A Bump in the Dark


The light Tap, Tap, Tap, resonated off the walls of the long corridor as the slim young woman made her way along.

Rose’s thin staff reached out, moving from side to side testing her forward progress for obstacles, as her eyes could not see such things. This was not an unusual trip as she traveled this quiet part of the hospital each night. It was kind of a short cut to the bus stop on the far side of the hospital grounds that allowed her to bypass crossing through busy doors and walkways. What she did not know was that on this night a power outage had turned off all the lights. She would not have cared as passage for her didn’t require lights.

A strained voice rang out, “Hello! Hello who is there”.

To Rose the voice seemed to come from the far end of the corridor. She replied “Hello, is someone there?”

“Yes hello. Who is that? “

“Do you need help? My name is Rose, I work for the hospital. Where are you?”

The far more relaxed voice replied, “Rose, Rose, I’m glad it’s you. It’s me Fred from maintenance, I was working down here and all the lights went out and I couldn’t find my way back, the exit doors on either end won’t open with the power off.”

Rose continued forward toward the voice, with the steady movements of her cane making a firm taping on the floor.

“I’m here Rose; I can hear you coming closer”.

In a few more steps Rose felt her cane strike a soft object and she said, “Fred is that you are you alright?”

With a slight jitter in his voice he replied, “Oh sure, I’m ok, just a bit flustered being in the dark and not sure how to find a way out.”

“Well your just in luck Fred, I know the exit is just ten paces from where we stand, I might be blind but I see in the dark better than you,” and Fred heard her laugh. “What did you mean about the doors not opening?”

Rose could sense Fred’s closeness and she reached out and up with her hand to where she thought his shoulder would be, but making contact with his face. “Oops sorry Fred just wanted to find you.”

He reached up and took her hand in his and said, “That’s fine Rose I feel better with you near me. What I meant about the doors was the end corridor doors are electric. Don’t you just hit the wall plate when you come through at night?”

“Yes that’s true, it is easier for me that way, but I thought they could be pushed open too.”

“Well’, Fred went on, “once you unlock them with a key they can then be pushed open, but I don’t have the keys with me. We need to reach a phone and call upstairs to get some help. I think one of the rooms down here may be open and just might have a working phone.”

Rose placed her other hand on top of his and said, “Ok Fred you have now become part of my world, hold onto me and we will work our way back and see if we can find a phone.”

Fred released Rose’s hands and moved his to her side placing it on her waist. She turned back in the direction she had come from, and for the next few minutes they moved back down the corridor looking for an open office and a phone. After two locked doors they came upon one that opened, and like a small train with two cars attached, went in.

Fred spoke, “If I remember correctly this should be the old records office, I think there was a wall phone in here somewhere.” He turned to Rose placing both hands on her chest and said, Stay here near the wall and I will work my way around and see if I can find a phone.”

Rose smiled and said, “Fine be careful Fred.”

Rose wondered if Fred had realized that when he placed his hands on her chest he had covered both of her breasts ankara eve gelen escort and now her nipples had come alive making her warm and moist. With a clunk and a bang Rose heard something strike the floor.

“Damn, ouch, shit! Oh sorry Rose, I am alright.” A moment or two passed and Rose heard the click and a dial tone as Fred called for help. He spoke for a few moments and ended the conversation with “Right, Ok, we are fine and will wait for the power to come back on, thanks.”

“Well Rose It may be a while, all the power is off, the hospital generators are running but this old part of the building is not powered by the same system. We will have to wait until the power comes back on. My boss thinks it will be about an hour or more before the power comes back on. What do you think, is that ok for you? I am sorry you’re being caught up in this mess.”

“That’s fine Fred I don’t mind, stay where you are and I will come to you.” “Be careful Rose there is a chair between you and me, I tripped over it. I don’t smoke so I don’t have a lighter or match to light so I’m not sure where it is.” Rose made her way down the wall and found the tipped over chair, turned it back upright and continued to where Fred stood against the wall.

As Rose moved closer to Fred, she could smell a faint scent of after shave lotion and could hear his soft breathing. She reached out and with her hand, gently touched his face. “There you are. I am glad you were down here as if I got to the end doors and they didn’t open I would have been lost.”

Fred’s breath brushed against Rose’s cheek as he spoke, “I can’t imagine you being lost. In all the time I have seen you make your way around the hospital you never seemed flustered, or not in command of where you were going.”

“Well,” said Rose as she moved close enough to Fred to feel her thigh touch his body, “I’ll tell you a secret. Most of what you see is what might be called whistling in the dark.”

With a slight giggle Rose continued, “Sorry for the pun. What I mean is moving around in my world takes lots of practice, and there are lots of times I feel lost, but know if I am to function here I need to learn to be mobile, and also communicate with the sighted world. It is difficult for many folks to realize some of the problems the blind have.”

“When did you lose your vision?”

“Actually Fred I never had it, I was born without sight. Fred If we are to be here for an hour or so we should make ourselves more comfortable.”

“Oh yeah, right,” Fred said with a slightly nervous edge to his voice. “Let me find that chair and you can sit down, and he started to move away.

With a firm grip on Fred’s arm Rose spoke, “Stay here Fred, the chair is just behind me, but we can just sit down on the floor right by this phone. I have a rain coat in my bag that we can spread out to sit on.”

“Yeah that would be good, let’s do that, so if we need to call someone we won’t have to find the phone again.”

Rose knowing Fred was a bit uncomfortable in the dark, spoke in a soft voice saying, “It will be just like having a picnic, I even think I have some cookies with me. Stay still for a moment and I will spread out our picnic table and then we can sit down.”

Rose moved back a bit retrieved the rain coat and spread it out next to the wall. Moving back to Fred she spoke, “Fred for me the world is shaped by touch, smell and sound, I have a good memory and create maps that take the place of sight. For example let me touch you so I have an idea of what you look like.”

“Well okay, Fred gaziosmanpaşa escort replied a bit hesitant.”

“Relax I won’t hurt you.”

With a kind of squeaky laugh he replied, “Oh I know that, it’s just I’m not much to look at.”

Rose reached up with both hands and cradled his face and began to move her fingers over his face and hair. “Well Fred you have a nice face and soft hair. I think you may be very cute, and most likely had many girlfriends.” Her hands continued to move down and over his shoulders, then his arms and across his chest. “You have a nice build and are quite tall. Now I have an image of you in my mind similar to what you might have from looking at me.”

Fred took a deep breath and replied, “I know you are pretty as I see you a lot as you come and go from your office.”

“Fred I’m not sure what pretty means but why don’t you try my way of seeing someone, use your hands to build picture without your eyes. She took his hands and placed them on her face and continued, “It might help to close your eyes, just move your hands over me, and feel the texture and warmth.”

As Fred slowly moved his hands over Rose’s face then to her neck, he said “I never thought of seeing a person in this way, are you sure it’s ok?”

“Yes keep going your doing fine, for me touch is as important as your sight is to you. The nice thing about it is that each person gains something from it.”

Rose put her hands over his hands and guided them over her body stopping here and there to explain how it felt.

Fred’s passion was rising and it caused him to squirm a bit. Rose sensed his discomfort, stopped and said, “I am sorry Fred that was unkind of me I know it is making you uncomfortable.”

“Unh, Well, yea and no; damn Rose your very attractive and all I can think of are thoughts that are not to pure and moral.”

“Relax your mind Fred I am neither pure nor moral, I like being touched and you can travel anywhere you wish. I just don’t want you to feel badly, or make you do something you don’t want to do.” She took one of her hands and dropped it to his thigh, raised it between his legs and drew it across his now erect prick. “I like to explore too.”

Without another word spoken, hands wandered, and clothing began to be scattered about the floor. Without visible light, nothing could be seen, but Fred and Rose’s body’s now flesh to flesh radiated heat, passion and lust only seen in their minds.

Rose unwilling to move downward turned her shoulders to the wall and drew Fred’s mouth to her breasts, where each in turn was served to a hungry mouth sucking and nibbling, bringing the nipples to attention. Fred’s hands were busy as one snaked between her legs and stroked the soft hair surrounding the moist lips of Rose’s pussy. His fingers danced over the pink swelled lips spreading and probing deeper, searching for pleasure. Rose dropped one hand to rest on his erection now pointing directly at her midsection, and then curled her fingers around and backward to caress his balls.

As if time would end in the next moment, Rose grasped the base of his cock moved one leg over his hip and guided his pulsing dick into her core. Fred, surprised lost his balance fell against her driving his prick deep into her pussy. Rose clung to his back as all control was lost and Fred drove again and again deep into her, the wall vibrated as their body’s moved against it.

Little moans and groans gave way to louder harsher more primitive sounds, as two universes collided, blending together into one passion, one goal, and ankara grup escort one crashing orgasm.

The vibrating stopped, the voices stopped, the only sound was the shallow rapid breathing of two people in the dark.

Rose giggled, “Wow! Thank god for power outages.”

In a small voice Fred replied, “Are you ok did I hurt you Rose?”

“Fred you have just made my day.” Their bodies relaxed a bit and slipped lower to the floor, ending in a warm side by side cuddle that soothed and relaxed both.

In her wildest dreams Rose couldn’t have conjured up this scenario in the many times she had imagined what it would be like to share a sexual interlude with a man. Fred was someone that crossed her path daily, always finding time to stop by her office to see if he could help in some way.

In Rose’s mind Fred had became an object of desire, and a focal point of her fantasies. Without the advantage of sight, she had only her mind’s eye and the chord of desire that he evoked within her as guides. What did he feel like? Rather than what did he look like had filled her mind when she heard his voice in her office. Was his body lean and sleek with well defined muscles? Would his skin be soft to her touch? What about his hands? Would they be rough and callused from his years of physical labor? Or would they be hands of gentle strength?

Now she had answers to her questions. His skin was soft and warm. The lines of his face confirmed the smile she always heard in his voice. She liked the sound of it; the deep resonance and lighthearted tone. His greetings were always accompanied by words of encouragement. She had always known he was tall, but just how tall surprised her. His voice always seemed to carry over the top of her head when he spoke to her. His sleek muscular body was as she had envisioned it. But his hands were nothing like she had imagined. They glided over her body conveying both seduction and desire; yet with the gentle grace of an accomplished dancer.

A sharp thought snapped Rose out of these warm thoughts, how long had she allowed herself to be caught up in the reverie of this moment? “Fred we better get presentable, when the power comes back people will be looking for us.”

“Yea, right, but I can’t see anything.”

“That’s ok just stay here I will gather the cloths.”

In a few minutes clothes were gathered and although Rose dressed quickly, she could hear the Fred was having problems dressing in the dark.

“Ok, I think I’m together.” Fred said in a soft voice, “how did you do that so quickly?”

Reaching out and taking his arm Rose pulled him to her side, “Remember I have been doing this all my life.

The distant mechanical sounds of the building coming to life came to Rose’s ear. Rising to her feet Rose spoke to Fred in a soft voice, “The power is on again so we will have people looking for us in a few minutes. I am going to move to the exit door in the corridor and wait, come there when you are ready.

“Rose, are you ok, are we ok?”

Rose moved closer to Fred and whispered in his ear, “Fred you are wonderful, I am fine and we are fine. What happened here is just for us, a special moment, please think of it as a time to hold on to, a kind of a blind date. Let’s go back to our work and lives, and start fresh. I had a great time and hope this is the beginning of a long and deep friendship.”

“Rose”, Fred said slowly with a sigh, “Rose I’m wrong in this, I have a wife and should not have done this,” his voice going quiet.

Rose thought for a moment then reached up to his face, “Fred you must not feel that way. The truth is, this was my doing not yours. If you wish think of it as a dream, something not real. I wish us to be friends and not have this wonderful moment to cause you pain or guilt. You gave me a gift and I will always see it that way. Let’s walk back to the light and begin being friends.”

“Ok Rose, I would like that.”

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