A Chance Encounter with Aunt Sue


I had spent a very pleasant evening down in Poole with the rest of the football team for the end of season meal. I was driving though and whilst others had made their way into Mint; I had decided that my evening was done. Returning to my car I started off on my journey home, living in Wimborne I figured on empty roads I would be back at my flat in fifteen minutes with plenty of time catch a late film on TV.

I was though hardly out of the car park when I caught site of Aunt Sue standing at a bus stop. Aunt Sue wasn’t really my aunt and was more a friend of the family, her and her husband Tony being some of my parent’s oldest friends. Her two daughters, Katie and Sarah, in fact were friends of my sister, and I had been in the same class as the youngest Katie throughout my schooldays. Sue had been the first woman I had ever seen in a bikini, and during my early teens it had often proved inspirational for many an evening spent by myself with only my hand for company.

Sue was now in her early forties but she looked the same as she had done ten years ago. Standing there at the bus stop Sue was as beautiful as ever. Her blonde hair flowed down her neck to her shoulders, at five foot six-ish, she was perfectly proportioned but her legs drew my eyes immediately. She was wearing black boots over stocking clad legs, and a short black skirt finished off the bottom half exquisitely. From the bikini clad past I also knew that her coat hid a pair of large breasts that I had often fantasised about putting my cock between.

As I lowered the passenger side window this thought alone was enough to cause a stirring in my cock.

“Hi, Sue need a lift?”

Sue leaned into the window, causing my mind to instantly think of a working girl sounding out a trick.

“Sure Mike if it’s not too much trouble.”

Sue and Tony’s house was only a few minutes off of a direct route home, and it was a pleasant journey spent chatting about my parents, and Sue’s daughters. It seemed that Tony was away on business, whilst the university terms of Katie and Sarah had yet to finish. Sexual thoughts had been pushed to the back of my mind although every now and then I would get a glimpse of the black stockings between the top of Sue’s boots and the hem of bursa escort her tight skirt.

In next to know time we had reached Sue’s house and figuring it was called for I accompanied Sue to her front door. Once I had seen Sue to the door I was about to return to my car thinking my good deed was at an end. Sue though hadn’t closed the door, and as she walked away she called over her shoulder, “Come on in Mike, I’m sure you have time for a drink.”

It was an offer I couldn’t refuse, not because of the offer a drink, but because the stirrings in my cock had returned, helped no end by being able to see for the first time Sue’s perfectly formed backside encapsulated in her skirt. Sue indicated that I should go into the lounge as she headed off into the kitchen.

Taking a seat I looked up as Sue returned to the lounge with two cans of cokes. I was momentarily taken aback as she had removed her coat. Sue wasn’t wearing a skirt but a mini-dress and belt. The dress though was like nothing I had seen before, a black halter strap around her neck and backless, the front though was two strips of material with crisscrossing ribbons going across the front. All in all it was an amazing dress that showed off her breasts and it was equally amazing that those large breasts were somehow held in place.

The stirrings that I had felt before had now developed into a full on hard-on. I hoped against hope that as long as I didn’t move or look down then Sue wouldn’t notice. It was a vain hope though and as she looked at me I knew that she was looking at my groin. I started to mutter excuses but before I could get anything out, Sue had interrupted me. “You know Mike, I haven’t had sex now for a month, what with Tony being away. I was wondering if you could think of anyone who could help me out?”

I sat there is silence thinking I must be dreaming but felt myself being pulled to me feet as Sue took me by the hand and lead me upstairs to the master bedroom.

“Got any condoms on you?” I shook my head, momentarily distraught, I hadn’t expected any action that night and now it looked like I would be thwarted by a lack of foresight.

As I shook my head Sue though rescued me. “If you go into Kate’s room, the top drawer of her bedside cabinet bursa escort bayan normally has some in.”

I tried not to make it look like I was rushing but I made my way along the corridor to Katie’s bedroom. The room itself was much as I remembered it from previous visits although there was certainly more of a university student ambience about it than the schoolgirl room it had once been. I quickly found the condoms exactly where Sue had said they would be. There was whole bunch of them loosely thrown in the drawer, although as I took a couple I couldn’t help but find my eyes drawn to two large toys and a small bottle of lube. It was though only as I walked back that I had an image of Katie using the large black vibrator herself.

I re-entered Sue and Tony’s bedroom to find Sue had taken off her boots and belt, and was sat on the edge of the bed. She had pulled her dress up around her waist and had her hand thrust down inside a pair of lacy black panties. As I came nearer Sue undid my belt and pulled down my zip and released by trapped cock from my boxers. It was certainly a welcome relief, but it was soon enclosed once again though as Sue took the head of my cock into her mouth before progressing to take the full length in.

“Looks like I made a good choice”, Sue said looking at my cock.

I had never thought too much about the size of my cock, and had always regarded it as average in size being only 7 inches long although previous girlfriends had said it was a good mouthful. Sue beckoned that I should undress, and as I did her hand once more returned to her black panties. I could see little other than her finger movement but as I stripped I thanked my lucky stars, although I had a momentary thought about who would kill me first, my mum or Tony, if I was discovered in this position.

Sue took my cock in her right hand, as she slowly caressed by balls with her left. My cock felt harder than it had ever done before, the thought of Aunt Sue, I forbidden fruit, ravishing me was more arousing than anything I had ever felt before. Sue slowly licked my helmet as she ran her nails down my shaft. In a matter of seconds I was fearful that I would explode and tried desperately not to think about it. All I could think of escort bursa though was Sue swallowing every last drop of my cum.

“My turn now.” Sue must have realised just how close I was. She lay back on the bed and pulled her panties aside. It was my first chance to see Sue’s pussy. It could have been natural or it could have been shaved, at that moment I just didn’t care. To my intense pleasure though, Sue was shaved apart from a neatly trimmed rectangle of pubic hair.

I knelt down and although I had only gone down on a woman once before I set about my task with relish. Using a combination of my tongue and fingers, I played with Sue’s clit and started to thrust one and then two fingers inside her. I could feel Sue’s nails digging into my shoulders as she started to writhe in pleasure. “Put that condom on, I need you inside me now.”

Needing no second invitation I put the condom on, as Sue pulled her panties off and took her dress off as well. There were those perfect breasts that I had fantasised so long about.

My cock slid easily into Sue’s pussy and I could see Sue bite her lip as I thrust deep inside her. My balls banged against her, and Sue deliberately spread her legs wider. I tried to take my time but here I was fucking a truly sexy milf, I wasn’t being helped though be the fact that Sue was talking dirty to me. With each thrust she would say “harder”, and it was like her pussy was trying to milk my cock.

I knew I couldn’t keep going much longer without cuming, but even as I was thinking about it, Sue gasped out “I’m cuming.”

That was enough for me and as her pussy contracted once more, I shot the first wad of cum into the condom. Then a second and third, cum seemed to keep coming, and I all but collapsed on top of Sue, even as the spurts kept coming. Sue pulled me close and I could feel the warm, wetness of her pussy as she came in unison. I felt elated but disappointed that I had not lasted longer, though looking at the alarm clock I was amazed to see that twenty minutes had elapsed since we had both entered the bedroom.

For the first time ever though my cock was still rock hard despite having cum. I pulled the filled condom off, and tossed it in to the bin. My cock glistened with cum, and thinking nothing of it I positioned my cock in Sue’s face, and simply said “Clean it for me.”

A transformation had truly occurred from the reticent family friendly, to a man telling this beautiful older woman just what I wanted her to do.

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