A Busy Week Ch. 02

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Chapter Two – Sunday: Afternoon Date

When I woke on Sunday morning I had my first feelings of regret for refusing Sam and Mark’s invitation to spend the night. When the invitation was offered I was exhausted from having them both; all I wanted was to rest and sleep in my own bed. But now I was in my own bed, alone, and horny!

I have learned that the more sexually satisfied I am the more my hunger for sex increases. After such a fantastic afternoon of sex yesterday I was even hornier than ever. I knew I would see Sam and Mark again, and soon, but that didn’t help my situation at the moment.

Later this afternoon I had a date for coffee, which was promising, but that didn’t help my situation at the moment either. I lay in my bed, I ran my finger nail up my thigh, across my groin, and along my hip bone, then up my waist, to my breast, where I tickled my nipple, and finally cupped my breast.

I was testing the waters with myself, and judging by the tingles that radiated out from my finger nail I was in a very sensual mood. As soon as I touched one nipple they both stood up immediately. I remembered how I had held a dick in each of my hands yesterday, and I tickled my pussy between my labia; it made me quiver.

I decided to run a bath and relax in the tub. I threw the covers off and walked to the bathroom, and started the bath running. While the tub filled I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast. My memory kept flashing back to yesterday with Mark and Sam, I couldn’t get them out of my thoughts, and each time I remembered them my pussy would tingle with pleasure.

After breakfast, I got my dolphin and rabbit on my way back to the bath, I also grabbed a couple of magazines, hopefully there would be some nice stories to help set the mood. I lowered myself slowly into the bath, it was nice and hot, I always particularly enjoy the sensations when the hot water reaches my arse and pussy.

For a few minutes I just lay back in the tub and relaxed. Eventually, my thoughts returned to my state of unsatisfied arousal, as they invariably do when I am in this kind of mood. I flicked through one of the magazines, and found an interesting story. After reading for a few minutes I realised it was not nearly racy enough for my purposes.

With the frame of mind I was in, nothing printed in an unsealed magazine would be racy enough. I put the magazine down and lay back again, day dreaming about everything that had happened yesterday. Running through some of my favourite moments, teasing them at the beach, holding both of their dicks in my hand, having to choose which cock to put in my mouth.

Remembering yesterday was working much better for me than reading the magazine, I could feel my pulse quickening, my skin was becoming very sensitive as I stroked myself, my thighs, my tummy, my waist. I thought about two different men having me, and how different their cocks felt inside me. My hand was drawn irresistibly to my breast now, and as I pinched my nipple it shot sparks straight to my pussy.

I turned on my dolphin, and slid the stimulator onto my clit, under the hood. The delicious vibrations were sending waves of pleasure from my clit all through my body. I wasn’t able to think clearly, but I could still recall images of the things I had done yesterday with Mark and Sam. I could see Sam shooting cum as I moved to take him in my mouth, I could feel it landing on my lips and chin, I could feel his other shot as it hit my cheek. I imagined Mark shooting on my other cheek again.

Between my dolphin and my memories of yesterday I was starting to cum, I could feel my juices flowing freely out of my pussy, mingling with the bath water around me. I wanted something inside me; I put down my dolphin and turned on the rabbit. I slid the central shaft inside my pussy, and positioned it so it rotated against my g-spot, while one rabbit tickled my clit, and the other tickled my anus.

The sensations were amazing as all of the sensitive spots in my nether regions were stimulated at the same time. I pushed it into me a little further so the rabbit at the back entered my arse slightly, vibrating and tickling from inside me. It was all I needed for release; I arched my back involuntarily as I had an orgasm that spread outward from my pussy and through my entire body.

I turned the rabbit off, I was much too sensitive to continue now, but I left it inside me. I lay back in the bath, enjoying the heat of the bath water, and the after effects of my orgasm as it subsided. I may have drifted off to sleep for a few moments. Afterwards I got out of the bath and dried off.

I had some shopping to do today, before my date this afternoon. I pulled on an old pair of jeans, they aren’t tight, but they do hug my bum nicely, especially if I wear a g-string, or nothing, as I was today. It was a little chilly today, so I pulled on a long sleeved t-shirt, and I was ready to do my shopping.

When I got home a couple of hours later I was feeling quite canlı bahis proud of myself, I hadn’t allowed myself to be distracted from my purpose at the mall at all. I’d only spent about forty five minutes trying on a couple of tops, and the cutest little pair of boots.

It was time to get ready for my date. I had a quick shower; afterwards I put on a little makeup, and got dressed. I wore a little black velvety skirt, which clung to my hips and the curve of my arse; black stay up stockings, with a lacy frill at the top, that was just hidden by my skirt; I wore a white singlet top, and a denim jacket.

Tyler, my date in the afternoon, was over six feet tall, so I wore my four inch heels. They would make me five feet eleven, so I wouldn’t have to crane my neck too much to look up at him, and we would be the perfect height for kissing.

When I arrived at the café Tyler was already sitting at a table. He smiled when he saw me enter; as I walked over to his table I watched his eyes as they travelled up and down my body a couple of times. I was feeling very sensitive, and it almost felt as if he was caressing me with his eyes, I could feel tingles where his eyes passed over my body.

When I reached the table he stood up and kissed me on the cheek, at the same time he squeezed my shoulder.

“You look lovely,” he said.

“You’re looking handsome yourself,” I replied.

I remembered from when I first met Tyler that he was very easy to talk to, and he didn’t disappoint me now. Within just a few minutes I was feeling very comfortable with him, and we were laughing like old friends. He was very handsome, tall, with a muscular build. Already, I knew I wanted him.

We ordered coffee and hot chocolate, and chatted, and laughed.

It was warm in the café and I took my jacket off. Tyler’s eyes wandered to my breasts, which caused my nipples to perk up; they were poking straight through my top, as I had neglected to wear a bra. I could see Tyler trying to look me in the eye as he talked to me, but his eyes kept wandering to my breasts, I enjoyed the attention, and I enjoyed knowing that he wanted me as much as I wanted him.

Sometime later the waiter asked us if we would like something else. I was a little annoyed; it’s unusual for the staff to pester customers in Sydney cafés. Tyler looked at his watch, which was when I realised we must have been there for over an hour already. No wonder the staff were a little anxious.

Tyler was looking at the menu again, in preparation for ordering more drinks. I could see that he didn’t want our date to end, and neither did I, but I wanted it to progress further in private.

I reached across the table and stroked his hand. When he looked up, I said, “Why don’t we go for a walk along the beach?”

“Great,” he said. “I’ll just take care of the bill and we can go.”

Once we were on the street he put his arm around me, and I leaned my body against him, and put my arm around him as well. I liked the feeling of his strong arm around me. I was hoping that he wouldn’t take too long to kiss me; I was imagining what kind of kisser he would be.

We walked along the beach, mostly in silence, letting our bodies sway against one another as we walked, enjoying the afternoon and one another. As we looked over the water Tyler turned to me and kissed me, he held my body against his, and probed deeply into my mouth with his tongue.

I opened my mouth to him, letting him know that I was willing to have him inside me. I hoped he would understand that I was open to more than just his tongue.

After the kiss we just looked at one another for a while, and then continued to walk along the beach in silence. He held me closer to him, in a firmer grip. After a few minutes he asked, “Would you like to come to my place, it’s only a few minutes walk from here?”

“Yes,” I said. “I’d like that.”

We walked to his place in silence. I was beginning to tingle. I never agree to go to a man’s place unless I have already decided I want to sleep with him. I was hoping that he had also decided he wanted to sleep with me.

When we got to his apartment we rode up in the elevator. He put his arms around me and drew me to him again, kissing me deeply, pressing my body against him. Again I opened my mouth to him and let him explore me. I could feel his hand squeezing one of my bum cheeks.

When the elevator opened there was an elderly couple waiting to enter. The woman gave us a disapproving stare. Tyler opened his front door as the elevator closed, once the elderly couple were out of earshot we both giggled.

Tyler closed the front door and put his arms around me again. I leaned up so he could kiss me. He was very enthusiastic; his hands were all over my body, squeezing my bum, wandering over my back, and feeling up my breasts.

An image of an octopus entered my mind, and I giggled as I pushed him away from me gently. I managed to untangle myself from his arms and hands bahis siteleri and take a step back.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

“Nothing, sweetie,” I said. “Let’s just take it a little slower.”

He reached out to grab me, and I took a leap backward, still giggling. I took my jacket off and threw it on his couch as he tried to grab me again. I dodged around the couch, giggling all the while. He was smiling too, I think he understood that I would let him catch me soon enough.

I ran my left hand up my thigh, stroking myself, and lifting my skirt enough to show the tops of my stockings and my inner thighs, and possibly the very bottom of my panties. All the while I was walking backwards and he was stepping towards me. I was swinging my hips and rotating my shoulders as I moved back, making a dance of it.

With my right hand I lifted my top slowly, exposing first my navel, then the lower part of my ribs, and finally the very bottom of my breasts. Tyler looked happy, with a huge smile. He clearly wasn’t thinking well, as he seemed to try to walk straight through the couch to get to me.

I let my skirt ride a little higher as I swung my hips from side to side, now my panties were definitely showing, I was wearing black panties, which were very see through. At the same time I pushed my top up a little higher, uncovering one breast, but it was still hidden from his view by my hand as I fondled it. Both of my nipples reacted by becoming very hard, the one that was still covered by my top was poking through the fabric.

I turned a little to the side as I ran my hand up to my hip, lifting my skirt higher, exposing myself so he could see I was wearing a g-string, shaking my hips at him, letting him see the curve of my arse.

I kept dancing away from him, I was leading him down the hall now; I had spotted the door to the bedroom earlier. I had decided to let him catch me once we were in the bedroom.

I moved my hand to partially cover both of my breasts, pushing my top higher as I did so, uncovering them both. I cupped my hand under my right breast, squeezing it, and then I moved my hand over it, caressing and squeezing it.

I turned my back almost completely toward him. I looked back at him over my left shoulder, as I turned I ran my hand down over the side of my butt cheek and then back up the middle, up my crack, pressing the fabric of my g-string against my arse hole.

I let my skirt drop back into place, and lifted my top off, still with my back to him, but facing him enough so could see my left breast in profile. Once I had my top over my head I flung it at him with my left hand. I put my right arm across my breasts, covering them and lifting them, giving myself cleavage, as I turned to face him again.

I ran my left hand back and forth across my stomach a couple of times, then down my left hip and across my thigh. I slowly moved my hand back up my crotch, pressing it hard against my pussy as I moved it up.

I was getting very excited watching Tyler’s reactions to my dance. I could clearly see an erection in his pants. The only thing he could say was, “Oh baby,” over and over.

While I was doing this with my left hand, my right arm was still covering my breasts, my right hand fondling my left breast, occasionally cupping it from underneath, allowing Tyler a view of my very erect nipple.

I moved my left hand across my stomach to my right hip and then down the front of my thigh and back up the inside of my thigh, lifting my skirt as I went. I moved my hand to my pussy, moved my legs apart a little, so I could get my hand right up against my opening. I stroked my hand up and back down my pussy a couple of times.

I ran my hand up my stomach, letting my skirt fall back down, then slid my hand back down, under my skirt. I fondled my pussy for a few moments, then brought my hand out and moved it to my left hip. I pushed my skirt down; with a couple of wriggles of my hips it slid down my legs. I lifted one foot out of it, and used my right foot to kick my skirt at Tyler.

By this time I had led him to the bedroom. I continued to back away from him as I fondled myself. I backed myself up against the wall; the coolness of the concrete was very refreshing, I hadn’t realised how hot I was getting. Once I was against the wall I ran my hand up my pussy, pressing my middle finger between my lips, so Tyler could see the outline of my lips through the fabric of my panties.

When he saw me trapped against the wall he strode purposefully to me. He put a hand on each of my shoulders and drew me to him and kissed me forcefully. He pressed his tongue into my mouth, running his lips over mine, engulfing me with his kiss.

He lifted me off my feet and threw me on the bed; I couldn’t help but squeal and laugh as I landed. I pushed myself up the bed, and lay back with my legs open. I still had my heels and stockings on, as well as my g-string. I continued to stroke myself as he undressed.

He bahis şirketleri undressed quickly; he wasn’t putting on a show for me as I had for him. When he got his pants off I saw he had a very long dick, but only a little wider than average. As he walked over to the bed it bounced up and down.

When he got the bed he crawled over to me, and kissed me again, hard, like the previous times. As he was kissing me I felt his hand on my crotch, pushing my panties aside from my pussy. After moving my panties aside I felt his fingers moving along my pussy lips.

“You’re very wet,” he said.

I didn’t reply, instead I took his hand and pressed it against my pussy. He slid a finger into me, and set off all my nerve endings, finally having something inside me was almost heaven.

After only moments he removed his finger from me, and lay above me. With one hand he held my panties out of the way and guided his cock into me. I was completely wet, but still he had to enter me in small thrusts, letting my juices lubricate a little more of his shaft with each thrust.

The heat of his cock in me was incredible. Even when I thought I was full and could take no more of him in me he still had more to give. He started working into a rhythm of short thrusts, plunging his cock into me.

Before he was too caught up in what he was doing I reminded him that we needed a condom. He continued to thrust into me, sending waves of pleasure through my body, almost making me forget the condom.

“Condom,” I said.

“Okay,” he grunted. He rolled off me, and started going through his drawers. After a moment he came up with a condom, as he was unwrapping it I took my g-string off. The sight of my hairless pussy distracted him from the condom.

I think he said, “Oh, wow,” as he exhaled. He dropped the condom and laid me on my back. He moved my legs apart and moved his face to my pussy, licking and sucking my opening. He seemed unable to decide whether he wanted to lick my clit, or suck the juices from my pussy.

I was enjoying his ministrations, but just as I would get into the rhythm on my clit he would resume licking my pussy. I put my hands on his head, and guided his tongue back to my clit. He looked up at me as he licked my clit, and I said, “I’m going to cum soon.”

Each time he tried to move his head away from my clit I held him with my hands, and moved my hips to keep my clit against his tongue. I could feel my orgasm building with each stroke of his tongue across my clit. As I neared orgasm I was torn between a need to open my legs, to allow something to penetrate me, and closing my legs around Tyler’s head to keep him in place.

As I came, the reflex to open my legs won, and I raised my hips and opened my thighs as wide as they would go, while holding his tongue against my clit with my hands on the back of his head.

I could feel the juices flowing out of my pussy. After I came my clit was too sensitive for his tongue, I moved his head back to my pussy, and let him eat my juices. It was the perfect way to come back to earth after such an intense orgasm.

After a few moments I had my wits again, and I patted my hand around the bed looking for the condom. When I had found it, I pulled on Tyler’s arms, and had him lie on his back. His cock lay on his stomach, it was very long, and reached past his belly button.

I put my hand around his shaft and stroked the length of it a few times while I watched the expression on his face. I bent over and took the head in my mouth. I sucked the head, and swirled my tongue around the tip. As I sucked the tip I stroked the length of his shaft with my other hand.

Slowly I took a little more and a little more of his long dick into my mouth. Soon I was bobbing my head rapidly up and down on his shaft as I ran my hand along his length. I could hear him moaning, “Ahhhhhhh,” on each in breath, and “Mmmmmmm,” on each exhalation.

With my other hand I had been trying unsuccessfully to unwrap the condom, but I needed both hands to undo it. I continued to go down on him, using just my mouth as I unwrapped the condom. Once it was open I unrolled it a little, and slipped it into my mouth. It was difficult to get the condom on over his head with my mouth, so I cheated a little and pushed it over with my hand, although I don’t think he noticed. Then I unrolled the condom down his shaft with my lips and tongue, until his head was pressing the back of my throat.

I unrolled the condom the last inch with my hand. Once it was all the way on I straddled him, holding his cock up and guiding it into my pussy. I was completely wet and ready and he slid into me easily. Once I had slid all of the way down his shaft I ground myself against him, trying to get every little bit of penetration I could.

I started to ride up and down on his cock. His shaft was so long, so deeply embedded in me that there was no risk of him coming out as I rode him. With each thrust I lifted myself quite high, almost but not quite off him, then I dropped myself down his long shaft hard and fast. The feeling of him re-entering me set my whole body to quivering, the impact when he penetrated me fully sent shockwaves throughout my body.

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