A Cold Day in Hell.


A Cold Day in Hell.How much longer would he make me wait?Kneeling, naked and blindfolded, on the bathroom floor. I could argue with myself that I didn’t deserve this but I did. Being tired is never an excuse to question him or to refuse to do a set task, but today the brat reared her head and that was that.The look came out, then the order and now here I knelt, waiting for him and his displeasure.I could hear muffle sounds from the bedroom for a few minutes before the bathroom door open.“At least you can follow some orders.” I half opened my mouth to make some smart reply but snapped it shut; I was in enough trouble already. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me into the shower. “Turn, hands behind your back.”I spun round and stood still as I felt the belt fastened round my waist and my hands cuffed to the belt.“I had thought you’d learned your lesson but today clearly shows you have not.” He reached past me and turned the shower on and I squealed as the ice cold water hit my body.“Silence! Face me and kneel down.”I hurried to comply; happy the water was off my breasts.“Open.” I open my mouth quickly, expecting his cock. What I got was an oversized ball gag fastened tightly round my head; I grunted, make my displeasure clear and got a cuff round the türbanlı ısparta escort face for it.“Punishment is not about what you like.”He dragged me back up to standing and pushed me back under the shower.“You will not move until I say otherwise.”I heard his footsteps walk away and leave me alone.It didn’t take long for me to start to shiver and contemplate stepping out of the shower. However, with my arms bound and blindfolded it was be very foolish, never mind how angry he would be. It felt like hours later when I heard his footsteps and the shower was turned off. He didn’t say a word, just grabbed my upper arm and steered me out of the bathroom and towards the bedroom. He removed the belt and cuffs and positioned me on my back on the bed. Which felt like it was covered in plastic? He didn’t give me long to ponder. He grabbed my, already too hard and hurting, nipples and twisted them for a few moments before replacing them with the crocodile clamps, causing an involuntary wriggle.“Now I know just how much you hate these things. Why else do you think I keep them for special occasions?” I couldn’t argue even if I had wanted to, I was far more concerned with how cold I was feeling and the feel türbanlı ısparta escort bayan of drool on my cheek.“Cold little one? I know just the thing to warm you up.”I strained to listen to what he was doing but none of the noises were familiar to me.“I had planned on saving this for a good girl but I think it would serve well now.”My head spun. Was it that new diamante paddle I had been eyeing up? Or maybe the violet wand he had been promising, or rather threatening, to buy. I felt a sharp tug on the clamps, pulling me back to the bed.“Don’t disappear on me girl, you forget how well I know you.”He trailed his fingers over my stomach, briefly touched my mound, down my legs and stopped at my feet. My toes curled a little.“Trying to avoid something?” Thankfully, something beeped and the most he could do was tweak my big toe. “Now to warm the little icicle.”Suddenly a splash of something pleasantly warm cascaded over my stomach.“I’ve upgraded from candles, as I’m sure you are working out.”More heat over my legs this time.“You look so pretty in white. But dear me, you are still shivering aren’t you?” He spent the next few minutes covering nearly every inch of me in melted wax, save my face and türbanlı escort ısparta my mound.“It’s a snow sub.”He chuckled at his own joke. I could head him moving round the bed and felt his fingers ever so slightly graze my pussy lips.“Lets see if you have learned to do as you are told.” The pressure of his fingers increased.“If you can keep still and not crack my lovely artwork, then I’ll let you cum. But if you fail I’ll clean you up and send you off to do the dishes you refused to do.”Keeping still was a skill I was yet to acquire.The pressure and the speed of his fingers slowly increased but not to such a rate I felt I had to move, not yet anyway. “Too easy. And easy never taught anything.” His fingers moved away and I heard the drawers opening, but kept my focus on myself. I would not move, no matter which of the delightful toys he used. The high-pitched whine almost made me shiver despite myself. My favourite bullet, the one that never failed to get me squirming with need. I could feel the grin on his face, the game was over already. He knew it and I knew it. Only question was how long I’d hold out for.Not long. He barely brushed my lips with the bullet before my leg jerked and I heard the crack of the wax and him tutting.“Another lesson for another day.”He wasted little time in cracking and pulling the wax off, not being the least bit gentle. The clamps came off in a rush before I felt the, almost soothing, flannel rubbed over me removing the last traces of wax. He removed the ball gag, only to replace it with a slightly smaller one before he uncuffed me.“Blindfold off and dishes done.”I moved quickly.

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