A Day at The Zoo


Lori and her older brother, Ryan had decided to do something they hadn’t done since they were in school, go to the City Zoo. It was a large park, more than anything else, with several buildings devoted to small exhibits of nature. A few enclosures for some large animals dotted the park as well.

They started walking through the wooded areas near the Zoo proper, first. The large pond in the center of the facility was the home of several species of woodland birds and small creatures. Squirrels and chipmunks crossed the path they walked on, birds sang in the trees, and the air was crisp and clear on this early fall day.

A small, semi-secluded knoll overlooked the pond, and Lori led her brother off the path to rest in the soft, moss covered clearing.

“Ryan, this is so good. I love being alone with you.” She spoke softly, with a seductive overtone.

He took his sister in his arms, and drew her five-foot two body close to his. Her hair smelled of the scented shampoo she used, her skin was soft and pale, and she dressed in a short skirt and a loose fitting top. It was immediately apparent that she wore no bra, as the nipples atop her C-cup breasts stiffened at her brother’s touch.

Lori lifted her face to Ryan’s, parted her lips and placed them up on his waiting mouth. They kissed hot, the way lovers do. Not the small peck on the cheek one would expect a brother and sister to share. Lori’s tongue went deep into her brother’s mouth, exploring every corner her tongue would reach. Ryan’s tongue mirrored hers in the tender mouth of his little sister.

It had been difficult, lately, for them to share love at home. It seemed that every time they got close, their Mom was nearby, or showed up shortly after they had begun. Not sure of her reaction to the two siblings engaging in sex play, they tried to keep it away from the house as much as possible. As free about nudity and sex as their family had always been, Ryan and Lori didn’t want to ‘rock the boat’ by letting their incestuous relationship become ‘public’ knowledge.

They hadn’t realized their attraction to one another was mutual, until just a couple of years ago. Lori was 19 and Ryan was almost twenty-four, when she had walked in on him that day. Their lives changed forever, and the two siblings, who had already been ‘best friends’, added ‘lovers’ to their relation with each other.

Lori’s hands were all over Ryan’s body while the hot French kiss continued. Her small hand was rubbing the massive cock hidden in Ryan’s jeans. Her kitty was wet and sticky under her skirt, and Ryan quickly found out she wore no panties, either. Lori moaned softly as her brother slid his hand up her thigh to the dripping cleft of her vulva. Deeper sounds emanated from her when a finger parted those puffy outer lips and entered her tight vagina.

“Oh, Lori. You are so wet!” He exclaimed.

“It’s been a couple of days, Ryan! I NEED you! I can’t believe how hot I am!” She replied.

Her needy sex, the outdoor setting, and her brother’s finger conspired together and Lori started cumming within seconds.

“Ohmigod! .. uhhhnhh .. Ohhh Ryannn!” She purred as the short, intense orgasm flowed through her. Lori’s body twitched and shook against her brother’s five-foot seven frame, her vulva pressing his hand between her body and his thigh.

“Take it easy, Lori!” He cautioned.

“Mmmm! I love you, Ryan!” was her answer.

They left the mossy knoll, and walked hand in hand to the nearby buildings. The exhibits were cool and dark in comparison to the warm autumn weather outside. They looked at the small creatures in their glass- fronted enclosures for a while when Lori decided to sit on a bench to rest. She sat with her short legs crossed at the ankles, her skirt kartal escort riding high on her thighs. A perceptive passerby could notice her swollen kitty just barely concealed by the garment.

Ryan stood in front of her staring at the juicy slit, his penis showing his approval of the sight. Lori watched the bulge grow at his thigh and even in the dim light, could see the small damp spot where his erection was oozing pre-cum.

She looked around at the sparse number of visitors, motioned Ryan closer, and kissed the bulge through his rough denim pants. Her small hand palmed the pulsing organ as Ryan sat next to her. He placed a hand on her thigh and slipped it under the skirt’s edge.

Ryan looked hungrily at his sister when she sat on the bench. She had spread her thighs wide and exposed her swollen, wet vulva for him. He wanted to taste her nectar. He could see the fluid pooling in the cleft of her tiny vulva and dripping on her upper thigh. His cock swelled and Lori called him closer. His penis jumped when she kissed on it through his pants, and the pre-cum started running down his leg.

Ryan’s hand went under her dress, and he felt the heat of her sex. The dampness had spread to the outside of her lower lips, wetting her thighs, too. Lori pulled his hand tighter and encouraged him to push a finger into her needy treasure box. He slipped his long finger into her vaginal opening, causing Lori to purr and close her legs to capture her brother’s hand.

She felt the pressure of his hand on her thigh and grabbed his wrist. She pulled the exploring hand up to her wet, swollen sex. She nearly swooned when Ryan plunged his finger into her body opening. Lori couldn’t get enough of sex with Ryan, any form of sex, at all. Clamping her thighs together and wiggling her butt brought on another quick release for the small girl.

Ryan whispered in Lori’s ear “I’m gonna need some relief pretty soon if you keep cumming like that.”

Lori giggled, “I know. That’s what I have in mind!”

Rubbing his throbbing erection against his leg, Lori could feel it pulsing. She wanted it in her as badly as Ryan wanted to put it there. Nothing had ever felt as good as her brother’s eight-inch ‘dragon’ filling her tiny ‘cave’.

Several zoo patrons cast sideways glances at the two lovers on the bench. An older couple stood near for a while and the man smiled approvingly. The woman looked straight at Lori and winked at her, knowing where her ‘boyfriend’s’ hand was and what it was probably doing.

Back out in the bright sunlight, Ryan passed the food kiosk and picked up some hot dogs and chips. Lori found a small picnic table and slid onto the tiny round seat. She had ‘that’ impish look in her bright green eyes as Ryan handed her the food. He went about setting out his chips and drink, not noticing what Lori was doing.

Lori spotted the small table with the round seats, under the large trees. She settled in and waited for Ryan to bring the lunch to her. When she saw what it was, she had a devilish idea. After Ryan set down her hot dog and chips, she quickly removed the small sausage from the roll. Testing it for temperature, and finding it acceptable, she slipped it between her legs and part way into her ‘love-hole’. The warm meat made her cream even more, coating the hot dog with her nectar. Her green eyes glazed over for a moment, wishing it were her brother’s meat inside her.

Watching people passing by, Ryan didn’t see what Lori had done. It surprised him when she asked him to try her hot dog. The instant he brought it to his lips he knew what she was up to. The aroma of her arousal filled his nostrils. He gladly accepted the switch, and devoured the offered treat.

“You bostancı escort know what you’re doing to me, right?” He asked.

“Uh-huh!”. She giggled. “I’m making sure you are REAL horny!”

“Lori! I was that way BEFORE we got here!” He chuckled.

“Let’s finish up and go over by the Lion Pit!” Lori said with a sly tone.

Ryan led her where she had suggested. The Lion Pit was about fifty feet around, with a short fence on top of a small stone wall on the outer edge. Lori rested her arms on the fence and bent over to look at the animals below. Her skirt was high on her butt and showed the lower curves of her cheeks.

While she bent over the railing, Lori adjusted herself so that her butt was almost completely exposed. She could feel the cool air blowing on her damp kitty. Ryan came up behind her, off to one side. She put her hand back and slowly lowered Rya’s zipper.

He looked around, then whispered, “Here?”

Lori didn’t answer verbally. She put her small hand into his open jeans and pulled his erect cock up from his thigh. The swollen crown was dripping fluid. Pressed closely to Lori’s side, she eased the thick organ from its prison.

When Lori had him ‘out’, Ryan moved behind his sexy little sister. He held on to her waist as she aimed the pulsing cock at her hungry pussy. Ryan pushed forward and impaled his sister. She pushed back to gain as much length as she could. Her inner muscles did all that was necessary. Lori milked the seed from her brother’s belly in a very short time.

Ryan checked around the enclosure as he felt Lori pulling at his pants zipper. A few people at the other end of the long railing were watching the big cats roaming the ‘jungle’ below. The cool air struck the moist end of his erect penis. Ryan moved behind Lori’s sexy little body, where she pulled him up to her moist opening. She pushed back towards him as the hard, hot shaft of his ‘dragon’ impaled her tight sex.

He felt her squeeze him with her strong inner muscles. Ryan didn’t dare move to call attention to the fact that they were sharing their bodies in the open. The fire inside him grew and flowed to the throbbing flesh inside his sister. He heard her moan as the hot seed poured into her vagina. Her head lowered and her butt pressed tighter as the waves subsided in his loins.

When Lori felt the last pulses of her brother’s juice enter her, she straightened up and turned around quickly. She hugged him tight to her front and gently fit him back into his jeans.

“Mmm! That’s what I had in mind. My belly’s full of your hot stuff, now.” She whispered. They kissed hot and held each other for a while before moving on. Lori looked back to where they had been and saw the spots of white frothy liquid on the ground. She felt the rest of their fluids running down her naked thigh and giggled.

Ryan was still a little wobbly from the intensity of the unexpected public sex. They could have been caught by anyone walking by, and had no idea of who might have been watching. He had thought that they might get it on in the woods or something, but right next to the animal pen! ‘God that was hot!’ he thought to himself. They went into the aviary, next. A large ‘cage’ frame that contained forty species of birds, (That’s what the sign said, anyway.) loose in the man-made forest.

The noise was almost deafening. It sounded like thousands of birds screeching in the building. Paths wound through the tropical undergrowth throughout the structure. Many small alcoves were scattered through the place, to allow people to observe the different areas without blocking ‘traffic’.

Lori led him into one of them. It was near a small brook scene. The gentle sound of maltepe escort the water lent a peaceful air to the somewhat quieter corner. He brought Lori close and kissed her again.

“That was pretty bold, out there.” He commented.

“I couldn’t wait any more! It seemed the best way to get you in me!” She replied with that impish grin.

“Well, next time, let me in on your plan, Okay?”

She looked into his eyes and then she whispered to him as she pulled up her skirt.

“Fuck me.”

“Give me a little time, girl! You just sucked the cum right out of me, back there!”

Lori didn’t hesitate at that suggestion. She sat on the stone bench and took Ryan’s flaccid penis into her mouth. Her tongue rolled around the soft crown and played beneath the foreskin. She felt the large vein on the bottom side thickening and the shaft lengthening in her throat. She had soon sucked him hard, again.

Ryan gasped as he felt his sister’s hot breath on his penis. Her lips surrounded the soft flesh and she took it all inside. Her tongue was dancing about, tickling the blood back into the ‘lizard’. He felt her throat filling with his length. ‘What a hot mouth!’ He thought.

He watched her get up and kneel on the smooth stone. He flipped her dress over her back and centered his renewed erection on the opening of her sex. He thrust all the way in, watching his enormous cock disappear into his little sister. She grunted as the tip touched the inner wall of her vagina and his balls struck her clitoris.

Lori got up and spun around, then knelt on the cool, smooth stone bench. She felt Ryan lifting her skirt and touch her cunt with his cock. This wasn’t “making love” this was hot sex. She looked over her shoulder and grinned. She savored the feeling of her brother pushing his monster into her. She concentrated on each ripple of his erection as it passed through her tiny, wet opening. The heavy push filled her, and she made guttural sounds when he reached the bottom of her inner channel.

“Yes, Ryan! That’s it! …. Fuck your sister’s cunt with that hard cock!”

She moaned as the shaft withdrew, and squealed in delight when Ryan rammed it home again.

“Fuck it hard! … Make me cum!” she cried softly.

Ryan pounded Lori’s little snatch, as she had asked. Her fingers were working at her swollen clitoris and making herself hotter. She bucked and squirmed as her body began to respond. Her soft cheeks jiggled each time her brother’s belly slapped into them. She started a low, growling cry as her orgasm built in her.

“I’mmm …. ohmigod ….Cummmmminnnngg!”

Lori pushed twisted and pushed back at him as her cum took over. Ryan held on tightly to her waist while he felt her muscles contracting around his probing shaft. The increased tightness of her small kitty, in conjunction with the animal cries drove Ryan to release. He felt the heat course through his penis and shoot deep into Lori’s vagina.

Lori tried to move after Ryan came, but he held her still. He waited until he began to soften before he pulled out of her dripping hole. He rapidly squatted under her spread legs and caught the “cock-n-tail” sauce on his tongue, then proceeded to lick out his sister’s freshly fucked treasure box.

Lori was ecstatic when she felt Ryan’s tongue lapping their juices from her body. She hoped he would save some for her, too. He finished kissing on her kitty, pulled down her skirt and pulled her around to him. She could tell he had a mouthful for her. Greedily, she plastered her mouth on his and sucked out the remaining fluids. Her tongue washed all over in his mouth, searching out the precious liquid.

Satisfied for the moment, they finished their tour of the zoo. They had gathered more memories of the place than either had expected. The expectation of being ‘caught’ in public was an addition to their sex play that both found quite stimulating, and expected to repeat, soon.

The drive home in her brother’s sports car finished off a beautiful day for Lori, she couldn’t wait for the next OUTing to happen.

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