A Day at the Mall

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Hey there! Long time no see! It’s Debbie, 5’6 inches tall, BBW black chick, 18 with big DDD-tits, big pregnant-looking belly, and big bubble butt. Saturday morning, I was laying on my side in bed in front of my laptop, eating a big box of doughnuts, under no covers, totally naked except for a white cotton bra. I was watching Power Rangers on my laptop. I know it seems kind of strange that I’m 18 and a Power Rangers fan, let alone a girl and a 18-year-old Power Rangers fan but I’m a fan of the franchise regardless and plus I’m not the only one.

As I started to feel full from eating all these doughnuts, I gently slapped the side of my bare stomach, feeling the fat jiggle. I had a $200 gift card from K-Mart and a couple of my friends and I had plans on going shopping.

My male friend was an Asian boy named Joey Young, also 18 years of age. He stood not that much taller than me with shiny back hair just long enough for mini-bangs. He fell in love with me when we met in our junior year, but that was until I told him I was a lesbian and we only agreed to be friends. Knowing him, Joey is really feminine, but he’s not gay. By that I mean, he acts a feminine sometimes, but is still straight and likes other girls. In fact, Joey has a thing for Black girls, especially thick BBW ones like myself.

Joey and I have the STRANGEST things in common; we are both fans of Power Rangers, we share the EXACT same birthday (Yes, same year too, 1990), and we both like BBW women. That’s not exactly “strange” but we sort of have our differences there. He LOVES them, I just prefer them. But I find it so weird the things we have in common.

The girl? That would be Michelle Greenbreeze. She’s 18 too, also thick but not as big as me. She’s also African American (light-skinned), with average-sized breasts, but a huge butt, almost as big as mine. She wore her hair in a bun and dyed it red, like mine but it’s only red, no purple.

After the episode I was watching finished playing, I got myself dressed in lavender panties, a low-neck white tee-shirt that showed off a lot of cleavage and tight enough to make my boobs spill over the neck-edges, and lastly a skin-tight green pair of pants, so tight but so comfortable I could barely feel them. I wore these clothes to amplify the huge roundness of my big boobs and butt for my pleasure.

Luckily I was finished dressing because there was a knock at my closed door. “Come in dad!” I answered. In came my dad. My 45-year-old father looked a little young for his age; medium build, bald-headed, long eyelashes (for a male that is), and the only facial hair he had was his light moustache, dressed in a blue short-sleeved collar shirt with dark brown pants.

“Morning doll face!” he greeted me.

“Morning dad!” I replied, sitting at the edge of my bed. “What brings you here?”

“Wanting to see my beautiful daughter,” he simply replied. “I see you all dressed up! Going somewhere?”

“Yeah, to the mall with my friends.”

“That’s cool!”

My dad approached me. He tugged at the upper legs of his pants and sat down close next to me. His legs met mine and he placed his hand affectionately güvenilir bahis over my back. This made me quite nervous but I acted natural.

“Have fun with your friends,” he said to me. “Stay away from danger and spend your money wisely.”

“I will.”

Staring at my massive boobs, My daddy erotically rubbed his fingers over the bottom of my left breast in a circular motion, and gently squeezed it with his fingers. Afterwards, he slowly ran his hand up my thick thigh. It felt kind of creepy.

“Why you keep touching me!?” I asked, pulling away from him.

“‘Cause you’re irresistible.” he replied.

The doorbell chimed. It was my friends.

“That’s me. I’m out!” I yelped as I grabbed my gift card and put it in my pocket and rushed out the door. Leaping down the stairs, I rushed to the door, answering it by opening it, seeing Joey and Michelle.

“Hey y’all!” I greeted them. “Hey Deb!” Michelle replied as Joey simply threw his hand up for a mini-second and smiled. Joey hugged me as I did him and I hugged Michelle. “Ready to head to the mall!” asked she. “Yep!” I replied. “We out!” said Joey in excitement. I thought to myself, “Saved by the bell!”, for I didn’t for right now need to worry about my dad inappropriately touching up on me.

We had gotten on the trolley to the mall. Michelle sat next to me as Joey sat on the opposite wall, in front of me. I saw Joey looking down at my breasts from time to time but I didn’t mind, for a lesbian that is. I did have my cleavage exposed after all! In fact, I’m not surprised Joey liked me as much as he did. Maybe he likes Michelle now? Probably!

When getting off at the Springfield Mall, all three of us had gotten in three separate locations, alone. We agreed to meet back near the elevator. I went to the clothing store that my gift card was from, which was K-Mart.

I went looking around for some swimsuits, and when rushing I accidentally knocked a shirt down to a floor, but I picked it up and hung it back up. As I bent over, my tight panties and tights slid down my booty, exposing my rear-end in public! I didn’t find it a big deal though. I just pulled up my tights and underwear and went on about my business. But with the surveillance cameras recording everything, who knows what kind of pervert the person at the camera station is!

After I continued looking around in the store for what I came here for, I ran into an attractive female employee. She was a tall light skinned woman with a medium build, large breasts (not as big as mine), huge lips, and hazel eyes. Her neat black hair went down no further than the base of her neck. When we both looked at each other, she said hi to me with a light smile. She appeared to be in her late 20’s.

“Hi,” I greeted back to her.

“Looking for something in particular?” asked the lady.

“Yeah,” I replied. “I’m looking for some swimsuits in my size… or maybe a bit smaller ’cause I like ’em tight.”

“Sure,” she said, able to help me. I followed her down the aisle and showed me some swimwear for plus-sized women.

“Thanks!” I said in delight.

“No prob, anytime!”

I türkçe bahis found two of the swimsuits I took interest in, a purple one-piece one, and a pink one that looked like a one-piece but the crotch area cut off.

“So did you find what you were looking for?” asked the lady as she approached me.

“Yeah,” I replied, smiling. “I’m looking for one that’s tight but I don’t wanna have to worry about holding my boobs in, you feel me?”

The employee and I shared a brief warm giggle as she agreed with me.

I paid for both the bathing suits with my gift card. After putting them into one of the store’s plastic bag, the employee escorted me to the dressing rooms. I stepped into the dressing room and locked the door in front of me. Immediately, I slipped off my shoes. Unless I’m at a beach or a swimming pool, I really don’t like being barefooted in public but at least the floor was carpeted!

My feet bare, I slowly rolled down my green tights and lavender panties simultaneously, shaking my big round brown bubble bottom from side to side. Sitting my bare butt on the thin wooden bench, I took my bottoms all the way off. This bench was too uncomfortably thin and cold for my big butt! Wasting no time, I ripped off my white shirt and tossed it to the left corner of this closet-like dressing room. I then stood up and kicked my bottoms to the corner where my shirt was a stood there naked, except for this white bra.

After unsnapping my bra and throwing it on the floor, I took a good minute to admire my big bare boobies in the mirror. I LOVED them! I have some tiny dark spots and some minor stretch marks over my breasts. At the bottom center of each breast was an average-sized amber brown areola with a thick nipple in the center. Both my areolas were in full view. I started to fall in love with my own tits! I had porn star boobs! The only thing I don’t like about them though is the fact that they often draw unwanted public attention. But I sure as heck don’t want to undergo breast reduction surgery!

Back to the clothes, I tried on the first swimsuit, the purple one and it seemed to fit me for being a bit too small or looking that way. It was spandex after all! But it was tight and it was quite a struggle to get my huge boobs in. This swimsuit zips at the front, much to my convenience, but my boobs were so big and this suit was so tight that I could barely zipper it all the way but i did it.

With my hands at my hips, I looked myself in the mirror, modeling in it, shifting my hips from side to side. I LOVED how I looked in my new swimsuit! There was no getting around to that! I liked how my breasts were spilling over my swimsuit, almost showing off my massive tits. I’m surprised my areolas weren’t showing… yet! I also liked my pregnant belly look and how big my butt was. I also liked how the bottom portion started digging in between my butt cheeks, also exposing the sides of my pubic area.

And with that, I removed the swimsuit and rolled it down to my ankles. After stepping out of it, I put it in back in the bag and got the other one. This pink swimsuit was a two-piece one. I put the upper portion one güvenilir bahis siteleri on first, then the bottoms. The upper portion of this new swimsuit was too small to cover my deep massive belly button. Checking myself out in the mirror, I saw that the material was a bit thinner, for i could see my areolas slightly visible though the bust portion, but that was A-Okay with me.

I then removed both portions of the swimsuit and changed back into my regular clothes. After leaving the dressing room, I saw that attractive lady standing there.

“There was a spy camera in there,” said the lady.

“Are you f*ckin’ kidding me!?” I replied, shocked.

“Just kidding,” she replied, giggling a bit.

“I was about to say!” I sighed of relief, my free hand over my bosom.

“So did they fit?” asked the employee.

“Yes they did,” said I. “Thanks a lot for your help!”

“No problem! Thank YOU!” she smiled. “See ya!”


And with that, I walked out the store to meet up with Joey and Michelle at the elevator, both carrying two heavy-looking shopping bags!

“Y;all did quite a lot of shopping!” I commented.

“Yes we did!” replied Michelle. “He went to the video game store, I went to Victoria’s Secret.”

“Oh…” said I. “Wanna stop for some pizza?”

“Yeah!” said Joey with excitement.

“Sure” said Michelle.

When we had our pizza at the food court, all three of us sat at a table, Joey sitting next to me and Michelle sitting across from me. I intentionally had my butt crack exposed.

I began the conversation with Joey as we ate our pizza, “I saw a girl at this store you might like!”

“Who? Where?” he replied, smiling.

“I’ll show you to her after we eat.”

“What she look like?”

“She black, hazel eyes, big titties.”

“Oh really?”


“What store was this again?”

“It’s upstairs not too far from the Game Stop, you just came from.”

“I wanna go meet her!”

“I’ll show you to her…”

We took more time to eat, and the pizza was so delicious, I ended up stuffing myself, gorging. After we all finished. I stood and lifted up my shirt, showing off my big stuffed belly, while at the same time letting half my butt be exposed to the public.

“You fat as sh*t!” Michelle commented as she and Joey slapped the huge fat roundness of my full belly.

“Thanks for noticing!” I said, half-sarcastic.

“Where’s this girl you told me about?” Joey excitedly asked.

“I’ll show you,” I replied, putting down my shirt and walking off.

I took Joey back up the elevator and Michelle followed us. I went back to the store I came from and we searched for that girl. When I found her, I introduced Joey to her. Michelle and I watched as Joey had a great time meeting her. He asked for her number which failed but he didn’t mind, knowing that there are other fish in the sea. We then left the mall.

Joey seemed happy about meeting that girl as we finally left the mall. As we waited for the trolley, I allowed Joey to feel my boobs. When there was no one else around by Michelle who didn’t see us, he ran his fingers over my right breast, circling my nipple. But that was until we heard the trolley approaching from afar. We all boarded the trolley and rode back home and Joey deemed today one of the best days of his life.

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