A Condom Big Enough for a Futa Ch. 02

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Hello! It took me awhile due to some unforeseen illness, but the second chapter of this story is finally done. This contains all the same elements as the previous chapter, but now includes futa on male, anal, and all the way through.

As before I will give a warning: this story is unrealistic. The sizes in it are extreme and it is generally ridiculous. Do not expect a realistic story. If its not for you, I understand. All comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated!


Another day, another lecture. Dylan sat in a college classroom with about 50 other students as he did every weekday. He leaned forward in his seat, resting his head on his hand, and stared up at the teacher at the front of the classroom. His desk was located next to one of the windows in the room, about halfway down from the front. It was the perfect location for him, close enough to the front that he could see the board or the projector, but not close enough that the professor would have paid close attention to him. This was his seat, or at least that’s what he considered it; the professor didn’t have assigned seating, this being college and all, but as students who spent over a decade of their life sitting in assigned seats are oft to do, they naturally found the desk that most suit them at stayed there for the rest of the semester.

Dylan glanced over at the desk next to him, something he did many times in nearly every class. It was empty. It was always empty now. Only a couple weeks ago this adjacent seat and several other now also often-vacant seats, had had a very beautiful girl that sat in them every class. She had gorgeous blonde hair, baby blue eyes, and a delicate smile. Her small frame was burdened by a remarkable hourglass figure: a pair of too-large breasts and an ass that would look more appropriate on an award-winning pornstar stuck out from her otherwise petite physique. Everything about her screamed ‘sex’ despite her fairly naive and innocent personality. This girl, this amazingly lovely, kind girl, was his former girlfriend Jessica. Former, being the keyword.

He hadn’t seen his darling ex-partner in nearly two weeks. At least not in person. He hadn’t seen her person since the morning before the incident – that’s what he’d taken to calling it. She hadn’t come to class. She hadn’t stopped by his apartment. She hadn’t tried to contact or call him. To be fair, he couldn’t bring himself to try and talk to her either. Everything had changed after that night. His whole world had been completely warped by the horrific things he had witnessed. He had barely been able to sleep or eat, especially not with the constant reminders of what had happened during the incident that plagued his every waking moment.

The incident, the one that changed his life, was the losing of his girlfriend to their friend Victoria. It had all started innocently with a simple meme being sent to a group text they were all in. Somehow, this one picture set off a chain reaction, a proverbial fall of dominos, that led to the night ending with Victoria taking Jessica. Over and over again. For literal hours. Dylan had witnessed it all, Victoria had made sure of it. Pictures had turned into videos, and when that wasn’t enough, she video called him directly. The call had lasted all night and what he saw was still burned into his brain.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if Victoria had just been a normal girl. Then maybe he could’ve dealt with the infidelity easier; his girlfriend turning out to be a lesbian seems like it would’ve been… easier to handle. At least easy in comparison to what actually happened. As it were, Victoria was a futanari, another sex that possessed both sets of gentialia. That in itself doesn’t seem like it would make much of a difference, but as it turned out, futanari were better equipped than any man alive; Victoria was no exception to this rule.

For Dylan’s own sanity, he hoped Victoria was exceptional even for a futanari. She had slowly revealed herself to him, her cock slowly destroying his brain as the night went on. At first it had just seemed unnaturally large, like one of the fake oversized strapons from those fetish porn sites. Victoria, however, quickly showed that even those prop rubber dicks were nothing in comparison to her. As things escalated, her penis had only grown larger and larger, till it was as long as one of her legs, and just as thick. Her testicles were nothing to shake a stick at either: they started the evening appearing to be as large as grapefruits, and they only got bigger over time. This impossible inhuman cock that changed Dylan’s reality had wrecked his girlfriend for hours on end.

He hadn’t realized it was his girlfriend at first. Victoria’s absurd cock had covered her features in every picture and video until she was ready to reveal who it was she was abusing. Well, that and the fact that Dylan was so focused on the exemplary manhood that he failed to notice the obvious signs that it was Jessica. Victoria had mocked him relentlessly over the fact that he failed canlı bahis to recognize his own girlfriend, and over his less-than-adequate genitals. Jessica had sent a picture of his fully-hard dick to the groupchat, her first sign of betrayal, and that had really set off Victoria’s sadistic streak. Once his girlfriend had been revealed to him, the real destruction began.

Victoria pummeled his poor partner with her giant cock. She fucked her missionary at first, her giant cock only half-fitting into her cunt, which was stretched beyond all recognition. After filling her with cum and bloating her body to the extreme, she flipped her over and fucked her once more. The futa beat Jessica’s body black and blue as she fucked her, this time using her cum-stretched womb to force her entire inhuman cock into her body. Victoria’s orgasm this time was even more impossible, filling the blonde girl’s body with even more cum than before, and then painting her body and the room with the leftovers of her orgasm. It only continued from there.

She had fucked his girlfriend standing up, holding her in a full nelson position as she rammed her mighty appendage in and out of her body. She bent her over a cum-stained desk, breaking it in the process – much like they had broken the bed previously. Up against the wall is where Jessica was pounded next, Victoria’s giant cock denting the wall through the girl’s skin. After that, Jessica was thrown to the floor, splashing in a pool of cum that accumulated on the ground, and was fucked deeper into a puddle. This continued over and over again and Victoria’s orgasms only grew stronger each time. It seemed to Dylan like this sexual carnage would never end.

Finally, after hours of this brutal, punishing version of sex, Victoria finally had her last orgasm. She blew up Jessica like a beachball, a sight that was quickly becoming commonplace and pulled out her cock, a strenuous task in itself. After standing up, a practical requirement for removing her long staff from Jessica, she continued to spew unending gallons of cum all over the room. Her mighty cock looked like it hadn’t stopped growing the entire time she bulldozed Jessica into an orgasm-induced coma. Her testicles, which looked the size of grapefruits when she had started, had also grown, now looking more like over-inflated basketballs. Her cock towered over her head, and her previously thigh-thick cock now looked almost as big as her torso. It was truly a monolith of sexual prowess.

After drenching the room once more, her cock finally flagged and fell, smacking down onto the ground, the head getting lost in the ocean of baby batter. It had barely lost any of its size, despite finally becoming flaccid. Jessica lay on the ground in front of her, constantly shaking from a stream of never-ending orgasms. The vastness of cum that covered the floor was now over half a foot high, and if it wasn’t for her ballooned stomach, Jessica would have been submerged. The room was completely destroyed: the bed and desk were broken, a mirror had been cracked from being hit directly with a cumshot, there were multiple dents in the wall, and the whole room was absolutely drenched in the white sticky substance – not a single surface was uncovered.

“Mmmmm I haven’t been able to fully release like that in awhile!” Victoria had said, stretching her body as she looked into the phone’s camera. She’d picked up the phone and angled it down towards the unconscious, inflated Jessica and her own mighty cock resting on the ground. She’d grabbed the base and flopped it back up and down, the softball-sized head splashing in the cum. Her final act of the night had been to turn the camera back to herself, and address Dylan once more.

“Well, see you later faggot. Maybe I’ll see you around campus, but this time with Jessica on my arm – if she ever recovers. Have a nice life you fucking cuck loser!”

Dylan had watched the whole thing until his phone had nearly died. Victoria always remembered to grab the camera and hold it or reposition it to make sure he had the best view of the action. He sat in that bathroom stall all night, completely forgetting about the class he was in the middle of. People came and went before the lights turned off completely. After her final insulting statement to him, something she had done constantly throughout the night, his phone screen went black. All that showed on the black screen was his own reflection peering back up at him; a reflection that showed a truly broken man, his own face red and puffy from not only the constant crying, but also all the orgasms he unwillingly had. The sexual domination he witnessed had also consumed his body and mind, and caused his own pathetic penis to orgasm more than it ever had before.

Dylan didn’t know how much time had passed before he stumbled out of that bathroom. He barely remembered the rest of the night at all. It all came to him in flashes. Bumping around aimlessly in the dark. Leaving the building. Wandering through the streets. Somehow finding himself in front of bahis siteleri his own apartment building. Making it inside and realizing he had never put his small cock away – it was still poking out of his fly. He remembered crashing onto his bed and staring at the wall for what seemed like days. Eventually his brain shut itself off from exhaustion and he passed out.

He had slept almost the entire day away, having not fallen asleep till after dawn. He had woken up with an immense headache and a painful crotch. His genitalia hurt from the amount of orgasms he had forcibly succumbed too, and his whole groin was caked in dried cum. His phone was completely dead and he felt like he could barely move. Managing to charge his phone from his bed, he hesitantly had checked his messages. All the missed calls and texts were from other friends and family, none of them knowing what had happened the night before. There was nothing from either Jessica or Victoria, something that filled him with both dread and relief; he didn’t know if he’d be able to take seeing any more pornorgraphic imagery of his girlfriend being ruined. This relief was short lived.

It was less than 48 hours after the incident that the first text arrived. It was Sunday, and he had spent the whole day mindlessly loafing around his apartment. Acting on autopilot, he couldn’t recall anything that had actually happened that day. He had assumed he showered, as his clothes were changed and his crotch was no longer cum-matted, and he must’ve eaten at one point as well. The rest of the day though had been unknown to him, his mind still wrecked from the images that had been so permanently branded into his brain. The only thing he remembered clearly was the text that lit up his phone late at night.

The text had shaken him out of his zombie-like state. He had looked down at his phone, seeing Jessica’s name light up the screen. He remembered his brain launching into a panic, not sure of how to react to the first correspondence since her betrayal. Almost like his hand had been controlled by an outside force, he opened the text message. It was a picture message. The image that greeted him was a selfie, taken by Victoria of her winking at the camera, that same cruel grin plastered on her face. She was also naked in the selfie. The bottom half of the picture had her hand resting in a mess of blonde hair, and Jessica, barely recognizable from the girl she was less than 2 days ago, giving Victoria a blowjob. Her mouth was stretched even more than before, Victoria being fully erect for the oral service this time. She looked like a snake trying to swallow a tree trunk.

There was nothing else accompanything this pornographic picture. No message. No demeaning caption. Nothing. The image caused Dylan to feel something once more – defeat. He cried for the rest of the night, until he finally passed out from emotional exhaustion. The next 2 weeks followed suit. Every day or two he had received a new picture, always sent from Jessica’s phone. They were always of her submitting sexually to Victoria’s domineering cock. Different positions, different areas of Jessica’s apartment, different phases of coitus; the only thing that wasn’t different was that every picture was of Victoria and Jessica.

This explained why Dylan hadn’t seen either of them in almost a fortnight. Both had been absent from the classes they shared. Dylan hadn’t even seen Victoria around campus with her usual flock of admirers following her around. The only time Dylan seemed to snap back into the present was whenever he received a picture, the painful sting of watching the girl he loved continue to betray him never lessening. He was emotionally spent. Whenever he felt like he was finally gaining more strength a new picture would pop up on his phone. It’s like Victoria knew when to send them to cause him the most pain.

His professor’s voice snapped him back into the present once more. Her tone had changed to one of finality, indicating that class was being dismissed. Dylan still showed up to all his classes, but he barely took notes or did any assignments. He just didn’t have the energy. He barely had energy to eat and his sleep was tormented with nightmares of Victoria and her demonic appendage. He started to stand up, following the rest of the class around him, his own mind not really catching what the professor had said. He shuffled his items into his backpack, trying to remember where he was supposed to go next. His attention was grabbed once more as he heard his last name called out by the teacher.

“Mr. Wilson, will you come and see me before you leave?”

A look of confusion filled his face. His name was being called for the first time in the class in weeks. He looked hesitantly at his professor, a nice looking brunette who was close to middle age, and started to walk over. Backpack slung over his shoulder, he shuffled his feet sluggishly, not relishing whatever talk she had planned with him. Standing in front of her, he became acutely aware of his height, something that bahis şirketleri had been happening more and more since that night – Victoria’s humiliating words constantly rang in his head. They were the same height, him and the professor, something he hadn’t thought about before and something that now filled him with embarrassment; she was not a large woman.

“Uh, y-yes Dr. Turner? What do you n-need?” Dylan managed to stutter out, stumbling over his words – another new development since the incident.

“You and Ms. Davis are friends aren’t you? I noticed she hasn’t been in class recently and hasn’t sent me any kind of message about her absences. She was a fairly astute student and I enjoyed her presence. Do you know where she has been?”

The topic of Jessica caught Dylan off guard, and he choked on his breath for a moment. He coughed several times, his brain racing to come up with a response. ‘Willing sexual slavery’ was probably not what the proper professor wanted to hear. Clearing his throat, Dylan sputtered out an answer once more.

“Oh, s-she, uh J-Jessica, is um, sick.” He finished lamely.

“Hmmm I see.” Dr. Turner replied with a hint of doubt in her voice. She turned around and grabbed a paper off of her desk. Facing Dylan once more, she held it out to him and addressed him again

“I would like you to give this to her if you could. It’s a copy of the essay instructions I assigned this week and emailed to all of you. She was doing well in this class and I wouldn’t want that to change.”

Somewhat hesitantly, Dylan grabbed the paper out of her hands. Giving her a once over with his sunken eyes, he gave her a non-commital grunt of affirmation and quickly marched out of class. Dr. Turner looked at him inquisitively as he left. He had also been a good student but now he seemed completely different from before. Maybe it was drugs. She turned around to her desk and brushed her brown hair out of her face and began gathering her things up before her next class. The real truth of what was wrong would seem completely outlandish compared to her own assumptions.

Dylan barged into one of the bathrooms near the classroom, thankfully not the same bathroom he had nearly spent a whole night in, and moved towards the sinks. Turning on one of the sinks, he splashed the cold water into his face to try and reset himself. He looked down through wet eyes and realized his hands were shaking. He was shaking. Just the thought, the suggestion of him going and seeing Jessica had filled him with fear. He couldn’t do it, could he? He couldn’t just go to her apartment and see her. Victoria would probably be there. He’d probably walk in on them fucking. He didn’t think he could survive actually seeing them fuck in person. His whole body trembled at the idea.

Realizing he had been standing there, shaking, staring at his hands for several minutes, Dylan quickly gathered himself and trudged out of the bathroom. He aimlessly stalked around the halls, biting his nails and staring at the ground. He had time to kill before his next class, time he had usually spent with Jessica. He glanced at his phone, silently thanking the heavens that there were no new notifications, and started to head to his next class. More classes around this time started to let out, and the hallways quickly filled with other students. He looked around wildly, glaring at everyone he passed by, paranoid that suddenly Jessica or Victoria could show up at any time. The thought of seeing either of them once more had sent him into a frenzied state.

The rest of the day passed in much the same way. Dylan went to his classes, eyes constantly darting around the room as if Victoria might burst from the ground at any time with Jessica stuck on her cock. He couldn’t focus on anything. Constantly twitching in agitation, he bit his nails down to a painful shortness. After each class was over, he wandered around the halls and the grounds of campus, regularly peering over his shoulder for the sexual spectres that haunted him. His phone was constantly in his hand, it’s dark screen showing nothing but his manic visage. Dylan was losing it.

As his last class ended he quickly shoved the few things he had bothered to take out during class back into his backpack, and scurried to the door. He wandered the hallways once more, although by this point they were becoming vacant of any other students. The sun shone dimly through the windows as it slowly set in the distance. Dylan’s drifting finally landed him in front of the main entrance to the building he had wandered into, and it hit him: he had no classes left for the rest of the day.

Breath catching in his throat, Dylan realized he was faced with a decision: did he go home to his apartment like he always would, barely existing until he finally fell asleep, or did he do as his professor requested and enter the lion’s den – Jessica’s apartment. As he ran the options through his mind, he felt his feet start to move, almost of their own accord, and exit the school building. He made his way across campus, ignoring the set paths and walking through the grass and dirt, moving like he wasn’t in control of his body. Reaching the usual exit on campus he took, his body turned in a different direction. He wasn’t going home.

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