fucking both of them. Beth sat up and I kissed her full on the lips letting her taste her own pussy juices then I kissed Julie to let her taste me, Beth and baths pussy juices which Julie did hungrily then reaching over Julie grabbed a condom opened it and put it on my cock and while still on my knees I slid straight in to Beth’s waiting pussy. Julie came behind me and started kissing my neck she whispered don’t come in her pull out and shoot on her breasts, judging by the look on Beth’s face she was really enjoying well I didn’t last long as soon I pulled out and after removing the condom I finished by hand before shooting a load on Beth’s tits and stomach, Julie came around and kneeling before Beth she started to lick my cum off her best friends tits and chubby belly then moving up she kissed Beth so they could share my cum. Well being fifteen and being turned on my cock started to get hard again and moving behind Julie I slipped in to her pussy and while watching her kiss and suck her best friends nipples I furiously fucked Julie before shooting a load in to her pussy, I slipped out and tried to catch my breath Julie leaned back on the couch so I leaned down and licked my own cum from her pussy before reaching over and kissing Beth again so she could taste both Julie and my cum mixed together……….There was a lot more happened that night and other nights so if you’re interested I will post some more

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