A Boi Named Bobbi Ch. 05


A Boi Named Bobbi Chapter 5

By Subone1

This story is fantasy, use your imagination ??.

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination. — John Lennon

I was in shock! Jenny just ordered Mom to kneel in front of her, and Mom did it! My mouth was hanging open and I was shaking my head in disbelief.

“Unbutton your blouse Mom.”

I watched intently as Mom obeyed. Jenny went to a kitchen drawer and got a pair of scissors. With Mom’s button down blouse completely unbuttoned and hanging open, Jenny snipped the front of Mom’s bra. Jenny then pulled Mom’s blouse halfway down her arms, exposing her chest and immobilizing her arms at the same time. She cut the rest of Mom’s bra off and tossed it aside. Mom’s beautiful tits were now on full display. I noticed how erect her nipples were, and so did Jenny. She reached out and roughly twisted one of Mom’s nipples.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you bitch?” Jenny sneered.

Never in my life had I seen my Mom intimidated, until this moment. She stared up at Jenny and nodded ‘yes’.

Jenny smiled. “I suspected all my life you were submissive under that tough exterior. Looks like I was right.”

Jenny then took the pitcher of my cum and dumped it over Mom’s head!

“I hate wasting precious cum like this, but you are now christened as my cum slave!” Jenny told Mom.

The cum ran down Mom’s face and onto her exposed tits. Her hair was covered in it! Jenny set the pitcher on the counter and stepped out of her tennis skirt.

“Lay on your back and open your mouth bitch!”

Mom laid down and opened her mouth. Standing over her, Jenny positioned her cunt directly over Mom’s mouth. She let loose with a powerful blast of hot, yellow, piss! After filling Mom’s mouth with her piss, she moved along Mom’s entire body and drenched it in piss.

“I’m now marking you as my property bitch,” she sneered at Mom. “There is a new pecking order in this house now, and you’re at the very bottom. Don’t forget that. You’re just a pair of tits and a cunt to be used however I want.”

I was rock hard this entire time. When Jenny finished pissing all over Mom, she turned to me.

“I promised you a reward earlier Wimpy, it’s time for you to collect it. Stand over here and jerk your horse cock off right in Mom’s face. This will also be a good check on how quickly you reload.”

She turned back toward Mom.

“Get back up on your knees slut.”

Mom resumed the kneeling position.

“She’s all yours Wimpy, drench her with your cum.”

I stood in front of Mom. She was already such a mess! Cum and piss matted her normally pretty hair down on her head. Her shirt still hung open, exposing her cum covered tits. She was wearing leggings as she normally does. Those were mostly soaked with piss but had some cum stains as well.

Mom looked up at me, big pleading eyes. I wasn’t sure if she was pleading for mercy or pleading for more cum. If she was on the bottom of this new pecking order, I presumed I was slightly elevated above her, but both of us subservient to Jenny. I decided to use my quasi-status to my advantage.

Looking down at her I hissed, “Beg me for my cum. Beg for me to spray my huge load all over your fucking face. You humiliated me for years, now it’s your turn!”

Jenny was standing off to the side watching her two slaves intently. She smiled as I verbally abused our Mother.

“Cum all over my face Wimpy! Spray your load on your Mommy. Better yet, spray it in my mouth!” she opened her mouth wide.

“You nasty, filthy bitch!” I sneered at her as I began stroking my huge cock.

Jenny chimed in, “Wait until we put that whore in stockings and high heels for you Wimpy! You can use her anyway you want!”

Oh my God! I felt the cum welling up inside my huge nut sac.

Mom continued, “I’ve been a mean cunt to you all your life Wimpy. Now you can repay me.”

And that is exactly what I did! My cum erupted, inches from her open mouth! It took both of my hands to hold my cock and aim it, I felt like I was holding a fire hose! Mom tried to swallow as much of my cum as possible, but she simply couldn’t keep up with my steady stream of goo.

She began choking and pulled back slightly. Jenny came over and grabbed a handful of her sticky hair.

“Keep that fucking slut mouth open bitch! You asked for this, now swallow it all!”

I keep spraying her.

“Put the head right in her mouth Wimpy!” Jenny directed.

Mom opened her mouth as wide as she could, and I inserted the head of my still spurting cock. Jenny held her head there and wouldn’t let her back off my cock. Mom was choking but still swallowing. Finally, my eruption started to subside. Jenny held her there a bit longer, then pulled her away. She yanked her head back so Mom was staring right into Jenny’s face. Jenny drooled a big mouthful of spit into Mom’s mouth, then she spit again all over her mobilbahis güvenilir mi face. Finally, she pushed Mom back down on the floor.

I knelt down and wiped the head off my dick off on her leggings. As I stood back up, Mom began to vomit all over herself and the floor. Jenny started laughing.

“A little too much cum, eh slut? Better get used to it.”

Jenny directed both Mom and me to clean up the kitchen while she went up to shower.

“After this mess is cleaned up, you two go shower, together. Wimpy, you’re sleeping in Mom’s bed with her from now on. I expect her to be covered with your dried cum in the morning. If not, you’ll both pay the price.”

Over coffee in the morning, Jenny informed Mom and me that she was having a few of her likeminded, kinky girlfriends over to the house tonight. Jenny was pleased that Mom came down to breakfast with my dried cum on her face and tits.

“We’re going to have a Human Dildo Party,” she said casually. “Mom, you’ll be serving drinks and whatever else I tell you to do.”

“Yes Miss Jenny,” Mom meekly replied.

“Wimpy, you’ll be the main attraction. Just do what I tell you to do and everyone will have a good time.”

“Yes Miss Jenny.”

Jenny gave Mom and me chores to do all day long in order to get ready for the party. As the party time drew near, she had me shower again and then go to the basement. Our basement was a finished recreation room with carpeting, furniture, and a wet bar.

I was told to lay down, face up, spread eagle, on a single mattress that Jenny had laid on the floor in the basement. She had rigged both ankle and wrist cuffs to secure my arms and legs, she locked me in place. Jenny had also fastened a curtain that ran across my chest, effectively blocking me from seeing the lower half of my body or anything going on in the room. She then covered the lower half of my body with a sheet.

“Sit tight Wimpy, we’ll be with you in a little while!” she said sweetly as she left the room.

Upstairs, Jenny had Mom get dressed as a maid. Mom dressed in black seamed stockings, black garter belt, and four inch black, patent leather heels. Mom wasn’t allowed to wear panties. Jenny had bought a sexy maid outfit somewhere in anticipation of this party. The short black dress barely covered Mom’s ass and in the front, you could see her stocking tops and garter straps. The white apron was a nice touch and completed the outfit. Jenny had Mom wear slutty makeup and had her pull her hair back in a pony tail.

When Jenny’s three girl friends arrived, they were all dressed in short skirts, blouses, high heels and nylon stockings. Jenny had set the dress code for the evening and she wore a similar outfit. They all hung out in our family room, chatting away. Jenny had dropped some hints to her friends about what the party may entail, but purposely left out the details.

“Maid, we need some drinks out here!” Jenny called to Mom who was in the kitchen.

Mom hurried out to the family room and took the drink orders from Jenny and her guests. She then returned to the kitchen to fix the cocktails.

“Jenny, ummm, isn’t that your Mom?” Shelly asked.

Jenny smile her evil, sadistic grin. “My Mom, my maid, my slave, and my cum slut to be exact.”

This caused all sorts of chatter and questions from the girls. Jenny explained how things had transpired over the last few days between her and her Mom.

“She’s always been very submissive, she was just good at covering it up,” Jenny continued. “I’ve exposed her submissive side and plan to exploit the shit out of it!”

“What does Wimpy think about all this?” Julia asked.

Jenny had told her friends years ago about Wimpy’s immature genitalia. They all felt sorry for him and just treated him as a lonely loser.

“Wimpy has changed recently as well, you’ll see shortly,” Jenny replied sweetly. “But let’s just say, I rule this house now. Mom and Wimpy answer to me.”

Laughter and more chatter from the girls. They were definitely intrigued with this arrangement.

Mom returned with their drinks on a silver tray. She passed the drinks to the girls, and as she was handing the last drink to Shelly, the silver tray slipped from her hands, spilling the drink down the front of Shelly’s blouse. Horrified and embarrassed, Mom turned beet red and turned to look at Jenny. The room got deathly quiet. Mom bent over to pick up the tray from the floor. Jenny kicked Mom so hard in the ass that Mom lunged forward and almost fell over.

“You dumb fucking slut!” Jenny yelled at her. She then grabbed Mom by her pony tail and yelled, “Go get a towel to clean Shelly’s blouse!”

Jenny then excused herself and told her guests she’d be right back. When Jenny returned to the family room, she was carrying two small bungee cords and a wooden ruler. Mom was desperately trying to dry Shelly’s blouse with a towel as the other girls looked mobilbahis on, smirking. Shelly, however, was pretty pissed.

Jenny grabbed Mom by the hair again and spun her around to face all the girls. She viciously pulled the front of Mom’s maid dress down, exposing her lovely tits. Using the small bungee cords, she tightly wrapped one around the base of each of Mom’s tits, cutting off most of the blood flow and making her tits jut forward. In no time, Mom’s tits turned a lovely shade of bluish purple. She just stood there, head hanging down, looking at the floor.

Jenny turned to Shelly and handed her the wooden ruler, “Show the dumb bitch how pissed you are about your blouse.”

Mom finally spoke up, albeit meekly, “But Jenny, I’m your Mother.”

Whap! Jenny slapped her hard across the face. Shelly, Julia, and Lisa were now laughing and loving the show!

“You’re nothing but a submissive piece of shit!” Jenny hissed, inches from Mom’s face. “Put your hands on top of your head!”

Jenny turned back to Shelly, “Make the slut pay.”

Shelly held nothing back. She attacked Mom’s tits relentlessly with the wooden ruler. Julia and Lisa were getting wet watching this kinky, erotic show. Shelly whacked Mom’s tits until they were swollen, and red. Tears rolled down Mom’s cheeks.

“Spread your legs slut,” Jenny ordered Mom.

“Yes Miss Jenny,” Mom said through her quivering lip.

Jenny turned to her friends, “Anyone want to kick this worthless slut in the cunt?”

Lisa and Julia looked at one another and smiled.

“I think we both do,” Lisa said.

Lisa stepped forward, reared back, and kicked her high heel directly in between Mom’s spread legs. Mom let loose with a loud, guttural groan and staggered backwards, nearly falling over. With her hands still on her head, she stepped back into position. Julia was next.

“Hold your dress up bitch, I want to see my target,” Julia sneered at Mom.

“Yes Ma’am,” Mom replied as she lifted the front of her dress.

Her shaved cunt was already red from Lisa’s hard kick. Mom’s makeup was beginning to run down her face from all her crying. Julia stepped back, lunged forward, and kicked Mom as hard as she could, right in the cunt! Mom’s knees buckled and she fell to the floor.

Jenny smiled, “Nice shot!” She then placed her high heeled foot in front of Mom’s face as she lay on the floor, moaning.

Looking down at Mom in pain on the floor, Jenny sadistically said, “Don’t you think you should thank me for your punishment slut?”

Mom raised her head to look at her daughter, “Yes Miss Jenny.” She then lovingly kissed Jenny’s foot that was in front of her face.

“Get us a fresh round of drinks and bring them downstairs Mother.” Jenny purposely put the emphasis on ‘Mother’ as she walked toward the stairs to the basement.

“Follow me ladies, the evening gets better from here!”

Jenny lead her friends down to the basement. They were all questions about who was secured to the mattress and what this was all about? Jenny then explained the medical procedure she and Mom had administered to Wimpy. Because he was covered with a sheet below the waist, the girls could not see his huge horse cock, and for now, Jenny kept that part a secret. She merely said the treatments were ‘successful’ and that Wimpy had finally ‘grown up’.

Jenny went on to explain how Mom had mistreated Wimpy all his life. He had been humiliated and degraded for as long as she remembered. Yes, she had contributed to that, but only to please her Mom. But now Mom had been exposed as a true submissive, and things were different. Wimpy deserved a little revenge.

Mom arrived with a fresh tray of drinks. Her tits were still bound with the small bungee cords, and still very red, blue, and purple from the abuse. After delivering the drinks, Jenny told Mom to stand off to the side and wait for further orders.

“Go ahead and take your dress off slut, you won’t be needing that anymore tonight,” Jenny told her.

Mom stepped out of her dress, her now swollen cunt very red and very visible. She stood aside in her heels, black seamed stockings, and garter belt.

Jenny continued to explain things to her friends. She got to the part about the only thing that makes Wimpy get hard is nylons and high heels. Her friends were intrigued.

“Nothing else gives him a hard on except stockings and heels. Here, I’ll show you,” Jenny said, sliding back the curtain that was across Wimpy’s body.

For the first time tonight, Wimpy could see who was here and what was going on. He looked at his sister and her three friends, all wearing sexy nylons, high heels, and short, tight skirts. They were standing so close to him! He could almost reach out and rub their smooth nylons, kiss their lovely leather shoes! Immediately, he began to get hard.

“Oh my God! What’s under that sheet!?” Shelly gasped.

The girls watched mobilbahis giriş in fascination as Wimpy’s monster cock grew to it’s full size. The sheet that had been covering the lower half of his body slipped aside. The monster cock was now on full display! Every pussy in that room was now dripping wet, including Wimpy’s Mom.

“The best part is that he re-loads in like five seconds!” Jenny said excitedly. “And, when he cums, it’s not in spurts. It’s a steady stream of cum for about 30 seconds! So now you can understand why I called this a Human Dildo Party! So long as he can see nylons and heels, he never gets soft! We can ride this monster all night long!”

Jenny looked at her friends, the girls were horny as hell and drooling.

“But before we get our turn, we need to take care of a little business,” Jenny said in a menacing tone. “Take a seat for the show ladies.”

She turned toward Mom. “Come here Mother Dear.”

Mom tentatively stepped forward. “Yes Miss Jenny?”

In her sarcastic, little girl voice, Jenny said to Mom, “Mommy, have you ever been fucked in the ass?”

Looking at the floor, not wanting to make eye contact, Mom replied, “No, Miss Jenny, I haven’t.”

“Well ladies, looks like someone here is going to lose her ass cherry tonight!”

Jenny’s friends laughed and clinked drink glasses in a mock toast. Mom glanced at Wimpy’s monster horse cock and the light bulb came on. A look of fear and horror crossed her face.

“Miss Jenny?”

“Yes slut, what is it?”

“I, I…I can’t take that up my ass!”

“You can, and you will. Put your hands behind your back.”

Jenny picked up a zip tie from the end table and locked Mom’s hands in place behind her back. She grabbed Mom by the hair again and had her face the three girls sitting on the sofa.

“Who thinks the slut should get some lube before she gets fucked in the ass?” Jenny asked her friends.

They looked at one another and laughed.

“No fucking way!” Shelly said vehemently, still pissed about her blouse.

Jenny lead Mom over toward the mattress where Wimpy and his massive tool laid. He had a perfect view of the girls on the sofa and their sexy crossed legs. He was still hard as iron. She put Mom into position, straddling Wimpy’s cock and facing him. Julia came over to assist, as did Lisa.

Lisa held Wimpy’s cock still while Julia and Jenny forced Mom down on to the massive piece of meat. This was not going to be easy, but no one seemed to care except Mom.

“Just keep pushing her down by the shoulders!” Jenny told Julia.

Mom was screaming in pain! Jenny looked at Wimpy and he had a huge, smug smile on his face. She winked at him. Wimpy just stared at his Mother, feeling like his revenge for all the abuse over the years was finally at hand.

It took over 10 minutes before Mom was fully and brutally impaled on Wimpy’s huge dick. She was still wailing in agony and tears were running down her face and blood was dripping from her asshole. Apparently, Shelly couldn’t take it anymore, she walked over and slapped Mom repeatedly across the face.

“Shut up bitch!”

Jenny and Julia stood back and observed their handy work.

Dripping with sarcasm, Julia said, “I think she’s enjoying it!”

Jenny went to a nearby cabinet and came back with a small box.

“This is for you Wimpy,” Jenny said.

She then pulled a cordless electric razor from the box like a barber would use. Mom stopped wailing long enough to look up at Jenny standing over her, confusion etched on her face. Jenny clicked the razor on. Mom’s mouth fell open. Lisa, Julia, and Shelly watched intently.

As Mom remained impaled on Wimpy’s cock, looking right at him, Jenny proceeded to shave her head. Jenny was not being gentle; she purposely pulled the electric razor across Mom’s head in odd angles, stopping now and then to take photos with her phone. Mom’s hair fell in clumps onto Wimpy’s stomach, legs, and crotch. The three girls moved closer to watch. Mom had stopped screaming now and was merely sobbing, totally defeated and totally submissive to her dominant daughter.

Wimpy stared at the lovely, nylon clad, high heeled feet almost within his reach.

“Lisa, untie Wimpy’s wrist,” Jenny directed.

Wimpy then reached out and rubbed his hand over the beautiful nylons and heels of the three girls. He looked back as Jenny continued to shave Mom’s head. It was all too much, he erupted without warning! His 30 second blast of cum shot into his Mother’s bowels unrelentingly. Mom’s eyes flew wide open as she felt the liquid invasion inside her ass.

It took Lisa, Julia, and Shelly a moment to realize what was happening.

“Oh my God!” Lisa shrieked. “Look at the amount of cum running out of her ass!”

Wimpy’s cum drained from his Mom’s ass and mixed with her fallen hair on his groin and stomach. Jenny finally turned the razor off. Mom was completely and utterly bald! She roughly yanked Mom off of Wimpy’s cock, resulting in a loud plopping noise and more dripping cum. Mom could barely stand.

“Clean him up slut so we can use him now. Then get your worthless cunt upstairs.” Jenny hissed at her Mom.

“Yes Miss Jenny.”


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