A Criminal’s Chronicles


Being a student is quite hard in this country now days, trying to do well in your studies and trying to balance a job also. Let us be honest we all know how wild parties can get in the student union bar and in the dormitories so I hear.

“This is the best times of our lives” where we should be experimenting with drugs, drinking until we pass out and discovering who we are as individuals, also this is where we can experiment with the opposite sex, the same sex and even a combination of the two and no one will judge us because this is university after all.

I know I am only 21 years old but I am still discovering who I was as person; do I like girls or do I like guys? I did not know what my 5-year plan is yet! I just want to experience life to the max and get a diploma at the end of it too.

As you would be assuming correcting, I am a virgin; this was through my own choice thou. I have always been the nerdy type who just wanted to get on with the task at hand and not get distracted by the clowns in the class even thou some of those guys were my best friends.

I was in my 3rd year at university and it had been the best 3 years of my life. I had gotten great grades, met some amazing people, but I still kept very much to myself and never really got involved with any of the parties, or spent late nights in the bar.

Now I was about to start my dissertation, I knew that this was going to be make or break for my future career in my chosen field.

It was a late Thursday night in the height of summer, during the day the sun was blazing, the humidity in my bedroom was un-bearable even with the window open and the fan blowing directly onto my bare smooth chest. I decided to have a nice cold shower and attempt to get back to my planning when I heard a piece of paper be slipped under my door.

It was a flyer inviting all the seniors on a bar crawl to celebrate the end of all our exams, even thou my course will not be finishing until a few months later.

This was the last opportunity that I would have to go out and experience all that I had missed during my time here, so I told myself that I needed a night off and psyched myself up into going out that weekend.

The weekend had arrived and I was confident now that all my planning was complete and that I knew where I was going with all my work to come, so I decided to jump in the shower, get dressed style my hair and head out to the meeting place where my other friends were.

As usual, they had already been drinking on the way to the pub and by the smell of them had been doing some form of drugs, because the smell was not like any aftershave or deodorant that I had ever smelt before. It had a strong odour to it.

I ordered a drink at the bar, joined the rest of my friends, and began to get involved with the conversations that they were having whist we waited for others to arrive.

An hour or so later I was still only on my second pint of beer, everyone else was on his or her 5th at least, that was just since I arrived, I downed the rest of my glass to try to help me to relax and let loose. To forget about everything except having a good time, socialising and having a night that I would not forget.

Once everyone arrived we moved onto another pub and ordered some shots, now the party was really in the full swing around 60 of us all laughing, joking, winding each other up and sharing stories of who had slept with who and where.

When this started I slowly crept to the bar and ordered another shot and pint of beer hoping that no one would notice and that I wouldn’t get brought into the conversation, as I couldn’t contribute anything as I was still a virgin.

I had not experienced anything before, except just a kiss when I was very young from a girl in my class but I pulled away so quickly that I did not even count it as a real kiss.

One of the popular lads from one of my classes came to the bar laughing at what the latest conversation he was having with the other members in the group, he stood next to me waiting to be served but the bar was busy so had to wait a few moments.

He turned to me and said my name I turned in response pretending not to notice him in the first instance and said hi in response, we began chatting and he asked me if I was enjoying my night to which I gave him a smile as I didn’t really catch what he said as it was quite noisy.

He gestured towards the door and had a rolled up cigarette in his hands, to which I smiled and nodded, I followed him outside and felt the heat from the warm slightly humid air around us hit me and gave me a slight sense of light-headedness.

He sparked up his cigarette and I could instantly recognise the smell, it smelt just like that cigarette that one my friends had previously, the smell hit the back of my throat and my nasal passages like a shock to my system. He offered it to me and I looked at him curiously.

He then proceeded to tell me it was cannabis, I was not ignorant I knew what it was but had not been around anyone canlı bahis şirketleri smoking it before.

I took it from him, placed the butt to the end of my mouth, and took a big drag from it, the taste hitting the back of my throat as I inhaled; it felt like razorblade scratching all the way down.

I coughed and spluttered as it reached my lungs and kept trying to inhale fresh oxygen to clear my throat and lungs.

He asked if I was ok and started just smirking at me like he found it the most funniest thing he had ever seen in his life, once I regained my composure I took the cigarette from him again and took another suck on it taking it down into my lungs but this time I was prepared.

I slowly began to let the smoke out and began instantly to feel the effects working, my body began to relax and my head began to spin as if I had drunk too much. I passed him back his joint and we continued to talk.

Feeling more relaxed and secretly enjoying the feeling I was now experiencing I took it from in-between his fingers and finished the last of it, topping up this euphoric feeling that had been the best feeling I had experienced in my entire life.

We went back and joined in with the rest of our friends and this time I did not care what the conversation was but I just joined in on it, and ended up having a fantastic time and feeling included for the first time in my life.

We moved on-to a club which wasn’t too far away but the way I felt it was miles, everything felt like it was in slow motion right now, watching people in the streets on hen and stag do’s dressed up in costumes just made me smile and giggle at the simple sight of them.

Whilst walking up the street the smell of cannabis hit me again, I smelt my clothes to see if it was I or if someone had another on the go. I followed the smell back to the person who gave me my first hit and asked him if he had any more.

He pulled me to the side down a dark alley and told me that he had several more joints on him and he would sell me a few if I were interested. He told me a price and I agreed to pay for this amazing feeling.

I took the cash out from my pocket and gave it to him in exchange for four ready rolled joints. They was in a clear plastic wrapping which helped to conceal the smell. I took one out and placed the other 3 safely in my front pocket.

I used his lighter and continued down the street, running to catch up with my friends who were in the middle of the long heard that was heading to the club. As I ran to catch them whilst simultaneously smoking the world began to slow down even more and each step I took felt like a baby step.

As I stopped and panted in the middle of the street trying to catch my breath I began to lose more and more of my coordination, the effects of the drugs becoming stronger and hitting me more than I would have expected.

I walked over to the curb and sit on the edge trying to orientate myself, I was brought my legs up towards my chest and placed my head on top of my knees to rest them.

When suddenly I hear a males voice asking me if I’m ok and if I wanted any assistance, to which I couldn’t find the words to respond, inside my body screaming “yes please”.

He sat next to me, slipped a bottle of water into my hand, told me to drink it, as I needed to keep myself hydrated. I undo the bottle and slowly sip the bottle taking in some cold refreshing water.

I stay sitting on the curb, eyes closed taking in a few more deep breaths and the world feels like it’s beginning to stop and slow down and return to normal.

I turn to face the person who was kind enough to stop and offer me this cold beverage, as my eyes slowly began to open I looked at him about to thank him when I realised.

Oh no this person was a police officer…

I looked at him in disbelief that this strange person was being so kind, he looked like an angel staring at me with his bright blue eyes, chiselled chin and dark brown hair with hints of ginger shining through.

The streetlights behind me made his eyes shine so bright that I just was mesmerised by them for what felt like a while.

He helped me up, took me to the side and stood me up against the wall in the alleyway before starting to question me about my evening and what I had done. I explained that I was a uni student and that I was out celebrating with friends following their end exam finals.

He looked me directly in the eyes and asked me if I had taken any drugs tonight to which I broke eye contact and looked away, my eyes fixated on the floor trying to conceal the truth from him.

He asked to see my ID and so complying with his request, I reached into my front pocket, pulled out my wallet and proceeded to show him my ID. Upon doing this, I had not felt the bag with the joints I had purchased slip out of my pocket, as I handed him my ID I caught out of the corner of my eye, I saw the bag hit the floor and my heart sank.

He looked down to the floor and I quickly canlı kaçak iddaa tried to reach for them before he could make out what they were but my reaction time was too slow and he had already seen them and was already reaching out for the bag before I could get down to sweep them up myself.

He held the bag up towards the street, towards the only light. The thought of being arrested made my pulse begin to race and my head perspire.

He asked me to turn around, face the wall and place my hands up high onto it with my legs shoulder width apart.

I did as he requested whilst trying to calm myself down, I continued to take deep breaths as he asked if I had any more drugs on me or anything sharp in my pockets, to which I replied that I didn’t. I did not think that this moment could get any worse and then he told me that he would need to search me for anymore.

I consented and I could feel him lower and grab around my ankles feeling into my socks over my clothes, as he touched me I could feel a surge of electricity flow through my entire body, the hairs on the back of my neck began to stand on end and I felt myself reacting to his touch.

I moved my hands away from the wall so that I could try to conceal my now growing erection so that he would not notice, but caught me lowering my hand and told me to place both hands back up on the wall.

As he continued up my leg feeling and searching for any other drugs or weapons, the urge to remove my hand and adjust was becoming too unbearable. He moved across from my Left leg to the right and started the process again from the bottom going up but stopping before he reached my groin.

He stood upright and told me to spread my arms out to the side of me, stretching my fingers the best I could. Starting at my wrists, he checked along my arms starting again on the left side and moving across to the right.

As he stood behind me, I could feel his truncheon poking into the side of me, this getting me more and more hard, the throbbing in my jeans getting tighter still, so much that I was fully on display if he turned me around.

I could feel his breath on the back of my neck as he reached around and began to check my chest and patted down my stomach reaching my waist he pulled back and reached for the top of my shoulders and moved his hands across and down my back, his touch making me tingle all over.

He asks again if I have anything inside my pockets and I shake my head. He checks the back pockets and found nothing, he moved around to the front right pocket and found only my wallet and then the pocket I was dreading.

He reached into my front left pocket and stopped, pausing for a moment I inhaled a deep breath and held it, he continued to feel around and finally he grabbed my fully erect throbbing erection in his grasp and began tugging on it.

A few tugs later he had realised what he had grabbed and chuckled to himself and apologised for what he had done, quickly removing his hand.

Grabbing my left hand from the wall, he placed it behind my back and I felt the cold from the metal handcuff close around my wrist, he grabbed my other hand and cuffed it.

Escorted me back to his car and gently placed me into the back seat.

When I arrived at the police station, I was booked in and placed into one of the basic cells out the back with the most basic of facilities, the handcuffs released from around my wrists and I were told that I would be going to an interview room when it became available.

I waited around and slowly the high started to wear off and sobriety started to kick in and the remorse from my actions had filled me with disappointment.

The police officer came into the room and escorted me into a secluded room out the back, I walked into the room and noticed that there was no cameras in the room, just a simple tape recorder and the arresting officer the other side of a table with the drugs I had brought on the table in an evidence bag.

I sat down and he pressed play and record on the recorder he asked me to state my name and date of birth and proceeded to question me about tonight’s events, asking me if I had previously been arrested for anything prior to tonight.

I held my head in shame and just shook my head at the questions being asked of me unable to look at him directly, I heard a clicking sound and looked up to see that he had paused the tape. He got up off his chair, came around to my side, sat on the corner of the table, and looked at me.

“Off the record, I wanted to apologise for my inappropriate groping earlier” his slight southern twang coming through more than it had previously. I bravely looked up and looked into his eyes they were bluer than I could remember, he also had slight stubble on his ever so chiselled chin, again with hints of brown and ginger which I had not noticed previously noticed.

I smirked at him nervously and accepted his apology; he wanted to make a comment about it but instead just said nothing and chuckled to himself.

“What’s canlı kaçak bahis so funny?” I asked, “Nothing, it’s inappropriate of me to say, wouldn’t be very professional”

“No go on” – I pushed, watching him resisting and holding back the best he could as he sat back into his chair.

“I, I, it was a shock when I had realised what I was grabbing onto and didn’t comprehend at the start that, that was what it was and then I realised and as much as I didn’t want to I knew I had to let go”

I sat there looking at him and began to blush with flattery, he began to apologise again and saying that he should not have said that and placed his head into his hands.

He stood up from his chair and proceeded to walk towards the door, as he reached for the handle I turned in my chair and grabbed him by the wrist, stood up so that we were face-to-face just inches from each other.

Without a second thought he reached around the back of my head and pulled me closer into him, kissing me with such passion and lust, the chemistry between us was like nothing I had ever felt before, this was my first kiss and it was the most magical I could have asked for, my legs becoming all quivery and butterflies flew around inside my stomach.

He guided me back to the table and I could feel the edge of it lined up against my bum, I rest up upon it as we continued to get lost in each other, my hands were running through the back of his hair mimicking his actions on my own body.

My fully erect penis were compressed, tightly between my skin and the underwear I was wearing throbbing so hard and fast that he could feel it pressing against him. He slowly moved his hands down to my chest and began to slowly unbutton my shirt exposing my smooth chest and rock hard abs.

This was the first experience I had ever had and I would be happy if this experience was going to be my first, although I was nervous and excited all at the same time.

His mouth began working its way down from my mouth, down across my chin, along my neck and down to my chest, kissing every inch of flesh his lips could find. I threw my head back in ecstasy slight groans escaping from my lips as he continued to work his way down to my nipples.

His hands, one placed onto my back supporting me mid-air and the other firmly on my stomach, his fingers began tracing each one of my eight rock hard abs, he laid me down flat on the table and slowly began working his way across to my other nipple and his tongue started to flicker at it.

My back began to arch in response to his stimulation on my nipple he proceeds to follow my sternum down and kissed my entire abs one at a time gently biting them before moving onto the next one.

I felt him pull away, so I glanced up at him and watched as he removed his tie and began to unbutton his shirt, his slightly tanned body becoming more and more exposed with every button he undoes.

When he finally reached the last one, his Christian Andrew underwear band on display, he slips out one of his arms from his sleeve revealing a tattoo that went across his left pectoral muscle, along his shoulder and down the whole of his arm.

His biceps bulging showing that he must work out quite extensively, he climbs on top of me and continues to kiss me, our groins pressing against each other as he slowly starts to grind against me, making my cock throb and begin to ooze precum which starts to drip onto my hip.

I lie there unable to control myself, he slides off and starts to undo the button of my jeans and undoes the zip exposing my Klein Calvin’s, taking them to my knees and kissing down along my snail trail, down to my waist band.

Using his teeth, he took them in his grip and moved my underwear down exposing my fully erect 8″ cut erection.

He looked at me from in between my groin as he took my throbbing boner and proceed to kiss along the shaft, reaching my balls and licking all around them into his mouth sucking ever so gently then proceeded to kissing in between my legs, as he did this again my back began to arch, chest reaching towards the ceiling.

I was so nervous to start but the euphoric sensation I was feeling only made me want him more and more, I wanted him to fill me.

He worked his way back up towards the head of my penis and took me into his mouth, the sensitivity was explosive, every fibre of my body reacting to all these sensations that I have never experienced before.

He licked away any precum residue that had occurred, he began to let out little subtle groans as his pace and rhythm become more and more erratic.

He slid me down the table so that I could sit on the edge of it making it easier for him to kiss me again as he proceeded to stroke my now wet cock the longer he stroked it the more precum was coming out which he used as a lubrication.

Just when I thought, I was going to shoot my hot thick load he stopped and squeezed me tight so that nothing was wasted.

I stood up off the table and held his chest and biceps kissing his neck, teasing his nipples the way he did mine working my way over his abs that were much more defined than mine, undoing his trousers exposing his underwear concealing his monster cock that was easily around 10″, thick and uncut.

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