A Cabin By The Lake Ch. 02


Chapter 2-Bill joins in

Bill returned to the sofa with an empty glass and filled it from the bottle on the coffee table before settling himself between the two women. He took a sip, tilted his head back against the sofa, closed his eyes and let the worries of every day life drain away. Another sip and he relaxed slouching down in the seat, drawing in the quiet, listening to the soft breathing of the two women who sat quietly on either side of him. Another sip and visions of him dripping wine on a nipple and sucking it off flitted across his inner eyelids. A tingle danced along the shaft of his cock at the thought. A warm hand rested on his left thigh, a familiar touch, he knew it without opening his eyes. Kit was lightly working her fingers in small circles inching her way up his inner thigh as she did. The sensations further calmed him and excited him. Another sip and he felt the warmth of it settle in his stomach and leisurely spread out along his arms and legs. Another hand rested on his chest, a light scent of rose told him it had to be Maura, Kit always smelled of wild wood violets.

Cautious fingers opened the first button on his shirt while the warm firm touch on his leg progressed to his crotch and cupped his balls. Firm massaging started the stiffening of his cock, he felt it grow tight against the restraints of his underwear and pants, it was a delicious anticipatory sensation. More buttons were undone and he felt the sharp edge of long fingernails when Maura reached inside and finished thumbing open the rest of the button down to his waist. Her smooth hand explored his chest, she combed her nails through the light scattering of hair.

The hand on his balls slipped up and caressed his hardened cock, pressing it against his stomach teasing it with the promise of release from its restraint. Both administrations mingled together filling his senses, blotting out all else, banking the coals of desire, a wonderful place to float, a pool of pure lust. The hand on his chest left and he felt a shift of weight on the sofa from both sides. Cracking open his eyes he watched as both women slid from the edge of the couch onto the floor.

Kit took his left foot and Maura his right, together they undid the laces to his shoes and tugged them off. Kit started massaging his foot, Maura soon followed with the right. He groaned at the feeling, took another drink of wine and laid his head back savoring having two sets of hands working on his tired body. They followed up his legs to the backs of his calves and pulled his socks off. Each woman continued rubbing and kneading his legs up to his crotch. One undid his belt and one the zipper, he’d lost tract of who’s hands were who’s.

With a rustle of cloth, weight returned to Maura’s side of the sofa, he felt fabric drag along his cock as she tugged his shirt tail from his pants. She undid the last of the buttons and pressing the palms of her hands against his chest she pushed the sides of his shirt open. Her hands tracing up his ribs to his shoulders she shoved his shirt off. Thinking she was going to take it all the way off he handed her his glass of wine. She took it but didn’t set it on the table. He opened his eyes and stared into hot sapphire eyes as a slow mischievous smile spread across her face. She reached into the ice bucket and put several cubes in the glass. Insistent fingers at the waist of his pants tugged them down from his waist. He raised his butt off the sofa so Kit could take them all the way down.

Maura grabbed the waist band of his shorts, tugged them back up and turned to Kit. “Can we leave these a bit? They look really sexy.”

Kit released her hold on the shorts and continued pulling off his pants “Sure if you like. I’ve always found them hot too.” Kit pulled his pants off each leg and tossed them on the chair at the end of the couch. mersin escort She put her hands back on his legs, one on each knee and with deliberate slowness slid them up each leg. “Just relax.” Maura said and with the tips of her fingers pushed his head back against the couch.

He did as he was told, settled his head back, relaxed his hands at his sides and closed his eye once more to better indulge in the touches and caresses of the two women. As Kits hand reached his hips, her thumbs found his balls and with firm easy circles she tantalized them. Just as her thumbs started up each side of his hard cock he felt a shockingly cold drop of liquid on his right nipple. His eyes popped open and Maura grinned at him as she leaned forward and tweaked it between her thumbnail and fingernail. A little shock jolted from his nipple to his cock and he felt it twitch in response.

Kit chuckled and gripped his cock tighter. “Do that again.”

Maura obeyed and dripped another cold drop on his nipple and rubbed it in using the pad of her thumb. Again his cock twitched and Kit began to stroke it through his silk underwear.

Bill was hypnotized by the currents racing through his body, the contrasts of cold on his nipple to the heat of Kit’s firm hand on his cock, the sharp tweak of his nipple to the slow stroke of a soft hand on his cock.

A short “Oh” burst from him when another cold drop of wine hit his nipple and trickled down his side. He felt it pucker as Maura blew a light breath of air on it intensifying the chill. Suddenly she sucked it into her warm mouth, the instant change of cold to heat surprised him. Kit quickened her strokes and with her other hand began to roll his balls between her fingers. Maura touched Kits shoulder and when she looked up motioned her up to the other side. Kit let go of his cock and knelt on the other side Bills chest. Bill thrust his cock up seeking the touch, the stoking that had left him simmering with need.

He raised his head to look. Maura pushed him back down. “No, no watching, just feel.” He closed his eyes and settled back.

Maura dripped cold wine on his other nipple, he flinched at the cold. Kit pinched it between her fingers and flicked the tip with a fingernail. The sensation was immediately transferred to his cock. He felt his balls begin to squirm. Another drop and Kit blew on is as Maura had and giggled as it puckered in the cold. Maura dropped another this time Kit leaned forward and sucked his nipple into her hot mouth. The taste was sweet and the feel of Bills hard nipple against her tongue was exciting.

Bill felt his pulse increase, the temperature of his blood raise. He raised his hand and felt for Kit’s breast and squeezed it. She moaned in response.

Kit released his nipple and raised her head, Maura let another droplet fall onto his nipple and as Kit sucked it into her hot mouth, Maura let an icy cold droplet fall on the other one. Bill moaned at the conflicting feeling of hot and cold, at the short circuit of sensations between his nipples, with no where else to ground they hardened his cock. He wiggled his hips trying to gain some strokes against the soft fabric of his bikini briefs.

Maura watched him squirm a moment and then raked a long fingernail down the length of his shaft. “These are wonderfully sexy.” She purred and leisurely traced the silhouette of his cock. He moaned in response. “They feel so nice against the palm of my hand.”

Kit stopped sucking on his nipple and sat up to watch. She found Maura looking at her instead of at Bill or at his cock. It drew her in, touched her, excited her, almost as if it were her cock Maura was stroking. It was confusing, hypnotic, the soft sound of Maura’s voice mixed with the rhythmic movements of her hand, a blending, a bonding. Bill, of course, was unaware of this change in his status mersin escort bayan from that of the center of attention down to toy for the two women. “I love the way the silk slides over your shaft.” Maura continued her quiet monolog. A dark spot of moisture darkened the cloth at the tip of his cock. Maura reached for Kits hand and placed it on Bills balls. Together the two stroked his cock and rubbed his nuts. Bill moaned and with both hands reached for tits. One hand found Kits but his other bumped the stem of the wine glass and splashed cold wine on his stomach. He jumped and sucked in a sharp shocked breath. “Now you’ve done it.” Maura scolded. “Kits gonna have to lick that up.” She reached for Kits head and lightly pushed it down toward Bills stomach.

Kit resisted a moment then stuck out her tongue and lapped at the wine. She traced its path leaving a wet trail, pasting the hair to his chest with the moisture. The soft wetness of Kits tongue as it traced the chilled rivulet over his chest was exciting. It sent visions of her tonguing his cock chasing pictures of her sucking him into her mouth through his mind. His senses were locked on the point where her tongue connected with his flesh, a visual of her journey played in his mind eye. The taste of wine on his skin was intoxicating, why hadn’t she thought to do this before? She liked the little quivers of muscle under her tongue, the elevated rhythm of his breathing, the muffled sound of his thudding heart just inches from her ear, the radiant heat of his skin next to her cheek. The wine had puddle in his bellybutton. She sucked it out with a slurping sound of one sipping a hot cup of tea.

He twitched and chuckled, the light vibrations of the slurping delightfully tickled his stomach. Wine had soaked into the waist band of his shorts and she traced the edge with her tongue sending ripples of desire along the shaft of his cock that settled in his balls tightening them, thrilling them.

“More” He groaned and rubbed his throbbing rod against her chin.

Maura pushed Kit back. Lifted the elastic band of his briefs and let them snap back into place. He jumped at the light sting. “These will have to come off now, you made them all sticky.” His eyes still closed he listened as Maura added more ice to the glass, he heard the gurgle as she poured a little more wine over it. He felt his pulse jump in anticipation of the unknown uses she would put it to. He was liking this, being administered to by two women, the startling surprises of sensations. Being a toy, he was willing to be a plaything, absorbing the ideas and storing them for later. It would be fun to turn the tables, return the favors. “Kit, please take those wet briefs off him.” Maura low voice commanded as she climbed back on the sofa. Kneeling she leaned over him and brushed the tips of her nipples against his arm. He reached across his chest and palmed the warm globe of flesh squeezing it gently, rubbing his thumb over the nipple until it stood hard and pointed.

“Mmmmm, that is so nice.” She murmured her mouth barely an inch from his ear. She shifted until her nipple was even with his mouth.

Kit had started pulling down his briefs but stopped when he didn’t raise his butt from the sofa. She patted his ass “Lift up.” He obeyed. The head of his cock caught under the band bending the stiff stem down. Kit slid the briefs further down and at the sudden release from the confines of the waist band his dick popped up and slapped against his stomach sending a jarring vibration down through his balls all the way to his ass causing it to jump several times.

Kit snickered pulled his shorts the rest of the way off and tossed them on the chair with his pants. Sitting back on her heels she watched Maura tease him with her nipples.

“Open you eyes,” Maura said softly, the breath of her words escort mersin caressed his ear and sent a shiver down his back. He opened his eyes and looked at the taught pink nipple inches from his mouth. Temptingly close like candy in a glass case at the store.

He watched as she dipped her finger in the wine and rubbed it on the tip. It puckered at the cold of the contact, grew fuller, harder. His mouth watered with want to taste it, to suck it into his mouth, feel the texture of it against his tongue. She wet her finger again and this time let a drop fall from her finger onto her nipple. It formed a drop at the tip and stayed there suspended, waiting.

“Stick out your tongue and catch it before it makes a mess. But don’t touch my nipple. Just taste the wine as it falls, taste the blend of the flavors, wine and flesh, fruit and skin.” The quiet command, the deliberate rhythm of her softly spoken words mesmerized him, compelled him, drew him into churning waters of need, and yet placed a restraint on his desire, built a damn behind which it would build.

Sticking out his tongue he waited for the droplet to fall. Maura again dipped her finger in the glass and let another drop fall. It slipped down over the tip of her nipple where it pushed the first one off. Bill savored the taste, an exciting blend, the visual of the drop gracefully slipping down Maura’s breast, the contrast of color from the dark of the wine to the pale tender pink of her nipple, the captivating allure of the suspended drop, the reward of awaited taste.

Dear God, if we could produce wine this way and bottle it, put that vision on the label, we’d be millionaires in a week, Bill thought as he waited for another taste of perfection. Maura watched as the drop fell from the end of her nipple onto Bills waiting tongue, warmth followed the cold drop from her nipple to her pussy, she felt the juices of excitement wet her panties, felt the heat form in her, the tingles of want race through her. She let several more droplets fall from her breast onto his tongue, each a separate thrill. The feel of his hot breath against the chilled tip made the need to have him suck it clean a goad to her passion, spurring it higher, each drop elevated it, until she couldn’t resist any more. She dipped her finger in the glass one more time and this time rubbed it around the nipple coating it and the areole with a thin film of wine. “Clean it off, be sure you get it all.” She whispered breathlessly. His tongue touched the tip, his lips closed around the nipple and he sucked it into his warm mouth, scrubbed it with his tongue, savoring the succulent flavor. He cupped her breast in his hand pushing more into his mouth. Her back arched in response. He was rewarded a quiet sigh of satisfaction.

Maura skimmed her hand over her stomach and under the band of her panties. Her probing fingers found her clit and she rubbed the tip. Then inserted her finger in her pussy wetting her finger. She slicked her clit and as she teased it her hips humped her fingers in synchronous rhythm to Bill’s tongue on her nipple. The first quivers of orgasm shivered through her and she moaned “ooohhh yesss, suck harder.” Bill squeezed her breast in his hand dimpling the flesh around his fingers as he sucked more into his mouth. He clamped his teeth lightly around the base of the nipple to hold it steady against her bucking and flicked the tip with his tongue.

Maura’s stroking grew more rapid, her breath was now in short pants, and with the suddenness of a bolt of lightening her orgasm slashed through her. She jerked against the clamped nipple, the quick sharp pleasure of pain spawned another ripple. She moaned with each ragged breath, her eyes closed, head tilted back until the sensations subsided and she slumped down on the sofa pulling her breast from Bills mouth. Bill watched the flush recede form her cheeks, the pulse on the side of her neck slow and when she at last opened her eyes he held her bright sapphire gaze and quietly commanded “Wet your finger in that sweet climax juice and smear it on Kit’s nipple, I want to taste it.”

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