A Change of Pace

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He had tied her to a bed and made love with her on two occasions. The first mention of the subject intrigued her, although she could not believe she had agreed. She was even more surprised at how much she enjoyed it. The second time she was eager to participate. Her body was fully in his control, and as orgasm after orgasm raged through her she could do nothing to stop him, even if she had wanted to do so. She did not want to, she submitted to his every whim. The safety word, which would free her from her bondage, was never even close to her lips. Later, untied, talking to him about the experience, she heard herself tell him she would like to reverse the situation, that she would like to tie him and fully control things. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have this woman, and how much he wanted to experience such aggression on her part.

In the guest room of the lake house there was a four-post bed. As they sat in the living room shortly after arriving one afternoon, the conversation turned sexual, as they knew it would, and they both knew what they were about to do. He picked her up and carried her to the bed, where he had placed four neckties to create four perfectly placed points for bondage. He now offered her the chance she had requested, and while she would have preferred to wait until evening, she gave in to his request to do it now, and they kissed while various articles of clothing were strewn around the room. When all the clothes were gone and they were locked together in a tight embrace he sat up, taking her with him and asked her to tie him.

While she began to do his right foot, tying his ankle ever so gently, he tied his left leg, and turned to her, kissing first her back, then her mouth as she repositioned herself to tie his hands. She laid him back and sat over him as she did his left hand while he licked her left breast as she leaned to secure her knots. With his still free right hand he stroked her pussy, and she was now bordering on the orgasm she knew she would have but so wanted to delay until the time of her choosing. Finally she finished his left hand, asking demurely if he was comfortable, and then removed his other hand from her clitoris, where it was working the magic that she so treasured. She licked his lubricated fingers as she made the last knot, pulled away and sat over him, commenting about how nice this looked, and how much she had wanted to do this.

She lowered her mouth to his, kissing him and accepting his anxious tongue in response. She ground illegal bahis her pussy against his cock, being careful to let his shaft feel her opening but being equally careful that he not be allowed in. She wanted to excite him beyond his wildest dreams before she took him; she wanted him to want her totally, to lose control and simply explode into her as she controlled his pleasure. So she continued to kiss him, allowing her body to rub against his, cat like, and her moans became like purrs as she ever so slowly maneuvered her way down his body.

At first he could feel and smell her hair as she kissed his neck and upper chest, pausing to suck on his nipples. Then he could only watch as her lithe body was expertly rubbed against his own. She laid her face against his stomach, then kissed his waist, her tongue exploring his belly button, finally reaching his penis, which by now felt as if it would burst. He thought she was going to suck him off, in the manner that only she could, swallowing his semen and licking him clean, doing so with such loving enjoyment, but she had more in mind. She detoured around his cock, running her tongue down to his scrotum, licking his balls with obvious pleasure as he moaned loudly, loving every stroke of her tongue, wishing that this could go on forever.

She wanted to give him the pleasure he was so obviously enjoying, pleasures that he had never before experienced. She was incredibly turned on by his moans, which she knew were caused by her acts and her acts alone as he had no way to assist in the process. He could see her, and watch her spectacular body work its magic on him, but he could not touch. He longed to feel her, he needed to have her, but she was in total charge and obviously enjoying her new found power.

Finally, she emerged from below his cock, smiling as she watched him strain against the bonds, knowing how much he wanted to take her, listening as he begged for her body. She moved assuredly to his cock, putting her dainty mouth over the shaft, and he watched as she took half of it into her mouth, he was amazed at how she could show her feelings by the way she so lovingly handled his organ. He fought off an orgasm and now heard himself pleading with her to take him, “Oh baby, please take me, please ride my cock, oh honey please, I want you so much.”

But she had other plans, detouring down on him again, lightly licking his throbbing cock, again taking his balls into her mouth, then licking under his balls in that small area between illegal bahis siteleri his scrotum and his ass hole, applying pressure with her tongue, until he hardly could stand it. She then she reversed her course, moving up his shaft, licking the tip of his cock, then burying her face in his pubic hair and kissing up his stomach to his chest, then sitting above him. She straddled his hips, with her own, her knees bent under her so she could rise up on them as she pleased to take him. She slowly took his shaft in her hands, guiding it into her, letting only the tip in, as he thrust up toward her with his cock.

She wanted his cock more than anything. But she would not let him take control. She withdrew from his thrusts when they were badly timed, and drove down all the harder when they fit into her plan. It was his moans and cries that she now heard; it was he that had lost control, it was he that wanted to explode into her regardless of the appropriateness of the timing. He came loudly, with almost a yell, grunting with each spasm, feeling the gism rush out of him, watching her from below as she rode him, wanting to give him as much pleasure as she could provide, wanting to do everything she could to make him never forget her. To him there had never been any question of that, from their first night together. But now he knew with unquestionable certainty.

She collapsed down on him when she was sure he was through, kissing his mouth with hers. He had wanted to kiss her again since the moment she had pulled away after tying his hand, and now that he finally got his chance he didn’t want the kiss to end, but she pulled away.

“Did you like that?” she asked.

“Oh, I certainly did, you are wonderful, spectacular.”

“I’m glad you think so, I’m glad I could do that for you.”

“You could do one more thing for me, please.”

“What’s that?”

“You could move yourself up and sit on my face and let me lick your pussy.”

“You’d like that?”

“Baby, there’s nothing in the world I’d rather do.”

So she moved up on him, sitting on his chest, then slowly raising her pussy so that he could get his mouth on exactly the right spot. She soon realized that he had a very limited range of motion, and that she could limit it further by the positioning of her thighs and the amount of weight she applied. She could direct his attention to the exact spot she wanted licked. For his part he licked hungrily, desperately wanting to return the pleasure canlı bahis siteleri she had so selflessly provided. He could watch her from below as she braced herself against the headboard with her hands, her perfect breasts hanging above him but beyond his reach, gasping for air as her orgasm approached, making minute position changes so she could insure herself of the maximum pleasure that could be derived from this unique position. He could hear the volume of her moans increase, he could watch her face contort, he could see her firm breasts thrust out and he could feel the tension in her thighs as her orgasm took her away. He wanted to keep licking her forever, to levitate her into a permanent state of pleasure, but despite his pleas of “more”, she pulled away, collapsing again on him, gasping for breath and holding him tightly in her arms. He longed to hold her in return, but was prevented from doing so by the bonds that left him spread-eagled on the bed.

He tried to catch his breath knowing that he wanted to do her again. He said the only word he could get out, “Again.”

“No, not yet” she said, never ceasing to be amazed at how much he wanted her, about how he never seemed to tire, about how he always was willing to try again. But he had planted the seed, and as she lay atop him she knew something that he would like. So she shifted herself around, laying on top of him and positioning

her face at his groin and her pussy on his face, a perfect sixty nine that would soon make them both happy. He was ecstatic. He loved this position, he knew she would come again, he knew she would lick him and suck him so that he would reestablish a hard on and would probably either be sucked off or would be fucked into another orgasm. Either way, this was a great choice.

As it worked out, she came first, another seismic orgasm convulsing her being. When she was done he begged her to fuck him, and she did, this time facing away from her so he could watch her back and perfect ass as she worked on his cock with her pussy. When he came she collapsed onto him and this time they both fell into an exhausted sleep. They would awake to a gathering twilight and she would untie him for dinner. Both regretted that they didn’t have more time for this, she was right, they should have waited to the evening. But he now wanted to hold her while they made love, he had so missed being able to feel her body with his hands during the session, and despite the excitement the bondage had provided, he needed to feel her while they made love. They did so that night, and her body never felt better to him. She asked if they could do this again, and he could hardly control his pleasure in telling her he would love to do so. They slept that night in fully satisfied joy.

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