A Cuckold in the Making

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Susan and John had been married 10 years. From the outside they looked like a happily married couple. They were moderately well off and had one son, an 8 year old boy, Sam who they both adored. But under the surface there were rumblings of discontent.

“I’m sick of your talk about family values. Why can’t you be like other men and just fuck me?” Susan was mad at John, who just sat silent saying nothing. Susan looked at John and noticed the last comment shocked him into action just as she had hoped it would.

“Susan I’m surprised at you using such language. It’s fit for the gutter, and lower your voice or you will wake little Sammy.”

“You pompous old goat,” Susan snarled at John. She lifted her skirt and pushed her panties into his startled face, “They call this a cunt. Just take a good look Mr. Clean, and you have to fuck it.”

“Susan please calm down lets talk about this rationally you’re upset please just sit down and I’ll make you a cup of tea.” John said with pleading eyes.

“Listen dickhead, you’ve run this house rationally for 10 years, now it’s my turn. I’ve had enough rationality I want some fun before I’m old and gray. I’m going to go and find someone who will fuck me.” She shouted at John.

“Susan I’m shocked, you know that sex outside of a loving relationship is wrong how can you say such things?” John was starting to cry.

“Don’t you dare tell me what’s right and wrong; you’re just a narrow minded bigot. You’ve made your own life boring illegal bahis and you want to make mine boring also. Why don’t you get this old shit out of your system and live for once?”

“You’re just not yourself, sit and calm down. We can sort this out between us. Please remember Sammy is asleep.” John pleaded.

“Bullshit! I’m going out to find myself a man and get fucked; you can baby sit and enjoy playing Mr. Mom.” She screamed; her face just inches away from his.

With that she stormed out of the front door, he heard the car start and roar down the road.

It was silent. John just did not know what to do, he sat with his head in his hands rocking, his stomach churning.

What had gone wrong? He had done his very best to be a good caring husband. How could she do this to him, when all he had ever done was work hard for her and their son? His mind was in turmoil how had this happened?

More to the point what was he to do? He began to get angry, why should he put up with this treatment? He did not deserve it. She was a bitch to treat him this way. It suddenly occurred to him she was behaving like her slut of a sister, just as his mother had warned him. Oh why oh why had he not listened to her, she was right after all, what fool he’d been.

He had been taught a man should have good manners above everything else. As a result of this his wife felt she was deprived of a man and had a Mr. Goody instead.

Then he remembered Sam, poor Sam, surely Susan would illegal bahis siteleri behave herself for the boys sake if not for his. He poured himself a large glass of wine and sat down to submit to fate and hoped to bend it his way if he could.

About midnight he heard the car pull up outside; he peered out of the window. There were two people in it, the driver was Susan. Surely she won’t have the nerve to bring a man in here? John thought. John froze, his insides turned over. He heard the key in the door and Susan came in on the arm of a tall broad, well built young man.

“This is my husband Brian, he’s a good husband but he can’t fuck. In that department he’s an absolute limp dick.”

Brian just smiled knowingly. Looking down at John he said “She’s a good fuck. I’ve filled her up twice tonight already,” and the pair looked into each others eyes and burst into laughter.

Then to Johns’ horror they went upstairs to the main bedroom.

Curious after about 5 minutes, John quietly climbed the stairs and saw the bedroom door was ajar.

He went to the door and looked in.

He couldn’t believe his eyes! His wife was spread-eagled with her feet in the air. Brian’s’ ass was pumping up and down as he penetrated her. He could hear her heavy breathing and moans of delight. He watched entranced, like a man in a dream, as this stranger fucked his wife. He was pounding away lustfully enjoying every second, plunging into her, speeding up as he approached climax. canlı bahis siteleri All John could think was the filthy slut was letting him have her on their own bed!

He couldn’t stand it any longer. He went downstairs and walked out into the cool night air, he walked about half an hour hoping that the man would be gone and he could sort things out with Susan.

When he come back into the house, Susan was in the kitchen. “Would you like a cup of coffee?” she asked as if nothing had occurred.

He was speechless. “After that sickening performance aren’t you thoroughly ashamed of yourself behaving like a common whore?”

“Don’t you dare lecture me Mr. John Almighty. I will do what I like and you can leave if you don’t like it. Oh and if you want to fuck me you will have to get down on your knees and beg for it. I won’t let you get near it until you’ve kissed my ass and apologized.”

Saying this she lifted her skirt and said: “I’ve got a well filled cunt no thanks to you” she took down her panties spread her legs and pussy lips. Laughing she said “take a look cuckold, go on I dare you.”

John knew he couldn’t resist so he looked. Then he walked on his knees to her pussy. He buried his face and tongue into it. He lapped up every drop he could. He liked the taste of the mans cum mixed with his wife’s pussy juice.

John began to take pleasure in this new wife; he found he was aroused by her blatant sexuality. Susan began to enjoy humiliating a husband who she felt had stolen 10 years from her youth. Thus the cycle began and it was not long before he was serving her and her chosen lovers willingly.

He had become a cuckold slave, ever seeking new thrills totally enslaved in the fetish of cuckoldry.

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