A Brother’s Love Ch. 04


I woke alone in the hotel room and hopped out of the surprisingly comfortable bed.

Normally I don’t sleep well in hotel rooms, but this time I had. I woke up feeling motivated, which is totally unlike me, perhaps helped along by the visit from John the night before.

After starting the coffee machine, I walked into the bathroom still naked, and turned the shower on. I really needed to pee too, but I was going to have to wait for my morning wood to settle down, it wasn’t for going away this morning.

Back in the bedroom, I took the mug of coffee from the machine and started to sip at it.

While I finished drinking, I sat on the end on the bed, in the exact spot I was in when my brother had sucked my cock the night before.

Thinking of John swallowing my load didn’t help my throbbing cock to subside, it made my morning dick jerk beneath me. There was only one thing that was going to do the trick, it was begging for my attention. I put my coffee on the dresser in front of me and laid back onto the bed.

Picturing John on his knees sucking me off, I gripped my meat and started to stroke it slowly.

Remembering his hot mouth siding down my cock, I knew that it wouldn’t take long for me to cum, the thoughts were so fresh in my mind. I quickened my strokes, softly moaning his name while beating myself hard and fast.

I surprised myself with how little warning I had. With hardly any warning, I shot a huge load up my abs and over my chest.

I laid there for a minute running my fingers through the cum on my body, licked my finger clean, before heading for the shower.

After finishing in the shower, I dried myself off and wrapped the towel round my waist. I made my way back into the room, spotting the coffee I’d not finished. Walking across the room to the window, I collected the coffee, and stopped to stare out at the view.

It was so quiet here. I enjoyed looking out at the view while I finished my lukewarm coffee. I got lost in my thoughts while looking up at the beautiful hillside, when a loud voice shattered the silence and shook me from my trance. It came from Johns room.

Leaning toward the wall that joined our rooms, I listened harder. I didn’t hear anything for a few seconds, then there were a few mumbles followed by Sarah shouting at the top of her voice “Fuck off then!”

It all went very quiet until the tap on my door. I was istanbul escort about to walk over to the door when the handle was pulled down and John walked in, closing the door behind him. A quick though sprung to mind about forgetting to lock the door last night after John left, I was so tired, but those thoughts quickly turned back to my brother.

I thought I’d give him a moment or two to gather his thoughts, I mean, it was obvious he’d just had a fight so there was no point talking about it until he wanted to.

He was already dressed for the wedding, even though it was an hour and a half before it started. I spared a moment to look him over. Nobody had ever looked so good in a suit.

He was in a navy blue three piece with a white shirt. The whole outfit was brought together with a lighter blue tie. He looked stunning, and I didn’t realise I’d been staring.

It felt like a few minutes before either of us said anything. John was busy looking me up and down, his eyes shifting over my almost naked body, just as I was admiring how good he was looking.

He eventually made eye contact with me and smiled. It was like the stress caused by the argument with his Mrs had vanished.

“Are you ok baby?” I asked with a quiet tone, knowing that she might be able to hear us, as I had heard them.

“I am, now that I’m away from her.” He replied with a sigh of relief. He was able to lift himself up again as if a large weight had been taken from his shoulders.

With hungry eyes he marched across the room, took hold of me and kissed me softly.

With his lips locked to mine, his fingers gently moved down my side. Once his hand met to towel, John pulled it, making it fall to the floor.

His kisses and amazing touch had my cock stirring again. You wouldn’t think that I had cum just a few minutes ago. It didn’t take long for my dick to fully harden, pressing into John’s leg.

I moved my hand down his jacket and over his crotch, stopping to grip his cock. He was as turned on as I was, evident by the throbbing I felt through the fabric.

Knowing how aroused he was, got me going. I lightly pushed my hands on his chest, guiding him to the bed. My hands made their way back to his crotch, opening his fly.

His fat cock jumped free as I pulled his trousers down a little. Kissing him hard and deep, I squeezed avcılar escort his pulsating dick.

I stopped kissing, gripped his waist and turned him to face the bed. I pulled at his trousers a little more, to reveal his smooth butt.

With one hand pushing into the middle of his back, I whispered to him “bend over baby.”

He flashed off his little hole as he bent over the side of the bed. I did think about having a taste of his ass but didn’t want to delay. I spat into my hand and used it to lure up my solid cock.

John gasped as I pressed against his hole. Pushing a little more, his ass began to open up for me.

“Oh fuck” he moaned out loud as the head of my cock entered his virgin ass.

“Be quiet” I demanded, worried about how loud he was being.

His tight hole gripped my cock as I pushed further into him. He moaned softly while he adjusted to my dick.

I started to grind slowly, sliding in and out of him. Even going that slow had me feeling like I was going to shoot. To slow myself down, I stopped moving, reached round and gripped John’s cock.

While I stroked him, his ass squeezed my cock, which felt amazing. I felt myself dripping pre-cum deep inside him.

John must of been getting close because he hit my hand, signalling for me to stop. I released his cock and started to fucking him again.

I don’t know if it was just his tight hole or the fact that I was finally fucking my brother but I felt the urge to cum. I picked up the pace, pounding him as hard as possible.

“Fuck yeah baby!” He almost screamed with the pleasure.

I slid my cock in and out of him, hard and fast. I kept going til I felt it, my cum building up.

I started to bite my lip and my fingers gripped at his waist as it started. Stream after stream of my load shot deep inside him.

I ground against him, making sure I got every drop of my cum inside him. I wanted to talk but couldn’t catch my breath. I just collapsed my weight on top of him for a few seconds.

Standing myself back up, I pulled myself out of him really slowly and allowed John to stand. He turned back to face me and kissed me so gentle and loving.

I wanted him to cum too. Seeing as I was still horny, I stopped kissing him and went to my knees in front of him. His huge cock was right in my face and had pre coming from it a little. I wiped my şirinevler escort tongue over the end of his dick, lapping up his pre.

I was about to wrap my lips around his thick shaft when he placed his hand in my way. He took hold of his meat and started wanking himself. His cock pointed right at my face while he beat it. I saw pre building up as he got close.

He moaned quietly and looked down at me. I looked up at him with wanting eyes. His free hand held the back of my head, keeping me in place.

“I’m cumming baby” he whispered while gasping for air.

With no more warning, the first stream of cum hit on my face, landing on my cheek. I opened my mouth desperate to taste his juices. The rest of his heavy load hit my lips and entered my mouth. I waited for the last of his cum then swallowed, it tasted amazing, so sweet.

I stood up and licked my lips as I went into the bathroom.

After washing my face, I came back into the bedroom. John was fully dressed again and stood at the window. I went over to him and gave him a quick peck.

He wrapped his arms around me, giving me a little squeeze. I pressed my head into his chest, enjoying the embrace.

“That was incredible baby” he announced with a soft tone.

We cuddle for a minute before I remembered why he was here in the first place.

“What happened with you and Sarah?” I asked, remember the noise we made last night, which made my heart sink, thinking it was that.

“Well she didn’t hear us last night.” He said, giving me a feeling of relief.

“Thank fuck for that.” I said.

“She thinks I’m cheating on her without one of the bridesmaids.” He announced, almost in a joke like fashion.

I almost let out a laugh of surprise, and I wanted to continue the conversation but I caught a view of time on his watch. We only had thirty minutes until the wedding starts. I can’t tell you where the time went.

With panic I rushed to get ready. I dressed in my suit, a light grey three piece. After styling my hair and spraying a little scent. We rushed out the room.

It turns out that we weren’t the only ones running late. While I locked the door to my room, Sarah came out of her room.

“Hi Sarah.” I said, feeling two faced.

As I spoke I leaned in and gave her a peck on the cheek as I always had. I must say that there was a sense of satisfaction knowing that just a few minutes earlier, Johns cum was all over my lips.

We all walked down the stairs in uncomfortable silence and joined the rest of the wedding party in the bar.

It was a beautiful wedding. John and I got to spend the whole evening together. He even stayed in my room that night. A night I’ll never forget.

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