A CD ONE DAY AT THE BEACH a true story


A CD ONE DAY AT THE BEACH a true storyA CD ONE DAY AT THE BEACHA true storyit was the beginning of the summer and I have been going to Lake Worth Beach some weekend or going out on the boat fishing.. So I’m getting a real nice tan.. My smooth legs are golden-brown my ass is too.. With pure white tan lines from my French cut custom bikinis It’s tiny but bigger than a thong… I like a little bit of my butt cheeks covered !!One weekend I was at the beach and had just got all set up it was about 10 a.m. in the morning I laid out on my blanket; On my stomach reading a book there weren’t many people there yet but the sun felt nice and warm on my ass… I just started putting on some suntan oil when this young guy came up and just sat on my blanket and started talking to me at first I just kind of ignored him I’m not sure if he knew I was a cross-dresser I have no hair on my body at that time … But he seemed okay and he was talking about some interesting things so we started talking to him……. I started putting suntan oil on my arms… The guy gently reached over and took it from me and told me; Here Let Me Do That.. so I laid back out and relaxed .. I kind of like it that he just told me and took control… He rubbed it on my back; My ass cheeks tightened as he squirted The warm oil on my lower legs then he spread it round on my lower legs.. I can feel my ass wanting to move around with him slowly worked his way up my legs.. I could feel my puss starting to Get moist and want to open.. I didn’t say anything I just laid there enjoying it!!He Squirted Oil on my upper legs and ass… I think he could hear me lightly moan when he gently ran his oily hand between my thighs and I know he could feel my soft ass raise up as he rubbed it.. His Touch was making me hot ..The next time he rubbed my lower thighs I open my legs a little bit letting him know I liked it and it was okay to go higher Between my legs.. The first time he just brushed my puss but the second time I raise my ass a little bit letting his fingers slide under my bottoms.. I moaned a little louder to let him know I liked it; I can tell by the way he was touching me he was getting into it too.. He ran his hand up the crack of my ass running chills up my spine making me gently moan again … Then he slid his hand under my bathing suit and ran his fingers back down the crack of my ass.. I open my legs a little more as he work a couple of fingers in me.. He laid on his side beside me and started talking to me as he worked in another.. I tried talking to him but it was hard I was so hot with his oily fingers dancing around inside me and it was so erotic letting a total stranger finger me on the beach I don’t even know if people were walking by I had my head down On my arms with my eyes closed slowly moving my ass on his hand..I finally asked him WHAT IS YOUR NAME he told me Matt and I told him mine as I slid my hand down his body till I reached his cock rubbing thru his short (Wow it was big and hard) we just laid there playing with each other… I seen a couple walking by but we didn’t stop all I could think of is Matt’s big cock getting in me… He pulled his fingers out of me and I straitened up my bottoms… Matt took my hand and told me LET’S GO FOR A SWIM he lead canlı bahis me to the water and we jumped in the waves were about 4 feet.. When we got out about 10 yards I couldn’t touch bottom we were swimming around and splashing each other smiling and having fun.. When we were heading back in bobbing up and down between the waves he had both his hands my waist from behind we could just touch bottom.. Then he stopped me and took my hand putting it on his cock and whispered in my ear Go Down On Me… I said; RIGHT HERE the next wave he put his hand on my shoulders and push me down as he went up.. His cock was right in my face I pulled it out and started sucking him hard again holding his waist to keep me down then coming up for air and going right back down on him it was wild I had never sucked cock under water.. Ones I had his cock rock hard; I let him pull off my bottoms when I came up for air…I was floating naked in front of him with his cock in my hand gently stroking it… he turned me around.. At first I waved my arms around underwater to keep me afloat keeping my legs and ass as still as potable..He grabbed my waist with one hand moving me where he wanted me and rubbed my ass With the other then he open me with 2 fingers… I could feel the cool salt water going in me as he worked them around.. We were both naked in the water he had my bottoms in one hand holding my waist and my ass in the other.. I had his shorts in one hand and his cock in the other tightly it was so hard I was using it to keep my head above water..We started moving in a circles as he working his cock in me.. It was around 12:00 and the beach was getting Crowded people were in the water close to us… Matt grabbed my waist pushing his cock all the way in me I was quietly moaning as he pumped my ass Hard..It was wild I could feel my insides filling up with water then pushing it out around his cock with him fucking me in long fast strokes he was cleaning me out real deep.. He hooked his legs around mine and started jamming me hard and fast he wasn’t touching the ground.. I was supporting both of us hopping over the waves and it was hard with him spreading my legs apart with his but it felt so good.. I felt like a wild sea creacher being bred holding him up and him riding me mmmmmmm He could do whatever he wanted I was so juicy and wet I had never been cleaned out so Deep I could be fucked for hour with no problemsI reached back putting my hands on his ass KEEP FUCKING ME MMMMM YA FUCK ME AAA AAA POUND MY ASS YOUR GOING TO MAKE ME CUM… I started Cumming In the water I just watched it float to the top and the wave caries it away.. My puss tightened on his cock with ever load Shooting out; it made him start Cumming I couldn’t feel it I was so juicy and full but I could feel his feet tighten on my legs every time he shot a load in me and him telling me I’M CUMMING IN YOUR ASS AA AA AA TAKE MY CUM SLUT AA AAA AA as he kelp jamming me I fucked him back as much as I could moving my ass around for him letting him have fun with me …When he was done I grabbed his cock and dove down sucking up the rest of his Cum milking him dry with my tongue.. Then I popped up and he kissed me real good.. I let his tongue take whatever Cum was left in my mouth.. bahis siteleri Then I got my bottoms out of the pocket of his shorts and gave him his shorts back.. He slip his on real fast making it hard for me to put on my bottoms with his hands all over my ass …. We playfully ran to the blanket soaking wet I laid on my Stomach so the sun could cook my ass but as I laid there I could feel the water with my juices and his Cum flowing out of me enlarged bursts.. I didn’t move or say a word it made me so hot and horny because the warm slippery juice was flowing down my balls and thighs lubing them up real good…there were people around but I didn’t care I got on my side and spooned up next to him taking his hand and sliding it under my bottoms keeping my legs closed he started fingering me again.. I know he could feel the warm juice squirting out on his hand as he fingered me but I had so much in me I needed his help to get more out so if I stood up it wouldn’t just run down my legs as I moved or walked…. Matt was really good about it when a big flow would go in his hand he would pull his fingers out and feed it to me and I would lick his hand clean tasting the juice and wanting more.. Then he would work his fingers back in me..By now it was 1:30 or 2:00 a clock and the beach was crowded people were walking by I don’t know if they knew what was going on or if they even cared all I know is I was so hot and juicy all I wanted was his long thick cock in me.. It was all I could think of as his fingers Danced all around in me…There was no more juice flowing out so I gently pushed his hand away and straightened up my bottoms.. I slowly stood up and held out my hand telling him LET’S GO FOR A WALK He took my hand and we were laughing and joking as we walk down the beach.. I really liked it; he had his arm around me with his hand on my ass and I Enjoyed the feeling of my ass moving on it with each step… we walked a long way till there was no one around.. I seen a spot up on the beach where there was some trees and Wild sea-grass on the dune…I lead him up there telling him how handsome he was as he stood there letting me rub his cock through his shorts.. He grabbed me and started passionately kissing me as I slid my hand down in his shorts rubbing his cock and rolling his balls in my palm… He leaned back against the tree as I pulled down his shorts letting his cock Fallout I grabbed it and kiss the head looking up at him letting him watch it disappear in my mouth… (I love to do this) I took a deep breath and push my lips to the base rubbing the shaft with my tongue so I can feel his half hard cock growing and getting thicker Slowly going down my throat opening it up as it gets longer and hard MMMMMMM I love that feeling.. I’m on my knees with my hands on the ground my ass pushed back so you can see my tiny little bottoms covering my soft tanned ass and moving it around enticing him letting him know it’s waiting for his cock… I guess he couldn’t take it any longer he reached down and grab me pushed me against the tree I didn’t say a word I guess he wanted to fuck me right now he didn’t pull down my bottoms he just grabbed them and ripped them to one side using the head of cock to open me I was so juice it did bahis şirketleri not matter my puss open right up for him… But it did make me cry out with my hands on the tree OH Fuck Matt MMMM Baby Push It All In Me and he did jamming it to the base.. I razed up on my tippy toes and arched my back making it go as Deep as possible.. Matt grabbed my hips and started Grudge fucking me just pounding my ass wildly I looked over my shoulder watching him. I can see my ass giggle every time he slammed it to the base my boobs were bouncing all around my body was being trusted from side to side…He wouldn’t say a word he would just stop and I would quickly turn around and drop to my knees and start passionately sucking his cock MMMM it tasted so good with my juices covering it… Then I would stand back up and assume my position on the tree and he would step back up and jam his long thick cock back in me and start wildly fucking me again This went on for what seemed like hours juice was flowing down my legs as he pounded me.. my puss was working in rhythm with him it was pulsing and clamping down on his cock real hard then letting go I was fucking him back it was making a loud slapping noise every time he drove his body between my ass cheek my toes were digging into the sand my fingers hurt from gripping the tree.. We were both in a wild erotic state I couldn’t tell you if people were around the only thing I could focus on was his cock in me and his slippery sweaty body pounding me.. I had never been fucked in public which made it even more Wild… My chubby clit was starting to Cum I reach down with one hand catching as much as I could then sucking and licking it off my hand feeding myself my own Cum.. I can hear Matt saying I’M GOING TO CUM I cried out DON’T PULL IT OUT KEEP FUCKING ME OOOOO YES CUM IN MY ASS AAA AAAA CUM IN MY ASS BABY AAA AAA AAA DON’T STOP FUCKING ME AAA AAA AAA AAA MMMMMMM BABY MMMM FULL ME WITH YOUR CUM OOOOO YES OOOO Then he stopped and stood there letting ride his cock till it finally fell out but my ass was still moving like it was in me!! even when he got on his knees and started eating my ass was sliding up and down on his face like I was fucking it… I was so wound up and in just a Fuck me mode when he was done he tried to talk to me But I didn’t pay any attention to him I just kept fingering my ass and rubbing the rosebud it took me 10 or 15 minutes to slow down and realize what was going on!!! He had made me so HOT.. he took me by the hand HOLE SHIT AT WAS SO HOT THAT RATES IN THE TOP 3 BEST SEX I EVER HAD YOU HAVE GOT TO GIVE ME YOUR PHONE NUMBER… I was joking but I told him OKAY BUT YOU HAVE TO BRING A FRIEND NEXT TIME…. We both laughed and started walking back when we got to my blanket I told him; let’s go up to the shower and rinse off… It was nice we both got in together and wiped each other down right out in front of everybody We’re lucky we didn’t get arrested because I pulled his cock out the leg of his shorts and cleaned it up And he slid my bottoms to the side and clean my puss real good !!!! he still calls me every month or so to get serviced as he calls it or I call him… he did bring a friend a couple of times but that’s a different story lololololololololol Sextoy101PS Don’t be afraid to talk to a stranger you never know what will become of it Look at it this way if you do nothing!!!! nothing will happen!!!! So get out there and have fun and make someone’s life better and possibly yours

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