A Celebration


My fiancé and I have been playing poker online and in tournaments forever. Finally, it happened…we won over a million dollars in a tournament! All of our dreams were coming true. We had a new house, cars and some toys that we had always wanted. It seemed things could not be more perfect. I decided it was time to finally fulfill one of those fantasies that we’d always had.

I left a note for my sweetie telling him I would be home around 7:00 with a surprise. I left it by his computer and headed out the door to take care of the details.

I had to run a few errands, some mundane and ordinary and then there was the fun stuff. After the post office and drug store it was off to the local adult store. I looked around for quite some time. I was practically soaked through just thinking about the evening’s events as it was, but watching a couple in corner made it even harder. They had their hands all over each other and it made me start thinking about hands running over my body, tweaking my nipples exploring my cunt. The couple noticed me watching. He seemed to enjoy the audience and shot his hand between her legs under her skirt when the clerk’s attention was on someone asking him a question. I saw the deep satisfaction in his eyes as he lifted her skirt so I could see his fingers assaulting her pussy. Oh this was pure heaven. I loved to watch… and boy would that come in handy this evening. I grabbed my selection and headed up to the counter with my supplies. I turned back to the couple in the corner and had the strangest feeling we’d be seeing each other again somewhere. As I headed out the door I bumped into someone from work on his way into the store. Poor guy, he almost had a heart attack. I just smiled big, held up my bag of goodies and winked as I passed on by. I hoped the couple in the store would put on a nice show for him.

I stopped at the bar, ordered a drink and waited. My “friends” should be here soon. I got a little lost in my daydreams and I was a little startled when I heard a woman’s voice right next to my ear. “Hey sugar, you waiting for us.” It was Alex and her friend Katie. I stood up and gave her a hug. “I’m so glad you guys could come. Sit down, we’ll have a drink before we go.” We sat and went over the plan for a bit.

Alex was a tiny thing. I met her years ago while I was bartending one summer when I was home from college. Her long hair hung straight down practically to her ass and was black, with red streaks in it. mersin escort She fit that Goth image that I knew Tony would like; piercings and all. Her eyes were green like mine, but almost an emerald color. I smiled. Next to her, was Katie; a seemingly innocent girl. She was twenty-three, but looked all of 16 if she was lucky. Curly reddish-blonde hair and the lightest blue eyes you could imagine. I was pleased with myself. I couldn’t deny it. I had bumped into Alex quite by accident the week before and we went out to lunch. Alex, was always very straightforward and I knew it wouldn’t be long before our sex lives were the topic of conversation. Alex had been my introduction into the freakier side of life. We had never played together, but when I was 19 and still somewhat innocent she had kind of taken me under her wing. I guess I had never realized that I had my own little freaky side. Alex brought it out in me. We’d go out after work and I’d find myself doing things I had never imagined I would do. I loved every minute of it and I craved the excitement.

Alex and I had grown apart. Our lives just seemed to drift and then, BAM, there she was last week. Smiling at me from across the street, like it was just yesterday we had gone out and raised hell. It was perfect. Tony and I had been together for three years. We were married, had everything we would ever need, and now it was time to play. He was my perfect match. Alex and I had talked for hours and by the end, we had made our plans.

“Let’s get going. I can’t wait to meet Tony!” Alex squeaked. The three of us headed home to my house. Tony’s car was there and I could see the lights on in the bedroom.

The girls came in quietly behind me. I had expected Tony to be at the computer but I heard the shower running in the back. Oh this would work out well.

Katie decided she’d like to do the honors. We stayed up in the living room and she waited in our bedroom for Tony to come out of the shower. Shy, sweet innocent little Katie…my foot! She was a good friend of Alex’s. Alex figured she would be the perfect girl to join us. I wished I could see the look on Tony’s face as he got out of the shower and saw a strange girl sitting on the chair by the bed just waiting for him. I heard the shower stop and the door open. It was only a minute before I heard his surprised reaction…I giggled. I got us all drinks and was setting them down on the coffee table when Alex and I decided to take a peek. The escort mersin door was open and he never even made it past the dresser. Katie had him backed up to the dresser and was on her knees sucking his cock in then licking his balls. Alex knocked on the door and said “Hi there. I see you met my friend Katie. I’m Alex…an old friend of Jen’s.” She proceeded to drop to her knees next to Katie. He just reveled in the moment. He looked from them sucking his cock over to me and just grinned. It was priceless.

I snuggled in next to him and we kissed hard and long. I walked over to the bed and watched for a minute. It was a perfect sight. He had one hand on each of their heads and they were alternating swallowing his cock down their throats. His head was back and he was thoroughly enjoying his little “surprise”. It was going to be quite the night. I retrieved my bag from the living room and knelt behind Katie. I lifted her skirt and started to rub a silver vibe down her ass, over her thong to her pussy. She shuddered for a moment. The metal vibe was cold, but not for long. I pulled her thong over her ass to her thighs and slid the vibe in her wet cunt. I hadn’t turned it on just yet. I was teasing her. She looked back at me and pouted. I laughed and turned it on. I started fucking her slowly in and out. Alex turned and kissed me while Katie still sucked on Tony’s cock very slowly, letting him slide all the way down her throat. She pushed back onto the vibe as she came off of his cock and then rocked in between the two. Alex had my sweater open and hanging off my shoulders. She looked up at me with pride. I hadn’t told her about my nipple rings. She sucked on one and then the other flicking the rings with her tongue. You could hear the faint click of our piercings rubbing over one another.

She told me to lie on the edge of the bed. I stood up and slid off my pants and laid back. Tony and I were facing each other. He could see quite clearly and I could see him. Alex crawled between my legs and touched my nipples, pinched them and then ran her hands down to my pussy. She touched my clit very lightly, back and forth and then when I closed my eyes for a moment she suddenly had her mouth on me. It was like electricity hit me and I came almost immediately. I opened my eyes to see Tony spraying his cum on Katie’s face and tits. She cleaned him with her tongue, still pushing that vibe in and out of her hole. He whispered in her ear. Katie looked up at mersin escort bayan me and headed in my direction. Alex and Katie kissed and then switched spots. Katie licked at my pussy and Alex straddled my face. I pulled her down to me and sucked and licked at her pussy greedily. And although I couldn’t see where Tony was I knew. I knew he was behind Katie watching the show and playing with the vibe in her hole. I heard Katie moan and felt the vibrations in my pussy and I started to cum again and in turn Alex started to cum all over my face. Alex rode my face and Katie sucked at my pussy and I felt the vibe inside me as she licked at my clit. Tony had handed the vibe to Katie and guided it to my pussy. Alex repositioned next to me and sucked on my tits and kissed my and told me to watch Tony fuck Katie in the ass while she ate me. “You want to see him fuck her like a little slut don’t you? Tell him, tell him to fuck her hard.”

I did want to see it. I couldn’t deny it. “Fuck her. Fuck her in the ass. I want to see you fuck that slut in the ass.” Alex took over pumping the vibe into my pussy without mercy, pushing me closer and closer to the edge while Katie sucked furiously on my pussy. Tony had been rubbing his cock up and down her pussy getting it slick and ready to shove up her tight little hole and then he did. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back to him and Katie groaned into my pussy.

Alex tugged on my nipple rings and told Tony to “fuck her harder. Make her cum. Fuck her ass.” Alex had been fishing in the bag and I was so intent on watching Tony nail Katie I hadn’t notice she was putting the strap-on on. She instructed us to rearrange, and it seemed we were all more than willing to take orders. Tony was still pounding into Katie’s ass, but she had shifted to the right and was on her hands and knees on the floor at the foot of the bed and I was also on my hands and knees facing her. We kissed. Alex was behind me and then without warning shoved the dildo in my pussy to the hilt. Tony and Alex seemed to find the same rhythm and fucked Katie and I hard and fast. Everyone was moaning and groaning and I knew Katie and I were starting to cum. I looked up and saw the look on Tony’s face and knew it was pushing him over the edge. Tony had his hand wrapped in Katie’s hair and Alex had a handful of mine and then Katie was over the edge and I followed. Tony came hard and all we sort of collapsed in a pile on the rug.

After a few minutes, we started to gather ourselves and decided to go to the living room for those drinks. It was early yet. We decided to recover for a bit and then head back out to the bar to see what other excitement we could find.

To be continued…

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