A Day at the Gym Ch. 02

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Since my return to Exeter I have been trying out some of my old haunts trying to find my new way in the world, one thing I have realised is that I am older and the life I once led is no longer an option.

My mind turned to the women I have been friends with over the years my first port of call was Lynda. She had been in an abusive marriage when I first met her and that relationship was in part why we split up, she looked great when we met up and to be honest I wanted to bed her on the spot but we had drinks and a meal but our relationship was over and she pointed out to me that although she was fond of me she was in a stable relationship that was loving and caring, and there was no way she wanted to return to any kind of relationship with me the would risk that I think on reflection I would have just been using her if it had gone any further, we kissed on the cheek after our meal and to this date I have not seen her again.

My next port of call was to Suzan’s office, I had several relationships within that office one of which was with Suzan herself, but most of the staff had changed since I had worked with her company I found to be out of luck there Suzan herself was only to happy to see me and introduced me to her latest possession a woman by the name of Alice, she was a butch looking young woman far different from Suzan’s normal toys but I suppose that tastes change as we all get older. We had an interesting afternoon mostly of Alice taking charge of us both and using both of our bodies for her own gratification uşak escort and entertainment, this was a pleasant experience, but not one that was satisfying enough for me to play second fiddle to a far younger woman and one with an obvious more dominant personality.

Lastly my mind moved towards Kath, I didn’t see her as a prospect for a lasting relationship but the last time I was in her company I felt overwhelmed with her presences and her sexual desirers were ones that I could easily aspire to satisfy.

I rang her only to get an answer phone, sheepishly I left a message, it was three days later I received a message back saying that she was out of town and that she would look me up on her return.

A week later I was sat at home when there was a knock at the door to my surprise when I opened it Kath was stood there wearing a figure hugging track suit that defined her body perfectly, I asked her in and closed the door behind her. As the door shut she pushed me up against the wall placing her lips to mine her body was so hard against my own It felt as if she was trying to push me through the wall. With one had she held me against the wall while the other forced its way behind the belt of my jeans and into my knickers. She found my pussy with the ease of a rabbit finding its hole forcing two fingers into me, she pumped her hand hard her palm pressuring my clit within minutes I was cumming I could not help myself I wanted her to take me and she knew it I was her uşak escort bayan sex toy with out the right to complain and as her fingers made my pussy weep with the pleasure she was giving me I screamed with orgasmic pleasure.

After my first orgasm she let me off the wall and my legs turned to jelly it took me a second to get my balance but as soon as I did I threw my self at her planting my lips hard on hers once again.

We made our way into my lounge kissing and fondling each other as we went, Kath was pulling at my clothes and by the time we sat on the settee I was just about naked just my wet knickers kept her from her goal and with me lifting my hips they where gone cast off as if they were a rag, her face disappeared between my legs I was as if I had never been with another woman, I felt myself begin to drip the feeling of my cum slipping down my thighs sent me over the edge once again, her tongue then following the river of passion licking and sucking it as it ran down my leg.

It was then my turn and I told her to stand, once she was erect I started to undress her but I used my teeth on the sip that ran down the tracksuit jacket this slowed things down witch seemed to agitate Kath but I persisted in teasing her by taking things at my own pace. She wriggled out of her track bottoms showing off her well formed body to me I pushed her tee shirt up taking her sports bra with it her breast were magnificent and I moved my hungry searching mouth to her breasts. I escort uşak covered one of her large nipple with my lips, and then slowly moved my tongue around it. I sucked the whole thing into my mouth and then forced my jaws together.

“Oh… Ahh,” Kath moaned, liking the sensation.

“Ahhh, AAHHH,” Kath moaned as I moved my hot mouth to her other breast and sucked on it hard once again drawing her engorged nipple into my mouth.

Her nipples hardened immediately under my attack and her body felt as if she were on fire. From somewhere deep inside her a flame flickered it seemed to start slowly but as I bit down on her rock hard nipples I felt the tension mount within her then as if something was trying to break out of her body through her nipples. She cried out and moved her head from side to side and my hungry hot mouth kept its relentless sucking biting and tonguing of her breasts she fell to her knees and then lay down and we got into the 69 position, I pushed her knickers down exposing her wonderful pussy and engorged clit and my mouth just had to have it I placed my lips over it sucking it into my mouth like it was a penis I milked her had clit until she was cumming and the sent of her sex filled the room and in what seemed like a crescendo of passion we both squealed as yet another orgasm swept through our body’s.

The whole thing took less than 20 minutes but it was worth it. I was hoping that she was going to stay the night but instead she got dressed immediately kissed me full on the mouth and our sexual juices mixed as our tongues transferred our saliva then left saying she would call me, leaving me there naked as the day I was born, with no explanation she was gone, leaving me wanting more but I guess that will have to wait till next time.

Lots Of Love


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