A Cherry Broken


My love of panties started at a fairly young age. My sexual experiences were limited to what I had read in “Sex Manners for Men” which had been passed around by my classmates at school. I had also had a small collection of magazines, which only showed Bikini clad girls. I spent hours gazing at that mystical mound covered by a flimsy layer of nylon, dreaming of what forbidden fruits lay behind that cover. My one hand furiously rubbing my hard prick while the other turned the pages. It never occurred to me that one of life’s finest pleasures could be derived from the taste of a woman’s pussy.

The turning point in my life came when I was 18 & saw my first true girlie magazine. I remember that it was a Mayfair Magazine from the UK. There was a picture of a woman squatting with her skirt up around her waist and her see-through yellow panty for the entire world to see. Her pussy hairs were matted against the thin fabric and her pussy lips were clearly defined. This was by far the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Further on in the same magazine when I reached the quest section the discussion was all about oral sex. The girl who was being interviewed went into graphic detail about the way she felt when this younger guy had gone down on her. In the second part a guy tried his best to describe the joys of oral sex. My mind was racing. I spent the next few days re-reading the Mayfair and imagining what oral sex must be like and deposited gallons of cum down the toilet, before I had to part with the magazine to its original owner.

After this I spent a lot of time looking at the underwear ads in my mothers magazines while I fantasized about tasting this illusive delicacy. My next milestone came when I went to visit a friend during the holidays. They lived on a farm outside of town and this meant that when I went to visit it would normally be for a few days. When I arrived we went down to the river to sneak a quick smoke away from all the watchful eyes of Kens parents. While we sat in the shade smoking our cigarettes the topic of conversation got onto girls and sex (as it invariably does with teenage boys). “Did you see the Mayfair John was showing us?” I asked Ken.

“Did I see it?” Ken exclaimed. “I walked around with a hard-on for days afterwards, those quest pages were awesome!”

“Yeah, I really got turned on by that chic who described her pussy being licked. I need to try that!” I said. By now my prick was so hard it was aching. I looked across at Ken and noticed that he had a large bulge in his trousers. His arm was moving gently up and down as he tried rubbing his prick without me seeing. “You feeling horny?” I asked.

“You better believe It.,” he breathed.

“Let’s relieve the pressure,” I said. Ken didn’t answer, he just slipped his pants down and took his hard cock in his hand and started to spread his juices around his circumcised head. I stared at his large cock. We both started pulling our foreskins slowly up and down the length of our teenage cocks. I could hear Ken beginning to breathe hard. As I opened my eyes a saw him spurt his thick white cum into the fine river sand, the sight of this sent me over the edge. The feeling of the hot cum pumping from my hard cock nearly blew my mind. I lay back in the sand, my eyes closed until my heart started returning to its normal pace. We slowly pulled our shorts back on and started walking back to the house. We were both quiet, both deep in thought, the experiences of the last few hours were really overwhelming.

When we got to the house I went off to the bathroom. As I sat on the toilet my eye caught something white hanging from the laundry basket. I leant across and slowly pulled the pair of panties from the laundry basket. They still felt warm. I looked at the crotch and saw that they were still very wet. I lifted them to my nose and inhaled the rich pussy ankara eve gelen escort smell from them. My first smell of the forbidden fruit! My cock was instantly hard. I took my cock in my hand and while I pumped it up and down. I breathed in the pussy aroma. My orgasm even more intense that the earlier one. I carefully pushed the panties back into the laundry basket. The question about whether they belonged to Ken’s mother or sister played in my mind. The smell of pussy etched in my mind.

We all sat down to dinner a short while later. Ken and I were both unusually quiet while Ken’s sister Cindy and her friend Kathy were talking animatedly across the dinner table. “You guys will have to excuse us,” said Ken’s Mom ” were going out to the Barlow’s to play cards, behave yourselves or else!” Ken’s Mom tried her best to look stern but failed dismally. After dinner Kathy and Cindy got up and announced that they were off to have a bath. As the bathroom door closed Ken quickly got up “follow me” he whispered. We quickly slipped out the back door and around the old farmhouse. With no neighbors for miles the house had huge big Bay windows and the curtains were seldom closed. We sneaked around the house until we crouched in front of the bathroom window. The height of the window made it impossible to see in from ground level. We slowly climbed up the old Wild Fig tree and looked into the bathroom. By now Cindy and Kathy were down to their underwear. The sight of real live women in her underwear had me nearly cumming in my pants. Cindy slipped her panties down and stepped out of them. She reached back and unclasped her bra, throwing both into the laundry basket. I now knew whose panties I had sniffed earlier and this made me even hornier. Both girls got into the bath and out of view. “That was awesome,” I breathed.

“Yeah” said Ken “Cindy hasn’t realized that her little brother is not into toy cars anymore but instead some nice pussy.”

“There won’t be much more to see,” he said, “let’s go back to my room.”

We quietly made our way back to the house. My mind was racing. All I wanted was an opportunity to get into that bathroom and bury my nose in those fresh panties. By the time we got into the house the girls were just coming out of the shower. Both were wearing large T-shirts, which pretty much covered everything. “Hey guys” Cindy called “you into a game of cards.”

“Sure” Ken answered, “I’m game.”

A short while later Ken and I went to Cindy’s room to play some cards. Cindy and Kathy were sitting on the floor waiting for us, the pack of cards ready and waiting. We agreed to play Rummy and Kathy started by dealing. As we sat cross-legged on the floor I peeped over at Kathy who was so busy concentrating on her shuffling that her sleeping shirt had slowly ridden up exposing her white cotton panties. I looked across at Ken and saw that he had noticed the same thing. A small tent in the front of his shorts was beginning to develop. I felt my cock start to harden. I glanced over at Cindy to see if she had noticed. She had! She had a wry smile on her face and was staring at my now growing shorts. As our eyes made contact she winked at me and picked up her cards. “Let’s play cards guys,” she said. As the game progressed I kept stealing glances at Kathy’s white Panties. From time to time I glanced over at Cindy and noticed that she had slowly opened her knees which had caused her shirt to ride up like Kathy’s had, I was sure that there was a small wet spot forming on her panties. The game very soon broke up due to a lack of interest on all of our parts. Ken suggested that the girls join us on the patio for a cigarette.

As we all sat on the patio I noticed that Kathy had moved over to where Ken was sitting, and Cindy was standing very close to me. “Can I share that with you” she asked gaziosmanpaşa escort quietly.

“I didn’t know you smoked?” I answered.

“Just now and then” she said as she took a deep drag on my cigarette. She moved closer to me and I could feel the warmth from her small breasts on my arm. She passed the cigarette back and as I took it from her she let her hand slid down onto my lap. She gently started to caress my thigh. Being new to this my cock was throbbing from the excitement. As I held the cigarette in my one hand I slid my other hand around her waist and pulled her closer to me. She moved closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder. I looked over at Ken and Kathy and saw them kissing deeply. I flicked the cigarette over the balcony and pulled Cindy around until she was standing between my legs as I sat on the low wall. I pulled her closer to me and slowly started kissing her. All that was going on in my mind was that I was not going to mess this up by rushing it. All the guys in school had said that the one sure way to chase a girl away was by being too quick. As I kissed her she slipped her tongue between my lips. This was a new sensation for me. It felt a little funny at first but I very quickly got the hang of it and was kissing her back with equal force. By now Cindy was tight up against me and I could feel her hot pussy pressing against my bulge. This felt so good that I slid my hands down her tight bum and up under her T-shirt. My hands rubbed her bum and I could feel her hips starting to move as she pushed her hot pussy against my hard cock. I looked over at Ken again and noticed he had progressed to his hand down the front of Kathy’s panties while she was rubbing his cock over his shorts.

“Lets go to my room” Cindy suggested.

“Fine by me” I answered. At this stage any suggestion, which meant that I could carry on with my quest to feel a pussy for the first time, was a winner with me.

“We are going to the room guys” she called across to Ken and Kathy.

“We’ll be right along” Ken answered. When we got to Cindy’s room I was unsure of where this was going (I had a very good idea where I wanted it to go!). Cindy took the uncertainty from my mind as she lay down on the bed and beckoned me to join her. As I approached the bed she lay back and pulled me down next to her. I slid my arm under her and hugged her close to me. Our lips met and we started kissing again. I slid my leg in between her knees and they opened with no resistance. My leg pushed up until it was pressing had against her hot pussy. I felt her wetness through her panties. As we kissed my hand slid down and started caressing the back of her silky floral panties. My fingers slid around to the elastic and crept under her panties. Her smooth white skin felt like velvet. My fingers crept down the crack of her ass until I felt the soft downy fur covering her pussy. I could feel that her pussy was dripping her juices. I let my inexperienced fingers wonder up to the source of the wetness. As they came in contact with the lips of her pussy she started to really writhe around. My fingers slipped into her hot little box. She ground her pussy hard against my hand. She pulled my hand out from behind her and rolled over onto her back, her legs spread. “Help me take off my panties,” she whispered. She lifted her hips towards me and I slowly pulled her wet panties from her hips, down over her legs. I could smell her musky scent rising from between her legs. A similar scent to the one I had smelt earlier in the bathroom. This nearly drove me over the edge. I looked over and saw that Ken and Kathy had also come inside and were lying on the bed opposite us both completely naked. Kathy was gently stroking Ken’s hard cock. I felt a tugging at my shorts and turned to find that Cindy was pulling my shorts down. ankara grup escort My cock sprang out from my underpants, the purple head shiny with my juices, which were steadily leaking from the head.

Cindy laid back, her legs spread. I looked across at her teenage body. Her small tits pointing up, and her blonde pubic hair lightly covering her neat snatch. I had never seen a real life pussy and my curiosity was definitely getting the better of me. I knelt down between her legs. My face just inches from her pussy. I saw a little bump showing from between the lips of her pussy. As I gently touched it Cindy gave a little gasp, her hand covered mine and pulled it down to the little button, “Rub my clit” she gasped “just keep it gentle.” I tentatively touched her clit; she pushed her hips into my hand and started thrusting. I could smell her the fragrance from her pussy.

My mind flashed back to the Mayfair description of oral sex, this was my opportunity to give it a try. I stuck my tongue out and let it gently touch her swollen clit. I sucked it into my mouth, her taste filling my mouth. The taste of Cindy’s pussy will remain in my mind as one of the most important experiences of my life. I found that if I sucked her clit in a rhythmic way this really got her going until she was mashing her hot pussy into my face. I quickly ran my tongue down her crack until it slid into her waiting pussy. I pushed my tongue into her as deep as it would go. Cindy started grinding her pelvic bone hard against my face, my nose rubbing her clit. By now she had my head in her hands and was pulling my head as hard as she could.

She was moaning and writhing around. The next moment I felt her body stiffen. “I’m cumming,” she cried out as her body started spasming. At first I was a bit worried that I had done something wrong, but as her pussy started to juice I realized that this must be the illusive orgasm described in the Mayfair. Cindy’s body went totally limp; I sat up and looked at her body. Her legs spread wide, her pussy red and swollen, and her breathing coming in gasps. At the same time I became aware of the sounds of pure pleasure coming from across the room. I looked over at Ken and noticed that he was lying on top of Kathy, his hard cock pistoning in and out of her.

I lay back on the bed next to Cindy, my hard cock sticking up in the air like an antenna. I closed my eyes and savored the moment. I was deep in thought when I felt a warm set of hands fondling my cock and balls. This feeling was then improved by something wet and warm. I opened my eyes in time to see Cindy’s hot mouth slide down the length of my cock while her hands fondled my balls. This was the most incredible sensation I could imagine. My hands instinctively moved down and rubbed her hair as she sucked my virgin cock. My hips started moving almost on their own as I started to fuck her mouth. “No” she said, “don’t cum in my mouth.” She slipped her lips off my cock and climbed up until she was straddling me.

She took my cock in her hands and guided into her hot pussy. The warm velvety feel of her hot pussy was indescribable. I immediately started to trust up. My hands holding onto her hips and bringing her tight pussy down to meet my up stroke. I could feel a slow throb developing in my groin. Without any warning I felt my cum rising from my balls. “I’m cumming,” I grunted as I started spurting deep into her hot pussy. We lay together our bodies intertwined. It took me a few minutes for my breathing to return to normal. “We had better not lie around too long, my parents will be home fairly soon” She said. I looked across at Ken and Kathy and saw that they were lying next to each other talking. Cindy picked her panties up from where they had been dropped and wiped her now dripping pussy. She was just about to toss them under the bed when I put my hand on her arm and stopped her. “May I keep those to remind of tonight, its not every day that you lose your virginity?” I whispered. “You’re kidding” she giggled, “I just took your virginity. Keep them. I hope they bring back good memories.”

I kept those panties for many years. Their scent may have eventually gone but the memories remained forever.

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