A Cougar In The Night


A Cougar In The NightI had been waiting for this oppotunity for months ! There I was….away for a 5-day stint at a class I was taking to prepare myself for a new direction and career move. I knew I was going to scope-out the local scene and find an escort for a little extra “inspiration”. I poured over advertising that was all the usual “I-am-wonderful…call me” stuff, – and then I spotted an ad that said “Sex Coach for Consultation Visits”. I love having a woman coach me and tell me what she wants and how I am doing….so I called. The voice on the end of the line was charged & sultry, and full of energy, and the description seemed too good to be true…..I started actually trembling a little with excitement. As she got closer she called and asked that I meet her in the motel parking lot and escort her to my room. The humid summer night felt close and warmer than I expected as I stepped outside and leaned against my car. She pulled in next to me and WoW ! Please – please …use your imagnation…..How did I get lucky enought to get a “10” in looks ? She literally sprang out of her car and instantly flung herself against me like we were long-lost lovers meeting after being 1xbet yeni giriş apart for a long time. It caught me off-guard when she started to grind against me and pin me against the car. She used her legs/knees to coax herself up into the air and forced me to hold her. She seemed to wrap herself around me right there sorta in public (even though it was dark), and cling like glue. What a great and awesome kisser !I could tell I had my hands full as we went inside. My trembling started to come back as she changed into what she wanted to wear for me in the bathroom. When she came out, – she strutted towards me in a very slutty looking “fuck-me” costume of clear hooker-high-heels, black fishnets, a deep red cross between a g-string and panties, a tiny, tiny less-than-bikini top, and a see-thru silky kind-of a nighty-top I guess you would call it. She asked me to put on some music for her to dance to. -How could I refuse ? I felt like I was having a dream as she started to tease, and rub herself on me for a moment, – kissing deeply, then pulling away. It was then that she took control….and started to get carried away with things. I was shocked when she danced 1xbet giriş her way into the curtains and started her provocative display for who-ever might see. Now I knew the motel I was staying at wrapped around into 2 other buildngs, and there was a high-probability of her attracting attention, so I tried to settle her down. She wickedly laughed as she slid in and out of my grasp a couple of times…..only to return to the window. She pressed her ass against the glass just dancing, she took the bikini-sorta-thing off so her tits would show, but left on the sheer see-thru. She rubbed herself and acted like such a slut and I was in an unbelieving trance. Was tis really happening to me ? This wasout of control…..The phone rang, and it was the management. I was told to stop what was going on, and I had to somehow take control of this situation. She did not seem to care, and kept it up. In fact – it seemed that the call only gave her more energy ! Finally I held her and started to force things a little farther along. She would give in for awhile, and then slip slightly out of my grasp. This kept happening until she had grabbed a chair by the window and hugged 1xbet güvenilirmi it. She peered thru the sheer d****s and then said “Okay, I will settle down if you will fuck me now.” She was kneeling with her knees on the seat of the chair. She gently swayed her ass back and forth, advertising her readiness. I was out of my mind with lust, and she seemed to want a display of force on my part, so I gave in. As we fucked, she pushed back against me, and moaned alot. I was out of control and she knew it……so she parted the d****s even farther and they seemed to envelope us in them as a backdrop for the stage we were on. She hung herself over the top of the chair with her breasts in full view ….dangling and bouncing. Her face and body were angled into the window for everyone to see her fuck. Yes…yes…it was a true public porn show, and she was in totally charge of it. She looked out the window twisting around and throwing her head back, eyes rolling with pleasure, and her hands shifted back and forth between holding herself even more open, and just plain balancing herself to offset my pounding her hard. Our lewd exhibition was intense, it was just too much, and my mind was whirling and exploding with the scene and orgasms we had. She finally let the d****s go limp and close as she smiled and cuddled into me….pulling me onto the bed. My wild “Cougar” was exhausted, and for a brief time somewhat “tamed”……

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