A Conversation with Janie Ch. 03



Hi Janie.

When I came to this morning, I thought you were beside me in bed. That lovely half-asleep-half-awake time, feeling your hand cupping my vulva, and your naked body spooning up to mine. I was hoping to read how you’d greeted Betsy at work yesterday, but no doubt you’ll tell me when you’re free.

Mmmm I want you right now Janie!

XXXXXX pussy kisses from Sarah.

Good morning Sarah.

You asked about my orgasms, didn’t you? I had single orgasms in the morning, but long multiples with you in the afternoon… and I loved it! Just the thought of you wanting to fuck me like that aroused me again last night in bed. Hubby was fast asleep beside me (as usual) so I rubbed my clit all over again until I fell asleep.

I will give Betsy a gentle reminder tonight about coming over to read your stories, okay?

xxx Janie

Oh Janie!

Is Betsy still keen do you think? What did she say to you last night?

Sarah xxxx

Yes, my lovely,

I’m sure Betsy will come over, but didn’t see much of her last night. I will tonight though, and try to get her here next week, otherwise we’re into Christmas

Next Tuesday’s a bit soon to get Betsy involved, but how I wish I’d been in bed beside you Sarah… I’m sure we would still be there . I sooo want you again.

(That afternoon.)

Hi Sarah.

Hubby’s gone to the garage and to see one of his drinking pals, so it’s a good chance to tell you about last night with Betsy. But first, how are you feeling my gorgeous lover? I’d love to be standing in front of you now rubbing my pussy as you watch me cum. I do moan a lot and louder as my orgasm rises inside me. Is this something you like in a woman? I’m missing you already!

Anyway, last night was more than I’d hoped for with Betsy. We chatted on and off at work, then during our coffee break it was she who mentioned you! I could tell she was a bit nervous when she asked what kind of stories you wrote, but her eyes kept drifting down to my tits as I told her. I said your writing was so realistic and you covered all kinds of very sexy themes, including lesbian and even incest. Betsy’s smile grew wider when I said you have a unique way of making the reader feel as though they are actually in the story themselves! Then I asked her if she still wanted to read a few at my place. Without hesitation she said “Yes, but it will have to be next Thursday because I’ve still got lots to do shopping-wise for Christmas.”

Further to this, when we left work I had parked next to Betsy and as we walked to our cars I said that if she wanted to say ‘hello’ to you online that you would be really pleased to meet her. Again Betsy smiled, put her arm in mine and said “YES, that would be nice!”

It was really cold standing by the car talking, so we didn’t stay long… but long enough for me to kiss her goodnight. I made sure no-one was around before sliding my hand around her waist and kissed her sort half on the cheek and partly her lips. Betsy smiled, looked around and then she kissed ME full on the mouth. It was completely unexpected but gorgeous… it wasn’t a passionate kiss, but it was more than friendly with her hand caressing my face. OMG Sarah… I loved it! And thinking about it driving home I realized that talking about YOU had turned Betsy on! It was naughty I know, but driving home I kept rubbing my pussy through my skirt. Then as soon as I got home I went straight to the bathroom and had a gorgeous finger-fuck!!

Hope you’re thinking of me now Sarah… I’m just longing to feel your tongue in my mouth as we kiss and caress each other. Mmmm…

xxxxxxxx Janie

My goodness Janie,

Things are progressing well for you. Betsy seems very keen, with that full-on kiss. I would think that, like you, she would be feeling very horny, wet pussy, fingering herself on the way home, then having a good long masturbation in bed before drifting off to sleep, thinking about us feeling each other. You’ve really turned her on, Janie. She’ll be masturbating two or three times a day. I’m sure she’s looking forward, perhaps a bit nervously, to being with you on Thursday.

Sarah xxxx Ps. Ask her about her masturbating habits, and what she fantasizes about.

Hi Sarah.

OMG yes! Your pics are sooo hot, and you look truly gorgeous. So much so that my hand’s in my panties even more… if that’s possible because I can’t stop cumming over you! I did it twice in the bathroom watching myself in the mirror and picturing you standing in front of me sliding your panties down. And again I imagined you lying naked and masturbating with me. It was awesome!

Then last night I went to bed early and thought about you and Heather. Please tell her I made myself cum thinking about you both. I could imagine her moaning with pleasure as I buried my face in her lovely bush… my hand reaching upward to caress her tits as I sucked and licked on her juicy clit. Mmm… I loved it!

I’m glad you love the progress I’m making with Betsy, it was lovely that she never illegal bahis objected to my advances. If I get chance tonight I will edge my way towards asking her about masturbation. I’m sure she loves doing it just as much as we do.

Hope you can cum back to me Sarah… I want you to fuck me.

xxxxxxx Janie

Gosh Janie.

All this cumming! So may orgasms. I’m thrilled to think you’re doing it for me!! And that you like the pics. If you were here, you’d never stop cumming all day! Just one glorious, dazzling, endless orgasm! Mmmmmmm!

Do tell me how you get on with Betsy – she’ll be loving all this attention. Give her my love and kisses.

I’d love to fuck you darling. I need to hear you cumming. Those loud moans!

Sarah xxxxxxxxxx

Mmm Sarah!

You are such a turn on for me… I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time I felt so wet and horny about someone… you certainly know how to press all the right buttons with me. I think you’re wonderful. I always get sooo excited when you send me a message.

If I get the chance to kiss Betsy again tonight, I’ll tell her it’s from you and see what she says. Hope Thursday morning is okay for you with Betsy?

Kisses all over… xxxxxx Janie.

(The next morning.)

Good morning Sarah…

Hope you have a little time to spare today as I’m feeling very horny after last night! Everything went so well again with Betsy, and just like you said she is certainly warming towards me. We spent our coffee break at work together and it was her who mentioned Thursday, saying she’d be here about 9am, so I’m hoping this is okay for you? This gives me time to have the computer set up and ready to receive your first message. I thought I’d leave Betsy alone for you to flirt with her, otherwise she may be embarrassed if I’m there too.

The sexy part of last night was another kiss on the car-park. I actually said to Betsy. “By the way, Sarah has sent you a kiss…would you like it?” She looked at me and moved in closer, smiling as she said. “That would be nice!!” There was no tongues , but it was a pussy-tingling kiss which had me rubbing myself again on the way home. xx

xxxxxxxx Janie

Gosh Janie.

Two emails! Lucky me! 9am is a bit early for me, but I’ll join you as soon as I can. That’ll give you time to brew some coffee and start the sexy chat. Maybe introduce Betsy to my stories. The quickest way is to google sarahloveitt and then click on Literotica – they’re all there. Choose which one you think Betsy will like best. Lesbian ones in ‘Conversations’, I guess.

I’m glad Betsy enjoyed my kiss. I can’t wait to hear that you’ve got your hands cupping her pussy!!

Sarah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Gorgeous Sarah…

I’m so grateful that you can spare the time tomorrow to chat to Betsy. It will be better if you email her later because, as you say, it will give me time to introduce her to your stories. I can’t wait to see how she reacts when reading a lesbian story.

I didn’t have chance to give Betsy another kiss last night because her boyfriend gave her a lift to work. I did offer to drive her home, but he was waiting for her when we left. They were going on to meet another couple. I mentioned you again though, and she said she was looking forward to tomorrow.

Hope we can chat later…

Lots of love xxxx Janie

Hi Janie.

I think you’re going to open Betsy’s eyes to the real joys of sex – with another woman. Take it slow though – a step at a time. Let her respond to your hints. Maybe you can show her your tits at an appropriate time when reading the stories – or looking at my pics. Maybe compare your tits with mine and see how she responds. A little touching here and there. Sounds as though it will be a ground-breaking chat!

Sarah xxxxxxxxxxx

Wow Sarah!

Our messages crossed. Yes, I don’t intend to rush things… and definately I will dress in very accessible clothes, maybe a short skirt, revealing top and no bra! I keep thinking about Betsy’s response to me when I kissed her. There was no hint of rejection from her, and I have noticed when she does mention her boyfriend it’s not in a flattering way. In fact, she seemed a little disappointed about him meeting her last night. So, signs are promising, but as you say going too fast might put her off altogether. The way she reacts tomorrow will certainly be a good indicator to future sexual liasons.

XXXX Janie

Mmm Janie.

Thinking about you already! Today is wrap gifts day. I have wrapped one for Betsy – a lovely new bra – which she can unwrap with gasps, and explore the contents! And for you, matching knickers, for you to tear off and explore what’s inside. I’m already giving Betsy a soft sensuous kiss, gently nibbling her lips with mine, before kissing her ears and neck. Mmmm I like that!

Sarah xxx

Oooh Sarah… I’ve been up early this morning and just logged on to find your lovely message. I’m sooo excited about Betsy being here in an hour’s time.. I’ve found a really skimpy outfit illegal bahis siteleri to wear… and I just can’t wait for you to chat to her after she’s read your story and seen your pics!! Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve found the perfect story for Betsy to read tomorrow… it’s your ‘Generation Gap’ about Jane, an older womanm and the neighbour’s 19 year-old daughter Susan. If you remember it features Jane’s thoughts about her hot masturbation sessions as she and Susan drink wine together when everyone else has left. Then the lesbian action starts after they strip off to catch the late evening sun.

Mmmm… I think this is quite appropriate, and should turn Betsy on just in time to meet you.

xxxxx Janie

(So I wrote a message to be waiting for when Betsy logged on to Janie’s laptop.)

Hello Betsy.

Janie wanted me to have a chat with you. But maybe you’re too engrossed on reading my stories, feeling a bit horny. Janie tells me that you enjoy gazing on other ladies’ tits. Is that so? Well, Janie has pics of mine for you to gaze at, and to play with if you want to. My tits are rather small, but very sensitive. I love to have them suckled whilst I stroke your bottom.

Sarah xxx

Gosh Sarah.

You don’t waste much time do you! But I like your directness. Yes, I must confess to liking girls’ tits. I have read one of your stories too, and I think you are such a turn on! I’ve never read erotica before, but you make it sound so real. Janie said how wonderful and sexy you are and I certainly agree with her.

I saw your pics too, and you are truly beautiful Sarah. I could hardly resist a kiss from Janie when she showed them to me – and it was the first time I gave her my tongue. I have you to blame for that! But it felt so good as Janie is a really hot kisser.

XX Betsy

Thank you Betsy

Lovely to hear from you. I thought you might still be reading. Did you enjoy the story? And has Janie showed you her tits yet?

Yes Sarah,

I loved your story about Adele and Sarah. Was that really you?

‘OK Betsy. Let’s chat. Here we are! I guess you two are too busy with each other right now!!’

‘No, not at all. Janie is downstairs ironing. She said she wanted you and I to get acquainted, and I’d like that Sarah. It’s not very often I can have fun without my boyfriend being around.’

‘Men can such a nuisance!’

‘I do love Janie’s tits, and yes I couldn’t help but see them earlier when she was leaning over me as I read your story. To be honest, I would love to touch them … and yours!’

‘Well, I think she wanted you to see them. So, why not call out for her to join you – or would you prefer to go to her and give her a hug, as I mentioned earlier.’

‘Maybe after our chat Sarah.’

‘Have you had a ‘relationship’ with another girl before now?’

No I haven’t made love with another female, but I think I’d like to, with the right woman. I haven’t had any offers yet!’

‘I think Janie would be more than happy to make love with you. But she doesn’t want to rush you, in case you’re too nervous.’

‘I’d like it to happen with Janie. Maybe I should encourage her more. I feel so horny right now talking to you Sarah.’

‘Mm. That’s nice. I would love to hear you moaning with delight, as my fingers probed your pussy, slipping into your dripping vagina, feel your thighs tremble with lust, wanting more.’

‘Really? Oh Sarah!’

‘I think I can feel your belly shuddering!’

‘How did you know that??’

‘You have a warm damp pussy. May I slip my hand in your bra to feel your tits? Nice and warm and soft. Mmmm lovely! May I kiss you Betsy?’

‘Yes Sarah, I would love you to kiss me.’

‘When I’ve gone, perhaps you should go downstairs, take Janie in your arms and give her a long probing kiss. She would love to feel your hands slip beneath her top and squeeze her tits. That will encourage her to do the same with you. Your other hand can then reach between her thighs and cup her pussy in your fingers. She’ll be wet and hot for you!!’

‘OMG Sarah! You are turning me on! Oh yes, that would be nice, but please don’t go yet Sarah. This is so sexy with you.’

‘Janie would love you to encourage her – as I say, she’s a bit nervous of making the first move in case you’re embarrassed. I’d love to slip my hand over your pussy right now darling. Feel it getting wetter.’

‘Oh Sarah, would you really like to touch my pussy? I’ve never had a girl’s hand in my panties yet, but I can tell you’re making me very wet!!

‘I can feel the warmth. I shall taste your pussy juice – I love tasting pussy juices – and get my head between your warm silky thighs to inhale your special private scent.’

‘Oh Sarah. That’s so horny! I’m trembling!’

‘I shall peel your knickers off and remove your top so that I can make love to you without too many clothes to get in the way. Stroking your beautiful tits as I get my head between your legs to tongue-fuck you. I can feel your belly shaking with lust.’

‘OMG canlı bahis siteleri That’s wonderful …’

‘I can feel you beginning to cum already. You have soft, lovely, chewy pussy lips. Can you feel me exploring them? And I love your hairy bush. I adore hairy girls!’

‘OMG Sarah! No-one has told me this before. Yesssss! Please go on, you’re making me feel so hot and sexy. I will go down to Janie later and kiss her and do whatever she likes me to do to her. But I can’t believe how horny you’ve made me Sarah. Oooooo!’

‘Betsy, you’re such a sexy young lady. And so wonderfully wet.’

‘I keep thinking about the pic of you lying naked with your hand caressing your pussy. I love to masturbate, do you?

‘Yes I masturbate quite a lot – but I like having someone doing it with me.’

‘Mmm. That’s so very cool!’

‘I’d love to watch you – two middle fingers deep inside your special wonderful vagina, your eyes screwed tight, head rolling from side to side as the orgasm begins to well up, your bottom tightening and jerking. I want to see you cum, and hear you moan with agonizing pleasure.’

‘Oh Sarah. If you could only hear me now!’

‘See your fingers probing your pussy – stimulating the clit. OMG Betsy – you’re going to CUM! Cumming for Sarah. Cum for me … NOW!’

‘OMG. I think I will. Very soon!’

‘Ooops! Sorry Betsy! I got carried away then!! I’m feeling rather horny myself here. I wish I could see you – kiss you – fondle you.’

‘Please don’t worry, you are truly gorgeous Sarah. This is amazing. I can imagine how fantastic it would be, having you as my first lover. I only wish I could kiss you right now, I would let you do whatever you wanted with me. Oh Sarah, my nipples are so erect, I’ve just been feeling them for you.’

‘YES! Gosh Betsy. Masturbating for me is thrilling. I’m so privileged to do it for you. You should get your fingers into mine darling. I’m waiting for your hand to explore my pussy. Every little crevice. OMG Betsy – I’m cumming!!! Fffffffffffffffuuuuuck! OMG – wonderful – exciting – YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS! Oh Betsy – thrilling!’

‘Oooh Sarah. For me??’

(There was a pause whilst I recovered.)

‘Phew! You could tell Janie that we came for each other! Do tell me how you go on! Oh dear! Have to go darling. Another time?? Hubby wants me! No for sex, but ….’

‘Oh yes, Sarah, I’m touching my pussy too and it’s sooo juicy. Imagining they are your fingers playing with me. Can I cum just for you before I go to Janie?’

‘Cum for me then, Betsy. I want to feel your body lurch with a huge orgasm.’

‘You have made everything so good for me. I really want to fuck with you Sarah. I’ve never fingered or licked a woman’s pussy, but you are so hot and sexy. I want to cum thinking about you. Is this okay?

‘Of course darling. Wonderful, darling! Let me hear you cum. Get those fingers working!’

‘CUMMMMING. YES! YES! Yes! (A pause.) Oh god Sarah, I’ve cum like never before. It was unbelievable. Why can’t you be here with me, then you can teach me so many things?’

‘That’s what I’d like, Betsy.’

‘Please don’t tell Janie, but you are the first woman I’ve masturbated over, and I love you for arousing me like that. It was absolutely incredible! Please say you want to se me again soon. I’m 24 and I know you and Janie are a lot older, but I’ve never felt like this before, and I truly love it! I love you too.’

‘Let’s make love again soon. Love you darling. You have a sweet wonderful pussy! Can’t get enough of it.’

‘Thank you for such amazing beginnings with you. I’m so happy that we hit it off with each other. I will always think of you now when I masturbate. You are my first female lover, and I can’t wait to have your fingers in my panties again. I do wish I could kiss you now Sarah. I want you again already!! Love you xxxxx I want you. AGAIN! XXXX’

‘Me too, Betsy.’

‘I want you to love me lots of times Sarah. My pussy will be aching for you until I see you again. Now I must see how Janie is and give her a hot kiss like you said!’ I will make arrangements to see you again soon.’

(Later that day I got a message from Janie.)

My darling Sarah…

What did you do to Betsy? OMG, she came downstairs to me like a sex-starved siren! I was in the kitchen making some coffee, but we never got chance to drink it! Betsy came and put her arms around me a gave me a huge hug, then took my breath away with a long lingering kiss. There was hint of hesitation as her tongue slid sweetly in my mouth and I gasped with surprise and pleasure at the intensity of her kiss. She moulded her body into mine, and I could hardly believe it when her hands went down and lifted my skirt. In seconds, her fingers were inside my panties caressing my bum cheeks as we kissed…. then I just had to come up for air!!

Betsy just smiled as we stood together and I began to unbutton her blouse. The clasp of her bra was at the front and as I released it she kissed me again, moaning softly as my hands gently fondled her naked tits. They are about your size and very firm. Her nipples were all red and erect as if she’d been pinching them. I lowered my head and took one in my mouth, sucking and licking it as Betsy held my head. “Oooh Janie, I want to cum real bad,” she whispered.

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