A caring dad


A caring dadI met him after his son just moved in the dorm roomhe was big compare to his son , not fat but more like a football line player my hand got lost in his welcoming him for dinner ome friday nightwe ate dinner watching the canadiens agaisnt pittsburg, talking about school and stuffhis son had a date and he was going out soon after dinnerhis father said good bye too and i was left alone to clean the kitchenmy door knockit was my roomate father”hey boy i maybe wrong about you but coudnt stop thinking of you saying you had a hard time paying for school and stuff ””so i got to the atm and wanna make you a deal””see here 500 its for you, all you need to do is to show me your room and suck me dry , i kinda love your cute white lipse alot”freezing infront of him getting cash from his wallet500 box on my living room table processing in my head what he just said”i ….i dont know your son….””no worry i will never tell , i dont want him to no anything either””but…i never , i mean im not gay””comon its not about gay or straight, its just fun boy, take the cash i will lay down in your bed and let you do it at your pace””i really woud like to see you mouth around my cock, its a nice cock you will like it”i coudnt believe it, i was walking to my room my friend dad arm on my shoulder kinda walking me to mt doori wasnt trying to stop himhe close my door, put the cash on my desk and sit on konak escort my bed”damn you look cute all shy like this , make me so hard”watching him undress my stomach feeling weird at the sight of his stretch boxer forming a tent”come here, dont be shy boy , come play with daddy big cock”helping me on my knees putting my hands around his cock over the stretch boxer”omg its so big””yes boy , big hard black cock , just for you . take it out”on my knees trembling has i got it throught the boxer flapso big and veinyi coudnt stop looking at his big purple-ish fat head”oh yes boi, look at it, its big for you , its your cock boi”looking up at him leaving me to play with his fat cockresisting the urge of wrapping my mouth on its big head for a whilestroking it with both my hands looking up at him moaning slowly500$ on my table my mind not working normallyhis smile encoyraging me as i started to lick his cock mouth open around the big head, sucking on it like i was a lolipop”yes boy, just like a big lollypop. my god it feels good ””yes , thats it , taste it boy, taste daddy fat black cock””fuck you are cute , go slow , i love watching you sucking it slowly”taking it in and out of my small lipse kissing it before filling my mouth again trying to go deepermy mouth feeling so good his velvet cock getting in , i coudnt stop how hot it made me sucking such a fat cock”slow konak escort bayan boy, slow down you love this cock too much ”making me realized a was starting to go crazy sucking him like a hungry cock sucker””yes slow like this, I know you want my cum , youll have it but not so fast””you love this too much lil cock sucker, i bet you dreamed of sucking a black cock ””in secret on your knees sucking a nice big black cock, daddy know boy, its ok boy daddy here now to feed you”his voice was so full of careness i moan of joy listening to him say he will let me suck him in secret anytime i was being teached to be his lil bitch and loved it so much mouth sliding slowly arounds his cock , sloppy like he wanted, listening to him going on about me loving his fat black cockit lasted almost an hour, i was working it up and down listening to him ”you have gathered the biggest cum load ever baby , kiss my balls you made em so full and ready to burst”kissing it like ordered , his big balls full of cum because of meon my knees infront of him mouth open waiting for sum and he grunted stroking it infront of my facejets after jets hitting my face some in my mouthdrench by the biggest load i ever saw face drooling cum trying to catch the remaining jetshis fat cock getting in my mouth has he rub his hands on my face”full of cum , your so full of my cum , pretty lil face full of my cum”rubing escort konak my face spreading the cum all over more ”omg i love this you cum slut””your face so full of it, ”i need to go boy, my son will be back i need to go”dressing up complimenting me about draining his fat cock”so its our secret? i can be back tomorrow ….””yes ok, just be quiet about it please””sure little cock sucker, you are my little secret boi now””see you tomorrow”i was sleeping when i felt him on top of mefeeling a fat long warm flesh sliding down in my asstrying to talk but i was gagged up and tied ass up in my bed”good morning boy, daddy took a free day from work , i woke up so horny , my son out for school now its just me and you baby”feeling full of lube taking his cock in like a fuck dollbouncing in my own bed on a older horny black dad his fat cock owning me like i was meant to be fuck moaning in the gag like a horny teen being fuck on prommy ass starting to feel like a wet horny pussy being hit deep and good”you are mine boi, you take my cock way too good in that cute pink hole, it all belong to daddy”leaving me to whimper in my gag taking him deep and fast in and out like a wet pussy holeuntil he got bigger and exploded in me grunting about making my ass into a real pussy all of his cum floadinf in my ass making sound with his cock plunging back in the pool of cum he madeeyes rolled over exhausted him still drilling in me calling me a little girl for daddy”im so gonna turn you into my daughter and fuck you up dress sexy”my daddy contuing to fuck in me , enforcing its hold on this new cock hole he turned up ”daddy is here girl, im gonna take care of you now”

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