A Chance meeting that rocked his world


A Chance meeting that rocked his worldThis story is inspired from some I read on the web.It was a chance meeting, one that might never have happened. He looked over at the owner of the hand that was on top of his own on the door knob of the gym and felt his breath leave his body. He was looking at the biggest amazon woman he had ever seen in his life. He was fond of muscular and strong women but this woman was just out of this world. “Oh, I’m sorry!” he said to her. “It’s just that you have the most muscular body I have ever seen in my life!”A big smile came over her “Thank you. I’m Quin.””I’m Paul,” he said, extending his hand in friendship. She had a strong handshake and her grip was more than firm, and Paul felt his fingers being literally crushed in what seemed like a vice! He was staring, but he couldn’t help himself, this woman turned him on like no one he had ever met! And this gave Quin the perfect opening and she jumped on it. “Paul, would you like to have dinner with me tonight?”“Yes” he said and after getting her address, Paul practically ran home to masturbate and ease his painful erection.At 6’ tall, Quin’s body was a work of art, which she herself had sculpted. She was a serious bodybuilder, spending hours in the gym building her muscle bulk and yet, Quin was very lovely and despite her bulging muscles, she oozed sexuality with voluptuous, gravity defying 40 DD’s breasts. Paul was humming as he approached the apartment of Quin. He walked up the stairs, bottle of wine in hand.He rang the bell and the door opened. For the second time that day, Paul got the wind knocked out of him and he started having an erection.Quin was a vision in front of him. Blond curly hair cascaded down to her shoulders. She wore a nearly sheer, long sleeve, cream-colored blouse, unbuttoned strategically to show a generous amount of cleavage. She must have been over 6’10 in the heels she wore and taller than his own 5’9” now, but it didn’t bother him at all. The leather pants clung to her like a second skin. He had a date with a goddess, Paul reckoned.She welcomed him with a big hug and he was taken aback at how strong she was. He knew she worked out, but wow! Seeing the tent his erection was making in his pants, Quin was amazed at the size he was hiding in there and she gave him that dazzling smile again, leaning in to him and kissing him softly. Paul smiled again and returned her kiss. “I don’t think ….”Quin cut him off. “Don’t think. Just be. Thanks for the wine but tell me Paul, what are you thinking of for tonight? …what’s on your mind? Someone seems to be liking what you see” pointing to his erect dick in his pants.He blushed. “I think you’re the sexiest, most muscular and incredible woman I have ever met…”Quin cut him off again with a kiss, agile tongue gliding along his own lips. “You like the way I look, don’t you Paul?” Paul could barely breathe. He made an audible gulp and stammered, “Did I make it that obvious?!?”She took his hands in hers and squeezed. “I want to do something fun? You Game?””Uh-huh” was all he managed to say.Quin led him to the living room before pushing him gently into the over stuffed easy chair “I’m going to work out for you personally Paul, so you just sit back and relax!”Paul sat there in almost a trance like state while Quin did a double biceps pose which started to rip the sleeve.“Oh My God” Paul just could not believe what she was doing.She tossed her hair and smiled at Paul before ripping off the cream-colored blouse, revealing her huge shoulders, massive biceps bulging with muscular definition, each bigger than his head, huge forearms and a powder blue bra, that looked so sexy against her tanned skin, struggling to contained her big boobs. She removed her bra and her magnificent breasts spilled out in all their glory, each with nipple at least an inch erect. Round and firm, they rode high on her big muscled chest and Paul could now see just how just muscular and toned she was.She did a few poses, flexing her massive arms, then turning around to give him a breath taking view of her perfectly formed deltoids. Paul by now had a hardon you could have driven nails with, and the bulge in the front of his pants was easily seen through his dungarees. Quin licked her lips with obvious lust at the sight of the outline of Paul’s hard member, her own hands gliding up and pinching her already hard nipples. “Ever been fucked by a muscled woman, Paul?” she purrs “I have muscles everywhere, even in places you won’t dream thinking of…! You game?” Listening to her dirty talk, his dick twitched in his pants trying to break free.She walked towards him and he rose from the chair. Then, she reached over and in a swift motion scooped Paul up and carried him to the bed room. Again, he felt completely overwhelmed by her strength and power. Weighing in at nearly 180 pounds, she lifted him like nothing, without even breaking a sweat.”Your little `superheroine’ would like to ravish you, stud. Think you can keep up with me?”He smiled and said “I will do my best.” Quin grinned. “You’d better put that big dick of yours to good work!”Quin carried her prize into the bedroom. As they crossed the threshold, they both laughed at the incongruous nature of what was happening! “What next?” Paul asked her with a sly grin.”Strip, stud!” she said as she looked over at this handsome man.While not being muscle-bound and ripped like her, Paul had nothing to be ashamed of. He was lean and trim.”Yes, sure!” Paul replied. He made a clumsy attempt at stripping, it was touchingly funny. He wiggled and gyrated his hips at her as he unbuttoned his shirt and removed his pants. He stood before her, in his boxers and socks, lean and attractive, the huge lump straining to free itself.She reached out and ran her hand over his skin gently. “Nice” Quin purred.”Please – I want to see you.” Paul said to Quin in a soft tone. She found that klasbahis güvenilirmi very appealing and smiled, almost shyly.”You like?” Quin asked as she flexed her boobs. Both boobs bounced up and down on her chest, very slowly at first and then faster. She then flexed one and then the other, making them bounced at will, showing her amazing muscle control and displaying such sexiness that Paul nearly fainted there and then.Paul was speechless and he sat on the bed enjoying the raw sexuality she displayed. Like? My god, she was the most delectable sight he’d ever seen. His cock was straining his boxers, twitching madly as if it had a life of its own. He couldn’t say anything and just groaned, nodding like a puppy with his mouth opened.Quin smiled and continued…She practically ripped out of the tight, black leather slacks, tearing it to pieces. Now she was only wearing the briefest blue thong which was bulging slightly. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on her anywhere, her huge legs beautiful and tapered, well-defined with huge muscles, each bigger than his own, and her calves big, powerful and bulging. Now only a blue thong was between Paul and what was sure to be a dripping wet pussy. Quin stood with her legs spread wide apart, thrusting her pelvis forward, causing the thin nylon material to stretch hard and tight over her bulging vulva. A damp quarter size spot was visible right where her slit would be, and Paul moaned out loud while staring at the plump vagina straining to escape its nylon prison! Finally Quin tuned around and gave Paul a full look at her hard round ass, covered only in the crack by the thin line of blue cloth, while she tightened and untightened her buttocks, the muscles in her butt flexed up and down. Paul ached to run his hands over her body, to caress all of her, to kiss and lick all her glorious muscles one by one but he had the good sense to let Quin run the show, paralysed by such display of raw power, strength and sexiness.With her back still turned, she grabbed the panties by the waist, and with one hard jerk, tore them from her pussy! Turning around slowly, Paul got his first look at Quin’s clean shaven lips, above which was a small patch of dark blond pubic hair! Paul gulped when he saw it, never before having seen such finely developed female sex organs! Her lips were truly a thing of beauty, extremely puffy and full, shaved clean to show off all their natural beauty! What was really amazing, however, was that the tip of Quin’s enormous clit was visible outside her crack! It was taking every bit of his self control not to walk over and take Quin in his arms and possess her, but he held off. Instead, he let her come to him and Quin stepped closer so that Paul could get a better look. She stood before him, strong and magnificent, sheer perfection and then she gingerly separated her lips, completely exposing her clit to the night air! “My god,” he groaned, “that is the biggest clit I’ve ever seen!!!” “Do you like it?” she asked.“Why wouldn’t I,” Paul stammered, standing up, “you have the most beautiful vagina I’ve ever seen!!! You have the most amazingly muscular body I have ever seen” “You’re overdressed Paul” Quin purred to him. “Why don’t you show me what you’re hiding in there”.Quin stared at his crotch, and reached out to caress his pecker through the thin cotton, and mouthing the words, “Show me,” and Paul was only too happy to do so!He removed his boxers and stood before her. His erect 18 inch penis twitching at Quin. Seeing the huge shaft, Quin licked her lips, wanting to take him in her body and fuck his brains out.“You have such a beautiful huge cock, Paul. I am glad you’re here with me. We’re going to have a memorable night.”Paul didn’t doubt it. Quin took hold of his penis and lead him to the bed where she pushed him down. Quin looked down at her lover and grinned again. “I gonna fuck your brains, Paul. I want to be in charge…, do you have any trouble with that stud?” He shook his head.Quin knew he wouldn’t and she joined him on the bed. Her tanned skin shone in the room’s lighting and she knelt over him, her huge breasts nearing his torso. He felt one, they were firm and beautiful. “You’re so beautiful Quin, so very beautiful.” Her green eyes met his blue eyes. Slowly, teasingly, she took the head of his big cock into her mouth and began to lick at it. He surged at the first flick of her tongue on his nob and she went all the way down, slithering her tongue all over his veiny shaft. She traced every inch of it as she fellated him, never letting her eyes leave his as she sucked. Paul just couldn’t believe it. Quin swallowed his 18 inches in one go. He never had any woman who could swallow him like that and the sensation he felt from her mouth and tongue rocked his world. He groaned with pleasure and closed his eyes, enjoying the best blowjob of his life.Little groans were coming from Paul as she blew him. Up and down, she worked her mouth lavishly over his prick. Her hands gripped his balls, she took extra care not to grip them too hard, instead, she used a gentle fondling motion as she kept sucking his dick. Side to side, up and down, she gave him a blowjob that nearly had him come in her mouth and it took all his will power to resist the urge of ejaculation. He looked at the stunning goddess he was in bed with and his mind was blown with the awareness of his good fortune. Talented lips sucked, soft and full around his shaft.Whenever he could, Paul ran his hands over her rock-hard form, caressing her skin, marveling at the smoothness of it, how silky she felt, and yet how powerful and buffed she was. Her head was bobbing up and down, she was the best lover he’d ever known and she has yet to fuck him to exhaustion.Quin was delighted. His cock was huge, veiny and pulsing so hard. Every now and then, his dick would twitch and he would groan. klasbahis yeni giriş She knew he was enjoying it and she was enjoying it too, every single inch of his huge prick.Fearing he would come too soon and displease his goddess, Paul looked at Quin and asked “May I pleasure you My Goddess?”. She looked at him, knowing he was on the verge of coming. She took her mouth off his big cock momentarily and smiled.”Think you can handle it sexy?” Quin said, grinning.”I had better, my beautiful amazon?” She laughed and nodded. Quin displayed her strength in the way she swung her torso over and immediately, her pussy was above his face, her huge clit bulging obscenely. He found her bald cunt very sexy and her huge clit unbelievable. Her clit was like a small dick, about 3 inches and thick, poking out from her juicy lips and waiting to be sucked.Before Paul could get a taste of her, Quin flexed her buttocks and she heard Paul groan. She flexed all the muscles in her back side individually and felt his hands caressing her ass. She took hold of his huge dick and started slowly, teasingly giving him a handjob, gripping the shaft and enjoying his full length.Paul just could not believe this woman. She has such muscle control, he never ever imagined he could be in bed with such a magnificent, buffed and ripped beauty.Paul could not wait anymore, overwhelmed with lust, he had to taste her, please her and hope he would be able and capable of returning the favour.He buried his face in her wetness and began eating her in earnest. From her sudden change in movement, he knew he was getting to her.Paul concentrated all of his efforts on pleasing Quin. He moved his head up and down, then side to side, licking her, using his tongue like his cock, stabbing it into her heated pussy. He alternated by sucking her erect clit and was rewarded with the clit growing in his mouth. Quin groan “You like my big clit, don’t you Paul.”“Oh Yeah… Suck it, suck it baby. Make me hard. Yes baby, just like that… blow me, take me in your mouth… keep goiiiing… Oh Yeah… I’m getting hard Baby” And she started taking his whole prick in her mouth again.He could not believe her kinky words and how hard and long her clit grew in his mouth. He bite it, sucked it as if his life depended on it. He felt like giving her a blowjob but this thought was washed away when her juice coated his tongue, sweeter than any he’d ever tasted. She was like honey and he devoured her, pulling at her pussy lips as her mouth continued to blow him.Her body was quivering as Paul ate her.Quin was really pleased. He was good and he was more aggressive in his cunnilingus after her trash words. His tongue flicked over her clit, which by now had grown large and throbbing to four inches. She knew she was likely flooding Paul’s face, but she didn’t hear any objections. She continued to deep throat her lover, he was certainly hugely endowed. His thick cock filled her throat and she was impressed by his self-control. Many men would have cum by now, but Paul was holding off.She had no plans of doing the same though. “FUCCKKKKK, PAULLLLLL!!” Quin screamed, as she coated his mouth with the first of her orgasms. She moved off of him and grinned down at her smiling lover.”You’re good lover! Your damn good” she said, running her hands over his chest.”We aim to please, ma’am!” Paul said in mock seriousness.”You did, Oh you did!” Quin replied.Quin was breathing hard, she’d had workouts that hadn’t made her pant like this. And she was more than ready for more.Paul thought he’d never seen anything so lovely, she was awe-inspiring even now.She ran her strong hands along his thighs again, leaning over and kissing him on the lips. Quin’s mouth was made for kissing, Paul thought, lips full and pouty. Was there anything about her that wasn’t breathtaking?”Ready for the next act? Cause I’m just getting started Baby!” Quin said as she climbed onto his body.”Oh, yeahhhhh!” Paul groaned as Quin lowered her massively muscled body on top of his massive cock, facing away from him. She moved slowly at first, adjusting to the thickness in her cunt, rippling her pussy muscles around his dick. Paul groaned. He now felt what a woman must feel like when a man forty or fifty pounds heavier than herself mounts her, which was intimidating to say the least! Paul ran his hands all over Quin’s upper torso, feeling the hard rippling muscles under her smooth taut skin. Escape, even if he wanted to would have been totally futile, but of course he didn’t wish to escape, in fact just the opposite was true, he wanted this Amazonian goddess to take and dominate him the way a man would take a delicate female! The feeling of strength and power she had over him made his penis stiffen like a piece of oak hard wood! Everything about her was hard and strong, that is except for her vagina, which was soft and puffy, and just as feminine as any he had ever touched! He moved upward, arching his cock into her body. He has never experienced anything like this. Not only did she take his whole 18 inches in one go but her pussy muscles were massaging his dick from bottom to top. The hardness of her body and the soft squishiness of her pussy were contrasts like night and day! When Quin sat up on his pecker, all the muscles in her body seemed to bulge out, as if she were still flexing them. She let out a low hum of approval as he came up from behind her and cupped her full tits. “I want to play with your beautiful, big tits Quin, please?” Quin nodded her head as she started to move up and down on his prick. She was determined to enjoy his huge dick to the fullest. It was so cute how gentle he was, but she suspected there were untold depths to her newest lover.She was right. As he fondled her big breasts, his hands were strong and skilled, he played her body like a musician. He pinched her erect nipples as he fondled klasbahis giriş her breasts, squeezing them hard enough to make her moan in pleasure. Her cunt rippled around his cock, squeezing it again as she took him in. She again flexed her ass, rippling each check, making him groan with pleasure.Her body moved around and around, his cock rubbing against her hard big clit. She felt his hands move all over her flesh, caressing her huge shoulders, her buff biceps, per lats and tracing each of her six-packed muscled stomach. When he pulled at her navel ring, she smiled as his knowledgeable hands massaged her supple flesh, her inner fires were building and she moved a bit faster as his dick throbbed inside of her.Every once in a while, Paul would arch his body up and thrust within her. He was letting her run the show, which turned her on immensely, but Paul was by no means an inactive participant. He ran his hands all over her silky muscular thighs and she felt his fingers strum her clit as his cock moved within her and she squealed uncharacteristically. “Fucking hell Paul, that’s good!” she moaned. Encouraged, he took her massive erect clit in his hand and gave her clit a workout, just like he did this afternoon with his own cock. Paul was pleased with himself. To know he was pleasing this magnificent muscular specimen of womanhood was very gratifying. Paul pumped and thrusted his rod deep within her, the heat of her cunt and her pussy muscles – which she exercised as well, he knew – were trying to drain him dry.Paul was set on pleasing her and focused all his efforts on doing just that. His hands roamed her glistening flesh, gleaming with the perspiration from their sensuous and intense fucking. She rolled her hips back and forth as she took Paul’s cock in her body, all of him felt so good. He was a gifted lover and Quin’s body was screaming in delight.”What the hell makes you think you can handle me stud?” she asks, teasing him.He look down as he feel her tighten something in her lower abdomen and a ripple of sensation runs up his cock!“Oh My God” Paul has never felt anything like this before and nearly came there and then. He had to fight with all his might to hold on. He just could not believe what this amazon was doing to his big dick.She smiles back at him and does it again. Then harder. Paul felt her hips bucking down to meet him as she uses the power of her back to roll her hips into him.Quin did it again, this time much harder and Paul could not move his big cock an inch within her muscled pussy. Her pussy was squeezing him, just like she said, devouring his dick hard and raw. The sensation was such that Paul thought he died and went to heaven… and he hadn’t come yet.”Oh I love you.” Paul tell her in a breathy whisper.”I love you too Paul. I will love you for a long time to come… but for right now I would save my air if I were you. This workout is only just getting started.”Bouncing up and down on his thick cock now, Quin fucked him with intensity. She was loving all of this wonderful sex, his big cock felt good, so fucking good, so hot inside of her, so fucking hot. Her mind was roaming now, she was just lost in the wave of fuck-lust that overwhelmed her senses.”FUCK ME PAUL!!” Quin yelled out. “GOD, YOU BEAUTIFUL FUCKING BASTARD, FUCKME, FUCKME, FUCKME and DON’T YOU STOP!” Quin screamed out.”FUCK YOU? LIKE THIS, MY WILD BABY?!TAKE MY BIG DICK, FEEL IT RIPPING YOU MY MUSCLE AMAZON” Paul said as he shoved his cock hard against her body, overwhelmed with lust and desire. The slapping sound of his flesh hitting hers aroused them both.”YESSS!! YESSSSS!!! THAT’S IT BABAY!!! HARDER! HARDER!! HARDER!!!” Quin howled in arousal. She was into it now more than ever, she continued to ride his thick shaft and squeezed her cunt around his cock from time to time, wanting to make him cum, yet wanting to prolong this incredible fucking.Quin bounced up and down, she moved her hips from side to side, she rolled her body around and around. Paul pumped and thrusted, fucking her demanding body, loving every second of it. He yearned to cum, but this was Quin’s show and he was along for the ride.Quin’s body was slick with sweat now, this man was the best fuck she’d ever had. She was going to have him again, she had to. Every inch of her chiselled body tingled with excitement and she was on the verge of her second orgasm.Paul’s body ached in frustration, yet he kept moving his huge dick inside his sexy muscular lover. He was so near, he didn’t think he could hold it much longer, grunting as she slams her pussy down taking every inch of him into her.”That’s right! YEAH.” Quin starts to grind herself on top of him. Paul feel the whole length of him sink into her, then the wonderful thing that she can do with her lower muscles starts to massage the sides and bottom of his cock. The top and head feel like their being rubbed raw as she rides his cock against her pelvic bone.Paul’s hands run up the sweaty skin of her hips, across her abs, then up to her nipples. He pull at them and pinches her big clit as she arches back and he hear a long deep-throated moan echo through the room.”FUCK, I’M CUMMMINGGGG!!!” Quin squealed as her pussy convulsed around his cock. Almost as quickly, the lovely bodybuilder got off Paul and gulped his cock deep into her throat. “Cum for me baby! You deserve it my lover.” she urged and that was it, Paul lost his load in her cocksucking mouth and came as he never came before. Loads and loads of cum kept coming from his balls.Quin swallowed it all, eagerly. She loved the taste of a man’s cum – to her it was protein. She licked her full lips and ran her hand over Paul again, who was still trying to catch his breath.”You were amazing” she told him as she kissed his chest and dwindling cock. “I want more of that.”Paul was flattered and pleased with himself. He’d achieved his goal of making her happy and he was proud of that. She lay beside him on the bed and their bodies seemed to fit together.”I might need a bit of time to recharge” Paul said, still out of breath.”Oh, you’re not going anywhere!” Quin said, kissing him softly. She wondered if he was bi and her huge clit tingled at the naughty thought.

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