A Conversation with Rodney


(Rodney had been reading my conversation ‘Ellie and son’, which encouraged him to send me a feedback, which I mistakenly deleted. Largely I think because I didn’t really expect it to develop into a conversation. He wasn’t asking for advice at that time. But I sent him a thank-you message and it developed from there, albeit rather slowly.)

Hello Rodney.

Thanks for your feedback message. So, 20 years old. That’s 12 years you’ve been lusting after your mom! Has she no idea of your interest in her? Ever caught you masturbating? Have you caught her undressed at any time? You tell me you’ve started talking a lot – about sex? After four husbands, maybe Mom’s looking for more excitement, but not wanting to be unfaithful – so keep it in the family? From what you say, you live apart from your Mom, so what’s to stop you taking up her offer of staying over? Are you close and intimate? Has she dropped any hints or encouragement?


Hello Sarah,

Thank you for replying to me quickly I appreciate it! It started when I was young, when she and my stepfather were away I’d sneak into her room and go into her dirty laundry. One time I opened up her a desk that’s usually locked, and found porn. That helped with my attraction as well. As far as I know she has no idea of my interest. I wish she would have caught me masturbating I’d usually do it in the bathroom that was 3 feet from her bedroom door. When I was like 7 or 8, I recall her undressing in front of me and watching her put her bra and panties on. She has been calling me more often now that I’m older, but not about sex unfortunately. She has been wanting me to come over and stay the night for awhile now, not sure if she just wants see me a little bit more often or what.

I am not married, currently single. I do live apart, I do plan on taking her up on her offer of staying over real soon. I would say that we’re close I speak to her often, and I always tell her I love her before I hang up. I can’t say that she has dropped any hints. I know one time I was over there, she said her back hurt and I rubbed it. She moaned like I’ve never heard before. I look forward to your reply Sarah.


Hi Rodney.

Well, I think that you might be in with a good chance – she was already teasing you when you were 8! And again when you rubbed her back. You should find an excuse to mention sex things. If she likes porn, why not ask if she’s ever come across Literotica? Then lead her gently to my stories. Then let her take the initiative. If I read her correctly, she may decide to send me a message and I can find out what her thoughts are on sex and incest.


Hi Sarah,

I’m glad you think I might be in a good chance, and I hope she’s into it. I know I can start mentioning sex things with her. But she doesn’t have the internet for some reason, so won’t be able to direct her to Literotica. Do you receive many emails about mothers wanting their sons? Are they typically around her age? I wish I could just direct her to you, that would have been sweet. Would you have any other suggestions? If you have any other questions about her or I ask away! Once again look forward to your reply.


Well Rodney,

Yes, there have been several mothers wanting sons – look in my Conversations online – and the other way round. And yes, they are usually in their late 30’s & 40s. A woman’s sexual needs get rather more demanding in their late 30s & 40’s. We tend to masturbate a lot more and look online for porn to watch or read. And it’s usually at this time that hubby is less interested in sex – and less inventive. Just a quickie now and then, leaving their wives frustrated.

Of course, many turn to other women for their ‘fix’ (like me) but others to sons and daughters. Perhaps you should become rather more physical – hug and kisses and hand pressing buttocks when you say hello. Linger with the kiss. But take it steady, and prepare to withdraw if you think Mom’s embarrassed, but I don’t think she will be. Having a man hold her tight again will be a thrill. And if she hangs on, it’s a good sign. Having someone think she’s beautiful and sexy will flatter. And she’ll like it. So, tell her you think she’s attractive and has kept her figure very well – looks ten years younger – that sort of thing. If she gets a bit flustered, that’s a good sign as well. Let me know how you get on.


I will do that Sarah.

The info you’re giving is very useful. I can just walk in, say hello, and give her a kiss on the lips and let it linger. When I hug her normally I’m usually pretty distant, would maybe pressing my groin into her lightly, to kinda start off, while holding her tight? One other thing I wanted to mention is she does tend to drink a fair amount of alcohol on occassion. Maybe try a little something there? I’m sorry I keep asking questions, I just want so badly to do this.


Well Rodney,

If you’re alone with her watching TV and she’s had a few glasses, try resting your hand on her thigh and give it an affectionate illegal bahis rub. If she lets it linger, then OK – the odds are that she’ll turn to look at you in surprise – then you have to tell her how attractive she’s looking tonight. Tell her you could really fancy her … and see what she says.


Okay Sarah.

One last thing. I know she likes to dance when she has a few. And I’m certain her husband will be gone from like 4pm-12, which will give me plenty of time to do what you mentioned. I appeciate it. Anything else you like to add let know. Thanks.


Well Rodney,

If Mom likes to sway on the floor to music, hold her close, hands on her buttocks, cheek to cheek and let her feel your erection against her belly. She’ll comment on it – then take it from there.


Hi Sarah,

I’ve got somewhat good news.When I went over to my mothers house I walked in and before giving her a hug I kissed her on the lips. Then wrapped my arms around her and held her closely with my hands dangerously close to her ass and held her for awhile. She responded with a “that was nice”. As the day went on and we had a few drinks I told her how pretty she looked and how her butt looked good in those jeans. Most of the time I was thinking how badly I’d like to tear em’ off and climb on top of her. As the night progressed I ended up dancing with her closely I might add. As we were dancing I did get an erection and she mentioned “someone’s happy to see me”. I wasn’t sure how to respond so I told her it happens when I’m close to a pretty woman. Thanks for listening looking forward to your reply.


Wow Rodney

Well done! Well, you got plenty of encouragement there. No question of being rebuffed – quite the opposite. Kissing Mom’s neck and stroking her bottom during the next dance should be the next step. Then some attention to her breasts. She won’t be able to resist feeling for your erection, and once she has her hand over it, you’re there. Ask her if she’d like to go to bed. Keep me posted!


(Several days passed with a response. Then …)

Hey Sarah did you have anymore useful info?

Sorry Rodney.

I’ve lost track of the development I’m afraid. The last I remember is that your mom might be interested but is afraid of being caught. Or is that her kind way of saying no thanks. I don’t feel her responses though. Was she really turned on by the thought??


Hey Sarah .

When I was talking with her I believe she was turned on by it. When I was dancing with her, she gently rubbed my hardened penis with her hand while telling me she was afraid someone would catch on, or that she would get pregnant. Look forward to reply!!


Well Rodney.

All it needs now is for you to persuade her that no-one could find out your secret and that you’d make sure you didn’t ejaculate inside her, preferring to cum over her boobs or face – or wear a condom. But get your mom all horny first, nice and slow, stroking her bottom, caressing her thighs, fingering her pussy if you can, so that she’s gasping for it – and a glass or two of wine inside her! Mom just needs the assurance that it will remain a secret between you, and be satisfied that there is no shame attached to sex between mom and son.

I was thinking over your problem in bed this morning. There’s no doubt in my mind that your Mom wants you to make love to her, but is too nervous to make the first move. Well, she has already in that she’s stroked your erection. Perhaps you should encourage her next time by unzipping your flies and letting her hold your bare cock. If I’m right, she won’t be able to resist dropping to her kness and take it in her mouth. If so, stroke her head and tell her what a fantastic mom she is. Take it from there. Play with her breasts and when she’s ready, rest her on the settee and stroke her thighs. Her pants will be warm and wet. Take them off. There – she’s ready for you!!


Ps maybe a bit over imaginative on my part, but I’m feeling horny!

Hi Sarah.

I’ve got some fun news. So I went over to my mom’s place and as I entered my step dad was just leaving. (He now works 12 hour days!) So I was aroused knowing I’d have her all to myself for the whole day. She was cooking chicken tacos and as I went in, I gave a kiss on the lips while resting my hands on her hips, telling her the food smelled delicious. It was around 4pm and she had a couple of drinks already, which I was hoping would work in my favor.

We we’re talking during and after dinner. After dinner my mom asks if I’ve had any luck finding a girlfriend. I told her I hadn’t and that not being with a woman is starting to take a toll on me. She asked me how so? And I said “I miss making love ” and that playing with yourself hardly makes up for intercourse. Mom said “sometimes I have to make do myself”. Ma tells that I’ll be fine, and someone will come around.

We continue drinking until about 9 pm. She goes to her room for her pj’s and I changed into mine. illegal bahis siteleri We sit on the couch to watch a movie. I make sure I sit very close to her, and during the flick I place my hand on her thigh. I slowly move my hand until I’m inches from her pussy. I was watching her reaction and her face seemed a little red. I lean in and say I love you mom and kiss her on the side of the mouth. She said it back.

I then pull down my pajama pants exposing her to all of it. Her eyes widened as she stares at my cock for a moment. “You don’t want to play by yourself ,” she says. I informed her, “no not at all”. Mom said, her voice a bit husky by this time, “This is our secret and you can’t tell anyone, okay baby? The last thing I need is for Cheryl at church knowing I sucked your cock”.

She grabs my now hard cock in her hand and tells it, “I remember when you were just a little guy.” We chuckled a little bit. I was in Heaven! After all this time, her hand was round my cock. I couldn’t believe it. She said to me “Rodney, I know what you want to have happen here, and I’ve been thinking about it.” During this time she is rubbing her hand on my chest and slowly stroking my cock. “We can play around a bit, but I don’t know if we’ll ever take this too far.” She then puts her head down and licks my head before bobbing down slowly. She asked “do you think this will be good enough for you?” I managed to speak, saying that I would like to know her more intimately.

The last word on the subject was “Please, just tell me this will be okay.” I replied yeah. And at that moment she continued deep throating me, during which time I played with her breasts. “Mom you’re so good. Suck it good.” These were the only words I could speak while that was taking place. It was so fantastic. Unbelievable! I felt it coming. My butt jerked. As I exploded, she just kept at it until she had all of my creamy seed down her throat. Wonderful! What an experience.

Now I’m at a point where I want to go all the way with her. I’m feeling compelled to have full intercourse with her at this point. Sarah, I wish somehow you could get in contact with her and persuade her that taking me to bed won’t hurt. If anything, it would bring us closer together. I think if she had another woman’s point of view that could be the ticket. What do you think Sarah? As always look forward to your reply.


Wow Rodney

I guessed that would happen. Congratulations! It worked well. But Mom just needs more time to get used to the idea. I think she’s just being ultra nervous at letting you penetrate her, but desperate for it. Did you lick her pussy yet? Give her time – she’ll soon get so horny she won’t be able to resist – but it’s important for her to think it’s all your doing – making her have sex with you. Leading her on etc. She’ll be able to accept it then.

Tell her you’ve been reading some of my experiences on Literotica and explain that it’s quite common for mothers to have sex with their son. If you have a lap top take it with you and then you can show her!!

Wonderful news though Rodney. I’m so glad you persevered. Whoopee.


Hey again Sarah,

I hope you haven’t gotten sick of me. Lol. I went over to my mom’s house again, which has become quite often since she went down on me. It was funny you mentioned having a laptop because I brought one over hoping I could get her to talk with ya. I told her I could create an email for her and she could simply go to the library to continue to read your stories and to chat with you also. That is if you’re cool with it. I told her you wouldn’t mind. Let me know if that’s ok.

A side note: while at mom’s, I went over and her hubby was there, so I wasn’t expecting much to take place. Everyone went to bed and I stayed up watching a movie. Mom comes out in her nightie and sits down next to me. Mind you, her hubby is in the bedroom across the hall. She leans in and asks me “when was the last time you’ve eaten a woman’s pussy?

I was immedately turned on. She didn’t even bother closing the door. She begins to strip down to nothing, and crawls into the bed with me. I start kissing her and she stops and asks if I want to taste mommy down there. I went down on her for at least 30 minutes and it was great. So incredible. Her hairy pussy was wet through, and her labia swollen and heavy. I chewed on them, and explored every bit of her superb pussy. She stifled her orgasm. I got up, she stroked my cock before we finally went to sleep.


Gosh Rodney.

Things are progressing well for you. Eating her out and getting her to cum for you! Great!! Certainly tell her to get in touch. I’ve love to chat with her. What’s her name, by the way? Mom’s certainly decided to go the whole way now – even having sex with you when her hubby is asleep across the hall, which shows a certain couldn’t-care-less attitude. Fucking isn’t far away Rodney!!

Sarah xxx

(The next email I got was from his mom, Shirley, though it got lost in my junk box for a day or two.)

Well hello canlı bahis siteleri Sarah,

My name is Shirley. You’ve been speaking to my son about me for a while so I’ve been told. He brought a laptop over the other day and said “hey ma you’ve got to check this out.” He went on to show me a webpage with stories that I found quite amusing. While he was over, he mentioned your name and email address, and said I should get in contact with you. My boy was mentioning how sex between moms and sons is common, and I found that to be kinda crazy. Rodney mentioned he told you some things that we did and, I have to be honest, I enjoyed. But feel kinda weird telling another person. Are there a lot of females who make love to their boys? kinda new at this. hope to talk with you someone time.


Hey Shirley.

Sorry. I found your message in my junk tray – probably because you’re not in my address list. You are now. It’s quite normal for you to feel ‘weird’, but believe me, it’s not at all uncommon for moms to have sex with their son. Daughter as well. I’ve had eight mom/son exchanges (one a grandmom!) and seven mom/daughters. Others just want to experience online sex with me – the resulting orgasms are something else again they all tell me! Intense!

Yes, Rodney first got in touch with me last November and has been lusting after you for twelve years he tells me! But didn’t know how to approach you. I find one of the biggest problems is the feeling that either might lose respect for the other if things don’t work out, or will think them ‘weird’ as you say. And this is what holds most of them back. In fact, it’s usually the opposite. The relationship gets closer and more respectful. It’s usual for the mom to say they’ll draw the line at fucking – but they usually end up doing it – and having the most fantastic, heavenly experience. The first fuck always ends with a second, third and fourth in quick succession!

I’m delighted you got in touch – and I know Rodney is so over the moon that you have sex together. So, if the only thing holding you back from fucking is some old-fashioned idea that it’s ‘wrong’, dismiss the feeling. You’ll never regret that first wonderful time. But PLEASE be sure you won’t feel dirty or bad afterwards.

Do let me know if I can be of further help.


Hi Sarah,

I have to admit you are sexy, my boy tells me it turns him on talking about our activities with you . He said he wonders what your body looks like. I have read the few exchanges you have listed on , they do make me wet. You’ve had 8 exchanges with mother/son? Oh I wish I could read more of them, Rodney enjoys them too! I do feel guilty having had oral sex with him and making out. But my hubby has had difficulty maintaining an erection at his age so we both end up suffering. I love Rodney so much and now, with the affair, I think its deepening that love similar to how I felt towards my hubby in the beginning of our relationship. I’m conflicted on whether I allow him fuck me. I feel so naughty and turned on by the acts we’ve committed, and ’til now its been amazing. We’ve been talking a lot on the phone, and I’d hate for my significant other to think there is more to our relationship, though I’m not sure if that’s possible, considering. I know I feel a bit empty not having a good hard penis in me for quite some time, and I sense Rod wants it badly. I miss having sweaty sex and when my man spills his seed in me, but Rod very well could get me pregnant if I fulfilled that desire.

Thanks for listening. Shirley.

Hello Shirley.

I’m glad you find me sexy. And I would very much like to chat with you – perhaps hold you close and kiss you. Stroke your bottom and caress you all over. Then explore your private treasure – I do enjoy exploring other women’s vulvas with fingers and tongue, tasting them, feeling them tremble and flutter in the belly. Ah well! You already know that if you’ve read my conversations. All the exchanges I mentioned are on Literotica by the way. Can you access them? I’ll email you the one that started Rod contacting me, Ellie and son, in a separate email, in case you can’t get it on the internet. I explained to Rodney in an early email that “a woman’s sexual needs get rather more demanding during the late 30’s and early 40’s. We tend to masturbate a lot more and look online for porn to watch or read. And it’s usually at this time that hubby is less interested in sex – and less inventive. Just a quickie now and then, leaving their wives frustrated. Of course, many turn to other women for their ‘fix’ (like me) but others to sons and daughters.”

I’m so glad you feel more respect that ever for Rodney – and he feels the same, he tells me, and can understand why you feel uncertain about Rod fucking you. That’s a common feeling with mothers. You both want it so desperately. And from what you tell me, you like to feel the cock explode inside you and fill your vagina with thick creamy sperm, otherwise why not use a condom. (I hate them, but then I can’t have children, so…!) – or the morning-after pill from the chemist? Or let Rodney withdraw and ejaculate over your nipples? I know that wonderful sensation when the cock penetrates the vagina. Awesome! Heavenly!!Rodney wanted to know what my body was like. I sent him this!! (I attached a photo.)

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