A Birthday Celebration

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Sincere thanks to my editor ScarlettKisses making the language more fluent and the story more complete.


We are together for celebrating my sister-in-law eighteenth anniversary. The day took off in the morning with a champagne breakfast in her bedroom. She was embarrassed when we walked in singing “For she is a jolly…”

Oh what nice she was in her little pyjamas. The small maiden tits just viewable through the thin fabric. She tried to hide herself by pulling the quilt higher.

The scheme of the day was that the lunch was to be a family case at her parent’s home. Later in the afternoon a party of young people would get away to a local restaurant for dinner.

During the lunch I made a short speech for the celebration child. She immediately objected and said that her childhood was gone. Now she was a woman!

I reminded her about the first time I met her. “You were a persistent little girl of ten. You were very jealous about your sister and me, always trying to take me away from her, never allowing your sister to be alone with me, often taking place on my lap.”

“You have your own boyfriend now. I am left out of account! But you must know, I am jealous on your boyfriend for having such a charming lady,” I said with a humorous twinkle in my eyes. I looked at my wife and she laughed. Just as everyone else. I called for cheers and wished her all the best for the future.

The family talks went on in the usual manner when being together. By around three o’clock some young callers arrived. It was time for us to go for the restaurant. We had made an arrangement with the owner, a good friend of the family, to have the place for ourselves the whole night.

We were some twenty youngsters. True to say, all of us older than eighteen and friends of my sister-in-law and of my wife. In the whole troop the most celebrated were the young Mary and her boyfriend Arne. Then you have her elder sister, my wife Sarah, who always is the one with the feet on earth. In the troop there is also Mary’s closest female friends Lilly and Carina. Yes of course I myself, Thomas, had to be added. The old man in the party – good for 28 years.

It was a nice summer afternoon apart from that the temperature was somewhat too high. The noisy, thinly dressed troop walked through the streets on our way to the restaurant. Leading the party I looked back to the exhilarated girls and boys. I observed the females. Oh god, what a beautiful collection. Mary and Sarah hand in hand in their colour patterned summer dresses. The dark silhouettes of their bodies could be seen through the thin fabric when the rays of sunshine illuminated them from behind. As far as I got it Mary had no undergarments, and was stark naked besides the thin dress.

Lilly and Carina went on each side of Arne. They – the girls – had bikini fashioned dresses. Their fabric covering their chests was thin and hardly covered their areoles. The nipples pushed hard into the bright fabric. Their shorts were smallest, tightest fitting that could be found anywhere. The pussy was accentuated by the soft crotch fabric shrinking inside between the lips.

Arne and I wore unbuttoned white shirts put inside the waist line of our pants. Arne’s youthfully hairless chest was a sharp contrast to my hair covered, broad one.

Due to the hot weather we choose to take place inside the restaurant. The air-conditioning made it comfortable. The tables were arranged such that the one for guests of honour was close to the dance-floor. It was a table for six. The rest of the tables were small ones for two or four people. They were housed in the small cabinet like spaces along the walls, making the restaurant famous for its intimacy.

As it was I took place between Sarah and Mary at the table of honour facing the dance floor. In front of me Arne sat down between Lilly and Carina.

The restaurant owner, Clement, bid us welcome and explained that we were allowed to the whole establishment. After having ordered the food I stood up and proposed a toast for the birthday girl. Then the ice was broken.

There was a tremendous atmosphere. Even Arne, normally a reserved young man, was more talkative. Obviously he got on well with the two girls. The question is if he already got too far? I understood by Mary’s comments that she did not like her boyfriend to flirt with other girls.

Lilly and Carina giggled and smiled to his friendly advances. I am not sure, but I think his hands were caressing their thighs.

To distract Mary I started to make some comments on her nice summer dress. “It must be pleasant to wear such a light and airy dress a day like this!” Her face turned red. I went on and asked if it was real cotton.

“Yes it is” she answered with a thoughtful mind, “and the fabric is of a good quality.” She raised the lower part of the dress from her thighs. “Feel how thin it is!”

Now it was my face turning red. By raising the dress she, deliberately or not, shown her thighs all the way up to her crotch. True, she had no underwear!

“What are you doing?” shouted Sarah. “Do you illegal bahis want to seduce my husband?” She fixed her eyes on me.

“Don’t be silly,” I said. “I have seen your sister naked before.”

However it was long time ago I thought for myself. It must have been when she spent some summer days at Sarah’s and my new home. We were left alone in the house for an afternoon. Sarah was at her office for an important job. She was to be back home well before dinner.

Mary was a curious young girl and asked: “How is it to be married? Tell me how to make love.”

I tried to explain what it is to live together. “It’s wonderful to be close to Sarah. One never need to be shy in front of each other. The time will come when you will discover all the happiness of the marriage. First you must have a boyfriend to be very fond of.”

“Yes I know, but I want you to teach me now,” she insisted.

“You have to wait for your eighteenth birthday.” I was embarrassed to say the least for how this discussion was to wind up. The situation was saved by Sarah who just arrived back home.

“What’s going on here?” she asked with a terrified voice when she saw our serious faces.

I told her that her sister just wanted to know how you and I make love together!


Suddenly I was brought back to present time. Sarah looked at me: “How quiet you are! What are you thinking of?”

I smiled and said that she always had been a saving angel. “Every time something interesting is popping up you are there to bring me in the right way.”

The celebration people got more and more wild. The soft music being played changed to a harder, tougher style. Some of the youths were now active on the dance floor.

Arne seemed to like it and invited Lilly for a dance. He hugged her tight. His hands caught hold of her buttocks forcing her lower part hard against his thighs. To Mary’s consternation he also kissed Lilly, as it appeared, in a hot love inviting way.

I proposed Mary to take the chance for dancing with me. “Sarah, I hope you allow me to get hold of your sister for a while?”

Sarah muttered with some disappointment in her voice: “It is up to you.”

When dancing I whispered in Mary’s ear: “Now, you have reached your eighteenth birthday. If you still want it I will be eager to teach you how it is to be in bed with a man.”

She looked at me: “I have always ached for being yours. But I suppose it will hurt Sarah and destroy your marriage.”

“No problem,” I answered and nodded sideways. Mary followed my eyes and saw that Sarah amused herself with a young dance partner. Obviously she was very interested in him. He led her as if he was a dancing-master. He took every chance to get hold of her apple shaped buttocks. His hands strived to get inside between her thighs. He managed to raise the hem of her dress. The hipsters were in view by everyone. She made no resistance, just followed him in the dance.

He bent her backwards and kissed her in a most passionate way. She seemed to respond in an active way. There was a sting of jealousy going through my body. It had never happened before that Sarah, my lovely wife, kissed a man in front of me.

After a while Mary and I returned to the table. Sarah’s seat was empty. I looked around to find her, but there was no trace of Sarah. I asked Clement if he had seen her. He responded with an arched smile that perhaps she had to visit the ladies room.

Inside me I was rather sure that her young dance partner had abducted her.

I knew that there were some small “conference” rooms upstairs. Some years ago Clement told me that his guests were allowed to make use thereof if needed.

I told Mary to follow me. She was a little bit disappointed too. Nor Arne was to be found. Also her best friends Lilly and Carina had disappeared!

Mary and I went upstairs. I explained to her the aim of the rooms we were to inspect.

She was very upset. “I really didn’t think my boyfriend was to cheat on me! And with my best friends! It’s unbelievable and unforgettable.”

“Oh you think so,” I said with a smile. “What do you think he would say if you went to bed with me?”

She didn’t answer.

Upstairs there was a hallway with doors on each side. Most of the doors were open. Inside the rooms there were a table, a pair of chairs and a twin bed. Just like a small hotel room.

We continued along the hall. A few doors were closed. From behind one of the closed doors we could clearly hear what was going on inside. Words of happiness and satisfaction made its way out through the chinks of the door. From another room laughter and loud voices could be heard. However it was impossible to establish who the people were other than it was girls and boys who made each other lucky.

Almost at the end of the hall we found a door being slightly open. Carefully I slowly opened it. We looked into the room. We stood as petrified of astonishment.

Two nude people were quite engaged of each other. She was lying on her back on the twin bed with the feet next to the door. He illegal bahis siteleri straddled her pussy with his back shown to us. It was Sarah and Arne!

They were not aware of being observed. Sarah moaned when Arne penetrated her pussy. Together with Arne’s breathing of exertion it made us hot. I whispered: “Oh god, what a beautiful couple! We have to join them. Aren’t we?”

Mary was doubtful. She stared at the scene taken place in front of her. Her boyfriend satisfying her sister! “I wish he will learn something about sex,” she whispered to me.

“Wouldn’t you learn something too?” I had put myself behind her back and cupped her tits through the thin cotton fabric. Contributed by the sounds from the two lovers the feeling of the B sized breasts gave my cock an incitement to grow hard.

I was aware of a little hand searching down along my trousers. It stopped just over a bulb built up inside. The hand squeezed the trousers. “I want to see your naked body!” I heard Mary’s voice echoed from the past. “And I want you to teach me the love game now!”

I wasn’t late to get rid of my clothes. At the same time I helped Mary out of her dress. There we stood quite nude just in front of our respective partners, who at the moment had no eyes for us. Arne was occupied with licking Sarah’s clit. It was funny that he hadn’t noticed us.

My hands slid down along Mary’s slim body. Passing her flat belly they reached the pubic bone. I turned her to face me. She stared at my hard pointing cock. “What do I do?” she whispered.

I kneeled in front of her, separated her legs a little. I put my tongue inside between her pussy lips just in the height of the clit. She gasped loudly. I went on licking her pussy up and down. Her body shivered of satisfaction. She moaned and sighed. “Please, go on! Do it to me!”

That was the signal announcing our presence to Sarah and Arne. The sudden interruption of their activities was for sure not what they wanted. They looked at us and Sarah asked irritated: “What are you doing here?” But in next second she said: “Welcome on board, hear is room for four!”

Mary and I entered the room.

“Well I’m here to show Mary how you and I make love together. You know, she has always wondered what we are doing at home at night. Now it’s up to you to show her!”

Sarah smiled and said that obviously we already had got a good introduction then observing Arne’s wonderful knowledge in the matter.

Arne stood in front of Mary. His face expressed a look of appeal. It was obvious that he didn’t know how to handle the situation.

“Oh, come on!” I said, hugged Mary and kissed her. She immediately responded by trying to reach my cock. She knelt and got hold of it. Once more it grew in her hand. Her mouth came closer and I forced her head against my crotch. She started to suck it. First very doubtful, then more and more aggressive like a starving child.

Arne watched his girlfriend. “No, you can’t do such a thing to me!” he shouted jealously. “I can’t believe it, you are mine, you can’t suck him off!”

Sarah intervened and asked him why he only a moment ago was eager to eat her pussy if he doesn’t allow Mary to have fun in a corresponding way. “She has the same rights as you to investigate the happiness of the life.”

Arne shook his head: “It feels so unreal to see her do something she never had done to me!”

Mary showed up an astonished face. She immediately stopped her actions. She got on her feet and facing Arne she said that she wouldn’t like to hurt his feelings. “I thought it was ok as you and my sister acted as you made when we found you. Please, forgive me. I love you!”

Arne got close to her and embraced her. “I’m a fool and of course you have nothing to beg for excuse.” They looked at each other. Her hands rested on his buttocks. An unsure smile began to cover their faces.

It was obvious to Sarah and me that Arne was going hot. Mary had spread her legs. Her right hand had left his buttocks and slipped in between their nude bodies. I think she kept hold of his shaft.

He brought Mary to lay down on her back on the twin bed. Straddling her body he cuddled and fondled her tits. Bent forward he kissed her lips. Their tongues met in a whirling dance, just as a battle of whom could reach furthest inside the mouth of one another.

Sarah and I witnessed a real reconciliation between two loving youths. We were infected of their flaming love. We left the room with the door slightly open.

“Sorry for having destroyed your teaching of a young man!”

Sarah looked at me: “Jealous of him?”

“No, but I was very anxious about your dance partner. Obviously he was successful in making you quite hot!”

“Oh, he wasn’t my type. But as I knew that you watched us I just liked to give you an eye-opener! You seemed to prefer Mary!”

I was ashamed, but explained that I wanted to divert Mary’s embarrassment when Arne asked Lily for a dance. “But you got rid of your cavalier?”

“Yes, thanks to Arne! He understood that I didn’t like the attendance when I returned to canlı bahis siteleri our table. He knew about the rooms upstairs and proposed me to follow him.”

When I heard Sarah’s explanation a load was off my mind. I embraced her and said that I really had to thank Arne for his rescue action.

Suddenly I was aware that Sarah and I went naked along the hallway. Some doors were still closed. Funny sounds and voices could be caught from inside.

There were also some noisy voices downstairs. I heard them coming closer. It was quite clear that some people were aimed at investigate what to be found upstairs.

In front of Sarah and me appeared a small group of six nude youngsters. I recognized Lilly and Carina in front of the rest of the group. Their faces got reddish when they saw our nude bodies. Lilly found herself and asked if we knew where to find Mary.

I laughed: “You are anxious to know where she was gone? I can tell you that she is very busy for the moment. And I think she doesn’t want to be disturbed!”

Lilly stared unable to understand.

One of the boys shouted: “She isn’t interested in Mary but in Arne!”

Lilly glared at him. “We want to thank Mary for the great birthday party! You know where she is, please, show us.”

I looked at Sarah and she nodded her approval. I made a sign to them to be silent. Returning to the slightly open door I waited until all six expectant nude youths were assembled in front of the door. I brought it full open.

A murmur went through the hallway. In front of our wide opened eyes Mary straddled Arne who lay on his back with the feet facing the door. With her back turned to Arne’s head she was somewhat bent backwards and moved up and down with his hard cock inside her vagina. Her tits bounced in a happy way for each stroke she made. Her wide spread legs gave us a good view of her nice pussy.

I was afraid that she was to pass out of pure fright. She stopped her action but remained straddled above Arne. He raised his head in an attempt to see what had happened.

Sarah struck up the tune: “Happy birthday to you…”. The little group of nude people followed her with top of their voices.

Mary got down from Arne. I whispered to them that they had to finish their heavenly exercise when alone back at home. The youths had invaded the room. Lilly had found her way to Arne and Mary was attended by two boys.

Sarah and I stood in the doorway and the sight of happy teenagers foundling each other reminded us about times not long ago.

Mary said something to the boys who were foundling her. They looked at Sarah and dragged her into the room. She looked surprised at me. But when I nodded my approval she followed them.

I wasn’t late to take care of Mary. “You know I want to be with you,” she whispered in my ear. I took hold of her buttocks and pulled her up such that her legs surrounded my waist. My cock was growing hard and was soon apt for insertion.

Mary hold her arms around my neck and clasped herself to my chest. Our lips found each other in a deep kiss. I let her slide down my body and my erected penis just as searched for her vaginal opening. It found its goal and slipped into a well lubricated channel. I carried her towards the bed and brought her to lie down on her back across the bed, still with my cock inside. Her bottom was in line with the edge of the bed length side in a comfortable height for me to continue. My cock slid in and out. First with a slow speed, but then with an increasingly rate.

My hands had reached Mary’s small breast, lifting them slightly. My fingers teased the tips of her puffed out nipples. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. Her breathing changed to short, shallow gasps. I knew she was about to orgasm.

“Aaaahhhh,” she came. Her pussy contracted on my cock. Her head raised from the bed. Her belly flexed. “Uuuuuhhh,” she contracted again. I felt that her clit was stiff when our crotches were brought together. With a loud exhale she collapsed on the bed.

I looked around to see what was going on. Everybody was in high spirit. I found that Sarah was attended by three of the young boys. I caught her eye and got the impression that she enjoyed the situation. She sat on one of the boys with his cock deep inside her ass hole when another one tried to enter her vagina from behind. The third boy stood behind her head. His hard erection protruded over her hair. I guessed he aimed to bring it in her mouth.

Next to Mary and me, Lilly and Carina were quite busy with Arne, who lay on his back on the bed. His cock was buried in Lilly’s cunt while Carina straddled his head. I caught the glimpse of how his tongue tried to encircle her clit. The girls faced each other and their hands were foundling one another’s breasts.

Mary had recovered from her orgasm. She was aware of Arne’s and her girlfriends’ actions. She looked at me with a smile. “They are tremendous! I think Arne likes such an attention.” We heard Arne’s grunting and how his breathing was more and more exerted. If it wasn’t for that Carina had covered his mouth with her pussy his aroused condition had came to a louder sound expression. However, from his body movements it was obvious that he cum deep inside Lilly. She screamed: “Oh god, that feels great!” All her body quivered when she reached orgasm too.

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