A Christmas Surprise


Everybody loves a surprise on Christmas, right? Well, you’re not going to believe the surprises I got this past Christmas. I don’t believe it. I’m only writing it down because, maybe then, it will seem real. I’ll tell one thing, though, home for the holidays will never be the same.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a 26-year-old guy living in Texas and I was heading home to visit my family in New York. Now, as anybody who truly celebrates Christmas will tell you, if they’re honest, the “most joyful time of the year” is a load of crap. The truth be know, it the most depressing time of the year. Anybody who says different is lying. And for me, this Christmas was even more depressing than usual.

First of all, I don’t like flying. In fact, I hate flying and now I have to fly half way across the country to get to New York. To make things worse, I can’t get a direct flight. I have to change planes in Atlanta. Second, I have to spend the holidays with my wacko family. This alone is enough to drive a person to suicide. And third, I just broke up with my girl friend. One day we’re madly in love and the next day she kicks me out on my ass for no good reason. She need’s time to “find herself” she says and can we still be friends? I got enough friends as it is and she doesn’t have to find herself, I know exactly where she is. She’s too wrap up in her own little fantasy world to be concerned with anybody else but herself, that’s where the fuck “she is”. But I digress. Back to my story.

I’m in Atlanta about to board the plane to New York when, who do I see but my cousin Lorraine (Surprise number 1). Now I haven’t seen Lorraine in about 10 years. I remember my father had sent me south one summer to spend a week at his bother’s farm in Georgia. I was a horny 16-year-old and Lorraine was about 11. I spent the entire week trying to get into the pants of Lorraine’s older sister Diane. Diane and I were the same age and, let me tell you, you’ve never seen a nicer set of tits on 16 year-old (or, for that matter, a 26 year old) than Diane’s.

Lorraine tells me she’s flying to New York to spend Christmas with my Folks. Her Parents and her sister are already there. Surprise

, nobody told me about this. Lorraine suggested that maybe my parents want it to be a surprise.

We boarded the airplane and traded seats with some people so we could sit together and catch up on life, family etc.

We were drinking pretty heavily on the flight (remember, I hate flying) and getting a little drunk, when Lorraine says to me “Remember the last time you visited us and you spent the entire week trying to get into my sister’s pants?”

“You knew?” I asked.

“Of course I knew” Lorraine replied, “I used to follow you two into the woods to spy on you making out.”

Lorraine nuzzles up to my ear and whispers “Can I tell you canlı bahis a little secret?”

I replied, “of course.”

“I was so disappointed you didn’t get to fuck Diane. I really wanted to watch you guys go at it.”

“Well maybe you’ll get your chance this week”, I joked.

“I doubt it”, replied Lorraine, “Diane is gay.” (Surprise

“No kidding”, I said, “you know my sister Karen is also gay.”

Now Lorraine doesn’t know it but she’s about to drop surprise on it and it’s a killer.

“I know” she says, “They’re living together.”

“Who’s living together?” I asked.

“Diane & Karen, you didn’t know?”

What a stupid questions. If I knew, would I be sitting here with this dumb-ass look on my face? It turns out that Diane had landed this job out in San Francisco and when she got to town she look up my sister who had moved out there the year prior. The two women started hanging out together, one thing leads to another, and, before you knew it they moved in together. In fact, they cooked up this whole family reunion because they didn’t want to spend their first Christmas apart, and they couldn’t tell their parents they were lovers.

I was really stunned over this. Not because my sister is shacking up with our cousin, you understand, but because Karen never told me about it. You see, Karen, is only a year and a half older than me and we shared everything together, and told each other everything. She was the first person I told when I lost my cherry; she even set me up with the chick. I remember the joy in her eyes when she told me about her first time with a woman. We even shared a lover once and joked about it because the chick thought she was putting one over on the both of us, meantime we planed the whole thing from the start. I couldn’t believe she kept this from me.

Lorraine sees I’m upset and orders me another drink and another for her also. I’m beginning to notice that the more she drinks the hornier she gets.

“Let me tell you something that might cheer you up” Lorraine whispered in my ear. “When I started to masturbate I would think of the time I saw Diane jerk you off only, in my fantasy, it was me doing you not my sister.” “How about you make my little fantasy come true?” I nod in agreement and she tells me to follow her to the restroom.

I don’t care what kind of stories you’ve heard about getting it on in a restroom on an airplane, I’m here to tell you it’s not possible. Especially when you’re both half drunk, it’s a crowed airplane and people are banging on the door to get in. We tried standing up, sitting down, bent over the sink; there was no way this was going to work. We finally gave up in a fit of laughter and made it back to our seats. Once there I asked Lorraine if anyone knew what flight she was taking. She said no and I said ok, the flight bahis siteleri is almost over let’s get a room at one of the airport hotels as soon as we land. She agrees and no sooner do the wheels touch down on the tarmac then we’re in a hotel room bed.

Lorraine was hot. She swallowed my cock down her throat and sucks me till I’m fully erect. Then she jumps on top of me, impales herself on my cock and rides me like a bull in a rodeo. She starts cumming immediately, screaming at the top of her lungs, “Fuck me you son bitch, shove that big prick up my cunt.” I love it when a chick gets vocal. I can’t hold out much longer and after a few more strokes I join Lorraine in her orgasm and shoot my load deep inside her pussy. It was short, hot and intense. Just the way I like it. (Who am I kidding? I like anyway I can get it.)

Lorraine wants to go again. I tell her “Hold on honey, give a few minutes to get my strength back.”

Lorraine says, “Leave that to me.” She turns me on my stomach and starts messaging the cheeks of my ass. It feels good, real good. Then she starts licking my ass, this feel even better. She fondles my balls as my cock starts to grow again. Then she sticks her tongue up my asshole. That does it. In seconds, I’m rock hard and ready to go again. Her tongue feels so good in my ass that I don’t want her to stop. She does stop though. She lies back on the bed, spreads her legs, holds the lips of her pussy open and says, “come and get it, lover boy”. I craw on top of her and ease my prick into her dripping wet cunt. She wraps her legs around my back and we begin to fuck. Neither of us is in a hurry, our fucking is slow and easy. It took a while to get there, but do manage to cum together in an orgasm more intense than the last.

We made it to the house late that night. I was able to get my sister alone for a little while and we straightened things out between us. She told me she was in love with Diane and they were very happy together and she was sorry she didn’t tell me sooner and she’d hoped that I wasn’t mad at her. I told her I forgave her and that I was happy for her.

Both Christmas Eve and Christmas day came and went with no surprises. Everybody was in a festive mood. Even my parents behaved themselves. It was the day after Christmas when all hell broke loose.

My parents, together with my aunt and uncle, were going into Manhattan to see the big Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center and catch the show at Radio City Music Hall. My Cousins and my sister were going shopping and I figured I’d hang around the old neighborhood and lookup some old friends. I went down to the local bar and ran into Crazy Tony. We had a few beers together, but then Tony had to split. There was no one else around so I headed back to my parent’s house.

When I opened the door and walked in, I heard a noise coming from bahis şirketleri upstairs. Thinking no one was home, I assumed it was a burglar. I got a baseball bat our of the hall closet and, very quietly, went upstairs to investigate. The noise was emitting from my sister’s old room, but this was no burglar I heard. It was surprise No. 5.

I peeked into the room and, sure enough there was my sister, on the bed with her face buried in Lorrain’s bush while behind her is Diane with this huge strap-on dildo fucking Karen doggie style.

Lorraine was the first to notice me. “We got company, girls, and he’s got that same dumb look on his face he had on the airplane when I told him about your two.”

Karen picked her head up, looked over her shoulder at me and said “Don’t just stand there, numb nuts” (her pet name for me). “Get your clothes off and join the party.”

“You sure” I asked “I thought you gave up dick”

“It’s not so much the dicks, but the assholes they were attached to that I couldn’t stand. Now get those clothes off.”

They say nobody can love you like family. I was about to find out how true that was.

I was out of my clothes in a flash. Standing next to the bed, I was trying to decide which cunt, mouth or ass I wanted to fuck first. Karen made the decision for me when she grabbed my dick and started licking it like a lollypop. Lorraine stood up put her arms my neck and her tongue down my throat. Diane was still plowing Karen’s cunt from behind with the dildo and from the sounds my sister was making, doing a good job.

Karen cries out “Fuck me harder, Diane, make me cum”. With that said, my sister swallows by dick down her throat and starts bobbing her head up and down my shaft. She’s got a mouth like a vacuum cleaner and she’s determined to suck the juices out of my dick. Lorraine, in the meantime, starts to suck my nipples first the left then the right. Let me tell you, my nipples must be hardwired directly to my dick. The felling was incredible.

Karen lifts her head off my dick and says to me “come on little brother, cum in your big sister’s mouth.” As she jerks me off with her hand she covers the head of my dick with her lips and teases the tip with her tongue. This is, with out a doubt, the best blow job of my life and I’m getting it from my sister.

Karen started cumming first. My dick in her mouth muffled her moans and groans but there was no mistaking her cries of pleasure. I couldn’t hold back any longer and, granting my sister’s wish I shot my load down her throat.

We went on for the next few hours, fucking and sucking in a variety of positions and combinations. After waiting 10 year, I finally got to fuck my cousin Diane, and Lorraine let me fuck her ass. That was incredible.

We managed to dress only seconds before our parents came home. The next day we all flew back to our homes. I just found out that Lorraine is moving out to San Francisco to be closer to Karen and Diane. Karen has been begging me to do the same. I just might do it too. After all, blood is thicker than water.

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