A Buddy’s Admiration

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A Buddy’s AdmirationI remember the first orgasm I ever had, and it was completely accidental. In one moment I was just a boy diving into the end zone (my bed) for the game winner, and the next I was sweating and humping the mound of pillows and covers beneath me. I remember stopping at one point because the tingling which was getting so intense felt more like tickling at the tip of my dick and I was gonna piss in the bed. But just laying there I couldn’t resist the urge to move. Something was driving me to more and so I gripped the edges of the bed and quit holding back. I got faster and faster and didn’t stop until my body would no longer move. My hips were pressed forward and holding, my head rolled back and my eyes bulged wide, and I completely stopped breathing as I just froze in sheer ecstasy for what felt like eternity until my body just completely released. One huge release all over from head to toe.I didn’t even really know what had happened at first. I felt so amazing, alive, satisfied. But yet I was also in shock. Then my shock turned to confusion and even fear when I realized my ears were ringing, loud, and I couldn’t hear anything else at all. Shocked and afraid that I couldn’t see anything but this bright white light in my eyes. Panicked that I could barely breathe and that along with the ringing I could now make out the thumping of my raging heart reverberate in my ears. I tried to get up and go to the bathroom for some cold water on my face or something, but my legs were weak and I was stumbling. The stumbling was made worse by the fact that I still had blurry vision and this ringing and this thumping were drowning out my own sense of awareness. I kicked my toes a few times on the way there and what had first had been the most amazing feeling of my young life had spiraled into this fear that I’d somehow killed myself. LOLOnce I stumbled all the way to the bathroom, the cold water actually did do wonders. I heard the running of the water first and then the blinding white light faded to the incandescence of home lighting. I saw my face in the mirror and my skin was red and flushed and my shirt was soaked through with sweat. Then I felt the different kind of soaked in my briefs. I was covered in liquid, sticky, warm liquid by the globs. It’d soaked all the way through my shorts and I could see a thick white cream seeping through. I pulled my shorts away from my hips and my cock and stomach were absolutely coated in it. I was in full blown panic mode at that moment. I was honestly so youthful and naive that I really didn’t know what I’d just done, and I didn’t dare tell anyone about it.It wasn’t until sometime later that me and my canlı bahis buddy were having a sleepover. We did the usual things, basketball, wiffle ball, bike riding, and video games. In recent times, we’d slowly began introducing talks about girls into our conversations (well, women really, because it turned out we both were more into the older girls or their sisters with big tits and even their milfy moms than the developing girls in our classes). That particular sleepover late into the night when everyone else was asleep and we were still up in my room battling in different video games, our talk turned to hotties again. All the talk of who we were attracted to and what we liked best about each one in particular all coupled with the intensity of our games had apparently given us both hardons. At that point in life, an insta-hardon could happen anywhere anytime if the wind blew the wrong way or if a tree fell in the woods when no one was around. Because of this… and things like seeing a dog hump a shoe, a light pole, a yard ornament, I’d pieced together on my own about the facts of life and understood exactly what I’d done prior, but I still didn’t tell anybody.That night though, when my buddy started asking questions, I was happy to talk about it. It started out simple and stupid. Man, all this talk, I wish I could see one of these girls naked right now. Do you think about naked girls? Do you think about naked girls a lot? How often? Well, what does it do to you when you think about them, it does funny things to me. Does it make you, you know, hard? It does? So does that mean you are hard right now?And I was. I was very hard. I had a huge tent pitched in my shorts. It hurt even I was so hard. At the time, my lower body was turned and he couldn’t tell how hard and uncomfortable I was, so I turned sideways just a bit and he saw the profile view of my bulge trying to break out of my shorts silhouetted by only the TV light. His eyes got huge, and I felt like he was impressed and because of this I didn’t turn back away. We started talking more and he wanted to know if i’d ever jacked off – he’d heard some friends at his school joking about it. I proudly now stated that I had and I told him about my first time and how I had humped the pillows and bed coverings not knowing what I was doing until I had my first ever orgasm. He wanted to know if that was the only time, and I sort of laughed, because now that I knew what I had done, I was doing it constantly, every day, if not multiple times a day. I couldn’t fucking stop, but that I didn’t typically jack off like that first time.That really sort of shocked him and he admitted he’d never jacked off bahis siteleri before. He became very curious and asked questions about how I did it, where I did it, what did I think about, when did I do it. I described encircling my hand around my shaft and stroking and I also described how I would “fuck” things like a pile of pillows or blankets when I miraculously found myself alone with plenty of time. At this point it was like 2 or 3 in the morning and with all of this new knowledge shared, I told him we should get some sleep (because I knew if we didn’t, I was somehow going to have to jack off before I’d get any sleep at all). He agreed. I got in my bed, and he rolled out his sleeping bag in the floor and got in. But he was too worked up too. He took his shirt off first, then unzipped his sleeping bag because it was too hot. My erection was not relenting, and I was sweating under my sheets. I’d tried taking my shirt and shorts off to stay cool, but it wasn’t working. Especially when he started talking again, wanting to know if I was still hard because he was too and all he could think about was our favorite chicks. At this point, I completely pulled my sheets down and let him see that my cock was sticking out the top of my briefs up against my belly. Does this answer your question?His eyes popped again and he stared at the head of my cock. I felt a rush of pride and approval, and that’s all teenage hormones needed. I whipped out my cock and started stroking while he watched, quietly moaning at the feeling of relief from finally touching myself. Are you gonna do it he asked. At this point, I can’t not do it I told him. Are, you, gonna do it I asked. He hesitated at first, a bit of shy nerves I guess, but said yes and pulled his shorts off and then got up on his knees and rubbed himself through his boxers. I stayed in bed and stroked myself really good relishing the pleasure and the acceptance of my friend and feeling proud of myself. I didn’t realize it until I felt the pressure on my mattress change but he’d sort of knee-walked over to my bed so he could watch closer.I felt quite uneasy at first, but he didn’t touch me at that point, and I quickly forgot to care about his proximity. He started asking about what kind of stroke felt better, long or short, firm or loose. He wanted to know how I knew when it was time and I was about to finish. I told him he could find out for himself because I was already there and I was going to cum any second. It was a glorious cum. Voluminous, high arching, thick and creamy and spurted all the way up my chest, my shoulder, and my pillow before easing off with the last few spurts puddling up on my stomach. bahis şirketleri It was a huge cumload mess. I think he cussed as his first reaction, but I’m not sure. After kneeling there frozen watching me cum and staring at me as I grinned and laughed a bit, He said what now. Now, I need a towel, a big one. He snuck off to the bathroom and brought back a towel and I cleaned myself up with it.At this point I slid into the floor with him. I dropped the towel on the carpet. Does it stay hard he asked looking at my semibulge. Sometimes. So you’re gonna do it again? Maybe. Sometimes I can’t and just go to sleep. You know, you can just shoot straight onto the towel if you want so the mess doesn’t feel weird all over you the first time. Again he hesitated, so I took my underwear off and laid the towel out flat. I started stroking aiming at the towel and said I’ll try it again with you. At this he rose up on his knees and slipped his dick out of the fly of his boxers and started stroking with me aiming at the towel. This sent me back to full mast as I watched another person masturbate for the first time as they watched me. The towel between us bore splotches of sticky globs of my cum and it smelled so rich and musky like cum should and it wasn’t long until we both were getting close. Do I keep going he asked? Yes. Don’t stop. Loosen your grip just a bit, looks like you need to slide your fingers more, pinch less. Then BAM! He moaned, surprised out how much better that felt, and within a few stroked he froze and started spasming shooting his cum down onto the towel where it mixed with mine. That seemed so fucking erotic to me for us to cum in the same place and I stroked furiously to finish so I could launch my load right on top of his load.We pretty much stayed up the rest of the night jacking off. I think he came once or twice more maybe but I was sent into a frenzy. I jacked off shortly again onto the same towel to mix our cum once again. I rolled up his sleeping bag and started humping my dick into the tight coil of it. I nearly came until he said not to make a huge cum mess in his bag, so I stuffed the cum towel in it and went back to humping until I came into the towel (pretty sure that’s why I like the porn vids of multiple creampies). I went to the shower after that and he snuck in to follow me. He watched while I soaped up and jacked off in the shower. That’s when he went back into the room and jacked off again. I got dried off and back in the room in time to watch his last spurt or two fall down from his dick.After that night, we were extremely closer. He seemed to be the naturally more curious of us two, which lead us into some touching and mutual stroking. He even surprised me once and teased the living fuck out of me by putting my erect bulging cock head into his mouth and quickly nibbling when my eyes were shut…. but that’s a story for a different time.

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