A Boy Grows Up


Here I was once again sequestered in my room, not allowed the association of humanity and of all times, on a beautiful late nineteen fifties New England summer evening.

All agony was because that brat of a sister of mine set me up again, who had just turned sixteen and that I was eighteen. But unfortunately for me she was mom and dad’s little sweetie whereas I tended to be a little rough around the edges. So obviously whenever a dispute arose her cute and sweet would always won out over my not so cute. That’s why, even at my age, it seemed I always was the one to be relegated to their room.

I realize today it is hard to fathom that someone of that age would have to suffer such childish punishments. But back in that day and age, when you were under mom and dad’s roof, regardless of age, you were also under their thumb until you left home.

We lived in west suburban Boston; an area that was jam-packed with double deck two family homes and so did my family, we lived in quite an average two family ourselves. Each if the two apartments normally had six rooms but ours also included a finished attic that my dad had converted into two additional bedrooms. Mine was the one that faced the back yard and the front one was my older brother’s that was mostly vacant at that specific place in time because he had been drafted into the Army.

On that particular Friday evening that I was grounded, my parents had company to keep them occupied so I decided to make the great escape. Out of the bedroom window I went onto the back porch roof and using the emergency fire escape rope ladder I climbed down to the first floor porch jumped onto the railing and off into the night with my pals.

Knowing I was grounded for a week and not wanting to be dumb enough to get caught I decided to be home before eleven because that was the usual time my aunt and uncle normally left. That way I wouldn’t be leaving myself vulnerable to any bed check the warden, mom may decide to conduct. So I hustled back at about ten-thirty, got onto the first floor porch and began to quietly make my climb to my attic room.

I got to about the fourth or fifth rung of the rope ladder and just happened to glance toward the lighted window of the first floor apartments back bedroom. At the top three quarters of the window were drapes of some sort that were always tied back at the sides and the bottom two thirds were covered by accordion type shutters, those were almost always closed and you’d have to be seven feet tall to peek over them. But from my perch on the rope ladder I had a clear view over them and could see the entire bedroom. When I glanced in I dam near had heart failure, talk about perfect timing. I watched just as Mary dropped her uniform blouse to the floor and stepped out of shapeless uniform skirt.

Mary was late thirties and the daughter of an elderly couple that rented the first floor apartment from my dad. Both her mother and father were in poor health and Mary like many women of her day remained single to care for them.

Mary was a to most people’s eyes a plain Jane, but to me I knew that beyond that uniform she wore was very attractive woman that dressed to hide her looks. Each day she wore the exact same outfit because she was the manager of a famous chocolate store chain. But I was observant enough even then to notice that an extremely shapely body was hidden beneath that false façade. But when I said something like that to the guys I hung with the laughed and called her a wrinkled up spinster.

Tonight, before my adoring eyes was the living proof of my assumption, she was breathtaking Mary stood there in only her underwear. Her plain Jane candy store uniform now little more than a heap of cloth on her bed, as she stood there apparently looking at herself in her dresser mirror. All she had on her gorgeous body was her bra, white silky granny panties, as they call them today, and a white garter belt that held up those white nurse type stockings that were part of her uniform.

Sitting at her dressing table Mary let down her thick wavy hair that reached well beyond mid back, and began to give it what I hoped was going to be the proverbial hundred strokes thought to be good for your hair, but more importantly caused her breast to shudder with her motions.

I didn’t want to miss the rest of the strip show that I hoped was yet to come but I had to be sure I could stay for the entire display. So I scampered up the rope ladder and into my bedroom. I took off my shirt and jeans, put on my robe and slippers and went down stairs as if I going to the kitchen to get a coke.

I smiled like an angel making very, very sure to greet my aunt and uncle warmly before heading to the refrigerator. Using my brain assured me that mom would be thinking I was a good boy and most likely wouldn’t be checking on me now. So I flew up the stairs back into my jeans and pullover, then back down the ladder, this time with my Boy Scout binoculars. I took a position behind the corner post bursa escort that held up the porches and behind some of her laundry she had hanging out, I was sure this way I remained unseen.

Once again I arrived in perfect timing, I watched her finish brushing her hair, swung the chair around facing in my direction as she crossed one leg over the other and began to roll down her stockings before standing to remove her garter belt. With my powerful boy scout binoculars as she crossed her legs and uncrossed her legs rolling down her stockings I had such a clear view that I could count the hairs that poked out of the sides of her panties. I could even see the outline of her pussy lips as the panties moved across them with her movements making me wish I could hold on and jerk off at the same time.

Once the stockings were laid across her bed, Mary stood removed her garter belt, reached behind her back to unhook her bra. My eyes hurt from their unblinking stare as she let her bra fall down her arms and onto the dress and stockings that were piled on her bed.

There before me were two of the most perfectly formed breasts I had ever seen, I was sure that they were carved by none other than Leonardo himself. They were beautiful, not overly large but firm and perfectly conical in shape. They had large tan areolas that were enhanced by the enormous puffy protrusions that were her nipples.

Honestly I had seen very few, but teen pervert that I was an expert on every porno magazine that I could get my dirty hands on, but none had ever displayed a pair this perfect. And with Mary’s on a display my heart was beating a million miles an hour then she almost caused a brain hemorrhage as she sort of bent forward twisting her upper body this way and that, up and down, back and forth for a few minutes. It was obvious that she was trying to stretch out some kinks in her back but what a show. Then she donned her robe synched it tightly; slipped into her slippers and left the room turning out the light, show over.

I scaled the ladder folding it correctly putting it into its storage box just inside the window so no one would be the wiser, particularly dad who checked the thing for safety frequently.

I threw off my cloths, jumped between the sheets and took my current problem in hand and stroked to the pleasure of the recent visions. Once I relieved the pressure a second time, I put on my robe and headed for the bathroom. After I relieved myself I flushed and noticed that the water pressure was low. The only time that happened was when someone downstairs was showering. I realized now that in the future I should jerk off only once and then climb back down to the window for when she returned.


Chapter II

After that first night watching Mary I realized that her store closed at nine-thirty on Fridays that is why I caught the show at almost eleven pm. From then on I was there every Friday night alone with out fail, I at least had the sense to tell no one about my private show until decades later in this story.

I watched her each Friday over the next several months and the show was without fail identical to the first night and I also learned that she always put on an old granny type nightdress after her shower so there was no sense coming back for more.

That is until sometime in October, that night after she dropped her bra onto the bed, she sat back down in her chair still facing toward window and me. Mary started to pull and tease her already giant nipples, massaged her breasts wetting her fingertips in her mouth over and over and each time she did that it seemed to become more and more sensual.

I couldn’t resist, as I watched I dropped the binoculars, pulled out old Willy grabbed him behind his neck and beat him until he threw up all over the railing. My explosion was so massive it was everywhere I even painted my shoes. As I exploded I looked down and watched my ejaculate eject and spray all over the place. In doing so I never saw her stand and leave the room until a flash of her turning off the lights caught my eye.

The next Friday I went into panic mode, as I climbed onto the porch railing I saw Mary standing at the window closing those very drapes that had never been closed before. Worst of all I swear she looked in my direction. Although we didn’t make eye contact I still had a sense of foreboding. It went that way for a few weeks; drapes always closed and finally I stopped trying knowing in my heart I had been caught. I was scared to death that she’d tell my mom or worse yet my dad.

All stayed quiet until a few weeks before the Thanksgiving Holiday; Thanksgiving was a holiday when I generally worked for Mary after school. My job at the candy store was to handle the rush and regular postal delivery packages of chocolates that men mailed to their wives and lovers. I would process them, put them in mailers the take them to the post office. I also was responsible for going in one weekend before each big holiday rush bursa escort bayan to help break down, wash and sterilize the candy display cases before the girls would restocked them the very next day in preparation for the holiday rush.

Normally I would go in on a Sunday before the holiday when they were closed, so that I could breakdown the displays and clean them undisturbed by customers, then on Monday morning the sales girls would restock and set up the specific holiday displays.

But late one Monday afternoon just prior to Thanksgiving I came home early for some reason from hanging out with my pals. I remember hoping for an early supper because I was starved, but my appetite died an instant death when I walked through the back door.

There in our kitchen I found Mary sitting at the table drinking coffee and having what appeared from their looked at me a serious conversation. Seeing her there and the looks I got scared me right out of my BVD’s so I politely said my hellos and made a mad dash for the sanctity of my attic bedroom, I definitely wanted no part of this chat.

“Hey young man” my mother yelled, “Mary and I were having a conversation and it has to do with you, so get yourself right back over here.”

Ooh my God, the Bitch squealed, life as I knew it was about to end, there was nothing left to do except to get everyone ready for my wake. Let’s face it, I was surely going to die at the hands of my father’s and most likely in the proverbial sunrise ceremony.

Looking me dead in the eye and smiling in a way I knew meant trouble Mary said, “You and I have a major problem here that needs to be corrected immediately.”

As Mary spoke I could feel my heart fluttered and my temples throbbed as I became short of breath, I considered myself a tough kid but I was seconds from crying like a baby.

“You see,” she said as she displayed an enormous I’ve got you by the balls smile, “we are going to need you at the store earlier than usual for breakdown. Unfortunately it will have to be Friday night not Sunday as usual but your mother said its fine with her. So don’t make any plans because we’ll be busy quite late into the night and definitely will be there well after midnight, okay?”

What could I say? I caught my breath and composure but her stare and evil grin told me that this reprieve was only a temporary. But this coming Friday I would pay for my sins I still was doomed and I knew by her body language that I had only five more days of life as I knew it. What frightened me the most was how was she going to do it. I knew by her smile she was going to make me suffer, but how. What evil plan did she have and was there going to be accomplice to help her bring me down?


Chapter III

Friday night came much too soon for my feelings but I decided to get it over with I was going to face the music as they say, my only hope was considering she hadn’t told my parents maybe I could serve my punishment with out them finding out.

I arrived at the store early at about eight-twenty, ten minutes before time. I was greeted quite normally and given the normal list of chores that needed to be taken care of first. As I tended to my chores I became relaxed and time flew by so quickly that before I knew it the store was closed. The sales girls were putting all the chocolate display trays in the walk-in cooler and I was just about done with the initial list of chores I was given.

“Ladies when you have all the trays put away, please remove and wash the glass shelves but don’t put them back, Doug will do that when he finishes washing out the display cases. Ooh and when your done with the shelves you can go, see you all early tomorrow,” Mary said before returning to her office.

The girls did the shelves and I began to wash and disinfect the display cases. I was so engrossed in my chores that I had no conception of time. The sales girls had long since finished their chores, stacked the clean glass shelves behind each of the cases and left for the evening. Just as I was getting ready to put the shelves back into the last display I saw Mary standing in the backroom doorway leaning against the casing watching me.

“When you finish that last case I want you to damp mop the floor from the front door and work your way back here as you do, okay?” She said with a smile.

“Yes Mary,” I responded.

As I mopped I began to feel that things were not bad at all, Mary hadn’t said a word and suddenly seemed quite normal. I finally finished out front and made my way over the threshold and once in the backroom I immediately rinsed the mop and bucket and returned them to their proper place. Then as I got ready to leave I looked up to find Mary standing there staring into my eyes. Unlike the rest of the evening Mary’s friendly business face had disappeared and I was confronted with a stern almost angry leer that made me tremble in fear.

With no forewarning her voice took on an entirely new tone that only added to escort bursa my apprehension. “Now that you’ve completed your chores Douglas, I believe we should go to my office, besides you already know we have something to discuss, DON’T YOU?”

I didn’t answer her; I think I just stood there like a jerk looking down at the floor. One thing I do know for sure is I never had the courage to answer her or look her in the eye, because immediately after speaking Mary stepped in front of me, raised my face making eye contact and asked once again as she pointed toward her office door, “DON’T YOU?”

Again I didn’t answer but walked like a man on the way to the gallows toward her open office door. Entering I just stood there like a scolded child awaiting his mother’s wrath.

Mary entered behind me closing the door with a loud bang as she moved toward me. She walked around and stood directly in front of me, then paced back and forth a few times, I am fairly certain looking for the right first words before she actually spoke to me.

As I stood there in silence I was becoming more and more afraid as each second ticked away. Finally Mary walked behind the desk, opened her top drawer took out a crumbled up piece of white cloth and walked back to me. She grabbed my right hand and put the cloth in my hand then stepped back and asked me, “do you know what that is Douglas?”

First of all no one ever called me Douglas unless I was in deep shit and the tone of her voice had a stench that made it feel like the moments of life were rapidly approaching.

“Well I asked you a question young man, do you know what that is in your hand?”

Instantly my mind shifted to the cloth and I could feel the soft silky texture it felt so nice so very feminine, as yes as I looked down I knew. “It, it’s a bra,” I responded.”

“Yes, yes that’s partially right, but it’s more than just a bra what else is it Douglas?

I held the bra out in front of me and stretched it out between both hands and looked it over before saying, “it’s a lace top bra.”

“Don’t be stupid Douglas, it’s more that and you know it,’ she bellowed as she took it from me and spread it neatly out on her deck top, “maybe this will help.”

Mary then reached back into her drawer and pulled another balled-up white cloth also placing it into my hand saying, “now tell me does this help you?”

I opened my palm and before my eyes was what I instantly recognized as Mary’s panties. Not only because it matched the bra I had seen on her many times but the gusset of these panties was still warm and damp. But I surely didn’t have the balls to say that or bring them to my nose and smell them like I wanted to. So I just shrugged my shoulders acting dumb and said what all teenagers say, “I don’t know.”

“Well mister wise guy what your holding is the underwear of a particular woman have you ever seen them before? You may have because they are the personals of a woman that has been violated by an evil little Peeping Tom. Anyway, what I need from you is a little help, you’re my friend so you’ll help me, won’t you?

I nodded affirmatively.

“Good, yes very good, you see I have a dilemma and I need your advice. It’s frightening to be spied upon and I am wondering what I should do. Do you think that I should turn this little criminal over to the police? What do you think, besides I the police and courts have programs at hospitals or places like that for those sick people, don’t you think?”

“Ooh of course there’s there is his parents, what do you think, do you think they would know what to do? Or maybe better yet, maybe you have a good idea how to punish this criminal, now tell me Douglas what would you do?”

I had a feeling my goose was cooked; she was laying it on so heavy I was scared to death. I mean here she was asking me to seal my own fate, to write my own demise. What is worse is that written words regardless of how eloquent could never be able of convening the chilling tone those words expressed by her lips and kissed my ears.

After standing immobile and silent for a mere few seconds that seemed like agonizing hours to me. Mary stepped up to me almost nose to nose and said, “Maybe this criminal who violated my privacy would like to beg forgiveness. Do you think he would be man enough to accept a little punishment from me, do you think that’s possible?”

Knowing there absolutely no sense trying to lie my way out and getting myself n any deeper I confessed. “I’m sorry Mary, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone, but I had never seen anything so beautiful before in my life and I couldn’t help myself.”

Although I meant it, I figured a left-handed complement about her beauty wouldn’t hurt, but Mary was to sharp for this teenage wordsmith.

Mary slapped my face hard as she bellowed, “don’t you give me your smart mouth complements they won’t work on me all you wanted to do was see these,” Mary screamed as she pulled her blouse free of her skirt and up over her luscious tits.

I stood there and stared at her tits, I mean these were real tits and only inches from my nose. Aside from the groan that escaped my lips I also moaned to myself a sincere, “ooh so beautiful,” not realizing that she heard me

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